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Daughter Now Owns Me: Full Control_(0)

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I trembled as I tried desperately to drink my coffee. Everything that happened last night felt like an absolute blur. The only things I can remember clearly are the feelings of great pain, and the taste of sweet pussy juice.

Suddenly my daughter walks in wearing only a thin red thong that are buried in her enormous ass cheeks. Her bare breasts bounce with each step she takes toward the fridge. I don’t know how many times I’ve told her she can’t just walk around the house butt naked like that.

“Gwen! Please put some more clothes on.” I ordered.

She just laughed, “Oh no,you don’t tell me what to do anymore,” she reassured as she poured herself a cup of orange juice.

“Excuse me?” I asked her growing frustrated.

“You heard me.” She replied. She then took a big gulp of orange juice before placing it on the table. With her now free hands, she removed the thong she was wearing and placed it directly in my coffee mug.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now!?”I scream. I stand up and attempt to slap my daughter before she grabs my arm and bends it behind my back. I squeal in pain as she applies pressure.

“Are you fucking stupid? I own you now Stacy.” She said much to my confusion.

“What are you- ahhhh quit it that hurts!” she lets go of my arm and knocks me down. Before I can get up she grabs me by the hair and pulls my face to hers.

“Did you already forget last night?”She asked.

I had no clue of what she was talking about until she yanked at my hair one more time. The familiarity of the pain suddenly jogged my memory. I remember I had a date with the best man I’d ever met and I failed him sexually. So out of pure spite for me, my Goddess of a daughter fucked him and his big cock right in front of me. I can’t explain why but I loved watching. It made me so horny that I fingered myself to an orgasm.

“Wait…” I began, “so you…?” The taste of pussy juice was when my daughter squirted her heavy orgasm into my face,and I swallowed it.

“Do you remember yet bitch? She asked ferociously. The sudden realization left me in an emotional trance, all I could do was nod.

“Good,” she said “so now as long as you stop acting like you’re in charge of me, we will get along fine, okay?”
I nodded again.

“Fantastic,” she said with a devilish grin. Still holding my hair she reached out and grabbed the cup of coffee she had dropped her panties in. “Now drink up.”

I look at her disgusted “No fuckin-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before being kneed in the face. My head fell backward as I groaned in agony as a clenched my palms against my face.

After a few moments she grabs me by the hair again and lifts me up. “Now unless you want that to happen again…” before she finished her sentence she reached two fingers up her pussy. I could hear her breathing small sighs of pleasure.

She pulled out her fingers and revealed they were drenched. She then stirred her fingers into the coffee with the panties in them.

“…you better drink up.” She hands me the cup, and out of pure fear, I drank from the cup. The combination of her sweet tasting pussy juice, the bitterness of the coffee, and the filth of her dirty panties created one of the foulest tastes I’ve ever experienced.

“Now that we have everything worked out, I’m going out.” She grabbed a dress from her closet and and slipped it on over her naked body.

“Where are you going? It’s 9 am?” I asked.

“Don’t fucking worry about it,” she yelled, “I’ll be back whenever.” With that she slammed the door.

There was a few moments of silence, tears were held back before I finally realized I needed to masterbate.

I ran into my room and removed my robe and fiercely began fingering my pussy. I don’t know why but I was so ridiculously turned on that I couldn’t control myself.

Soon, all I could think about was the coffee. The taste and the manner I was forced to drink it. Gwen’s sexy body and how much more superior it is to mine. My thoughts were inhabited only by the many beatings my own offspring had given me before I was met with a powerful orgasm. It was not long after when I finally realized what was wrong with me.

Being dominated by my own daughter turns me on…

I began to cry at this new found fetish. I can’t do this, it’s wrong, it’s disturbing, it’s…

I couldn’t finish my thought before I realized that my hand was right back in my pussy. I can’t help it. My daughter, the girl I raised from infancy was beating me and forcing me to swallow her pussy wet, and that drove me crazy.

It wasn’t until after my 5th orgasm did I realize that it was now 4 pm.

“Oh shit!” I yelled aloud. I had been masterbating for six hours. I had miss work and everything. I run to my phone to see I have many missed calls, voicemails, and text messages from my boss as well as fellow employees wondering where I was.

“FUCK!” I yelled. I can’t do this… I can’t let this happen. I can’t just let my daughter control me like this. I need to take a stand.

I began racking my brain. I know for a fact I can’t fight her. What can I do then? After long thought for another hour I realized that there is nothing I can do. I can’t call anyone because they’d probably never believe me, and even if they did, I don’t want people knowing that I’m a nearly 40 year old woman being beaten and dominated by my 18 year old daughter. That’s humiliating.

My brain began to hurt. Was this just my life now? Was I doomed to spend what remained of my life being held as inferior to my very own daughter? Will my sex life become only what antalya escort bayan my daughter allows it to be purely because she has a far more attractive body?

