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‘Spread your legs!’

Nicole whimpered as rough hands grabbed her and pushed her against the wall.

‘Keep your hands up! Don’t move unless I tell you too!’

Nicole stood spread-eagled with her palms flat against the wall, arms high above her head. She felt as his hands probed her body, carefully starting at her feet and working their way up towards her rear. A multitude of fingers grabbed at her butt and patted her cheeks.

‘Pervert!’ Nicole spat.

‘Shut up. Stand still.’

The hands continued their incline, reaching her waist and continuing to her breasts where he roughly took one in each hand. ‘Not bad.’ He whispered just loud enough for only her to hear.

Nicole clenched her teeth and unwittingly, aimed an elbow at the man’s head, instantly regretting her outburst as her elbow glanced his ear.

‘And now I have you for assaulting a police officer.’ He smirked. ‘The dashcam of the car would have picked that up. Nice move, sweetheart.’ He said condescendingly. ‘Looks like you’ll be enjoying the comforts of prison for some time. See who grabs what in there, aye?’ He brought her hands behind her back and roughly pushed her down upon the hood of the patrol car. ‘You have the right to remain silent.’

‘Fuck you!’

‘Is that an insult or an offer?’ He sneered, grabbing the cuffs and pushing himself over her so that his weight held her against the cop car.

‘Oh yea. You dirty pervert. I bet you’d love to fuck me, wouldn’t you?’

‘Ah, you’re a bit too easy for me.’

‘Oh, you feel pretty hard to me!’ Nicole sneered, pushing her butt back towards the officer’s groin. ‘Is that a baton in your pocket or you just pleased to arrest me?’

‘Are you going to cause me trouble?’ Asked the officer, snapping the first cuff upon her wrist. ‘Am I going to have to restrain you?’

‘You’d like to see me all helpless, wouldn’t you?’

The officer didn’t respond as he snapped on the second cuff and checked to ensure they were secure. ‘Tight enough for you?’

‘Oh, you like it tight, do you?’ Nicole replied sarcastically, looking back over her shoulder while her body draped the patrol hood.

The officer yanked her off the patrol bonnet and marched her towards the rear of the car, awkwardly he pushed open the door while holding his wiggling captive and somehow managed to manoeuvre her within the vehicle.

‘Where you going to take me?’ Nicole asked, sitting uncomfortably with her hands behind her back and starting to feel a little more submissive.

‘Where we take all then troublemakers. Jail’ He put his hands upon the steering wheel and answered by looking at the rear-view mirror, ensuing his captive caught a hold of his wink.

Nicole sat silently for a second, mulling over her situation. ‘Perhaps we can reach another arrangement?’

‘Oh, you think you can barter your way out?’ He laughed. ‘What do you have to offer me?’

‘I won’t run?’

‘You’re sitting in cuffs in my patrol car, honey’ He sneered. ‘I don’t expect you to be running anywhere.’

‘You let me out and you can do what you want to me. I won’t run and I won’t tell.’

‘That’s a dangerous game.’ He sneered. ‘I’m not sure what type of officer you think I am?’

‘You’ve already grabbed my tits and pushed your cock against my ass.’ She reminded him. ‘I think I know exactly what type of cop you are.’

‘You think I’ll risk my career for you?’

‘I think you think with your dick and you weren’t exactly soft when pushing up against me just now, were you?’

‘Well, I’m soft now.’

‘I think I could get you hard again.’ Nicole cooed, leaning in towards the driver’s seat. Her face pushed up against the steel cage barrier that separated the two. ‘Don’t you want to put that cock in my mouth?’

‘I’m not risking my job for a blow job, honey.’ He sneered.

‘Oh, that’s just the start.’ Nicole murmured. ‘I’ll let you put that thing wherever you want.’

‘The cuffs stay on.’ He said, turning to face her, through the caged barricade.

‘Well, looks like you are the exact sort of cop we both thought, huh?’ Nicole smiled. ‘Why don’t you show me what your packing?’

‘You’ll see soon enough.’

Nicole watched as he opened the drivers side door and walked bursa escort menacingly around the car, he paused, only briefly, at her door before opening and roughly yanking her out the side. Nicole fell at his feet, her hands, pried behind her back, doing nothing to prevent her fall.

‘Stay on your knees.’ He demanded, one hand on her head and the other toying with his zipper. ‘Let’s shut you up.’

Nicole knelt obediently and fixated her attention to the bulge pushing against his zipper. As his fingers pulled the metal teeth down, he reached within and pulled out his package through his underwear.

‘Suck it.’ He demanded and pushed his half erect meat towards her lips.

Nicole opened her mouth but made no movement towards him and as a result felt his hand roughly push the back of her head forward, her lips parting to take his semi hard girth.

His penis grew within her mouth and almost instantly she felt the head prod against her throat. He kept his hand steadily upon the back of her head and started to rock his hips back and forth. With her hands helpless, cuffed behind her, and with his hand holding her head still, she could only submit as he started to fuck her mouth.

He was now fully erect, and his length was more than adequate to reach the back of her throat. She almost gagged as he tried to push past her boundaries.

