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Daughters’ Revenge Ch. 14

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Jeanne knew about where the house was, but not exactly where. She called her dad and got directions. We were both blown away by the place when we got there. It wasn’t a mansion, but it was definitely a hideaway for a couple. It had a lot of glass, overlooking the valley with the lake.

We went in to find Keith putting some groceries away. He told us the store we passed on the way in was the closest one and that the town was on up the road. Then he showed us around. Jeanne asked me to make some tea as her and her father went outside to talk.

I had some jealous pangs as I watched the two of them because I knew she wanted to have sex with him. I watched as they talked and laughed with her frequently touching his chest and toying with his shirt. Just before they came back inside, Jeanne gave him a quick kiss.

“I hope you two like the place. It’s yours now. We’ll get everything ready for signing next week.”

I thought we were just going to be there for a little while and must have had a strange look on my face.

Keith chuckled. “Jeanne will explain things. Well, I’m heading back. You two have fun.”

We walked him out and just before he got in his car – Jeanne wrapped her arms around his neck, squirmed against him and gave him a kiss that would give a dead man a hardon.

I knew she was going to eventually fuck her father. And, I wanted her to. But, more surprising, I wanted to watch. Yeah, that’s right, I wanted to watch my wife get ploughed by her father’ monster cock.

When we went to bed, Jeanne used her new talent on me and damn, I love that. We fucked half the night and ended up not going to work.

That day we looked the house over, checked out the property and the local area. And, we talked, and talked, and talked. I found out something about myself and something about Jeanne.

First, I’m self-conscious about dick size. Second, I love Jeanne, more than anything. But, I wanted the sexual variety of other women. I actually realized that, because of taking advantage of the situation with Jeanne’ mother.

Jeanne said she figured out sex wasn’t something to be used as a weapon. Like her revenge fuck. Or what so many of the women she knows do, “He ain’t gettin’ any if he don’t do this or do that.”

Jeanne said, “You know all of the bullshit, gets me. Like, ‘I don’t have to fuck him if I don’t want to.’ Or, ‘I’m tired.’ That one gets me, cause, so is he. Then there’s, ‘Well we’re not having kids, so why should I have to?’ Makes me want to send her away somewhere. And of course the, ‘We’re to old for that.’ I don’t ever want to be too old to have sex with you! Now my opinion is, if you don’t want to have sex with your spouse, your spouse has the right to get sex somewhere else.”

Jeanne made sense to me and I decided, to once again, give it a try. Maybe this time, I could get past the ‘Green Eyed Monster.’ It was decided, we wouldn’t do movies, except for one. Jeanne’ identity would be hidden and she would do her father in one.

The lake house would be ours and Deb would get our house, an even trade. Jeanne would run the business without our participation. The only thing we would do would be occasional inter-family sex. Keep it off the streets, keep our minds from wandering and keep it clean.

We didn’t do anything, family wise for two weeks. Jeanne quit her job to look for one closer to our new home. Luckily, our new home was closer to where I worked than our old place. Jeanne took her time off to go to New York and Orlando to talk to the video distributors.

The European and Chinese distributors wouldn’t enter the United States, but they had representatives in the Bahamas. We went there for a three day weekend and signed contracts. Those guys were something else, they wanted Jeanne to perform for them. She shut them down, harshly.

Judy met us at the airport and she was coming on strong with me. She even touched me between the legs as she kissed me ‘Hello.’

As we were walking to the car, Jeanne whispered, “I think Judy’s getting tired of waiting.”

“Why? The flight was early.”

“Not the the flight, silly! You!”


“Yes, you. She’s commented several times about you. And, I think it’s about time you did.”

“Whoa! Are you serious?”

“Ye-ah. antalya escort I’m thinking about somebody, too.”

I smiled, cause I knew she was thinking about her father. I hugged her and kissed her cheek. In the car, I had her sit up front with her sister. I sat in back, quietly watching the two of them chat away.

When we got to the house, I made a quick trip to the bathroom. When I came out, they were in the living room, whispering.