These thoughts consumed my eyes as I felt my ears tear up and my pussy begin to grow wet. I hate myself. I hate myself for being inferior, what did I ever do to deserve the body of a 12 year old boy, and what did she do to become the perfect Goddess she had become?

No. I can’t accept this. I have value, if I could just get one man, any man at all to want me, it would be enough. Of all the people on this planet, it is statistically impossible for no one to find me attractive and want to fuck me.

I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna go out and get fucked! I don’t care who it is, I’m gonna do it. I go through my closet to look for something sexy to way. I obviously can’t pull off those tight see through booty shorts that Gwen always wears, but a pair of jean shorts will do fine. That with a green tanktop over and I look cute. Regardless of how flat my body might be I am still a woman. I can do this.

I grab my keys and drive. I can’t hit any of the clubs, who knows which one Gwen might be at. But where? I needed to find the place that was the absolute easiest to find a man who wanted to fuck a woman.

I suddenly remembered that the high school senior class was having a sort of celebratory picnic at the park today. That would be perfect, I can find some random horny 18 year old to fuck me.

I park in there and look around to the many seniors roaming around talking and eating. Enjoying themselves. I took a good look at the many girls there just as hot as Gwen playing and laughing with the big jock boys. I remember hating them back in high school myself. I turn my head and see the nerds sitting together in the shade sweating, not remotely enjoying themselves. I remember being them. One got up and started walking towards the bathroom. That’s when I made my move.

I tailed him till he got to the bathroom where he went inside. After a few minutes I heard a flush and a sink turn on and off. As he walks out I stop him.

“Hey there,” I said.

“Hey,” he responded with a bit of a lisp. He had glasses with long hair that went down to his shoulder. He had on a pair of converse with red skinny jeans that matched his bright red Pokemon shirt.

“This is gonna sound weird but… do you wanna come home and have sex with me?”

He looks at me astonished, “What! Are you serious?”

I nod as his look of disbelief grows even more exaggerated. “Are you a hooker or something?” he asks.

“No!” I scream although it quickly dawned on me that I might as well be. “I just think you’re cute and I just really need to be with someone right now.”

He was understandably skeptical. “I don’t know…” he said

“I promise you there is no strings attached,” I reassured, “I just want you to fuck me once and then you never have to again if you don’t want to.”

After thinking for a moment he finally answers, “I’ll do it!”

I smile as we sneak past the other students and faculty to my car and begin driving. I can hardly hold back my excitement. Now I can know at least somebody out in the world finds me worth something.

“Hey, what’s your name?” He asked, “Mine is Emmet.”

“I’m Stacy,” I replied.

“I’m sorry if I’m not so good at this… I’m still a virgin.”

I looked at him sympathetically. I just wanted to fuck somebody, I didn’t plan on taking anybody’s virginity. I began second guessing myself right as I pulled into my house. There was no turning back now.

We walked into my house and awkwardly stood there for what felt like an eternity. After shuffling his feet for awhile he asked, “So should we start?”

I shrugged and asked “Do you maybe want some wine?”

“I’ve never drank before…” he replied. I giggled, he was so cute. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine with two glasses. I served him some and soon we were having a wonderful conversation. He told me about his friends, his interests and I told him mine. We were making a real connection.

After what felt like an hour of talking I leaned in and kissed him. He definitely wasn’t experienced at that either but it made it even cuter. I started removing his shirt and rubbing the growing hard on his pants.

This connection was strong, my pussy was so wet for him. I couldn’t take him to the bedroom I wanted him on the couch we were sitting on. I got to my feet and drop my shorts showing my pussy. All he could do was stare mouth agape. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down exposing his hard cock. It was average, no longer than 6 inches. Just perfect.

I open the condom and put it on him before I lay down on the couch and spread my legs.

“I’m ready” I say. He slowly and nervously brings his cock toward my pussy opening. Right as he was about to penetrate me the door swung open with a huge thud. We both rushed up and grabbed pillows to cover ourselves and there was Gwen standing there with a tall man wearing a button shirt and jeans.

“Well well well what do we have here?” She says amused, “Is someone here getting unauthorized action?”

I stand up angrily still covering my exposed wet pussy with the pillow, “I don’t need your permission to have sex! I can find my own fucks thank you very much.”

Gwen laughs, “Fine.”

I look at her confused. I was expecting a beating of some sort. “Really?” I asked astonished.

“Sure,” she replied, “As long as you don’t mind as me and Raymond here fuck in the same room?”

“What!?” I yell as Gwen escort antalya begins unzipping her dress.
“I have been sucking his fat cock the whole car ride home and he’s just been dying to fuck me,” she drops her dress as her huge tits dropped an inch down from her chest. Her nipples completely erect and her pussy glistening of moisture.

“I don’t think he can wait any longer so were just gonna do it here.”