‘Still another inch to go.’ He mocked, holding her head still with the majority of his cock within her mouth. ‘Take it all.’

She closed her eyes as her he pushed her head further down his shaft. Her throat resisted but eventually, her nose was flat against his stomach.

‘Good girl.’ He said, holding her in place. ‘Lick my balls.’

Nicole poked her tongue out as best she could and run her appendage over his wrinkled skin, her mouth full and throbbing.

He held her in place for a few seconds then withdrew himself so just the tip of his penis penetrated her lips. He looked down at her, helpless before him, his erection firm and tense. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he loved to take control.

Nicole allowed her eyes to open and look up at him and just as she made eye contact, he grabbed a fist of her hair and roughly forced himself back deep within her mouth.

‘Look at your throat.’ He cooed and ran his free hand under her chin, feeling his own manhood through her skin.

He pushed her nose against his chest again and then allowed her to breathe before pushing himself deep back within. With two hands now cupped around her head, he bucked his hips to and fro, entering fully and forcing himself down her passageway. He rocked back and forth, rougher and without abandon.

‘You’re a good little cocksucker.’ He sneered. ‘Let’s see what else you got. Stand up.’

Nicole felt herself being lifted as he stood behind her, using her cuffs to position her. She was lead around towards the front of the car and once again felt herself being pushed over the bonnet of the patrol vehicle.

Hands grabbed at her jeans and yanked them down her legs, revealing her perky cheeks.

‘I see you forgot to wear underwear this morning.’ The voice from behind her wooed as he lifted one leg and roughly pried the jeans free, falling in a heap around her standing leg. ‘It’s like you wanted this all along.’

‘Where you going to put it?” Nicole asked meekly as her legs were spread and the weight of his body loomed over her.

He put his erect meat into her hands, still wrapped behind her body, encrusted in their metal prison.

‘I’m going to start here.’ He said, flicking a finger across her pussy lips. ‘And then I’m going to put it here.’ He drew a finger towards her puckered private hole, circling the little pink budding outline.

Nicole used her fingers to stroke the cock. Her motion was awkward with her restraints. She felt nervous but somewhat aroused with his promise to enter her forbidden hole. She would never admit it, but she felt oddly empowered despite her predicament. He wanted her ass. She had something he craved.

‘Stay there.’ He ordered and Nicole felt the pressure of his body release as he crouched down behind her. ‘Have a look at you.’ He said. ‘This turns you on, doesn’t it?’

‘Hmmm.’ Nicole mumbled her reply, aware bursa escort bayan of the wetness between her legs.

He used his fingers to pry apart the tiny folds of skin and pushed his tongue between his fingertips, pushing firmly and with his damp organ wide and sprawled.

Nicole gasped as the unexpected intrusion, savouring the feeling as his wet appendage slowly lapped up and down behind her.

He kept his fingers apart and ran his tongue around her opening, pushing his appendage deeper and causing a moan from his subdued captive. He pushed further, his nose prodding against her asshole as he delved in deeper.

Withdrawing his face from her cheeks, he remained crouched behind her and pushed two fingers deep within her walls. From behind, he curled his fingers back towards him and moved them individually, scraping her inner walls and finding a spot of release.

With his eyes upon her body, his fingers deep within her, he poked his tongue towards her asshole.

Nicole flinched at his wet saliva whistled over her tightest opening. ‘Mmmm.’ She sighed into the bonnet of the car, her hand clenched within their cuffs as she stood bent over and hapless.

Without warning he stood up and slapped her ass cheeks. The echo of his hand upon her flesh filling the air. Nicole winced but a little bit of electricity raced through her.

‘Oh, I think you liked that, huh?’ He said, slapping her again, amused at the red handprint that remained upon her bare cheek. ‘You ready for my cock?’

Nicole needed not of answered as she felt his erection at her opening, his hooded head prying between her folded skin and pushing forth. She sighed as his girth stretched her open and pushed on in.

Her hips hit the metal bonnet as he adjusted all his weight upon her, forcing himself deep within. With quick momentum, he begun to rock back and forth, each thrust forward filling her up and forcing her against the hood.

Hands roughly grabbed her hips, fingers kneading into her ass cheeks as his rhythm intensified, her body twitched as he thrusted himself forth.

Amidst the thrusting, a finger found its way to her tight pink hole, barely pausing as the digit pushed past her defences and squeezed within her.

His free hands reached under her top to play with her breasts.

‘No bra either huh?’

Nicole found her body reacting to the multitude of sensations. Her hands idly clasped behind her back, her face flat against the bonnet while he pounded away behind, each thrust deep and stretching her pussy. His finger explored her tight asshole with her pink rosebud pulsating and trying to resist the intrusion. Her breasts tingled with his touch.

Just as she began to settle into the sensation of multiple assaults upon her senses, he withdrew everything at once. His hands released their dance upon her nipples while both his erection and fingers escaped her tight hold, leaving her feeling empty and frustrated.

She looked back over her shoulder as he playfully slapped his member against her bare cheeks.

