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Daughter Watcher Ch. 2

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Becky was coming home late every night. She would always leave looking sexy but, returned looking disheveled, like she had just been fucked. I knew my daughter was having sexual intercourse with her boyfriend or boyfriends. I also had her slutty Polaroid picture. She never asked about it so I had kept it hidden in my workshop. I often looked at that picture which always caused me to relive the memory of seeing her fucking her boyfriend in my driveway. One night Becky came home late smelling of alcohol.

“Becky, come in here and talk to me,” I called from the living room. My wife was in bed while I waited for our daughter to come home from her date. Becky walked in the room wearing a tight, black miniskirt and tank-top. Her heels clicked across the kitchen floor as she teetered towards the Lazy-boy chair.

“Hey, Daddy. I um… just getting ah, home from a date, with…, with… Ricky,” she slurred. I could smell the strong odor of booze emanating from my young daughter. Her hair was mused and her clothes rumpled. She looked like she had been drinking and fooling around with that boy. I was jealous and infuriated at the same time. I couldn’t accept my daughter acting slutty but it aroused me at the same time.

“It’s pretty late for my little girl to be out, isn’t it?”

“Yez, Daddy. I’m-m sorrry.” She was completely smashed. Her head drooped to her shoulder as her eyes closed. A few moments of silence passed before she just passed out. Her breathing was smooth and steady. I couldn’t believe my daughter was drunk and had just passed out right in the middle of our conversation.

Becky’s head rested on her swelled bosom. Her arms hung limply next to her as I noticed that her legs were spread wide open. I could see her naked pussy staring me right in the face. The puffy lips of her vagina was smooth and pink. I swallowed hard at seeing this forbidden sight. Images of what that boy must have done to my little girl’s sex tonight flashed through my mind.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to her room. I laid her down on the bed, noticing her skirt had ridden up on her thighs. A close up view of her shaved pussy stared me in the face. She had left short, blond hair trimmed neatly above her clit. I could see what appeared to be cum dripping from her pink, labial lips. She reeked of beer and sex. My dick hardened at the thought of what she must have been doing tonight. I wondered if anymore pictures had been taken.

Her purse was open next to her. I peeked inside and found a lacy thong. The crotch was still damp from being worn. My daughter must have taken off her panties and put them in her purse during her escapades with that boy. There was a handful of condoms besides the usual girl stuff but, no pictures. I looked down at my sleeping daughter who was unaware of being exposed and open to my stares.

I ran downstairs and grabbed the camera. Becky was so drunk that she didn’t notice the flash, as I took about 10 Polaroids of her laying there with her naked womanhood showing. I even sampled her pussy a little… feeling the slippery cum between my fingers. I pushed her top up, exposing her pale, jutting breasts. I tweaked her nipples and gently licked one, then the other. My hard prick ached for release. So, I took it out of my pants and placed it at Becky’s half-open mouth. I took more pictures while I stroked my boner. Streams of pre-cum started to smear on Becky’s lips, as my heart was racing in my chest. I was afraid my wife would come in or my daughter would wake up with me standing there holding my dick.

I covered her with the sheet and quickly made my way downstairs before I was caught. I stashed the pictures in my safe place and crawled in bed next to my wife. My cock was still rock hard from taking pictures of my daughter. I spooned up against my wife with my stiff dick poking her in the ass. antalya escort She finally stirred from my insistent probing and unquenched desire.

“Did I hear Becky come in?” she mumbled while stroking my firm erection. Her talented hand worked me perfectly and I closed my eyes picturing Becky’s hand stroking me.

“Yep, and she was drunk again. I know she’s fooling around with boys. It really upsets me that she’s sexually active.” My mind was concentrating on images of Becky’s smooth, wet pussy. I could see her little hand rubbing my cock instead of my wife’s hand. I felt dirty and terribly aroused.

“Yea… you really feel upset to me,” she said sarcastically before taking me in her mouth. My wife’s firm lips wrapped around my shaft and worked its way down to the base. I was truly a lucky man to have a woman who could deep-throat me without choking. Her light fingers massaged my balls and tugged at my sac.

Did she suspect my desires for Becky? I wondered this as I felt my orgasm build. The sucking action and swirling tongue combined with the erotic events earlier erupted in a huge load shooting down my wife’s throat. My hips bucked and I became over-sensitive post-cumming. I pushed her head off me, as the last stream shot her in the face.

“Oh my! What got you so worked up?” she questioned me with an evil grin. Her tongue snaked out licking at the spooge dripping down her face.

