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Daddy’s Visit Ch. 3

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Jeff could get quite used to sharing his daughter’s bed, their first two days had been spent discovering their long restrained passions for each other and Maddie always awakened him with her mouth on his cock, he loved that. This morning however, as he woke and watched his daughter’s beautiful face riding his cock, he could tell that she was extra excited, as he watched her own hand playing with her clit as she sucked him and he wasn’t surprised when she stopped and straddled him, inserting his saliva coated cock into her hot, wet pussy as she lowered herself on him. He could see the want in her eyes as she swallowed every delicious inch of his cock and his hands went to her firm tits as he cupped them and massaged her mounds of flesh, her nipples so taut.

Maddie worked on his cock with her vaginal walls as he felt her stretch and suck his cock with them, all the while riding up and down, and a pleasurable rhythm soon ensued. “Oh Daddy, you feel so good inside of me, I’ve wanted this for so long,” she moaned as he watched her hair cascade with each thrust down onto him, “Maddie, I’ve wanted you also and Daddy is so glad that we finally gave in,” and his hands worked her tits as she worked her hips and ground into his at each thrust. She leaned forward slightly and his hands dropped from her tits, “Spank me Daddy, spank your bad little girl while she fucks you,” and he began to slap her ass cheeks, the slaps resounded through the room and her moans increased, “Oh God Daddy, I always loved it when you would spank me, now, to be spanked and filled by your wonderful cock at the same time is heaven. Spank me Daddy, I’m such a bad girl,” and he slapped her ass cheeks harder, hearing the tone of her moans change as she got into it.

He loved his little girl and he loved her more than ever now, they were one as she rode him, her pussy contracting to hold onto him as she rode him and her ass getting so very hot as he kept up his spanking until she arched her back and screamed, her orgasm flooding down over his cock and onto his balls as she struggled to catch her breath, “Oh Daddy, that is so intense, I love you daddy,” and he smiled up at her beautiful face, “I love you too Maddie and Daddy will cum soon, keep riding me baby, let Daddy fill your bad pussy with his hot cum,” and she picked up her pace and he could see the determination in her face, “Oh yes Daddy, fill me with your hot cum, I love your cum,” and he lost it, his cock twitching as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into her and they both screamed out their pleasure.

She lay down on his chest, his cock still buried inside of her and kissed him, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths as they lay there, ‘No man could ask for more than this,’ he thought. They moved to the kitchen next, as Maddie started breakfast and Jeff watched her busily working at the bostancı escort counter. She had slipped a pair of purple satin panties on and they showed under her short gown as she bent forward, making his cock get excited at her movements, she had such a delicious body.

When he could stand it no more, he got up and moved in behind her as his arms circled her body, resting on her firm tits as he massaged her nipples, “Daddy, I’ll never get breakfast ready,” she said as he moved a hand to her panty covered ass and squeezed, her ass felt wonderful and he could tell she liked his touch as she arched her back and pushed into his hand with her ass. He bent forward and kissed her exposed neck and listened to her soft moans, then he slipped the straps of her short gown off of her shoulders and backed up slightly as it slid to the floor, “Daddy, the neighbors will see!” she said as he thought about someone watching him fuck his daughter, what a rush that would be, a taboo broken in front of witnesses. He kept rubbing her nipples, wanting to get her as excited as he was and he felt as he moved his hand and her panty clad cheeks rubbed against his cock, she was getting there.

Just then, the doorbell rang and they froze for a moment, their bodies in contact with each other, “Daddy, I better see who it is,” she said as she bent down and picked her gown up off the floor and went to her room to get a robe. Jeff sat down at the table, trying to quell his hard cock, having been interrupted before his daughter’s hot body could quench it, as Maddie opened the front door and he heard her talking. “Daddy, this is Marie. Marie, this is my dad, he came in for a visit,” and they nodded to each other, “Marie is a good friend of mine Daddy, we hang out together a lot,” and he surveyed the young woman as she walked to the table and took a seat across from him. Maddie finished breakfast and they all three sat at the table and ate, making small talk, Jeff wishing she would leave so that he could enjoy Maddie’s charms again. After they ate, Jeff said he would take care of the dishes and the two girls headed off to Maddie’s room so that Maddie could dress.

After the dishes, Jeff went to see about dressing when he heard moans coming from Maddie’s room and eased the door open to see Maddie and Marie in a 69, his cock sprung to life. He grabbed himself, stroking his hard cock as he watched his daughter and her friend eating each other out, oblivious to his presence. Marie had a nice body, but nothing like Maddie’s and he found himself comparing the two as they worked on each other, obviously headed towards orgasm. Marie was nowhere near as pretty as Maddie and her tits was much too big and Jeff could tell that they would soon be cumming as their efforts intensified and he saw the telltale signs. They seemed to cum within seconds ümraniye escort bayan of each other, their moans and groans muffled by their pussies, “Maddie, what are you two doing?” he asked, knowing full well, but wanting to inject a little embarrassment, as they quickly rolled apart and wiped their mouths.

