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Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 22

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Dex and the Twins at College


Here I am, sitting at a swim-up bar in a Caribbean paradise flirting with an attractive blonde bartender named Zhivka or ‘Zee’ to her friends. I guess she already considers me to be a friend. I’m not going anywhere because she has just asked me for my room number and has jokingly offered to show me her huge tits. My cock is on alert and I’m hiding it below the water line in my bathing suit until it goes down. I’m beyond buzzed and despite the recent blowjob from Mom and June, I’m as horny as a three-balled tomcat.

Other guys at the bar, old and young, are all flirting with Zee and the other bartenders. She is polite to them but she keeps coming back to me to chat until the next drink is ordered. She told me she’s from Bulgaria looking for some sun and fun. The sun is plentiful and I expect that I’ll be providing the fun after her shift ends at nine o’clock tonight. I could feel her eyes scanning my ripped physique from the waist up. Her face is flushed but it could be a sunburn.

Murmuring voices got my attention. I looked down the bar and saw that everybody had turned in their seats. I turned to see what was going on and wasn’t at all surprised to see everyone was gawking at Mom and the twins with Dad in tow, walking on to the pool deck. I chuckled to myself. I knew this would happen. It was amusing to watch the goofy looks on the guy’s faces at the bar. Unhindered by the booze, they made lude comments that should have been a few decibels quieter. The twins knew where I’d be and they waved. I waved back and pointed at the lounge chairs placed along the edge of the pool in a foot of water that I had reserved with towels. They got my meaning and deposited their beach bags on the chairs before dropping into the four-foot depth of the pool. Mom was careful not to get her hair wet. The twins dove in headfirst. Dad laid in one of the lounge chairs and watched.

Mom and the twins made their way toward the bar. Mom’s shimmering silver bikini was blinding when the sun caught it just right. They took the last three submerged stools to my left and ordered drinks from Zee. I chuckled as I watched the three of them scanning Zee and Zee did a fair amount right back. They hit it off immediately and I wasn’t sure if Zee had a new interest. I watched them along with every other guy at the bar. The new arrivals were their primary focus. A middle-aged, overweight guy beside me elbowed my shoulder and leaned in and said with slurred words, “What do you think? Mother and daughters?”

I looked over at Mom and the twins as they chatted with Zee and then looked back at the guy and said, “That would be my guess. They sure do look alike. They’re gorgeous.”

The fat guy chuckled and said, “You think?” He was practically salivating.

A woman, sitting to his right, elbowed him hard in the ribs and he turned her way to complain. She was obviously his wife and she was not too happy with the attention he was paying to the gorgeous women at the end of the bar. Whatever was said, he didn’t turn back once to ogle Mom, June, or Julie again. He was content to flirt with Zee while his wife stole leering glances past him at me. She was a little overweight herself but the whole package was attractive enough. She sent me an air-kiss and ran her tongue around her fire-engine red lips. I just smiled at her and returned my attention to Zee, chatting with Mom and my sisters.

After twenty-minutes or so of Zee’s chatting with the new arrivals, she broke away with a huge grin on her face and returned to me. Her nipples were pressing hard against the tight, knit material of her shirt. She noticed me looking and she reached up and tweaked the little nubbins and said, “I can’t help it. Gorgeous women turn me on. Instead of me coming to your room, can you meet me here at nine?” She was fidgeting as she rocked back and forth from one foot to the other like she was grinding her thighs together trying to scratch an itch that she couldn’t reach.

I said, “Sure. What’s the dress code?”

She was breathing raggedly as she said, “Nothing.” She grinned and gently nibbled on her lower lip. Her face was flushed with what I assumed was a sexual need. She pulled her fingers away from her boobs as she noticed others staring at her. She continued the rocking motion from one foot to the other. She leaned into the countertop and let her rocking drag her pubic mound along the edge. She looked at me. Her eyes were on fire. She put her elbows down on the bar and leaned closer and quietly said, “I’m sorry. I don’t even know your name and I’m coming on like a prostitute in Varna.” She saw the confusion on my face and continued, “Varna is a city in Bulgaria that has a street for sex workers.”

I chuckled and said, “I’m Dex, so that solves one problem. As for the other problem, I’m open to suggestions.”

