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Dear Diary

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Dear Diary,


Today, I had one hell of an experience. Not like one I ever had. Literally, it was unbelievable. I never knew I would have such an experience to share.

I met my friend from work at the gym. His name is Lindsay. We work together at a restaurant. He is about 6 feet tall, roughly, oh I don’t know about 175/180 lbs, thick brown hair and eyes and a fairly decent build.

Well to get on with the story. Lindsay was in the weight room. I went in to say hi, and his girlfriend Jesse and a friend Laurie were there.

The room was filled with mirrors. I watched as Lindsay pumped the weights up. I said hi and he stopped, placing the weights on the bar.

Jesse and Laurie came over and we started talking. The conversation got twisted into their last little adventure. I couldn’t believe the story I was hearing, but to be honest it turned me on. I was becoming wet just listening. Good thing it was just us four in the room.

Well then, Laurie asks me if I would ever like to join. My eyes bugging out. I wasn’t sure what to say. They said come on its fun.

Then Jesse says “No one is here, lets do it now.” A sense of arousal was in me. A bit scared of this, but in the same breath I always dreamed of it too.

Us girls are all in an exercise outfit. And Lindsay is in sweats and a t-shirt.

Laurie comes over to me, and slowly runs her fingers in my hair. Letting them come over my cheek and by casino şirketleri my mouth. I open it and I suck her fingers. One by one. As Lindsay and Jessie watch. With her other hand, rubbing my breast. Making my nipples hard with her touch. I have never been with another woman but I had a feeling it was going to be great. She takes the hand from my mouth and moves it to my ass. Rubbing it.

Going over the lines of the thong I had on. She whispers in my ear “I have one on too.” Then she takes the straps of my outfit, and pulls them off my shoulder. Pulling it down and I step out of the shorts. Sneakers, thongs, and short t-shirt still on.

Jesse and Lindsay are still watching. Laurie takes my hand and leads me over to the weight bench. Telling me to lay down. Jesse comes over and kneeling beside the bench, she lifts my shirt up, revealing my breasts. She pinches my nipple, then lowers her head and takes it in her mouth. I breath harder. Eyes rolling. Not sure if this is what I want.

I guess Lindsay senses this, but wants me to stay. He picks up his gym bag and gets out two scarves. Comes over and taking my hand puts it up against the top bar and ties it there. It’s like I am frozen.

Jessie continues rolling her tongue over my nipple as Lindsay ties my other hand to the other bar. I can see Lindsay’s hard on growing in his pants.

Laurie puts her hand on my thongs. Slowly, pulling them off. They are wet. Placing her hand casino firmaları on my knees, moving them up and spreading my legs apart. She straddles the bench. Spreading my pussy lips with her fingers, lowering her head, she starts licking me. Ohhhhhhhhh. I breath harder again. Jesse stops sucking on my tits.

Standing she undresses. I watch her. Leaving only her socks and runners on, she walks over to me. And puts her leg across my chest. Moving closer, she takes a hold of the weights. Lowering her pussy onto my mouth. Like an instant reaction, I lick her pussy.

Without my hands its harder, but Jesse pushes down. I lick harder. Letting my tongue find every part of her pussy. Like she is fucking a man, she thrusts herself down on my tongue. And Laurie….Ohhh Laurie. She is still tonguing me. We all reach our first orgasm quickly. Both Laurie and I getting to taste another woman’s juices.

Lindsay still watching, but is completely nude now. Goes to the bag again. This time bringing back a vibrator. He goes behind Laurie, rubs her ass, and turning the vibrator on, enters it in her pussy. Pushing it in slowly. Then reaching around her takes it into he other hand. With his free hand, he inserts his fingers into her pussy, taking the juices back to his rock hard cock. Lubing it up. Taking hold of his cock now, he guides it into her ass. She moans but continues licking me.

All this fucking and sucking excites me. I will not lie, for it güvenilir casino does.

Jesse screams out “Fuck her good Lindsay, fuck her hard.” The vibrator going in and out of Laurie’s pussy plus Lindsay’s cock going in and out of her ass makes her hit orgasm


Jesse steps off of me. Walking down to Laurie and Lindsay. She reaches under and takes the vibrator from Lindsay’s hand. Pulling it out of her wet pussy. Turning it off. She looks at Lindsay, then puts the vibrator up to her mouth. Opening it and sucking all the juice off of it. Her eyes rolling. She pushes it in her mouth like she is sucking on the real thing.

I didn’t know how much more I could take. Laurie won’t stop. Her tongue entering my hole. Ohhhhhhhh. It feels good. Lindsay thrusts harder and faster. Ramming his cock into Laurie’s ass. His balls, I could hear them, slapping her ass as they met. He starts moaning.

As if she knew the plan, Laurie stops licking me. Lindsay pulls out of her ass, and Laura & Jesse kneel down. Lindsay holds his cock and starts pumping. The girls open their mouth wanting a taste of him. He cums, it spits on them. They lick their lips, swallow what they can. Meanwhile just watching, I moan out, mmmmmmmmmmm, toes curling, hands still tied up. Lindsay finishes cumming.

The girls share a kiss, licking what is on the others face. Lindsay comes over to me. Undoes the scarves, I get up. We smile and get dressed.

Lindsay says we will get together another time, and i will get a piece of his cock in me.

I sure hope we do. Cause now that I got a taste, I want the whole cake. I hope it isn’t long til our next adventure. Will tell you all about it next time diary.

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