Within her restraints, Nicole felt her fists clench as he aimed his erection towards her puckered hole. He slapped his meat at her entrance, allowing her to recognise his intentions and letting her prepare for the invasion.

Without being able to reposition or fight, Nicole submitted to the encounter she was about to endure. She pressed her body hard into the car bonnet and she flinched and impulsively tried to inch away from his throbbing cock.

‘Oh, don’t pretend you don’t want it.’ He said, putting one hand upon her ass to steady her and force close to her minuscule escape. The other hand grasped his cock as he positioned himself at her rear passage.

Nicole exhaled deeply as the tip of his erection pushed between her tight pink skin. Her rectum walls vice like and unerring in trying to prevent the invasion.

‘God you ass is tight.’ He ran a hand over her lower passage where his fingers found her damp and wet. Using his newfound lubricant, he ran his wet fingers over her rear hole.

With a newfound oil, he again pushed himself within her walls, her little star shaped folds releasing and permitting the tip of his cock to stretch her hole open.

‘Oh god.’ Nicole panted.

With escort bursa unexpected subtlety, he inched himself forward, slowly pushing his girth between her resistance.

With a hand firmly upon her bare cheek, he held himself steady as he inched further within her tight passageway.

Nicole gritted her teeth as his erection slowly filled her. Her muscles ached but the initial pain and shock has dissipated to be replaced with a weird mixture of excitement and anticipation, the taboo of being fucked in the ass over a cop car filling her thoughts of desire and unparalleled lust.

‘You’re enjoying this aint you?’


He plunged his cock in deeper, the first attempt at beginning to thrust within her asshole.

‘You want to cum with my cock in your ass?’


Nicole felt his fingers dance around her outer pussy folds, eventually he found his intended target and his finger flicked back and forth over her sensitive little love button.

‘Oh fuck.’ Nicole surprised even herself with the outburst. ‘Don’t stop.’

The fingers pace intensified as he began to buck back and forth, his erection pushing deeper and a frantic pace ensued with his balls slapping against her bare cheeks while his fingers rummaged underneath.

‘Cum with my cock in your ass.’ He all but demanded.

Nicole felt her knees weaken and would have fallen if not for the weight of his body pushing her fiercely against the hood of the car. Her body shook at his fingers danced upon her skin and as he pushed deeper within, the taboo and desire overtook her and she screamed as the orgasm gushed throughout her body, fierce and strong and unlike any she had felt previously.

‘That’s it’ He barked. ‘Cum with your ass full.’

Nicole felt wave after wave of pleasure bounce around her body while his grip held strong, each thrust forward further tormenting her aching sphincter.

‘I’m going to cum all over you.’ He panted. ‘Get on your knees.’

Nicole felt as his erection swelled between her tight walls and then as her body emptied as he withdrew himself from within. She was roughly thrown back to her knees and looked up to face him just as the first splurge splashed against her face.

He came in what was almost a fountain. Splashes of white goo landed upon her cheeks and lips. His hands feverishly working at his own wand, her hands, still pinned behind her useless in either assisting his finish or from preventing his aim.

Wave after wave landed upon her as Nicole could only look up at his cock, pulsating and shuddering in front of her eyes.

‘Oh god.’ He moaned between clenched eyes. ‘I want you to have every drop.’ He said as he shook his erection in front of her face, splattering her with the last few blobs.

Nicole looked up at him as tears of goo started to drip down her face. Her lips tasted his salty finish and her face was all but covered. Streams of the fluid had shot everywhere. She felt oddly satisfied and accomplished.

‘I think you enjoyed that officer.’ She said smugly, rising to her feet. ‘Can you get me out of these cuffs now? I need to wipe my face.’

‘Shit! you’ve made me late for work!’ The officer said, readjusting his belt and undoing her handcuffs. ‘How’s the wrists?’

‘Sore. Next time, I pick the fantasy.’ Nicole mused while wiping cum from her eye. ‘Oh, you got it in my hair!’ She wailed.

‘Well, maybe you’ll win the bet next time. He laughed. ‘Sorry about the hair. I’ll make it up to you tonight.’

‘You promise?’ She asked.

‘Well, I’m sure we can work out something. Maybe dinner and a movie? Another game of mini golf?’

‘Will you let me win?’

‘No, but we can make another bet.’ He laughed.

‘Well, you’ve already got your present!’ She exclaimed. ‘My eye stings and my ass hurts!’

‘I think you like being a sore loser.’ He smirked, patting her on the butt. ‘You good?’

‘Yea. You were a bit rough there though!’

‘Hey! Let’s not forget you elbowed me in the ear?’ He said, mockingly clutching the side of his head.

‘You said you wanted it to be authentic!’ She mused. ‘It was your script!’

‘True.’ He confessed. ‘Anyways, I’d love to stay and watch you clean up, but I’ve got to go!’

Nicole watched as her husband pressed the button on their garage door and the little panels started to rise. ‘Have a good day officer.’ She waved as his patrol car reversed down the driveway. ‘Happy anniversary.’


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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