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Dirty Talks

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-Show me your pussy.

-I have no pussy. And for women near 40 is only cunt.

-No. You have a pussy. I checked.

-I wear stockings?


-Don’t you love stockings? Isn’t there?

-I want to see your pussy Nelly.

-Sorry. It seems I lost my ability to understand reality with you. You think I am crazy? I will naked?

-Yes. You must be absolutely naked.

– You already strongly rubbed my pussy all night long.

For you still not enough?

-I will not touch your pussy. Only watch.

-Are you going to masturbate?

-No. I don’t like to do it.

-Why? I think it’s nice. I often did it when I was in you age.

– But not for me. I’ve tried it before, and I was disappointed every time. I didn’t get pleasure from this; no discharge, no satisfaction. I like the process, not the end. When I admire to see your ass and pussy, it is a pleasure for me. This process, at the end of which, I’ll get something extraordinary.

-Simple you are too young, and you still can not do it with sweetness. Now I do it as a gift for you from myself.

With the moist of my mouth and with elasticity of my fingers I can teach you and get you the lesson of tenderness and sweetness. I can swallow your scrotum along with the testicles.

I did it to my husband. He was terribly afraid, that I’ll bite them and moaned in horror, but I know he felt not only fear, but also intense pleasure.

I know, I can teach you to play with your body with tenderness and you will like it to do. And when you get marriage, you must teach your wife to do such things for you pleasure.

– Please, Nelly, don’t touch my balls now. All men are afraid casino siteleri of it when you touch it this way.

-Are you scared?

-Yes, very. Stop please, now I only want to see your pussy.

-What about now?

-Nellie, please.

-Well, Look at my pussy you, young pervert.

-On the table!

-Right my boy! When your woman is naked, don’t ask. Require and take and use her for your pleasure. You wont me lay down?

-A little later. Now stay in a dog style.

-Well, look at her my debaucher boy.

-Thank my seducer. And don’t cover you pussy, take your hands off!

-You lecherous, as the pervert.

-Do you like it?

-For me its nice you so depraved in your age. You lust to lecherous will keep you with me long enough. Till I will too old.

– Bright drop of juice hung on your clitoris.

-Obscenity. I am a woman near 40 stands like a Sphinx before young boy, which is more twice younger of me.

-Why did you wet. I am not to touch you. I just look.

-Indecency and debauchery. Ah! My skin covered with Goosebumps.


-Because I like to stand in the front of a young boy. Nice stay like it and show him my wet cunt. Every woman near 40 loves to corrupt the young boys to show wet cunt.


-Each. This is all women like. They hide it, but secretly fantasize about it.

-I want to lick you clitoris Nelly.

-Nice. Do it. My cunt is full filled with juice and your sperm.

-You lecherous, as the pervert too, my slut teacher. I only want to know the test of your juice.

-Test it now. Soon it will smell as honey to attract the males.

-I like you pussy, – sweeties cat. güvenilir casino

Its playful, romp, her tongue is red.

When stroke you pussy, – caress sweet,

Its cry and makes my fingers wet.

-Where have you seen the uvula?

-Here it is.

-The clitoris is not like uvula. He cannot lick.

– WOW. The excellent test it has. And I like the smell. Sometimes I met the women smelled like this.

Now I know the reason. They are ready and need to fuck.

-Dear. Why you like women of my age? Why you not to like young girls?

-Because you is a woman, but they are not. I don’t want to see friends in the girls. I want see the women. I don’t understand the girls. They are still like children for me.

-I’m guessing about it. Now I know why me so drawn to you.

– When I will rich, Can I embellish your clitoris? Do you want Ruby implanted in your clitoris?

-Usually implanted pearls.

-Pearls, that went. They will not go for you pussy.

-You’re really not going to touch me?


-Sorry. I wait you. Can I do it myself?


-Oh, and you’re so cruel. You’re a sadomasochist lover?

-I hate sadomasochism.

– But my ass. How do you like my ass?

-She seduced me yesterday.

-I mean my anus. Do you love anal sex?

-I think I love it. But I never try it before.

-You never done it? What a wonder!

At nigh I will teach you in active, and in passive position. What do you feel, when somebody fuck you in ass?

-Nobody fuck me ever in ass.

-Why? Don’t be so shy? It is very nice and stimulates sexual ability. You should try it. Do not be a slave of foolish prejudice. canlı casino

I tremble with impatience to kiss and lick you anus. It will so amazing for both of us. Sliding with wet tongue between your checks, suck your balls, kissing tight anus. My wet tongue is the first cock which will fuck you in ass. Under my kissing you lost you anal virginity.

-Now I believe, that you lost mind. You is a really crazy woman.

-I love anal sex. My husband had done it for me every day. Why did you not ask me about this? You don’t want to taste my ass?

-And how did you like it?

-Loving women consider it as a duty and honor commitment, if they like their owner.

-I am the owner?

-What are you still corrupt boy.

-If instead of me, it was Michael or Danny, would you flow like it?

-No. There is another. Here debauchery, indecency, and obscenity, and with Danny its just sex.

-Boys love mature women. I’m going to witness by myself.

-Mature women like young boys. Mature women, is already fully developed females. They constantly want the sex, and young boys are full of energy, forces and desire. The most important thing is, that I see in their eyes the happiness and admiration for the beauty of women. And when you will in my age, you too will like young girls.

-You said just now I will love boys because you get me bisexual.

-All people are bisexual. Many simply do not know that they bisexual. But mostly are just afraid to admit it.

-Do not change position.

-Well, take me, finally. I can no longer wait.

-I decided. Can I insert in your clitoris coral in a silver frame? He will red, as a drop of blood.

-You is too late now. Paste it to your future girl, which will born in 2 years after today. I though you will have several girls.

-Well, everything. I go.

-Go to me. We will test your anus.

-You is obscenity and raunchy young boy.

Mature woman talks with young lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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