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Daughters and Fathers Ch. 01

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The story “Two Norwegian Sisters and Cousin” is background for this series and introduces two of the daughters, Britta and Maren, here with their father, of course. Why “fathers,” plural? The girls’ mother has one, as a later chapter will tell.

The girls must now be twenty and twenty-one. Families were closer back in the 1960s, girls that age still vacationing with their parents. This is about how much closer this family becomes.


Two summers after what Johan tells in “Two Norwegian Sister and Cousin,” Maren and Britta and their parents were planning another vacation at their cabins, as they did every year. It was intended to be three weeks with the whole family, but then the girls’ mother had to visit her parents after her mother had a stroke – for two weeks, at least. The previous summer, the girls had spent two weeks with Johan, their parents wanting a male to accompany the girls, apparently still thinking that he was the shy cousin he had been at the beginning of the previous summer. But he wasn’t, as the girls well knew, and they had had a completely uninhibited couple of weeks together, going nude most of the time.

Perhaps with recollections of that, the girls weren’t so enthusiastic about spending three weeks at the cabin with just their parents, and now, just with their father. The night before they left their home in Bergen, Maren, the younger and more forward sister, told Britta that she still wanted to get a seamless tan. Britta was a little shocked, remarking:

“With Dad there?!”

“We all used to go nude when we were little.”

“But we aren’t now.”

“Um-hmm, but he really shouldn’t mind, … maybe, shouldn’t really mind.”

“Hmm, fine difference. You really want to?”

“You’d have to, too. How many boys have seen you nude? Shouldn’t be too embarrassing.”

“How many have seen you? But he’s our father.”

“I know, but I still want to.”

“Hmm! You just want to go nude.”

“Maybe, but it’s nice, like last summer.”

“But he isn’t Johan.”

“Maybe he would want to, too.”

“Hm-hmm! With his two grown daughters?!”

“He should like that.”

“You’re wicked!”

“Just a little. It would be more interesting than just taking walks in the mountains.”

“Hmm!? And you’re just going to take off everything and surprise him?”

“Only if you do, too. Don’t be a spoilsport. We can tell him that we want to.”


They left it at that, and the next morning drove with their father and hiked up to their cabin, all of them carry supplies in rucksacks. They unpacked and made their beds, he, his in the larger cabin, while the girls went to the other cabin. The girls made up the double bed, snickering at the thought that at least they could enjoy sleeping with each other.

As the three of them were finishing supper, talking about what they might do the next morning, Maren remarked:

“If the weather is good, we want to sunbathe in the nude.”

“Hmm?! You do?!”

“Why not? “We used to run around naked.”

“That was years ago, when you were ten or twelve, younger.”

Both girls nodded with grins. Their father remarked:

“Until you started to stare at me.”

Britta smirked and replied:

“You were too, at me.”

“Hmm! After your mother told me that you had asked …, well, you know; you asked.”

“How babies were made.”

She told me, that she had told you.”

“Me too,” Maren rejoined: “told us both.”

“Hmm?! Good reason to stop going nude.”

Maren nodded but replied with a grin:

“We did last summer.”

“With Johan?! What did he think, do?! Don’t tell me!”

“He did, too.”

“All three of you?! Don’t tell me what else you did! And his mother said he was sort of shy.”

Britta was blushing in the evening light at her sister’s bold remarks, more so, when Maren added:

“He was, two years ago, but we … helped him … overcome that.”

“Oh! … ‘We’? Both of you?!”

Involuntarily, Britta nodded slightly. Maren nodded more openly. Their father looked back and forth at them with a consternated expression. He snorted and repeated:

“Both of you?! … You didn’t just …? … Hmm! … I guess you must have, … if you ran around nude with him last summer. … Hm-hmm! Good thing your mother doesn’t know, … and his, too. Guess you were old enough to.”

They all smiled wryly at their common understanding, snorting. After a few moments, their father remarked:

“And you want to go nude?”

Maren nodded very slightly, as Britta replied softly:

“If you don’t mind. … You can, too. … You used to like to, … and we know what you look like.”

“Hmm!? … You weren’t supposed to notice, … and, well, … you’re not little girls any more.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

Maren’s first comment surprised the others after the discussion between Britta and her father. He snorted and replied:

“But it might, to me.”

