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Dogboy Blues Pt. 04

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Ryan was in a predicament; he remembered every detail of the past night. He remembered Charlie, with that steady grip and warm mouth… And it had his head spinning. He looked down at where his pet was fast asleep beside him. Slowly, Ryan pulled the sheet up over his shoulders and sat up. He needed a glass of water and a shower. He told himself he’d feel better after and less angry with himself, but knew deep down that wasn’t the case.


Charlie woke up to an empty bed. He stretched his limbs and let out a big yawn. He sniffed the air- it smelt like breakfast. His tail wagging behind him, he followed the scent to the kitchen. There, Master was by the stove, barefoot with wet hair. His t-shirt had the imprint of water droplets on its shoulders and he was wearing his glasses. “Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” Charlie echoed.

“Sit down- let me cook for you for once.”

Charlie did as he was told.


The two young men sat at a silent table. They had eaten a breakfast of eggs and bacon without so much as a word.

“Are you mad at me?” Charlie asked, finally breaking the silence.

“What? Of course not,” he said.


“Let’s just…not talk about it, okay? It was a mistake. Not that you did anything wrong,” he quickly added, having seen the hurt expression on his face at the word “mistake”. “It’s just… I don’t think it’s fair because of our already-existing relationship. I’m in a position of power over you, so to have sex with you just… doesn’t feel right.”

“I see.” Charlie stood up to clear the table.

“Are you mad at me?” asked Ryan.

Charlie looked him in the eyes. “Never,” he said.


A few days later, finals week arrived to the dismay of a very stressed out Ryan. It was also his last week before returning to the US. “If I don’t get an 80 on this exam, I’m toast,” he told Jing.

“You’re smart- I’m sure you’ll do fine!”

“Ughhhh.” Ryan took out a cigarette and headed for the patio, Charlie following him instinctively.

“Hey! Don’t let him follow you. The smoke is bad for his lungs.”


“So, don’t be an ass,” he snapped back. Ryan looked back in time to see Jing pull on his shoes. “I’ll be back Sunday night instead of Monday morning,” he said. “Make sure to have all the women and drugs hidden by the time I’m back.”

“Hardy har har,” said Ryan. He closed the door to the patio and lit up. It was freezing out and he regretted not bringing a jacket. About a minute later, Charlie was opening the patio door. “Here,” he said, holding out a coat.

A sigh. “Thanks,” he said. He looked down at Charlie’s bare feet and cringed. “I guess you don’t get cold, huh?”

“My spirit isn’t tethered to this body like yours is, so I can disconnect my sense of touch at will.”

“There’s a philosophy somewhere in there, and if I had the time for it, I’d ask.”

Charlie’s tail stopped wagging. “You’re stressed,” he observed.

Ryan exhaled a plume of smoke. “No shit,” he replied. “What gave it away?”

“The fact you’ve had half the amount of sleep you usually get.”

“This just happens sometimes to college kids,” he said. “We casino şirketleri have to prioritize our time, and sometimes there has to be sacrifices.”

“Is there anything I can do?” he asked.

Ryan thought for a moment before something easy came to mind. “You could make us some hot chocolate,” he offered.

Charlie grinned, his tail thumping against Ryan’s side. “Sure thing, Master!”


It was late at night when an idea came into Charlie’s head.

“Why don’t you fuck me?” he asked.

Master Ryan coughed on his water. “Why don’t I what?”

“For the stress relief.”

An exhausted Ryan gave him a lazy smirk. “It would be the other way around, if I’m honest.”


“I guess we’re both bottoms,” he laughed.

“What’s a bottom?”

Master Ryan put down his pencil by the partially empty hot chocolate mug, then turned around so he was facing Charlie. “It’s someone who likes being at the receiving end of sex,” he explained.

“I can give or receive,” said Charlie. “I’m happy either way.”

“What’s gotten into you?” Ryan wondered. “I thought I put this idea to bed already.”

“You did, but I’ve been thinking about that night ever since.”

Master’s face flushed. “Really?”


“In that case, I guess it’d uh, help me sleep a bit better.” He suddenly looked shy. “Do you want to go now?”


“Let me shower first,” said Master.


Why am I agreeing to this?! he wondered. He squirted shampoo into his palm and began lathering his hair. His skin felt hot beneath the warm water. Whatever happened to his moral compass?

It’s just been so long… he thought. I’ve been so busy with school, and it’s not like Charlie can’t make decisions for himself. He’s way older than me! And he’s so tall… Ryan bit into his knuckle. Fuck… He’s going to be huge!

Ryan scrubbed his scalp, leaning his head back to avoid getting anything in his eyes. It’s not like he had just met Charlie, either- they’d known each other for a little under a month now and it’d been like a dream come true. A hot guy to be his secret servant and best friend while he’s away from home? Yes, please!

Conditioner was next. What if this becomes a thing that happens all the time? Ryan licked his lips. Could he possibly train Charlie to be the dom of his dreams? While letting the conditioner soak, he grabbed a bottle of cream from his shower caddy and began massaging his privates. With Charlie in the back of his mind, his cock swelled to a half-chub against his leg. He reminded himself that despite giving his servant the reigns, he was the one in control. If the sex wasn’t good, he could always order Charlie to never bring it up again.

After shaving, Ryan rinsed out his hair and rubbed his body with body wash. Then he shut off the water. For a minute he just stood there, dripping and thinking… Still bothered by the ethical connotations of having sex with Charlie, he decided to set up some ground rules. Starting to shiver, he got out onto the fluffy shower matt and pulled his towel off its hook. He looked at himself in the mirror, rubbing a circle in the fogginess to get casino firmaları a clearer look. Roughly, he rubbed his hair and body off, then wrapped the towel around his hips. He pondered over what these rules could be as he brushed his teeth and sprayed himself with cologne.