Jeanne came over and kissed me. “I’m gonna go shower. Relax, enjoy yourself. And, um, let her do what she wants. OK?” She kissed me again and walked away slowly.

Judy started talking aimlessly and edging closer to me. I was a little uncomfortable, but intrigued. Judy is the biggest of the sisters, yet still small at just under 5’6″. Her tits are the biggest in the family, including her mother. In a word, magnificent. I found out, they are double D’s.

Judy’ piercings were a puzzle. I mean, she is PTA, and yet she is pierced like crazy. Four in each nipple. Four in her belly button. Six in her clitoral hood. And on her pussy, there are ten on each outer and each inner lip.

I found out that each piercing represents a gangbang her black drug dealers made her do for drugs. That doesn’t count the other sex they made her do. They even tattooed her pussy with B on the right, C on top, and S on the left. That means, ‘Black Cock Slut.’ She told her husband it means, ‘Big Cock Slut.’ That’s why she doesn’t like blacks.

It’s a good thing Jewel interceded and got her off the drugs and away from those niggers. Look it up, a nigger is a ‘Black Hearted Person.’ They were both black and black hearted.

Judy was now against me on the couch. She had moved closer and closer as she told me her drug addiction story. She also, constantly gave me these coquettish looks.

“Ya know, I guess, I just went from one addiction to another.”

“Huh? What ya mean?”

“I went from drugs to sex. And that’s how mother controlled me.”

“I’m confused about something.”

“What’s that?”

“If you hate blacks, why’d you do one for her?”

“The sex. But, I didn’t take his cum. It made me sick. And, it was the breaking point. I was gonna do somethin very bad. But, um, that thing with Jeanne happened and stopped me. Thankfully!”

I was curious about that but kept my mouth shut.

“Why won’t you join us, Stephen?” She put her hand on my cheek. “Hm, why? Tell me.” Her expression was pleading. “I don’t know, really. Just having a hard time with all of it.”

“But, you want to, don’t you. Hm, don’t you?” Her hand moved to my chest.

“Gosh.” I said moving my head with a painful expression.

“Look, this isn’t a marriage breakup thing. It’s, All In The Family. It’s, it’s, sexual enjoyment. Besides, you’ve already fucked our mother.” She moved her hand down to my groin. “And, Jeanne told me, you said, you’d like to fuck me.” She leaned forward and kissed me as her hand squeezed my dick.

I put my arm around her and kissed back. She took my hand and put it on her tit as she intensified her kiss. That made me fully hard. She began opening my pants and I thought, ‘What the hell,’ and started pulling her shirt up.

I had my hand on a tit, before she got her hand on my dick. Damn, her tit was hard, making me think she had a tit job or something. But, no, she didn’t have a tit job. She has humongous mammary glands that make her tits solid. They are very, very nice.

I like the way her aureole firm up with little bumps to my touch. Her nipples are like Jeanne,’ they double in size when played with. Her hand found my balls and she rolled them around as I squeezed her tit.

Our kiss ended and Judy abruptly stood up. ‘Shit! Is it over, already?’ She quickly pulled her shirt and bra off, leaving her firm tits jiggling. Damn, they looked good, up close. With those enticing tits jiggling in place she started pulling my pants off.

Judy leaned down and kissed me dangling her tits on my chest. Then she whispered in my ear. “You and Ronny are the only one’s I want in the group. The others are just pleasure, but with the two of you, it’s emotional. Very emotional.”

She mouthed my ear and neck before kneeling between my legs. As she used both hands fethiye escort to play with my dick and balls, she softly said, “I’ve wanted to do this since you and Jeanne got together.”

I didn’t believe her.

“It’s true. I’ve only been attracted to two men. And, I married one of them.” Stroking my dick she leaned forward and kissed my balls. “Seen you looking, sometimes. But, that was it. Then, when Jeanne told me, you’d like to fuck me. That’s all I’ve thought about.” She licked the length of my dick.

