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Nancy spent two years putting together the perfect foursome for her particular interests. During that time, she has swapped out two men who were replaced by better alternatives for her needs. There were no hard feelings when they were asked to leave. In fact, she still sees one of them on a semi-regular basis but only in a one-on-one setting. They call it dinner but it’s really foreplay for the sex that follows.

Mike has a live-in girlfriend but he has a specific need that she just isn’t willing to fulfill for him. She tried to acquiesce to his needs, but she just couldn’t bring herself to comply. They discussed it for weeks and she decided she wanted to stay with him as his girlfriend. She agreed he could find one, or two at the most, females that would fulfill his sexual need.

Nancy could be the neighbor next door. She is in her late thirties with short dishwater-blonde hair. Nancy is commonly attractive with very full lips. She is of average height and weight, though you might say her ass is on the large side of average. Four years ago she had breast implants, taking her up two cup sizes to make her a 36D. Nancy is a regular at the local tanning salon to keep her skin a full-body bronze. She prefers the shaved smooth look, as she is now.

Mike is in his early thirties. He keeps himself fit by running a couple miles four times a week and going to the local gym on the days he doesn’t run. He is six-feet tall and weighs just south of two hundred pounds. Mike has dark brown hair and a neatly trimmed mustache. He has always been relatively free of excessive body hair.

Two of Nancy’s three playmates are in their mid-twenties, the other is in his early-forties. The latter was also the very first to join her party two years ago. All three are in good physical shape, each either going to the gym or running or both. The two men in their twenties are single, though one has been dating someone for a couple months. He has yet to tell her about Nancy. The older man, Ted, has been married for eight years to Lesley. He needs sex more often than she is willing. She knows about Nancy. In fact, Ted and Lesley have had Nancy over for dinner or drinks on a few occasions. The first such time was awkward, but now it’s comfortable for all. It’s a situation that works for everyone.

Mike currently has one female to assist him. Her name is Janice and she is in her late-forties but looks ten years younger. Janice is divorced and lives alone. She is nearly as tall as Mike and pretty trim. Her breasts have begun to sag with age. She has large brown areolas and her nipples get very long and hard when she is aroused. Janice has shoulder length brown hair that she usually ties into a ponytail when she gets together with Mike.

Until recently, Mike also got together with a nineteen year-old co-ed. She had a non-discriminate female body but she enjoyed herself with Mike. Reluctantly she left Mike when she fell in love with a guy at school. She felt she was cheating and just wasn’t being fair. Mike wished her well and told her to call him if she breaks up with the guy. #

Nancy sent out a text message to all three as was the standard practice. They had three pre-set times throughout the week where all knew Nancy would be home and waiting for any or all of them. The last month had been hectic for all four of them and Nancy had seen none of them for over a week. Her body felt like it was on fire, she was so aroused and hoped at least one of them would be available. It was more than hope, she needed one of them badly.

The text went out a little after noon and she had heard back from each of them within a couple hours. They would all be coming this afternoon. Nancy was ecstatic. She worked from home so she could usually set her own schedule. They were due at 4:00p. By 3:00p she was beside herself with lust. When she could take it no longer, she walked into her bedroom and took off her skirt. Her panties were already wet and she had barely touched herself all afternoon. She pulled off her panties and climbed on the bed. Reaching into the nightstand drawer, she pulled out a large battery-powered vibrator and turned it on high.

Nancy pressed it to her clitoris and her body jumped at the sensation. She pressed it tight against herself, rubbing it back and forth across her aroused nub. Her left hand pinched her nipples through the t-shirt she wore. Closing her eyes and biting her lower lip, the vibrator terrorized her clit. She knew it wouldn’t take her long as her body was on fire. Her body shook as her orgasm thundered through her body. She rubbed her clit a moment longer then turned it off and dropped it on the bed as she felt the warmth of her orgasm. #

A few blocks away, Mike was ringing the bell at Janice’s condo. Mike had developed a science about his body. He believed he knew how to gauge his peak performance. If he did not cum for 64 hours, he had a six hour window in which he would be at his maximum ability casino şirketleri to cum. This meant both frequency and quantity. He had not fucked his girlfriend since Monday night. Mike had IM’d Janice early in the day and she told him she would be home in mid-afternoon.

Janice buzzed him in and she left the door to her condo unlocked. Mike entered and locked the door behind him. Janice was on the couch with a glass of Cabernet. Janice was totally nude on the soft leather couch. Mike smiled and said hello. She had a cold beer waiting for him in a tall glass. He tipped the beer towards Janice and took a long drink. Janice sat her glass down and stood. She unbuttoned Mike’s shirt and helped it off his shoulders. Janice ran her fingers over his nipples, tweaking the left one. Bending over, she helped him with his shoes and socks. Mike unfastened his belt and unzipped his slacks. Janice helped him slide free of them as he took another drink of his beer. She removed his boxers. He was now as naked as she.


Nancy unlocked the spare bedroom. It was only unlocked when she was expecting her boys to come over and play. Flipping on the light, she felt the warmth of the room. She kept it ten degrees warmer than the rest of the house. She loved to feel the heat. The room was sparsely decorated. There was a queen-sized bed to one side of the room. She had replaced the carpet with a smooth linoleum-like surface. Small pillows were stacked against the wall. Seeing everything was in place, she closed the door and went to her room to get ready.

She had not redressed since cumming on her bed, so she only had to remove her t-shirt and she was naked. Nancy applied red lipstick to her full lips. The lipstick was bright red and she always applied it very thick when her boys were coming over to play. She also applied mascara thicker than if she was going out. The make-up was very exaggerated. She had wiped between her thighs after cumming but she could feel the slightest dribble of her juices leaking down her inner thigh.

Nancy was pouring beers for the boys when Ted arrived. Each had his own key. He hugged her nude body but they did not kiss. The two younger men arrived at the same time. They walked across the room and took turns hugging Nancy hello. They also shook hands with Ted. The three men toasted their glasses of beer and Nancy stood and watched them with a smile. “I hate to break up this bonding, but you three need to drink quickly. You’ve boys kept me waiting too long!”

Ted, still standing next to her, reached three fingers between her thighs and felt her wetness. “And it looks like Nancy already started without us.” All four laughed.

The three men began to undress as they finished their beers. Each neatly folded his clothes and hung them in the closet. Once naked, all four went into the spare bedroom. Nancy admired each of them. She had picked them with care. For now, each man was only semi-erect but each man’s cock was greater than ten-inches in length when fully erect. And not only were they long, thick cocks but each man had great self-control and could cum quarts it seemed to Nancy.

Nancy pulled a pillow to the center of the floor and dropped her knees on it. Her beautiful 36D silicone breasts jiggled with her motions. Jerry, the currently single male, had been stroking his cock and he stepped forward to Nancy. He looked down at her and those bright red lips opened wide and took his cock in her mouth. He started slowly, sliding his near-erect cock in and out of her mouth. Her tongue worked his cock and her hands played with his balls. Ted and John sipped on a second beer while sitting on the bed and watching. They were both slowly stroking their own cocks, getting themselves ready for their turns with Nancy.


Once the clothes were taken care of, Janice poured herself another glass of Cabernet and returned to the couch. This was always Mike’s show, but he let Janice lead when she desired. They both knew why he was there so the timing was not an issue to either. Janice lay back on the large, over-stuffed leather couch and pulled her feet up onto the couch. She spread her legs wide open for Mike as she took a drink of wine. Mike’s cock hung down between his legs and swayed as he walked to her. Dropping to his knees on the floor, he placed his face inches from her smooth pussy. He lightly blew a stream of warm air across her skin before placing his mustache-covered upper lip against her lips. His tongue snaked out and split her lips open and he began to lick up and down her slot.

Janice pushed herself deeper into the couch and took a long drink from her glass. Mike pressed his face firmly against her sex, his upper lip beginning to rub her exposed clit. Janice always enjoys the tickling sensation of his ‘stache. Mike always trims it before arriving and it creates a bristle affect that drives her wild. Mike could taste her wetness as his tongue slid up and down between her casino firmaları lips. He could also feel himself becoming erect as he took care of Janice. She began to push her crotch at his face, urging him to go deeper. Janice was pumping her groin, trying to use his tongue as a little cock in her pussy. Mike flattened his tongue and pressed it to her clit. He had her juices flowing freely now and he was ready for his turn.

Pulling his head away from her, Janice let out a loud moan of frustration. It was not unexpected, but frustrating to her just the same. Mike never liked her to cum first, he felt it took away her edge. Her sense of urgency in taking care of him. Mike stood up, his cock nearly it’s full seven and a half inches. He pulled her pussy closer to the edge of the couch and bent at the knees. He pressed his crown to her drooling wet pussy and thrust forward. Janice arched her back, her pelvis rising to meet him. Mike slid easily inside her canal, her juices flowing from his tongue. He leaned forward with his hands on the back of the couch and began to pump in and out of her. A steady rhythm had him feeling his hardness increasing. Nearly five minutes of fucking and he was ready for her. Mike slipped his cock from her pussy. He pushed himself off the couch and off of Janice. #

Jerry felt himself growing to his full-length of ten inches. He is large but he knew he was the smallest of three men in the room. With the door closed, the additional heat of the room was taking affect. Beads of sweat began to develop on each of them adding to the rush. Jerry began to pound his cock into Nancy’s mouth with more urgency. Her lips slid over his cock, her lipstick beginning to smear onto him as he thrust in and out. There was a ‘smacking’ sound as his cock would enter her throat before he pulled himself free. Nancy sat on the floor, her hands on her knees for support as Jerry used her mouth for his pleasures. Jerry could feel himself nearing climax as he pounded into her mouth. Just before cumming, he pulled out and grabbed his cock. He aimed at her face as she held her mouth open-wide. Nancy knew the game. She had created the game they were playing but she always hoped to catch some of their white hot spunk in her mouth. Jerry shot his load of cum and it splashed on her left cheek and eye. His was always the thickest of the three. His second shot was lower and Nancy was able to catch some in her mouth. She let it slide down her throat as the rest splashed off her chin. Nancy sucked on his sack as she felt the first load of his cum dripping down her cheek.

John was next and his cock was already very hard from stroking himself while watching Jerry with Nancy. He quickly took Jerry’s place in front of Nancy and she hungrily gobbled his cock. John was about the same length as Jerry at ten-inches but his was nearly an inch thicker. This would likely have been a problem for most, but not at all for Nancy. She has spent many hours stretching her jaws so she can take whatever is offered to her. John put his right hand behind her head and grabbed her short hair. He was using her hair to control her head as he fucked her with more urgency than Jerry. The sounds from her mouth were much louder as he pistoned his thick cock in and out of her mouth. John had shaved his pubes smooth since Nancy had last seen him. She loved the look and tried to run her hands over his soft skin above his cock and around his balls.

Ted walked up behind Nancy and got down on his knees. He moved in close, her back pressed to his chest. He positioned his cock between her thighs and it reached her towards her slit. Reaching around, he roughly pulled and squeezed her nipples. They were large when she was relaxed and with all this stimulation, they were jutting from her chest. His fingers and thumbs pulled on them while he was careful not to get in John’s way.

John was ramming his cock forcefully into her mouth. He could feel the back of her throat when he was fully buried. Nancy would gag about every fifth stroke, both from his oozing pre-cum and from the sheer size of the cock in her mouth. John motioned to Ted and he backed away from Nancy. John pulled out most the way and shot his first load of cum down her throat. She gagged as she swallowed, closing her mouth briefly around his cock. John pulled all the way out and shot the next stream onto her right cheek and across her nose. He slapped her face with his thick cock causing his and Jerry’s cum to splatter on her cheeks. Nancy opened her mouth and John milked the last of this orgasm into her waiting mouth. #

Mike stood and Janice struggled to pull herself from the couch. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted relief but she knew it was Mike’s turn. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled on his neck. Her nipples poked into his chest as his hard cock pressed against her belly. Janice slid down his body, kissing along his skin as she dropped to her knees. She kissed the head of Mike’s güvenilir casino cock, tasting his precum as she did. Her lips wrapped around his crown as her tongue swished across Mike’s peehole. Janice began to play with his ball sac, squeezing and pulling on his balls. She could hear Mike’s low moan as her mouth took his entire length.

Janice began to pump her mouth up and down his cock. She exaggerated her slurping on his cock-sickle knowing how much it turned Mike on to hear. Up and down she rode his cock as Mike began to thrust up to meet her mouth. Janice always knows when Mike is about to blow his load. She pulled down hard on his balls as she freed her mouth from his cock. Mike took his cock by the base, pressed it to her lips and shot his load of cum into her mouth. Janice used her tongue to catch his cum, his entire load of cum in her mouth. Mike milked his cock, running his fingers up his length until no more cum oozed out. #

Before she could catch her breath, Ted took John’s place. Ted always got the third position when Nancy was entertaining a full house. Ted’s cock was a monster by any standard. He’s nearly twelve inches long and nearly as thick as Nancy’s wrist. The first few times with Ted nearly killed her. Ted’s wife will let him fuck her, but she won’t even try to swallow his monster-cock.

“Sweet Nancy. You’re already a mess and I haven’t even had my turn yet!” Ted took his cock in his hand and slapped her face with it. He did it three more times as the other guys cum splattered on her face and his cock. “Now open your mouth for me.”

Nancy opened her mouth and Ted shoved his cock inside. His first shove hit only teeth so he bent down and pulled on her left nipple. When she opened her mouth to scream, Ted pressed the first two inches inside her opening. He grabbed her head and started to grind his cock into her mouth. Quick, short strokes with his cock made steady progress. After a couple minutes, Nancy was breathing through her nose as six inches were crammed in her mouth. As her breathing quickened, she was blowing the dripping cum like snot from a runny nose.

Ted could feel his cock twisting in her mouth as he fucked her mouth with greater force. He now had nine inches pounded into her. Nancy had gathered her breathing and relaxed her jaw as best she could do it. Ted’s cock was now sliding easier, if a cock this long and thick, could slide ‘easy’. The oral torture was nearing ten minutes when Ted decided he was ready to cum. He pushed his cock all the way against the back of Nancy’s throat, his sign to her he was about to cum. He pulled out an inch and blasted her throat with his warm, sticky cum. He pulled back another inch and shot a second load.

Nancy started coughing and gagging on his cum and his cock, it buried in her mouth and down her throat. Ted fucked her mouth as he shot a third load of his cum. He fucked her with long strokes. Nancy had tears running down her cheeks, her mascara trailing. His cum oozed from her mouth as Ted jammed his cock back into her throat. John returned to Nancy’s side. He bent down low and bit her right nipple. Nancy tried to cry out but Ted’s cock wouldn’t allow a sound to escape. She was breathing hard through her nose now and flailing her body but couldn’t move because she was impaled by Ted. #

Mike took his place on the straight-back chair. Janice stood in front of him and opened her mouth to show him all his warm cum trapped in her mouth. He bent his head backwards so he was looking up at the ceiling. Janice walked behind him and lowered her mouth so it was six inches above his. She opened her mouth and his cum drained from her mouth and into his waiting mouth. A thick stream of his white cum connected the two of them. She pushed it around with her tongue, clearing it from all the spaces in her mouth. When she could feel her mouth clearing, she bent lower and extended her tongue. Mike reached up and used his teeth to scrape both sides of her tongue to pull the last of his cum from her mouth. She lowered herself and they french-kissed so he could taste the last his cum in her mouth.

After a couple minutes rest, Janice took her cabernet and rinsed her mouth before swallowing. Mike’s cock was ready to fuck Janice. She lay down on the floor and he entered her. They fucked long and hard until Janice cried out as she came with his cock buried in her pussy. Mike finally pulled out and shot his load on her belly and tits. Of course, he licked her clean.


John, then Jerry, then Ted all took a second turn at cumming in and on Nancy’s face and tits. By the time Ted had finished, Nancy’s face was covered in their white cum. Some of it had already dried in place on her skin. Her bright red lipstick was smeared all over her face. Her cheeks had dark streaks from the mascara. Her tits were dripping with their jizz. She came at least three times while they abused her mouth. When it was obvious they were done with her, Nancy collapsed backwards onto the cold flooring.

Ted picked her up and put her on the bed. John covered her with the blanket. The three men dressed and locked the front door behind them, three and half hours after they arrived.

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