After throwing on some clothes (which he sprayed with cologne, too), he exited the bathroom. “Charlie?” he called. He checked the living room first and then the bedroom.

“Oh, damn,” he said.

Charlie was naked with his cock out. “Why are you dressed?” he asked.

“I uh, thought we could talk first,” he said.

“My apologies,” he said, reaching for a shirt.

“No, it’s… alright. Let me get a look at you.”

Charlie took a few steps toward Ryan then stopped. Ryan walked around him in a slow circle, eyeing his muscular form. He really did look like a model with his chiseled pecs and flat abdomen. Ryan felt awkward in comparison, 5’5 with a scrawny body that couldn’t do more than a few pushups.

“Have you ever been with a guy?” he asked.

Charlie nodded. “Several.”

Ryan went to his nightstand and fished out a condom and some lube. He often fantasized about having sexual partners, but in reality, he’d only ever slept with one person (soon to be two).

“Have you ever topped before?”

“With a woman, yes, but my guess is that they’re similar.” He gave him a small smile.

“Yeah, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You just…” Ryan made a hole with one hand and put his finger through it, in and out. His cheeks heated, feeling stupid.

“I’ve never used that before,” said Charlie, pointing at the bottle of lubricant. “Or that,” he said, pointing to the condom.

“Yeesh. Well, I can help you put it on if you want.” He gave him a nervous finger gun, holding the condom in-between his pointer and middle finger. “Do you mind if I have some booze first? It’d help me unwind-”

“No,” said Charlie, a dark look in his eyes.

Ryan felt his ears go hot.

“I don’t like it when you drink,” Charlie explained. “When we do this, I want you to be you- not an intoxicated version of you. Does that make sense?”

“I guess.” He took off his shirt, tossing it onto where Charlie’s clothes were at the end of the bed. “Speaking of which, I want there to be some rules.”

“I like rules,” said Charlie.

“Well, you get to make them,” he said. “Rule number one can be no alcohol. I want rule number two to be that if you feel uncomfortable, you tell me.”

“Same for you,” he said.

Ryan pressed a finger to his chin. “Rule number three could be… That if it doesn’t go well, we don’t mention it again.”

“I think it’ll go well,” Charlie grinned. “I’ve been told that I’m quite good at this.”

Ryan gave a nervous laugh as he tore open the condom. Charlie didn’t flinch when Ryan slid it on, seemingly calm and collected. “You’re really big…” he murmured.

“I know.”

Ryan gulped and stripped. His own member was hard and standing tall at the sight of the other man. Still nervous (but also excited), he uncapped the lube. “I helped you, so… do you want to help me?”

Charlie nodded vigorously. güvenilir casino “Always.”

“Uh…Have you ever fingered anyone?”

“What’s fingering?”

Oh, jeez.

“It’s when you prep your partner for sex by using your, uh, hands.”

“I can do that,” said Charlie. He held out his right hand to catch the lube Ryan squeezed from the bottle.

“Now, I want you to take control a bit- you know, order me around. Take the leading role.”

“Like I’m the Master?”

“Exactly!” he said. Maybe there was hope for him yet…?

“Okay. Get on the bed, pet.”

Ryan climbed onto the bed. He knelt down with his ass up, his heart beating fast. The position was so embarrassing, especially considering his little experience. (He was used to having sex drunk in the dark, giggling and with a sluggish brain.)

“Good boy,” said Charlie. He gave him some kisses down his spine before entering his ass, one finger at a time. “Such a good pet…”

“You’re doing great,” he groaned.

“Pets don’t speak unless spoken to.”

Ryan zipped it, but couldn’t help a moan when a third finger was slipped inside him. When it hit his prostate, he let out a cry, trembling hard.

“Noisy boy,” he chastised. “But that’s okay- I’m a nice Master.” He scratched Ryan’s back gently, then pulled out his digits. He lined his cock up with the now slick hole. “Are you ready, bitch?” he asked, sweetly. Ryan realized he was probably using language he had heard throughout the years with his former owner- a sad context.

“Yes, Master.”

Ever so slowly, Charlie inched his way inside. “Is this good?”

Ryan felt like crying. God, he’d missed this. “Y-y-yes.”

The first stroke was pure pain; he made a choked noise with his face down in the bed, waiting for it to subside. Charlie’s large hips were slapping gently against his ass. He was going slow for him.

“Fuu-ck” he whined.

Instead of snapping, Charlie gave the other’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “Good boy, taking my cock so well.”

Ryan’s heart warmed at the praise. “Hah-nnngh.”

The rhythm only got rougher as the sex progressed. Ryan could feel that sweet, familiar feeling slowly bloom in his core. He bit down on his fist. “Fffff-”

“Shhhh,” said Charlie. “That’s it, take it.” He grabbed Ryan by the hips and delved in deeper, causing even more pain by how far he was stretching him.

“Shit!” he sobbed.

Several minutes later, Charlie hit his peak, fucking into Ryan with the most force he used all night. Ryan felt his dick balloon inside him, realizing with shock that he was being knotted.

“Holy shit-” He grabbed his own dick and started to pump it, his hand feeling cramped in the space between his groin and the bed. Why was the knotting thing so hot? Why was this magical being so hot? It took about a minute of tugging at himself to cum, but when he did, it was hard and with his ass full of dick.

When Charlie pulled out, he crawled up to lay down next to Ryan, who was panting with a beet red face. “Was it too much?” he asked, worry in his eyes.

“No- that was…was the best I’ve ever had,” he panted. And it was; his ex had been a big guy, but he’d been on the smaller side and had always cum too fast.

“Good… Can I give you another order?”

“Go for it,” he breathed.

“Can you hold me?”

Ryan smirked. “Yeah, ‘Master’- I can hold you.”

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