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Discovering Lesbian Sex at Uni Ch. 01

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Hello this is Mariah. I’m just about to start shooting my very first hardcore porn video Not so very long ago I was working as a filing clerk in an office, totally bored and not really getting enough sex. I was that slutty busty girl in the office, with the huge 32G tight top always a couple of sizes too small.

You could always see my nipples were hard and exactly what I was thinking.

All the guys in the office must have fantasized about what they would like to do on to and with me given half a chance. I gave everybody the eye, wiggled my hips, bent over to pick up a pen in front of the whole staff and let my big knockers bounce and flubber around when I was talking to the boss. On other days I would dress very conservatively, hide my chest as much as possible and be cold and formal with everybody.

It all started when I left school. By the time I was eighteen I was still very flat-chested but almost on the day after my eighteenth birthday my huge tits grew and stuck out from my chest like a pair of footballs. We were required to wear pert pure virginal blouses at our very posh university, which were quite see-thru and anybody could see my dark rack barely contained in a pure white sweet virginal bra, which just about kept them under control but they shook and wobbled even if I moved a little bit.

When I put my hand up in a lecture my big black udders used to shake and shimmy from side to side. Everybody made sure they were watching when this happened. Sometimes my nipples would get hard and I would try to hide them by cupping my boobies. I was so shy and didn’t really understand why people liked to look at me.

I never flirted with anybody and was quiet, demure and pious. I thought sex was so wrong. I never kocaeli escort bayan had sex until I went to university.

One day I was helping Miss Jones my personal tutor re-organise the stock cupboard.

She was about forty with a curvy figure and full sloshy boobs, but very conservatively dressed and correct and strict in her manner. She always wore a bra, so her boobs were always tightly cupped. She had blonde hair, usually tied up in a bun. We were all alone in the department as everybody else had gone home. The stock cupboard had no windows.

I was picking up books from the floor and placing them on the shelves. Miss Jones stood in the cupboard behind me telling me where to put them. I had to bend down a lot to reach most of the books. Miss Jones said she was going out for a few minutes and would return soon.

She soon re-appeared in the doorway with her hands on her hips, breathing hard and looking right at me. I could see her in the light from the door, tall, slim waist and a big round ass.

She slowly walked up to me put her hands around my waist and kissed me. I felt my pussy pulse and a deep glow of lust fill me body. She told me to undress. When I was naked she undid her top and let her mature saggy boobies bounce free. She was wearing a tiny gold crucifix, which dangled and jiggled in her wide cleavage. She carefully took it off. She was trembling as she laid the cross carefully to one side.

Then she told me to suck her nipples. They tasted so nice and were so hard. She started to pant and groan and rubbed her fanny through her dress. Then she took my hand in hers and put it on her cunt. She told me that I had tempted her and that I was a fucking bitch.

I rubbed it gently and was so amazed izmit escort bayan at how she started to moan and convulse, almost bending double as my fingers stroked her snatch. Then she cried out a few times and had to pant and breathe for a minute or two, all the while fondling my huge teenage knockers.

Then she took off her tight pleated dress. I could see her long legs, her dark stockings and dark pubic bush through her white panties which she then removed and threw on the floor. I didn’t know what it was but her clitoris was pink and shiny and actually throbbing. Miss Jones told me to get on my knees and lick it. You have to remember that I had no sexual experience but it seemed so right. Her vagina tasted delicious, so wet, sweet and moist. Miss Jones started panting and groaning, telling me how much she had lusted after me. Then she suddenly shouted out loud and my face and tits were covered with sweet clear juice.

She rubbed her smelly snatch in my face. I could feel her hairy curly dark bush brush against my face. She told me what a good girl I was before collapsing on the floor, gasping and groaning. When she had recovered she told me to stand up, she stood behind me, hoisted one of my boobs up and suckled on the nipple. She told me to suck on the other nipple. It had never occurred to me to suck my own tits but it felt so nice. My boobs throbbed with warmth and lust.

Miss Jones then told me to go on my hands and knees and I heard her panting and grunting as she got down behind me and felt her soft warm tongue on my clit. Miss Jones was lying on her back like a whore, her face between my legs and giving my tiny little fanny lots of licks and kisses and pushing her tongue into my gebze escort tight hole. My boobs were hanging down and jiggling and bouncing around as I moaned and shook with new sensations. I completely lost track of time and reality and the next thing I remember was seeing Miss Jones on the floor, her face entirely covered and glistening with my steaming wetness, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open, breathing hard like a fish on land. The tiny cupboard smelt of lust and excitement and we were both covered in sweat.

I had some mineral water in my back-pack and we both took a very grateful swig of it, the sweat stinging my eyes. I poured some of it over Miss Jones’s face and then poured the rest out over her sticky twat as she lay back with her legs open like a prostitute. I could actually see it palpitating as she growled with pleasure, a deep bestial sound I thought only animals made. I bent down to look at her pretty wide open pussy lips framed by a ring of dark pubes, my mouth open in astonishment and it gushed right into my mouth without even being touched.

I think Miss Jones must have mentioned me to her colleague Miss Smith who was the Dean of the College. One day I was invited to tea to talk about my career, but we soon forgot about the lumped sugar and water-cress sandwiches when Mrs Smith excused herself from the polite conversation and soon re-appeared wearing a red basque, her huge melons poking out of the top, fishnet stockings and what I learned later was a huge pink strapon poking out from where her vagina should have been.

It confused me but she was the first one to take my virginity and it seemed only natural to let them both undress me and have Miss Jones guide Miss Smith’s huge cock all the way into me. I suppose they both seduced me, but I was totally willing and able to give what I got.

I will be writing about that very horny threesome very soon in ‘Discovering Lesbian Sex at University. Mariah Part 2’

Meanwhile they are ready to shoot my first scene.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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