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Don’t Answer Back!

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🙂 This story is dedicated to Queen Anthea (by request!) 🙂

Note: This story contains explicit heterosexual, homosexual, incest / taboo content of a sexual nature (good heavens!). If these things don’t float your boat, please stop reading now.


Heat spread from Anne’s crotch as she stared at the wooden beams supporting the iron wall of the garden shed. