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Cynthia’s Toilet Tales

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Double Penetration

Cynthia Wright was on her period.

Unlike a lot of other women, Cynthia actually relished this time of her monthly cycle and savoured the effects that it had on her body.

For a start, it made her feel especially womanly.

This frequently translated to feelings of intense sensuality and more often than not, she felt irresistibly horny whilst menstrual — a heightened desire which extended both to men and women, as Cynthia found herself drawn to both during her time of the month.

Of course, Cynthia also experienced the negative side of her period with which the majority of women would be familiar; however, for her, she had found that over the duration, the positives were at the very least, the equal of the negatives.

On a more practical side, Cynthia’s period was all about her body — her vagina in particular.

She loved the way that it gave focus to this part of her and the constant attention that she needed to give to her pussy when changing tampons on the toilet and elsewhere as well as the type of underwear she chose to wear whilst menstruating.

Cotton panties were always favoured by Cynthia, whether on her period or not – but especially during this time as she loved the softness of the material touching on her private parts and the nature of cotton being so absorbent that she always selected pairs with a thicker crotch panel when her vagina was at its most verdant.

Cynthia had enjoyed sex during her period whenever the opportunity had existed but had not really found any lovers who were as partial to it as she was.

More than anything, she had developed the strongest of urges to find a partner who might not only be accepting of having period sex but in fact be willing to indulge it as much as her and maybe even experiment a little.

It was not going to be an easy quest but Cynthia decided that she was prepared to apply something of an incipient dominant streak in order to get what she wanted.

It should be clear that the 29-year-old Cynthia Wright is a rising young executive in a company that has full appreciation of her skills.

An attractive, pale-skinned brunette, Cynthia has well-formed 36B breasts and is otherwise quite well-built with curves in all the right places — as a result, she experiences more than reasonable success in garnering the attention of potential suitors.

She has also proven herself over time to be sufficiently adept in avoiding tawdry office “romances” — but a latent desire for some potentially edgy bathroom activity in her sex life pushes her towards seeking alternate qualities in her lovers.

Cynthia knows that it is probably not going to be an easy find but she finds herself thinking about it constantly, particularly whilst sitting on the toilet and taking care of her bodily functions.

She thinks how erotic and exciting it would be to share these very private moments with someone in a sexual sense — in particular a young man who would find it fascinating to see an attractive young woman in such a vulnerable position — squatting on the toilet with her skirt hiked and her tiny cotton panties down around her knees, dispelling her bodily wastes into the toilet below and wiping herself clean with toilet paper after the event.

Being on her period as she was, she imagined it to be as equally enthralling for a man to witness her changing tampons and ideally having him kneel down between her legs and do it for her!

These thoughts begin consuming her more and more every day — at work, at home and she finds herself masturbating over them readily.

Each time she wipes a piece of toilet paper across her anus after a bowel movement, she closes her eyes imagines a guy’s tongue in there, licking away tenderly and cleaning her out — stimulating her immensely whilst also removing any brown smears of faeces from around her puckered anal opening.

Likewise after peeing, she can’t help but imagine the same guy’s tongue working sensitively down in amongst her pubic hair and vaginal flesh drying up all the little drops of urine that have just sprayed all over those parts of her.

She also thinks how thrilling it would be to have this guy replace her tampon with his tongue during period time, absorbing any amounts her of smelly menses and discharge into his mouth just like the tiny crotch panel of her undies normally does and in doing so, really get to experience what a woman tastes and smells like when she is on her period.

An upcoming social gathering had created an ideal opportunity for Cynthia to explore her options. Said gathering was to be held after work on the coming Friday in a classy private club on the fringe of the city and likely to be attended by some young up-and-comers in the industry, including a handful of colleagues from her office. As Friday rolled around, Cynthia was still very much “in flow”.

Although it was getting towards the end of her period, she knew that she would be loaded with a tampon for the social event and would be taking a pack with her with the likelihood beşevler escort of changing throughout the evening.

This was also promising in terms of her interaction with a potential suitor.

The thought of involving a certain someone intimately in her monthly bleed was immensely exciting to her and she was alive with the anticipation of it.

Cynthia woke on the Friday morning at around 6 AM, which was her standard wake-up during the working week.

Her first morning pee was always a tampon change as well during her period and she completed this as a matter of course.

She also followed this up with a huge poo having eaten a large meal of garlic bread, seafood pasta and also drunk half a bottle of wine with a friend the previous evening.

The stool that pushed out of her that morning was very thick, long and smooth — about 16-20 inches in length, very tightly packed and moderate brown in colour — it was one of Cynthia’s favourite types of bowel movements as she knew a turd that thick meant her internals were in very good shape.

It was quite effortless when it was that ready to be expelled from her and it felt so good exiting her body that it was also greatly satisfying to feel so empty afterwards and ready to take on the day.

After wiping her bottom about eight times, she was satisfied that she was sufficiently clean and proceeded to flush the poo and all the toilet paper away.

The residual smell stayed in the bathroom during her shower and she made pretty light work of this, making sure to spend a little extra time washing between her legs to start the day.

She chose a plain pair of grey cotton bikini undies for the day knowing that they may well be the same ones she would wear to the gathering later on.

Plain grey cotton to Cynthia in the scheme of things was not particularly “sexy” compared to say some frilly lingerie, but it was more important to her to feel comfortable and the soft, absorbent and reliable cotton in between her legs all day, especially during her menstruals, certainly gave her that comfort in spades.

Once at work, Cynthia got on with her day.

She had peed a couple of times during the morning and had actually changed her tampon on the second visit.

By 4 PM, quite a few workers had actually broken off in something of a TGIF get-together in the office common room.

Cynthia had almost finished her work for the day and decided that she might drop in on the way out at about 4.30.

Whilst she didn’t make a habit out of socialising with work colleagues, she reasoned that the occasional contribution was far from harmful and in fact, it was quite enjoyable in small doses.

Her appearance on this afternoon lasted no more than about 20 minutes as she decided to make tracks for the later gathering which was due to get underway at about 5.30 pm.

Cynthia was considering going home to shower and change clothes (as well as her tampon) but decided against this as she felt as though she was well-dressed enough from work to still make a positive impression with whoever may have been due to attend.

Aside from which, she had noticed that the inside of her grey cotton underpants were accumulating some nice stains and smears throughout the day, directly as a result of normal discharge, so the prospect of someone possibly getting acquainted with these “girly secrets” later in the evening was utterly enticing to her.

After a quick pee and tampon change in the ladies room, Cynthia left the office and headed towards the train station to make her way downtown to the fancy-schmancy “Astoria Club” for the evening’s engagement.

On arrival at the Astoria, she immediately ran into a couple of people she knew from a rival company across town — Deanne and Kiah were respected young brokers around the city in spite of them working for the opposition and it was also obvious that they held Cynthia in high-regard once they got talking to her.

After about 30 minutes of mingling, Cynthia had noticed the presence of a slightly older man named Stefan whom she recognised as a having worked in her office on a month-long IT contract job some weeks earlier.

Cynthia estimated Stefan to be around 40 and interestingly he was not someone she otherwise may have found herself attracted to.

About 6 feet tall and balding, he was quite slender with something of a body type resembling a long-distance athlete. Without being really “hot looking”, he was certainly charming enough and unlike some of the young and ambitious egotists she frequently ran into in her line of work, she had crossed Stefan as more of a humble and less of a needy character.

She also liked the fact that he had not attempted to show off in front of her or woo her with bullshit small-talk and smart-assed wisecracks that so many of her clearly more immature contemporaries attempted on a frequent basis.

Not knowing a huge amount about his background, however, Cynthia may have done well to tread beylikdüzü escort very carefully but the idea that Stefan would be possessed of a more mature temperament and what she hoped may be a more open mind was something she entertained as quite promising.

For all she knew, he might even be gay but given the signals she had been receiving from him in the office during his prior tenure, she suspected not.

Beyond this, she saw this as a possible opportunity to determine exactly where he was at and with some luck and maybe even a little “Dutch courage,” Cynthia was looking forward to re-acquainting herself with Stefan.

Their eyes met across the room soon-thereafter but diverted just as quickly – yet the contact was made and they both knew it.

It seemed as though they certainly remembered each other, which was instantly encouraging to Cynthia.

“Hi Cynthia!” Stefan spoke as he approached.

“Hi Stefan, how are you?” she returned.

“Well thanks!” Stefan said in turn, “Nice to see you here!”

“Likewise!” Cynthia replied, trying not to beam too obviously.

They henceforth got talking quite readily and the most salient point revealed was that Stefan had landed a 6-month contract in Dubai for which he would be departing at the end of the next week.

He also disclosed to Cynthia that he had enjoyed his time at BC Mutual (Cynthia’s employer) and that he was pleased to be able to meet up with her again in this social setting.

Cynthia subsequently disclosed to Stefan that she wasn’t exactly looking forward to spending the entire evening “hob-nobbing” at the Astoria even though there was to be a bunch of free food and quite a sizeable bar tab to lubricate the social agenda.

An hour passed almost without register, with all present loquaciously indulging the offerings of the occasion.

Cynthia herself had developed an evident buzz after several glasses of some fine French bubbly to begin with, followed by her second cocktail for the evening.

She had fortuitously found herself back in Stefan’s company despite circulating the room at least once and their conversation had become noticeably more intimate with the aid of a few loosening libations, much to Cynthia’s growing delight.

Somewhat to her own surprise, some “Dutch Courage” suddenly made an appearance, as she immediately excused herself to Stefan to use the bathroom, also letting it not-so-accidently slip that she was on her period, although she had somehow managed to deliver it with the utmost levity.

In her absence, something must have clicked within Stefan as he now waited in anticipation for the attractive Cynthia to return from her sabbatical and he now had something in mind for her when she did.

“I’d love for you to join me for dinner tonight,” Stefan attempted to whisper in Cynthia’s ear in the increasingly noisy bar. “I do really love ladies who are ‘in the flow!'”

At this, Cynthia almost lost her “cool” and felt tempted to blast with him into outer space!

She caught herself just in time before gratefully accepting but also realising that she may well have found someone with whom she would definitely like to play.

“I’d love to!” Cynthia responded, smiling tightly and simultaneously trying to contain her glee.

From the Astoria Bar, Stefan and Cynthia caught a train a little further downtown to an equally stylish Japanese restaurant.

The meal was delicious and the company even more so.

Cynthia willingly maintained her “cool” throughout the evening although she clearly harboured ulterior motives for most of it, with Stefan increasingly complicit.

The passing quip about her period had almost certainly stirred something within him, which of course she was hoping it would.

It had reached the point of the evening that once dinner was finished, other things beckoned for which they commonly pined.

They had determined that Cynthia lived the closer of the two to where they currently were in the city, so it was she who extended the invitation for Stefan to come back to her place.

He accepted only too willingly.

Once back at Cynthia’s apartment, things started to heat up quite rapidly.

They found themselves tongue kissing within minutes of arrival.

Cynthia had restrained herself most admirably to this point of proceedings but the prospect of what was about to happen had her bursting through the dam walls.

Her immediate longing was to move things directly to the bathroom – the deepest desire now was to be sitting on the toilet with her pretty little stained cotton knickers around her knees with her legs spread for her new man.

She deeply wanted him to explore her private openings whilst she was on her period.

“Let’s go to the bathroom!” Cynthia implored.

“Oh yes baby! I really want to see you on your period!” Stefan retorted, now equally as intoxicated with the idea.

Within a minute or so the lovers were relocated bilecik escort but the action was still restrained.

Tongue kissing continued and Stefan had now moved his hands towards Cynthia’s pudendum.

She responded by lifting her skirt for him, at which point he started running his fingers over her cotton undies.

“Mmmmmmm….” Cynthia purred with her eyes closed as she felt Stefan’s fingers gently run over her pubic area.

“Oh God Cynthia…..” Stefan spoke breathlessly. “Your undies feel so SOFT!!”

As much as she wanted to enjoy how Stefan was conducting his foreplay, she also badly wanted to get down to business.

A couple more minutes of undie-rubbing ensued until Cynthia decided to take control.

“I bet you want to see more, don’t you?” she teased.

“Mmmmmmm. SO badly!!” he begged.

“Well then, how do you feel about sucking my used tampon?” Cynthia asked directly.

Stefan noticeably hesitated, as if it was the first time anyone had said anything quite this explicit to him before.

Truth be known, he probably hadn’t but he at least managed a quasi-nervous grin before admitting that he’d love to.

Whether or not he meant that sincerely, Cynthia could not have fully known, but what she did know was that she was not in the mood to be thwarted either way.

She moved towards the toilet whilst keeping her skirt raised and simultaneously lowered her grey underpants in front of Stefan as he watched incredulously.

Cynthia then sat her bare bottom onto the toilet seat as Stefan was able to glimpse the dark hairy triangle that was now on show between her legs.

Her undies were strategically positioned around her knees as she ordered Stefan to come and kneel down between her thighs.

He complied.

By this stage, his face was perilously close to her open undies and he could just get the slightest sniff of her odour.

“How would you like to lick my dirty undies first?” Cynthia proposed.

Stefan’s heart was absolutely thumping out of his chest now — his mouth desperately dry and he could feel himself beginning to shake.

“OH GOD, Cynthia..” he gurgled, “I’d SO love to!!!”

At this, Cynthia opened her knees a little further and exposed the inner gusset of her stained underpants to Stefan.

She had been wearing these undies for well over 12 hours now on her period and together with her regular daily discharge, they were well stained from her days’ vaginal activities.

Cynthia’s tender crotch panel was only a tiny, 6-inch strip of cotton — just enough to cover her pretty, hairy privates — but had done such a very effective job of absorbing her discharge during the day with the colouring of the stains reflecting this.

Stefan looked down at her stained gusset in awe — he could see the deep staining that Cynthia’s vagina had created and the wrinkled seam of the open end of the crotch panel indicated how her labia had creased it so naturally, probably due to the heat and sweat that her crotch and genitalia had produced.

He tentatively bent his face towards the soiled material and eventually dared to place his nose and mouth directly onto it.

“Go on, tell me how I smell!” Cynthia taunted.

Her panties smelled mostly of her vaginal secretions that day, which as with most women, were clear or whitish in colour, and gave off the unmistakably sexy smell of an aroused vagina, very slightly fishy but designed by nature to attract the male of the species.

Her period had not stained her panties except slightly because of her tampon-changing, since Cynthia was a truly modern woman who knew which size tampon she would need each day.

The resulting odour was a combination of the normal sexy vaginal flavour and the somewhat metallic smell of period blood that had been absorbed by the tampon but now would now waft powerfully from her cunt once the tampon was removed.

“Now lick it!!” Cynthia demanded. “I want you to tell me exactly how my undies taste!”

The panty gusset itself absorbed both Cynthia’s particular vaginal flavour, a seasoned, mellow taste that directed itself toward Stefan’s sensory capacities as pheromones are supposed to, and the smell that permeated the panty crotch of her period emanating from further inside, beyond the tampon, which, however, merely kept the blood from escaping but not the strong scent of a woman in the throes of menstruation.

It added that inescapable metallic tinge to the normal vaginal cocktail of an aroused woman.

The gusset also contained several small pubic hairs that had attached themselves to it amid the heat generated in Cynthia’s cunt that pasted these hairs to the panty and carried them with it when it was pulled down, gently extracting them from her labia majora and mons.

It was almost like Stefan was licking Cynthia’s cunt directly as he ran his tongue along the length of her panty gusset — eyes closed and sucking diligently on the open end of her dirty crotch panel – such was the excitement that they both seemed to get from this forbidden activity.

Even Cynthia herself was surprised at how voraciously Stefan took to the dirty secrets within her underpants.

This was so private and sensual for both of them and Cynthia increasingly wanted to expose her femininity to Stefan in this highly vulnerable position.

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