“We wouldn’t mind,” she added.

Maren nodded, pleased antalya escort by her sister’s surprising support. Their father snorted sharply and murmured:

“I guess you both know what I meant.”

The girls nodded again. Maren remarked softly:

“You don’t have to, … if you don’t want to. … Just so that you know we want to.”

“Hmm! … Thanks for warning me. Let’s clean up and go to bed.”

They cleaned up, the girls’ not noticing their father’s glances at their bra-less breasts moving inside their shirts. In the other cabin, the girls chuckled. Maren thanking Britta for her unexpected support. She replied:

“At least he doesn’t know we like to, too, without Johan.”

They both snickered as they got in bed together, exchanging opinions about how he would react to seeing them nude, wondering if he would dare to join them. Then they did what they always did when they were in bed together.

The almost midnight sun in southern Norway had been up for hours when the girls awoke. They snickered and asked each other if they wanted to surprise their father immediately, or wait till after breakfast to strip off their clothes. Britta said:

“We warned him. Might as well show that we meant it, rather than keeping him wondering.”

With more snickers, they went to the outhouse. As they were returning – with stiff nipples from the still cool air – their father came out of the other cabin in his undershorts, as they had often seen him in the past. Their nipples became more aroused, and they blushed, trying to appear unconcerned, despite their father’s obviously surprised expression as he looked at them and remarked:

“Gosh! You really meant it. … Uh, … good morning.”

“Um-hmm, good morning,” the girls both replied.

His eyes only glanced at them as they neared each other; the girls’ trying just to smile innocently, until he had past them, then smirking at each other. Britta whispered:

“We did it. Now he knows.”

“Um-hmm, and better than waiting and then taking off our clothes with him all dressed.”

They returned to their cabin and washed with cold water. With a glance at their bed, Britta snorted and remarked:

“We didn’t tell him about us.”

“Oh? No. I wonder what he thought we both did with Johan. … Well, that seemed clear, but if he wondered how we both did.”

“Hmm! Hm-hmm! Yes, he should wonder about that.”

They smirked at each other again, and Maren replied:

“He’s going to have to ask, if he wants to know. At least now, he won’t be surprised to see us like this again.”


They went to the other cabin to make breakfast. Their father was already starting a fire in the stove, still just in his underpants. He only glanced at them again, remarking with a snort as he closed the stove:

“Not just to sunbathe.”

“We thought it would be easier to surprise you before we were all dressed,” Britta replied.

“You did. … I don’t know about this. … Am I supposed to look, … or pretend that you have something on?”

“You can look.”

“We don’t mind, … or we wouldn’t have suggested it.”


“You’ve seen naked girls before.”

“Hmm! But not two at once.”

“Your fault, having two daughters.”

“Hmm! You can’t blame me for your wanting to be nude.”

They all snorted with wry smiles, and he looked at them both for a moment. The girls’ cheeks flushed slightly as their nipples tightened. He snorted again and remarked:

“At least, you’re blushing.”

Then they began making breakfast, as they had so often in the past, all of them no longer concerned about their state of attire – until they sat down at the table. His eyes glanced at their naked breasts, and he murmured again:

“I don’t know about this. Coffee?”

He raised the coffee pot, and the girls held their mugs for him to fill. The routine of eating breakfast avoided further comments for a few minutes, until their father remarked:

“And you did this with Johan?” revealing that he was still thinking about the situation.

“Um-hmm,” they both responded softly.


He avoided looking at their breasts and changed the subject, saying that he had to split firewood for the stove and asking them to help. They finished eating and cleaned up. Outside, he got the ax and several slabs of tree trunk from the woodpile under the eaves. The girls got the baskets for firewood from both cabins. He looked at them again with wry smile and began splitting the first slab into stove-sized pieces. The girls collected the pieces, enjoying feeling their breasts move when they bent down. Their father also enjoyed seeing the way they moved, also the occasional glimpse between their legs when they leaned down. After he had finished splitting the second slab, he snorted and remarked:

“I don’t know about this, … but I feel a little overdressed, … if you both insist on going nude, … if you don’t mind.”