She looked left and right to see if anyone was paying attention to antalya escort us. I glance left and right too and realized that everyone was paying attention. Mom caught my eye and she discreetly shoved her tongue into her cheek several times. The twins were eyeballing a group of young guys playing soccer on the beach.

Zee leaned in closer as she ground her pubic mound harder on the edge of the bar. She whispered, “How far away is your room? I have a break coming.” I pointed at my room after I figured out which one was mine.

She grinned and said, “I’ll meet you there in five minutes. Okay?” I smiled and nodded and she slid back off the edge of the bar and disappeared into a back room.

I slid off my barstool and smiled at Mom. She knew what was up. She grinned back and threw me an air-kiss. The twins were halfway to the beach exaggerating their swaying hips as they approached the group of guys. Mom said, “It looks like all of my children are on the prowl and we haven’t been here an hour yet.”

I leaned in and kissed her on the neck and she reacted as I knew she would. She moaned and when I stood, her nipples were pushing hard on the material of her skimpy bikini top. She said, “You’d better hurry.” I nodded and went up the stairs to the pool deck. I grabbed a towel off my reserved chair. Dad was dozing in his chair. I didn’t disturb him. I wrapped the towel around my waist to dry off my bathing suit and legs and hide my growing erection.

I had my key in my hand as I climbed the one set of stairs to my floor. Zee was already there and she looked like she was in a bad way. She was leaning against the door with one hand in her tight shorts and one up under her knit shirt, molesting her tits. She heard me coming and she looked at me as I came down the hall. She moved from the door to the wall and continued furiously strumming her pussy. I unlocked the door and Zee swung around and pulled me into the room. She was frantic. I’d seen anxious before but this was another level. I pulled the door closed as I came in behind her. She stripped out of her clothes as she gasped for oxygen. Wild lust filled her eyes. My cock was ready for whatever she had in mind.

I let the towel drop as she went to her knees. Her hands were immediately untying my bathing suit and when she yanked it down, it caught on my erection. This only made her more frantic. She yanked again and again the waistband hung up on my cock. She groaned out, “Oh my ggawwdd. Hurry.” I reached into my suit and pulled my cock to my stomach and this time she was successful. She pulled my hand away and saw my cock for the first time as it sprang back off my stomach to aim directly at her forehead.

Zee gasped and said, “Oh my God. Look at that. Fuck, that’s big.” She put her index finger on my knob and pulled it down. She let her finger slide off and my cock sprang right back up again. She said simply, “Fuck.” She looked up at me with a huge grin as she wrapped her fingers as far around the circumference as she could. She squeezed and I flexed my cock back at her grip. She grinned and pulled my cock down to her mouth and struggled to push her lips onto the knob.

She looked up into my eyes as she sucked my glans into her mouth and then pulled off. She repeated this action as she rolled her head around. Her lips and suction felt good and I groaned as I pushed my hips forward to offer her more. She didn’t take more right then. She continued her knob gobbling for a couple of minutes and then started pushing her lips further down the shaft. She held it in one hand while she fondled her big tits and nipples with the other. She was a sensual sight to behold as I looked down at her sucking up and down half of my cock. I figured that was going to be her limit even though she hadn’t gagged on it yet.

Zee picked up her pace and started stroking the half not in her face with her hand. Then she stopped and pulled back and let a mouthful of saliva drizzle over my knob and down my shaft. She pushed her lips back on and steadily pushed down my shaft to the same depth and then stretch out her lips and inch-wormed her way down until her nose was in my pubic hair. She held that position until she had to come up to breathe. She gasped and went right back down again and started a face bobbing blow job from knob to balls. My knees buckled for a moment. She knew what she was doing.

My orgasm was churning when she lifted her left wrist and checked her watch. I knew she was on a work break and she had obviously come over here with other things in mind. She pulled back off my rock-hard cock and stood up. She took my cock in her hand and pulled me toward the bed. I followed.

Zee climbed up on the bed on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me as she looked back over her shoulder. The sexual urgency that consumed her before, ramped up again and her burning desire showed in her eyes as I pushed between her feet hanging off the edge of the bed. I took kemer escort my cock in my fist and guided it to the spot that she so desperately wanted it and the instant that I touched her pussy, she drove herself back onto my fatty.