“No you can’t-” I reach out my arm to interject but she grabs my hand and begins squeezing. I squeal in pain as I drop my pillow and get on my knees.

“Uhh, yes I fucking can.” She said before letting my hand go. I stand up and tears began building up.

“Fine!” I scream, “I don’t care, I have my own man and he’s gonna fuck me to, you have no control over me, right Emmet?”

There was silence.

“Emmet?” I turn around and I see Emmet’s eyes locked on my daughter’s body. His mouth hanging open like an idiot, unblinking, completely entranced by Gwen’s perfect body.

“EMMET!” I yelled. He shook his head and looked at me, “Oh shit, I’m sorry Stacy.”

Tears built up even more, I can’t cry. If I cry she wins.

“Come on Emmet,” I hear Gwen say. I turn to see Raymond is completely naked with a huge cock, easily as big as Mark’s, in Gwen’s hand.

“Why don’t you join us? I’ll suck your cock while Raymond fucks me.” Emmet once again was completely enthralled by Gwen. She started sucking Raymond’s cock making slobbering and gag sounds. Raymond begins moaning like an idiot as Gwen’s head bobbed up and down on his huge cock, “This could be you Emmet.”

I blanked out amazed at the sheer evil in my daughter, she’s trying to steal a guy that I picked up myself in my own house when she already has one… I can’t-

“What are you doing?” I hear Emmet asked. I exit my trance to realize that I was fingering my pussy while watching Gwen give this complete stranger head.

I stammered “I uh-”

“She loves watching me dominate her,” Gwen interrupted.

“Wait I-” before I could object, Gwen grabbed my hair and yanked on it. I squealed in pain as she yanked on my hair and started squeezing my nipples.

“You see that Emmet?” Gwen asked amused, “look how wet this pussy is getting!”

I wanted to cry from the combination of the pain and how right she was. My pussy was drenched, I just wanted to finger fuck myself but my hands are occupied trying desperately to escape from Gwen’s clutches.

She throws me down and looks at Emmet, “Anytime your ready.”

He flips her hair and walks back to Raymond and bends over on the couch. I stand up and look at Emmet, tears finally running down my cheeks.

“Please don’t do this,” I pleaded, “ I thought we had an actual connection here, I need this right now…”

Emmet looked at me with sympathetic eyes, he knew the connection the same way I did. I saw him leaning into to kiss me. With a smile on my face I began leaning before we were interrupted by a loud scream.


We both turned and see Raymond pounding his huge cock deep inside Gwen’s pussy. Her mouth wide open as her head bucks back and forth from the force of his massive fuck stick. Gwen’s huge tits jiggled every direction they could and her plump juicy ass rippled with each hard ram of Raymond’s muscular hips.

Emmet’s eyes were locked as my Goddess of a daughter begged to be fucked harder and screamed how good his fat cock was in her pussy.

“Oh shit…uh, come one Emmet, you could fuck my scrawny excuse of a women mother, FUCK, or you can get your dick sucked by a real women”

Emmet conflicted, scared, and nervous began looking back and forth at her and me, contemplating the decision.

“Emmet please!” I screamed. Then Gwen says mid fuck, “If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get a turn after Raymond.”

That did it, Emmet with the hardest cock he’s probably ever had jumped towards Gwen. Like an animal she gobbled his dick and began sucking like a vacuum while Raymond continued to pound her pussy with his huge cock.
I fell to my knees in shame, there my daughter was with two cocks currently in her when I can’t even get one. Not only that but one of those cocks was one she stole from me in my own house.

Gwen takes Emmet’s cock out of her mouth and starts furiously jerking off his cock. Emmet closes his eyes and begins panting.

Gwen just laughs, “Don’t cum just yet.” Gwen pats Raymond on his side and he immediately stops fucking her, showing the clear dominance she has over him.

Gwen walks over to me, still on my knees and slaps me.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” She asked.

“What?” I replied before she slapped me again.

“You’re on your knees crying like a little fucking bitch like I’m ruining your life but here you are with your pussy juice dripping down your leg.”

Before I can answer Gwen grabs my hand and puts it on her pussy. It was just as drenched as mine, the cream of her orgasm drips on my fingers while the pussy lips hang wide and busted open from being smashed by a giant cock.

“Look at how loose that pussy is, you like that? You like watching me fuck men?”

I knew the answer but I refused to admit it, I wanted to keep the last shred of dignity I had left no matter how wet my pussy was getting.

Gwen grabs me by the hair and shoves two of her fingers up my pussy, I moan loudly before covering my mouth.

She swirls her fingers deep around my dripping pussy gripping my hair looking me directly in my eyes.

“You like that mother? Fucking say it, say you like watching antalya escort your daughter get fucked.”