It was the fantasy of Becky’s luscious tits bouncing while she used that tight snatch to fuck me. It was images of her using her pouty mouth on my cock, rather than my wife’s. I could still smell Becky’s pussy on my fingers and I wished I had blew my load on her face tonight.

“What are you thinking?” my wife asked, as she licked up the last of my cum from her cheeks using her fingers. I could feel my wife staring into my soul and I knew right then that she knew I wanted to fuck our daughter. Could she blame me? Becky was gorgeous. How could any man refrain from being aroused by such a vixen. I tried to read her face. I looked to see if she would accept that fact, if I were to open up and expose my fantasies. I only saw blankness. She was not going let me off so easy. Maybe she was in denial. Of course… who could phantom such abominations like incest with your only daughter?

“Nothing. Thanks for the blowjob. You’re the best, Babe. Go to sleep,” I faked a smile and lit a cigarette while my heart returned to a normal rhythm. My mind wouldn’t let go of my desire for Becky. I felt frustrated and disgusted at the same time.

A week later, I gave into temptation by going to my safe place to look at those priceless Polaroids. I opened the hidden lockbox I kept behind some books in my computer room. There was nothing. Everything was gone. The ones of ex-girlfriends and ones I had taken of my wife were gone. Everything was gone. Panic seized me. Sweat broke out on my forehead. I looked around the room franticly for signs of intrusion or clues as to where my treasure could have escaped.

How could this have happened? I had the only key to the undamaged lockbox. There were no signs of forced entry. I ran upstairs and called out to Becky. She was the only one home while my wife was out shopping. I pushed open her bedroom door and my stomach rolled over.

There, on her bed, were the pictures. They were scattered around Becky, as she held one towards me.

“Daddy, have you been digging through my stuff?” Becky asked with an evil grin on her face. She held the first picture I had confiscated. The one with her in a white, lace teddy. “And, I can’t believe you took pictures of me naked. What the hell is going on? Is that your dick in my sleeping face?” She sorted through the Polaroids, pointing to the obvious.

I was speechless, frozen in my spot. My balls shrunk inside my sac and I needed to pee really bad. alanya escort I could not think of a thing to say. There was no way out of this. I was busted cold. Damn those pictures! Damn, I was an idiot.

“I can’t believe you’re such a sick fuck, Dad. You’re just like all fucking men, aren’t you? Pussy is pussy to you. Doesn’t matter whether its your blood or not.” Her face was angry and her words were harsh but, she continued to look at the pictures.

“You’re a fucking pervert and I can’t believe all these women would let you take their pictures naked. Didn’t they want them back? How could you steal the picture Ricky took of me? Didn’t you think I’d notice it gone? At first, I thought Mom had found it but, guess what… I was awake that night you put me to bed. Yea, that’s right Dad… I was awake when you touched me and took these fucking pictures of me. I thought you were gonna rape me while I was passed out. God, you’re such a horny dick.” A smirk crept into her face, as her hand slipped down her shorts. Becky was rubbing herself while looking at the erotic photos of her mother posed in lingerie. Her erect nipples poked against the thin material of her stretch top. I still couldn’t move or begin to grasp where this was going.

“I don’t get it Dad… What, you want to fuck me or something? Or you just want to jack off to pictures of me naked?”

“I… I… I don’t know what to say Rebecca. I just… Damn it!” I slammed my fist into my head and slunk to the floor. Tears weld up in my eyes from overflowing, confusing emotion I couldn’t express. She came over to me, wrapping her arms around my slumped shoulders, as I wept. I could smell the clean, feminine scent of her young body close to me.

“Please, stop crying Daddy… Its ok. I’m flattered you noticed me. I can’t believe you put me with all those other pictures. Don’t be sad. I’m amazed you think of me that way,” she soothed me.

“I’m ashamed. I’m sorry Becka… I just, I just couldn’t believe what a gorgeous woman you’ve become. And I saw you fucking Ricky in the driveway and…” Her hand pressed against my mouth, shutting me up. She stood up and removed her top. Her breasts bounced free as I sat there with my mouth hanging open. She pushed her shorts down exposing her smooth mound to my teary eyes.

“Do you want this, Dad?” she asked while grabbing the back of my head. She pulled me towards her sex, shoving my nose into the sweet folds of her pussy. The musky odor inflamed my nostrils. Instinctive reaction caused me to lick at the dewy flower placed before my mouth. She tasted unbelievable. Then, I came to my senses.