‘Yeah, Right!’ I thought. ‘You’re just trying to manipulate me. Get me in the group.’

“Even if you don’t join us, I hope we can be ‘Friends With Benefits,’ from now on.” She put my dick in her mouth and I felt hands on my shoulders. Startled, I jumped, jamming my dick deep in Judy’ mouth. Judy just kept sucking.

“Easy Cowboy.” Jeanne said with a chuckle. “It’s just me.” She kissed my cheek. “Care if I watch, Honey? Cause, I want you to watch me, later.” She whispered in my ear.

I didn’t say anything, I just closed my eyes. ‘Damn, now I know why men wanted more than one wife.’

She pulled my shirt off and came around behind Judy. She was naked, and I got a fresh comparative look, through lust filled eyes. They are physically so close, it’s mind-blowing. Jeanne is the smaller of the two, and being the one I love, makes all the difference.

Jeanne finished taking Judy’ clothes off and began rubbing her hands all over her body.

“Ya gonna suck him off, first?”

Judy replied, “Uh, Huh.” With my dick in her mouth. And, picked up the intensity of her sucking.

I watched as Jeanne’ right hand disappeared. When Judy moaned and squirmed while sucking my dick, I knew Jeanne was playing with her sister’ pussy.

Judy’ head was bobbing steadily and rapidly as she tickled my balls and occasionally moaned from Jeanne’ hand play. When my balls started to tighten, Judy pushed them up and took me all the way in her mouth.

That was it, there wasn’t any holding back. As I erupted in her mouth, Judy just kind of bobbed her head, tightening and releasing her lips in time to my throbbing dick.

When Judy raised her head from my soft dick, she whispered, “Mmmmm, Jeanne. You are making him eat right. His cum tastes good.” She lay her head on my thigh, with a sigh.

“Get up next to him, sis. And I’ll eat your pussy, until he’s hard again.”

Judy slowly climbed up next to me and I watched Jeanne go straight toward her sister’ pussy.

“I haven’t sucked pussy, in a long time.” Jeanne said softly. She kissed Judy’ clit. “In fact it was yours just before our wedding.” Her tongue came out and she licked the full length of her sister’ pussy. “Mmmmm, still tasty.”

Jeanne had told me she had been with women, but I had no idea they were her sisters. The look in Jeanne’ eyes was something else. I surveyed up Judy’ body and watched her quivering while breathing heavily.

I leaned toward her to suck a tit, she moaned and her hand found my dick. I didn’t need her hand on me, I was already getting hard again from watching Jeanne. Glancing sideways, I noticed Judy was holding onto Jeanne’ head.

After several minutes, Jeanne raised her head. “You’re dripping from my chin, sis. Ready for his cock?”

“Yessss.” Judy hissed while pulling on my dick.

It was either move with her or have it pulled off. As I got between Judy’ legs, she moaned out, “Put it in, sis. Put his cock in my pussy.”

I felt a hand on my ass and another pass between my legs to grab my dick. ‘Holy Shit! My wife is putting my dick in her sister’ pussy!’ Jeanne rubbed my dickhead up and down Judy’ pussy before pushing on my ass. I entered Judy’ pussy to be stopped by Jeanne’ hand.

Grasping my dick, tightly, Jeanne pulled back and just as quickly, pushed on my ass. Judy was wiggling and her hands came up to my neck. Jeanne released my dick and pushed me all the way into Judy’ pussy. Judy moaned, squirmed and pulled me down on top of her.

“Oh God! You have no idea, how much I’ve wanted this.” She lustily whispered in my ear. “Give it to me, Stephen. Fuck Me.”

I began full length thrusting and Judy wrapped her legs around mine. With her arms also around my kaş escort neck, I was locked against her. Her hard tits with their jewelry were pressing into my chest. The pussy jewelry was dragging up and down my dick as I thrust into her. Each time I drove it home, the jewelry hit me almost painfully.

