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We had played at clubs, dungeons before, so tonight was going to be much or the same, Mistress would beat me into sunspace and I would be in heaven. Only, in reality, she had something a bit different in mind tonight.

We had on our street clothes, but she brought her leather corset and boots, the latex panties she likes and usual toys. As for me, I have my usual attire as well, of course, my birthday suit. Once there, we chatted with friends and had a drink, then we went to change.

After meeting back up in the play area in our “outfits”, she put a mask on me, that limited my field of view, but not my sight completely. Then she set out to adjourn me in degrading words on her canvas, words like Slut, blow job, take me, whore, big cock here, guess where that was written. I of course, had no idea what was written, but she used my face, forehead, back and sides and my lower back and ass.

Once she had me covered in words to her liking, she tied me to a padded metal horse, she liked this one over the heavy wooden one, as the more compact structure meant more access to various parts of my body. Once secured, she whispered into my ear that tonight was going to be different, that tonight, she was going to loan out her property düzce escort to some friends, she said I was going to have the time of my life. Tonight I would learn to be totally used. She said she wouldn’t tell me who, but that they would do what they wanted, it may mean they would be fucking me, making me suck them? Who knows. I was reminded of my safe word, my name, they would not be using my name tonight, but I would be going by one of or all of the words written on me. One final check to be sure I was ok, this was the last time I would see those caring eyes again tonight.

It was then I heard a group of people talking nearby, I hadn’t noticed before, it was then I thought about myself, tied up in this vulnerable position, straddling the framework, legs tied down on either side, chest resting on the padded surface, head, face exposed on one end and my ass on the other, my cock and balls hanging down in a notched cut away with a collection container below that.

The voices seemed clearer, or louder to me, not sure which, my senses waking up and on high alert. I could make out numerous different people, though I couldn’t tell who, many women, even a couple of male voices, I began to get nervous with that, we düzce escort bayan had talked about other men, but I was very reluctant, I have no desire to be with other men, no fantasies of it either. I began to relax a bit as I thought, well, I have my safe word if it comes to that

Soon ,the group approached me, touching me, caressing me, it was then I noticed a couple of women in front of me had on dildos, it looked like feel doe type as I didn’t notice any straps. As one came up to my face, she said ” open up whore, time to suck my dick, no holding back, I hear you can suck a mean dick”, ” get to it”. So I did, taking her into my mouth and began relaxing my jaw as she rammed into me, someone behind me was lubing up my ass and getting me opened up. I heard a woman say ” look at this fine ass, I’m going to love tearing this bitch up”.

As the first woman was entering my ass, she slapped it hard and said the words on my back were right, I was a slut. I continued sucking the cock in my mouth as my ass was being pounded. The scene was repeated several times as the women switched roles. I heard but didn’t see a few folks gathered at the perimeter of the play area, watching me get used, this only made me even escort düzce more excited, knowing others were watching me get fucked and used by the group.

As my ass was repeatedly fucked, my prostate was being stimulated beyond belief, making my cock leak like crazy, filling up the container below. The fucking continued as did the assault on my face, my jaw sore, willing myself to continue. As the fucking continued and the gals switching off, I felt something different, it was a cock that was softer somehow, but like the others it continued to fuck me until soon, I heard a male grunt as it/ he came. It was then I realize I was just fucked by a guy, I felt immediate shame and humiliation at the realization a guy just fucked me and came in me. As I thought about it, I also realized my own cock was finishing cumming as well. The humiliation grew as my mistress commented on it loud enough for everyone to hear. It was then the guy pulled out of my ass and wrote “Cum”, above the word slut, he then went over and replaced the fake dildo in my mouth with his and ordered me to clean it. I now felt lower than low at the thought of ATM with a real cock, that I was now sucking clean.

As the women and man finished using me, my Mistress untied me and retrieved the container, she then had me kneel in front of her and drink everything in the container, which of course I did. In full view of everyone that fucked me and the ones watching, I drank every bit as ordered. I’ve never felt so humiliated and degraded and, happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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