“No! No, I don’t want you like this Rebecca. We can’t do this. Its not fucking right. Not right, at all. You’re my goddamn daughter, and I’m married to your mother,” I screamed. I stood up, arms pushing her back.

“Please, Daddy. Just let me give you what you want. I want it too. I won’t tell Mom, if that’s what you want. I just want you to love me. Please Daddy, make love to me.” She knelt down in front of me and unzipped my jeans. I could see her hands struggling with my under-shorts, struggling to free my hard-on.

“I’m your father, Rebecca. This isn’t right. You’re mother would never forgive me,” was all I got out before she took the head of my penis into her little mouth. Her hands stroked my member up and down as her tongue left wet trails along the shaft. She was licking the entire thing like a lollipop. My hands rested in that beautiful, blond mane, atop her tiny body. My resistance was gone and I was lost in the magic of my daughter’s mouth. She worked my cock better than I imagined in my fantasies. Deep down, I knew what I was doing was wrong but, I couldn’t stop myself. I was helpless.

Becky’s sucking was slow and smooth. Her other hand was pulling my ass towards her face, like alanya rus escort she could pull me deeper but, her little mouth was taking all of my manhood it could without choking her. There was no way she could ever deep-throat me like her mother. She was doing the best she could to get even three inches into her tiny mouth and still swirl her tongue around the engorged cap.

I was floating outside of my body. I could see this small, blond girl pulling me down to the floor. She was removing the rest of my clothes, and I let her. She rubbed her naked body on my torso, pressing her breasts into my chest. She ground her dripping mound on my hard shaft. I snapped back into my own body when her mouth pressed against mine in a non-parental kiss. She was kissing me like I was the last man on Earth and she needed to have sex to survive. I gave her my tongue, as we kissed passionately. From this point on, we were acting as lovers, not father and daughter.

Becky reached down and inserted my cock into her tight snatch. Her face contorted in pain as my girth entered her. She did the best she could to work her small frame down onto my manhood. Finally, she had all of me inside her. She hugged me, moaning like a cat in heat. She rocked back and forth as I suckled from her hanging tits. She was grunting and grinding her clit into my pelvis as her orgasm built until it exploded with a loud gasp and then a scream.

Before she could catch her breath, I flipped her onto her back, without pulling my dick out. I spread her legs as wide as her petite body would allow and began pounding into her with fierce blows. Her hair was matted to her forehead and her eyes were closed tight. I could see her boobs bouncing as my hips plowed deep into her tight pussy. I knew I was going to cum and started to pull out.

“No, don’t pull out, Daddy. I’m on the pill. Please, just cum inside me. I need to feel you. I haven’t stopped cumming. Don’t stop…” she yelled. It would have been too late to stop me, anyways. I could feel her pelvic muscles milking my shaft as I blew my seed into her steaming cunt. I rested all my weight on her tiny body as I blacked out in orgasmic bliss. We were both breathing rapidly and her legs were shaking, wrapped around my thighs.

My cock was shrinking but, her pussy was still tight and held me inside her. Our juices flowed down the crack of her ass. I kissed her neck making goose-bumps rise from her fair skin. She giggled and I felt like a kid in love. Her small hands stroked my back, wiping away the sweat. The heat coming from our bodies was comforting as reality washed over me. This was my daughter, not a lover. What have I done?

“What the hell are you doing!” my wife yelled. She stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

Once again, I was cold-busted. The same feelings of dread washed over me. Images of divorce, violence, and public embarrassment flashed before my eyes. The few moments before my wife laid into me, felt like eternity. Not much I could say. It was painfully obvious what I was doing. I could think of nothing to say, as my dick shrank from Becky’s sloppy pussy. It popped out with a loud squish audible to all in the room.

I just looked up at my wife, like a deer caught in headlights. Becky’s naked body was still below me, quivering. The room was a wreck with clothes strewn about and filthy pictures all over Becky’s bed. It was a den of sin and I was the maker. Time just stood still.

“Was she good?” my wife asked. “Was she better than me?”

“I… I… ” I started stuttering like I always do when high stress situations happened. This was definitely the worst thing that ever happened to me and I was definitely stressed.

“I guess I will just have to see for myself if she’s as good as me, eh? By the way, I got into your box and told Becka to have a look for herself but, she was supposed to wait for me. I guess both of you will have to be punished.” I saw the same smirk on my wife’s face that I had seen on Becky’s earlier. Evidently, she had copied my key and I was being setup.

I just sat there dumbfounded.

My life has never been the same.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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