She screeched and stopped as my knob penetrated her. Her forehead dropped to the bed as she dropped to her elbows. She groaned out, “Too big. Shit!” I held my position to let her adjust. She took over a minute and a few tries before she slowly pushed back at me until she hit her depth and groaned hard and stopped. I noted the depth and pulled back as she groaned the whole way out. I eased back in again and she was whimpering something unintelligible, probably in her native language. It was another minute before we were actually fucking and she was giving it to me as hard as I was giving it to her. I leaned forward and cupped her dangling, big tits in my hands. She moaned as I fondled them.

My orgasm was swirling around and could rush in at any time. I guess that her chanting, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” meant that she was about to blow too. I increased my pace and flexed my cock as hard as I could and her chanting stopped long enough to scream and then her body suddenly stiffened and her pussy clenched hard on my cock. I didn’t slow down but I mentally and physically released the hold on my ejaculation.

Her clenching pussy was urgently trying to milk the cum out of me, but before I blew, she screamed into another orgasm and the clenching started again. This time I humped up my hips and slammed toward her incredible ass and launched my first load of cum. She screeched and came up to her hands again. Her head was pulled back like she was baying at the moon. I slammed my hips forward with each reload and she screeched as they poured into her.

As she wound down, her head dropped back to the bed again as she slid forward and off my pulsing cock. I wasn’t done yet and I launched the last shot onto her ass and lower back. She was oblivious as she settled down on the bed and then rolled onto her back. She shoved both hands into her sex to stop the flow of cum leaking out of her. Her arms pinched her big boobs to create an amazing display of cleavage and tit flesh. Her nipples were hard and long. The look on Zee’s face was pure delirium. She was still gasping for air as she looked up at me and noticed that my cock was still hard and bobbing out in front of me. She grinned and motioned for me to sit on the bed beside her. She maneuvered herself so she could push her lips back on and she dipped her tongue into the ‘eye’ to collect the post-cum and then bobbed up and down the shaft to clean her pussy juices from my cock.

She pulled off and slashed her tongue around my knob and then around her lips before she sat up beside me and looked at her watch again. She said, “Shit. I’d better get cleaned up and get back to work. Bar-tending is a primo job here and there are fifty others who would gladly take it if I get fired.” She hurried to the bathroom with her hands cupped into her sex. I ran my hand down my rigid shaft. It was still slippery and wet. I figured I could jack-off after she left. I knew she didn’t have time for a blow job or a hand job.

She finished quickly in the bathroom and hurriedly pulled her clothes back on. Her blonde hair was no worse for wear. She took a few extra moments to sit down on my thigh and kiss me passionately before she stood up and said, “Are we still on for after my shift?” I chuckled and nodded. She looked down at my hard cock and giggled before she said, “Keep that thought.” The door opened and she was gone.

That was a whirlwind fuck and now what to do with this erection. I laid back on my bed with my feet on the floor and gripped my hard cock and started jerking off. I took several strokes and then cupped my balls. I was startled when I felt a pressure on my glans. I lifted my head to look and there was Mom, pushing her lips over my knob. She smiled at me as my long hard fatty disappeared into her mouth. This was way better than a self-applied hand job. She had removed her bikini top and she was kneeling between my legs with her tits resting on my thighs.

Mom did her throat job a few times and then pulled back and off my cock. She smacked her lips and said, “I figured that the bartender wouldn’t have enough time to get you off properly, so I thought I’d come by and help out.” She smiled and continued, “You don’t mind, do you?” I laughed and pushed my hips up at her face. She giggled and pushed her lips back on my cock. She alternated her attack from knob-job to throat-job and everything in between and I humped up my hips and rocketed cum down her throat. She was ready for it and never gagged or awwked.

Mom let my cock soften in her mouth as she tried not to stimulate me back into another hard-on. She pulled off when she was satisfied that I was completely soft. My dick flopped out of her mouth to my left hip konyaaltı escort and rolled into its normal position. Mom chuckled as she watched it moving on its own.

She climbed up on top of me and kissed me. I knew she wanted to push her cum-tasting tongue in my mouth. I took it without complaint. It was often the cost of getting one of her awesome blow jobs. She ground her pelvis on mine for a few seconds and then she rolled off beside me.

