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Doctor’s Checkup

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The medical doctor opens up the door to one of his hospital rooms located in the very back and see’s a female patient sitting on the table waiting for him ready for her checkup.

The doctor then quickly locks the door and then smiles at her because this is his favorite and hottest patient.

The woman returns his smile because he is her favorite doctor.

The doctor drools over the womans clear porcelain skin, big blue eyes and long mane of golden blonde hair.

The woman patient possesses quite a body too!

She has endless white creamy legs, 36 inch accomodating hips, a fantastic shapely ass, a slim and curvy 22 inch waist, and is the very proud owner of an amazing all natural 50GG bosom with wide areole and big pink nipples, which is totally untouched by any plastic surgeons hands.

The doctor smiles, his cock immedietly springing to life, as he then tells his patient it’s checkup time as he instructs the lady to take off all her clothes.

The doctor drools as he watches the voluptous woman reach in back off her as she unzips the back of her white outfit down. As soon as she does so the outfit falls to the ground.

Then the doctor watches as the woman starts to unclasp her enormous bra, which is bulging with tit flesh.

As soon as the woman takes off her bra her gargantuan, round melons pop out excitedly, happy to be free from it’s confining harnass, filling up the whole hospital room!

The doctor feels his dick get even harder as she raises both legs at him and instructs him to pull off her panties and sandal high heeled shoes for her.

The doctor then quickly takes off her left sandal high heeled shoe and then her right one as he then quickly reaches down towards her hips and yanks her panties kadıköy escort right off of her.

The lady totally naked now smiles sexily at the doctor as she strikes a very sexy pose for him, shimmying her giant breasts and crossing her shapely long legs.

The doctor going wild over his hot patients teasing quickly gets nude too.

As soon as the doctor takes off his last piece of clothing , which is his underwear, his monster dick pops out excitedly happy to be free from it’s confining place.

The doctor, his dick getting harder and harder by the second, then starts to examine his patient by taking out his stethescope and putting it against her mammoth chest to check her heart beat.

The doctor tells his woman patient her heart is A-ok as he reaches over and fondles her bountiful breasts making her giggle excitedly.

The doctor then gets out his little hammer and instructs the woman to cross her legs as she immedietly crosses her right leg over her left one.

In doing so her right foot brushes against The doctor’s already very excited cock, making it pulse even more in excitement.

The doctor then taps her right knee with the little hammer making the womans right foot jump up excitedly brushing against his massive cock again.

After the doctor finds her right leg A-ok he then instructs his patient to cross her left leg over her right as she quickly does so, flashing off her succulent pussy, as her left foot now brushes excitedly against his cock.

The doctor then taps her left knee with the hammer as the womans left foot jumps up brushing against his cock still again.

The voluptous lady then looks at the üsküdar escort doctor laughing as the doctor looks and drools at all the amazing super-stacked quivering titflesh she possesses.

The lady not through with her teasing just yet then lifts her left foot again and gives the doctor’s mighty cock a hard tug down with her foot.

The instant she does this the doctor has to use all his will power not to cum all over the fucking hospital floor.

After succeding in not ejaculating just yet the very horny doctor tells his female patient that her left leg is A-ok too.

The doctor then tells his voluptous female patient that she is in great shape as the woman then jumps happily up into the doctors arms straddling him, with her arms around his neck and her legs straddling his back.

The doctor holding up the female patient off the ground now enters his one eyed monster into her all too willing pussy as he then starts to fuck her.

Up and down vigorously the woman goes on the doctors cock as they soon reach an earth shatterring orgasm at the same time and come in one massive shudder.

The doctor then puts his favorite female patient down to the ground as she then climbs up on the examination table and sticks her very shapely ass in his direction as she wiggles it sexily at him and orders him to fuck her royally doggy style.

The woman does not have to ask her horny doctor twice as he jumps on the table with her as he first licks her sweet pussy with his talented tongue as he then starts to fuck the living daylights out of her!

The very beautiful, stacked woman makes the most dick hardening erotic cries of lust as she is being fucked by her doctor as she soon explodes tuzla escort in explosive orgasm over and over and over again.

It does not matter if the doctor is 50 years old to her 25, his monster dick is second to none, as it does it’s work between her pussy lips.

Soon the doctor joins his favorite female patient as he explodes happily with her in earth shatterring orgasm.

The woman not done yet then takes her doctors mammoth cock into her sweet mouth and sucks him off to another mighty erection as she then instructs her doctor to bang her sweet ass!

The doctor not wasting a second then takes a deep breath and puts his horse sized monster dong inside her super tight shit hole!

The womans shit hole is so tight it makes the doctor cum soon, very wildly and excitedly inside of her.

The woman patient, totally filled up by such a monstous cock coming inside of her soon comes wildly too!

The woman like a bitch in heat then takes the doctor’s mammoth cock between her lips again and sucks him off to still another incredible erection as she then instructs him to cum all over her mountainous melons, as she takes his cock and puts it right between her twin hemispheres of flesh.

With all the wonderful friction of her huge,pillowy tit’s against his cock the doctor soon loses total control and orgasms mightily all over his favorite female patient mammoth mammaries.

The lady then shares a laugh with her doctor as she washes the doctors cum all over her giant bosom.

The doctor and his favorite and hottest female patient then start to put on their clothes again.

Once they get their clothes back on they start to kiss each other very passionately.

“See you next week for another checkup doctor?” the sexy female patient asks sweetly looking up at his face.

“Sure thing honey and I must say that you are one very hot, young sexy wife!” the doctor replies smiling as he gives his wifes fleshy, firm shapely buttcheeks a pat making her moan pleasurably, as she rushes out the door as the doctor waits for his next patient to arrive!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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