The girls just shook their heads, suppressing smiles antalya rus escort as they avoided looking at him as he stripped off his underpants. He tossed them aside and grabbed the ax again. The girls collected the pieces as they flew off the block under his vigorous chopping. When he had finished splitting the slabs, he remarked:

“May as well continue with such good help,” and fetched some more.

The girls filled their baskets and stacked the split firewood under the eaves near the door. By the time they were finished with the work, they all were glistening with sweat from their activity and the warm sun, and also comfortably unconcerned about their nudity, even the girls’ father, although aware that his cock and balls were swinging looser in the heat as he strode to put away the ax – rather enjoying the feeling. He returned and thanked them for their help, saying that he would carry the baskets to the cabins, but wanted a swim first to cool off.

They got their towels, and the girls followed him to the small lake. The cool water made the girls’ nipples tighten, but also made his cock shrink and his sack draw up. After a short swim, they dried themselves and sat facing the sun in silence. After a minute or two, he dropped back on his elbows and remarked:

“Maybe this isn’t so bad. … Feels good. … Guess you knew.”

Um-hmm,” the girls agreed and also dropped back, Britta adding:

“Nice, that you agree.”

They were quiet again, just soaking up the sun. When he ventured to glance over at them, without turning his head, and saw that their eyes were closed, he looked at their firm young breasts, appreciating that they hardly sagged to the side the way they were leaning back on their elbows, also noticing that Maren had distinct tan lines from her bikini, whereas red-haired Britta hardly had any. Definitely red-haired, he thought, with glance at what he could see of her pubic hair, redder than the sun-bleached hair on her head. He drew his thigh up a little as the sun warmed his cock.

When he suggested that it was time for lunch, his cock and balls were again hanging loose, but he made no effort to conceal them as he stood up and picked up his towel, exposing them at level of the girls’ heads, when they sat up, but not looking to see if they glanced at them. They did.

Back at the cabin, the girls offered to prepare lunch, and he carried the baskets of fire wood to the stoves in the cabins. When he returned from the girls’ cabin, he chuckled and asked:

“Which one of you sleeps in the double bed?”

The girls’ nipples popped out, as they glanced at each other. After a moment, Maren replied softly:

“Both of us.”

“Hmm? To save sheets?”

The girls shook their heads. Their father frowned questioningly, but didn’t say anything, just looked at them – and their aroused nipples. Then he snorted with a surprised expression. Finally, Maren blushed and responded:

“We like to sleep together.”

He looked more surprised and asked:

“You mean, … like? … Uh? … Like with Johan?”

The girls nodded again, both blushing deeply. He snorted with a wry expression and then snorted again and remarked with a chuckle:

“I wondered how you both did it with him, but didn’t think of that. Hmm! Hm-hmm! No wonder you teamed up to “help him”. At least, you did want to. … I guess you were old enough to, … just hadn’t recognized it back then. Hmm!”

The girls smiled wryly, relieved at his non-accusing response to their admission that they slept together. Then he asked:

“When did that start? With Johan?”

The girls shook their heads, their blushes returning. After a moment, Britta replied:

“We found a Swedish magazine with a short story. Not the kind of thing you would want us to read, but we did, … so we tried it.”

“Better than just doing it by ourselves,” Maren added.

“Hmm! … Well, I guess you do. … Still kind of a surprise to hear about, … but I guess everyone does, just never thought about my own daughters doing it, … and certainly not that, together!”

The girls nodded with wry smiles. After a moment, they all smirked and snickered. Their father snorted again and remarked:

“Just don’t tell your mother.”

“She knows that we sleep with boys, let us have the pill,” Britta replied.

“I know; she told me, … kind of surprised me, but if you do – since you do …”

“It was my first time with Johan,” Maren volunteered.”

Her father rolled his eyes up and replied:

“I don’t want any more details. Let’s have lunch.”

They all chuckled and finished setting the table. They chuckled again as they sat down naked at the table and then began to eat. For a long time, no one spoke, each of them just glancing at the others, wondering what they could be thinking after their revealing conversation. Finally, one of the girls asked:

“What are we going to do this afternoon?”

“You both only seemed to want to sunbathe.”