After several minutes of just lying there, Mom got up and pulled her bikini top back on. It was a struggle to get her big boobs in such small cups. Most of her spilled out and I could feel that tingling feeling as I watched her. She picked my bathing suit up and tossed it on the bed. She said, “You know that you’re the only guy out there without a speedo style bathing suit on. Everyone knows that you’re a prudish American. Everyone here must be European. The men wear speedos and the women are topless. Fat guys in speedos don’t do a thing for me but you, in a speedo. … That would do something for all the women out there.”

I chuckled and said, “I brought it but seeing you out there topless would be a big problem if I wore it.” Mom smiled at my compliment.

She said, “Wear it for me. You won’t overflow now and when you do, you can come back here with me or your sisters or the bartender and take care of it.” She gave that pleading look and I cave in. I pulled the speedo from my bag and pulled it on. I found a spot for my dick off to the left hip. It was obvious, but Mom liked it as she pushed her big tits to my ribs and ran her hands over my ripped obliques to my pectoral muscles. She kissed my nipples. She giggled as she felt my dick moving. I struggled to hold it down and she and I went back to the pool.

The twins were still on the beach kicking the soccer ball around with the group of young guys they had spotted earlier. They had joined the norm and both had removed their bikini tops. They knew what they were doing to the guys and you could almost see the guys salivating and running around with erections in their speedos from here. Dad was sitting on a swim-up barstool, flirting with a woman who was about his age. She was wearing a one-piece bathing suit and she was the only woman at the bar that wasn’t topless. She was attractive, but then I have a thing for older women anyway.

As Mom and I approached the pool, the woman turned her attention toward us. I couldn’t tell if she was gawking at Mom or my speedo bathing suit. We eased into the pool and walked over to the bar. Mom pushed herself up to Dad and kissed him. Then she reached behind her back and took her top off. All eyes went to Mom’s big, meaty, high-riding breasts. She tucked her top into the back of her tiny bikini bottom so she wouldn’t lose it. She mashed her breasts on Dad’s chest and kissed him again. I had to chuckle when Dad reached to his lap to adjust his erection. He could hide it better in his American shorts-style suit. I was sure Mom would have him in a speedo before the day was over.

Dad looked at the woman he had been flirting with. She wasn’t looking at Dad. She was gawking at Mom’s tits. Dad got her attention and said, “This is my wife, Maddy.” A look of disappointment washed across her face. She must have known Dad was married. He always wore his wedding ring. Maybe she hoped that the wife was a dog and she’d have a chance. Dad continued with the introductions, “Maddy. This is Petra. She’s from Germany. She’s here with a friend celebrating her birthday. She didn’t say which one. I guessed thirty. She said no, so I revised my guess to twenty-five.” Petra’s face was flushed either from sexual arousal or embarrassment at Dad’s complimenting low-ball guesses at her age.

I saw Mom give her the once-over scan and she smiled and stuck out her right hand. Petra took it but she acted like a bolt of electricity had coursed through her body. Petra said, “You’re gorgeous.” It was Mom’s turn to flush with embarrassment.

Mom held on to her hand a little longer than usual and scanned Petra again before saying, “You’re pretty hot yourself.” I smiled at Dad and he smiled back. I had a feeling that very soon, the three of them would be heading back the way we just came.

I stepped up to the bar and ordered a drink from Zee. She winked at me and said, “I like your new bathing suit much better. Only prudish Americans wear those boxy shorts or worse yet those knee-length pants. Are all American men ashamed of their penises?” I laughed at her question. I’d never thought about it that way. Maybe we were. She started making my drink and continued, “You like seeing boobs of topless women. You don’t think women like checking out penises in skimpy bathing suits?”

This conversation, plus the fact that Mom, Dad, and Petra were heading for our building made my dick harden. I was imagining Petra sucking Dad’s cock while Mom ate Petra’s pussy. I stood up off the submerged barstool and stepped back so Zee could see below my waist. My cock had already pushed my knob out of my speedo on my left hip. The bulge was more than obvious. Zee’s eyes went wide and a huge grin formed on her face as she saw my predicament. I said, “This is why I wear those boxy shorts.

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