She began nibbling on my ear. “Yes, yes, yes. Give it to me. Mmmm, your cock feels good. … Can you feel how hot my pussy is? … Been waiting for you. Wanting you. Mmmm.”

Damn, it sounded like she was in love with me. And she was. A rare woman, in love with two men. A new aspect of my marriage was being born. I tried to push up.

“No, no, stay like this.” She moved her feet up and crossed her ankles on my lower back. “Like this, to the end. I want to feel your body against me.”

It brought back the memory of the first time I was with Jeanne. The difference was, Jeanne was there caressing my ass and legs. We were kissing, nibbling ears, sucking necks, holding each other, in clinging passion.

“Let’s move.” I whispered.

“No, no, please! Stay like this.” Judy moaned back.

“Judy. Let’s move to the floor or to bed.” I said softly.

“I don’t want us to part. But, Oh. … The bed sounds good.” She was kissing me and holding on. “Can you carry me in there, without pulling out?”

‘Don’t know.’ I thought. ‘But, I’m going to give it one hell of a try.’

Wrapping her arms tightly around my neck, Judy moved her legs around my waist again. Pushing up, I felt Judy slide down as I got to my knees. ‘How the hell am I gonna do this?’

One at a time, I pushed my arms between us and held her legs. Still, she slid down. ‘Damn, this isn’t working!’

Grabbing her ass, I lifted her up. ‘Yes! Now, I gotta stand and walk.’ Slowly I made it to my feet and immediately discovered, I had to lean back to balance our weight. ‘Sum-bitch, I can do this.’

I couldn’t see, she was kissing me hungrily. The downward pressure of her pussy on my dick, both felt good and hurt. It hurt because of that damn jewelry in the top of her pussy.

Judy finally moved her head to the side as I wondered how long I could hold her like this. Looking around, I didn’t see Jeanne, so I headed to the bedroom. Each step created a bouncing movement of Judy on my dick. It was like spastic fucking and her clit dug in hard with each step. It wasn’t getting me off, but it sure made her whimper.

Jeanne had went to he bedroom and turned down the bed. She was standing there smiling as I entered. I made a dash for the bed. Just before I got there, I tripped. We were airborne. I closed my eyes, praying we would actually hit the bed.

We hit the mattress and it was unreal how hard my dick drove into Judy’ pussy. I grunted. Judy bit my neck. Her arms and legs went around me like a boa constrictor grabbing it’s prey.

“Fuck Me, Baby. Fuck Me. Empty your balls.” Judy hissed loudly in my ear.

It’s not easy when your movements are restricted. My orgasm was building slowly, with her kissing, nibbling, sucking and biting, everything from my mouth to my shoulder.

It was Jeanne’ hand that brought me to the crest. She caressed my ass and moved down to fondle my balls. The flood gates were opened and I began jamming hard into Judy’ hot clenching pussy.

As soon as I started cuming, Judy locked her lips to mine. Kissing me so hungrily, it was like she was trying to get cum from both ends. Her pussy felt like it was sliding up and down my shaft even though I was buried entirely inside her. This was one of the most intense orgasms, I ever had. And, Jeanne kept caressing my ass while fondling my balls.

Jeanne released my balls and her hand came up over my ass continuing up my back as she came up beside us.

“That what you wanted, Sis?” They kissed.

“Oh, Yeah! For our first time. That’s just what I wanted.” They kissed again.

When my soft dick eased out of Judy, she released her legs allowing me to move.

“You two shower and I’ll freshen the bed, so we can sleep.”

“Huh!” I exclaimed.

“He doesn’t know.” Jeanne said looking at Judy.

“Oh, Yeah, Well. It’s game night.” I looked at Judy, questioningly. “Mother is taking care of Ronny and a couple of his buddies. So-o, I’m staying here tonight. Come on, we can wash each other and you can finally feel what you keep staring at.”

The shower was great. When we returned to the bedroom, Jeanne was waiting in bed.

“C’mon, you can sleep between us. And, don’t be surprised if we don’t get much sleep.”

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