“Daddy, how long have you been standing there?” she asked and he smirked, she knew that he had seen them from the obvious bulge in his shorts, “I didn’t know that my daughter was bi,” he said as he gave the girls the eye, Marie trying to pull her clothes back on, “Oh, don’t bother Marie, I’ve already seen you now. Besides, I am waiting for the two of you to continue,” and he sat in the chair and stroked himself as Maddie and Marie eyed each other. “Daddy, I think Marie is embarrassed,” she said and he quickly turned to Marie, “No need for that girl, just get to it. Maddie is not done yet, I know,” and he smirked and winked at Maddie. Marie glanced at Maddie, wanting to know how her father knew so much, but Maddie just pulled Marie to her and they kissed, their hands taking over as they got into each other, oblivious of the man watching them.

Maddie got between Marie’s legs and began to eat her as she held her head in place and moaned, then after several minutes of that, she felt her dad grease up her ass and she spread her legs to welcome him. Jeff pressed the head of his cock to his daughter’s tight ass, loving the sight before him as he grabbed Maddie’s waist and pushed inside, Maddie moaning out her pleasure and Marie moaning as well as Maddie kept on eating her. The sight of two young women having sex and the fact that he had his cock in his own daughter’s ass was intoxicating to Jeff as Maddie began to meet his thrusts, the whole lot of them moaning at their newfound pleasures. Marie liked the fact that as Jeff thrust harder, Maddie’s tongue was pushed into her pussy and before long, she was cumming and Maddie followed suit, her ass clenching around her daddy’s cock as he soon joined them. The three of them piled on top of one another as their arms gave out and just lay there, trying to comprehend what a wild time they had just had.

Marie spoke first, “That was incredible Maddie, seeing him fucking you drove me nuts,” and Jeff had to agree, he had felt the same way about watching the two of them. Jeff pulled out of his daughter’s ass and sat back in the chair, to see what would happen next, he didn’t have to wait long as the two of them moved on the floor between his legs and began to suck and play with his cock, bringing it quickly back to it’s full erection as they teased and sucked, alternating on his balls and cock and stroking each other’s tits at the same time, ‘What a dream come true,’ he thought, seeing these lovely young girls tend to his raging hard on. Suddenly, Maddie stopped kartal escort Marie and sat there looking at her as she stroked her daddy’s cock, “Daddy, Marie has never been fucked in the ass before. Would you do the honors? I’ll help you,” and he could see the shock on Marie’s face at the question posed, “Maddie!!!!” she said and they giggled at each other, sounding so much younger than they were. “Well, you two girls have gotten me rock hard, so someone needs to get this stuck in them,” and Maddie jumped up and ran over to get the jelly, telling Marie to lie on the bed on her back, “Daddy likes to see your face when he puts it in,” she giggled.

Jeff could see that Marie was excited, but also nervous as Maddie coated her friend’s ass with the jelly, working it inside. When Maddie had her prepared, she told her daddy to come on before she changed her mind and he crept between her legs as Maddie began the diversion her daddy had taught her and began to finger Marie’s clit. Jeff waited until Maddie had her excited before he pressed against her tight hole, ‘Two virgin ass holes in 3 days,’ he thought as he saw the time was right and applied pressure to Marie’s tight ass. He winked at Maddie and she picked up the pace on her friend’s clit, making the job much easier for Jeff as Marie’s ass slowly swallowed him up. He loved the look on her face, so angelic, just a hint of pain, as his cock slowly penetrated her tight ass as far as it would go and he held it there while Maddie worked her hard clit. Maddie took her other hand and began to play with Marie’s large tits, pinching her nipples, much to her delight and Jeff began to back out of her tight ass and then reinsert himself, picking up speed each time, much to Marie’s delight. Maddie couldn’t stand it and soon threw her legs over Marie’s head as she lowered herself to Marie’s waiting mouth and leaned up and kissed her father at the same time.

Jeff hooked Marie’s ankles behind his daughter’s armpits as he quickened his pace and could see the girls would cum at any moment. Maddie’s mouth felt almost as good as Marie’s ass as they got faster and faster until he could hear Marie scream into Maddie’s pussy and then he came in Marie’s ass, followed by Maddie, who drenched her girlfriend’s face. It looked like one of the cheap porno films he had seen, but 1000 times better because it was actually happening to him. He let Maddie climb off of Marie’s face first and then he leaned down, his cock still buried in her ass as he gave her a kiss before withdrawing. “We need to get a strap on Maddie, that was great!”

Marie said as Jeff found his way back to his chair. Jeff went out into the living room, letting the two girls have some more time to themselves, all that sex had made him very thirsty. A half hour later, the girls came out, each one giving him a kiss and a thank you, before they kissed each other and Marie left. Maddie curled up on his lap and hugged him, “Thank you Daddy. She wanted to try it and I wanted her to have the same person showing her that I did,” and she gave him a big kiss as her ass cheeks ground into his hardening cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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