“Um-hmm, antalya ucuz escort as long as the sun shines. Don’t you?”

“Hmm? Um-hmm, as long as you two can forget about sunbathing with Johan, … or whatever else you did with him.”

“We’ll try, won’t we?” Maren replied, glancing at Britta, who nodded with a grin.

They all snorted. When they had finished their meal, they cleaned up and got their towels again, returning to the lake, to another place that sloped towards the afternoon sun. They spread their towels and lay down, the girls together.

Each of the girls couldn’t help recalling that they had been there with Johan the previous summer. Her nipples tightened when either of them recalled what they had done. When their father rolled over on his stomach, they both snorted silently and their hands touched. They spread their thighs and let the sun warm their pussies, not conducive to forgetting about sunbathing with Johan, and what else they had done with him there. After a few minutes, now with warm, moist pussies, they clutched hands, and one of them said:

“We’d better give our backs a little sun.”

The other nodded, and they turned over. Their father saw the nearer one’s breast flatten on her towel, and then that she rose slightly to rest more comfortably on it. He turned his head the other way, but couldn’t avoid speculation about what the two girls could had done with Johan, did with each other, what the three of them could do together. His cock was already swollen from the heat of the sun, why he had turned over. Now it was uncomfortably caught between his thighs.

His speculations continued: what could the three of them have done together?” Which three? Had the girls’ suggesting going nude been a suggestion that they wanted to see him nude? They had; he had let them. And they obviously had been recalling being with Johan that way. And they all knew that the three of them were going to be together alone for two weeks – like this, with thoughts like this?! He with two young – naked – girls? His daughters! But they had wanted to go naked with him and had admitted that they hadn’t been just naked Johan, alone in the cabin at night for two weeks after his parents left, the first year, while he and their mother were sleeping in the other cabin? And then the previous summer, just the three of them, doing whatever they wanted to, whatever two girls and a guy could do together?!

His cock was disturbingly stiff between his thighs.

What the three of them could do together? Were the girls – his daughters! – having similar thoughts?! What were his? His cock was telling him what its were. What would they think if they saw it that way? He had been a little pleased to let them see it swinging after the exertion of his work that morning. Had they noticed? But now, if he turned over again, it wasn’t going to be just swinging; it was going to be bobbing up and down. Did they want to see it like that? Did he want them to? They were going to be together for three weeks. If it was like that now, it was going to happen again, probably the next time he recalled that the girls had spent the previous summer doing anything they wanted to with Johan: whatever the three of them could do together?

He had been too surprised when they first told him to become aroused – thank goodness – and also too surprised to find words of parental disapproval, but there hadn’t been much he could have said; they were old enough and had the pill – already the previous summer? They had just told him more than most parents knew about what their children did. But they had, and he wasn’t supposed to be surprised the next time he thought about it? But he was now! It was sure to happen – sooner or later? If was sure to happen, then sooner. Maybe they just wanted to see it, to test him.

He turned over, and his cock sprang up from his balls. He drew his thigh up to try to conceal it from the girls when they turned over again, wondering what they would do, if they saw it that way. They continued to lie on their stomachs, and eventually his cock dropped down again – on his stomach. Did he want them to see it? What would they say or do? He admitted to himself that he wanted them to – just out of curiosity.

His cock relaxed a little more. Before the girls turned over, he urged it to slide down between his thighs. Then they did turn over and sat up. When they glanced over at him, it became less relaxed. He tried to appear unconcerned when they both snorted, but his cock moved slightly, and again when he saw the nearer one’s nipple pop out. The other one snorted again and remarked softly:

“That’s nice, … but it was you who said that we shouldn’t think about Johan.

“Couldn’t be avoided, he replied.

His cock rose slightly. He smirked slightly with a snort and lowered his thigh, adding – a little to his surprise:

“Too late to hide it.”

His cock began to rise, just a little with each heartbeat. The girls chuckled softly, and the nearer one murmured:

“Since you let us. Nice.”

“Um-hmm. Hmm! Looks like it wants to be held,” her sister replied, surprising him that it was the more reticent Maren.

It did, rising higher, and bobbing, when the nearer one – Britta – stroked his thigh. He was even more surprised when Maren remarked to her sister:

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