I held back no matter how good it felt. Her fingers only got deeper. I open my eyes and see her huge tits hanging there jiggling little by little with every hand movement. In the corner of my eye I see Emmet and Raymond just jerking their cocks watching my only daughter fingering her mother’s pussy.

Suddenly she pulls her fingers out and she punches me in the nose, I fall to the ground cupping my face before she sits her fat ass on my hips. Her ass cheeks are soft but heavy. They feel like they could crush my bony thighs. She grabs both my arms and holds them down.

“Do you like watching your daughter get fucked!?” She yelled. My pussy was on fire. My legs twitching for my desperate need to finger myself. I tried desperately to escape her grasp but she was too strong, I can’t take it.

“Say it you skinny shit bitch!” And with all the sexual frustration I yell “YES! I LOVE WATCHING MY DAUGHTER GET FUCKED!”

She got silent and just smiled. She let go of my arms and shoved her pussy in my face. I began hungrily licking and slobbing over it. I didn’t care anymore, she won, nothing left to do but just give in.

I started feeling and groping her juicy ass while I devoured her freshly fucked pussy. Her ass cheeks were bigger than my palm.

She didn’t moan, I wasn’t sure if it was because I wasn’t doing a good job or if she was just trying to keep her dominance. All I know that I didn’t care, I was just so focused in licking her wet pussy.

She turned her head and motioned the two men ferociously pounding their cocks to come over to her.

Like good little boys they did a little jog towards her she started sucking on Raymond’s fat cock while jerking off Emmet. All I could do was stare as my superior daughter sucked on two cocks while she sat on my face, me still licking her pussy.

Gwen takes Raymond’s dick out of her mouth and begins panting for a second. Suddenly she lets go of both dicks and grabs my ears. She begins to bite her lip and moan lightly as she slams my head into the floor while her bald drenched pussy humps against my mouth. I just continue licking as my head gets pounded against the floor before Gwen’s pussy starts squirting on my face.

“FUCKING SWALLOW IT BITCH!” She screamed as I began drinking what felt like the gallons of cum that she was launching into my face.

When it finally stopped, I noticed the sweat dripping down her face as she panted heavily. She stood up and stepped on my chest.

“Not bad mother, not only did you make your daughter cum but you swallowed it like a good girl.”

I knew I would regret that later but right now I was still fingering my pussy. Gwen just smiled as she commanded Raymond to sit down. He sat down cock standing at attention as she began sitting on his enormous dick. She then called over Emmet and both he and I instantly knew what was happening.

Emmet runs to Gwen and begins to stick his cock in her ass. Gwen began biting her lip as the cock penetrates her tight asshole.

I sit there with the taste of my daughter’s cum still on my tongue and her pussy wet still dripping down my chin. It wasn’t long before I was fingering myself watching Emmet’s little ass pounding against my daughters ass as she rode that huge hunk of meat. Two cocks inside my daughter while I watch.

Emmet, drenched in sweat starts panting heavier says, “Shit Gwen I’m gonna fucking cum.”

Suddenly she stops them both. She gets off Raymond cock and whispers something in Emmet’s ear. He laughs as he starts walking toward me. Raymond gets back on top of Gwen and starts pounding her pussy in missionary position when Emmet stands above me.

He smiles devilishly and says, “Gwen says to suck my cock until I cum.”

I stare at him astonished. She expected me to suck a cock that was just in her ass. I wanted to object but I unconsciously grab his cock. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. Full of lust I put his dick in my mouth and immediately tasted her ass, it tasted disgusting but I continued sucking, I had to or she might hurt me.

Gwen turns her head and I hear her laugh. “You like the taste of my ass mommy?” She says in between her moans and the moans of Raymond. He was close to cumming.

Out of nowhere Emmet grabs by head and starts fucking my face. I start gagging and trying to pull his cock out but he just keeps slapping his hips against my cheeks. His pubes jabbing me in the eyes as he forced his cock deeper and deeper in my throat before finally cumming.

He screamed “OH SHIT GWEN!” As his cum squirted down my throat. He pulled out and was still cumming in my face and hair while I gagged and desperately tried to not throw up.

Right at that moment I see Raymond grunting and pounding harder and faster before finally launching his massive dick in her and cumming inside her for what felt like ages. He pulls out and cum just drips out of her pussy.

“Get out.” She said, and without a word they got dressed and left. Not even sure how they planned to get home but they left. She was in charge.

She waves her hand at me to come over and I crawl to her. She once again shoved my face in her pussy. I started licking the large amount of cum out of her pussy while she just gripped my hair and moaned lightly.
When I finished what felt like all the cum in her pussy she shoved me back to floor and began putting her dress back on.

She put on her heels and looked at me sitting there with spunk in my hair and face. My mouth is overwhelmed with the combination of a stranger’s cum, and the taste of both the pussy juice and ass of my own daughter.

She smiles, walks to the door and says,
“Get ready for the next one.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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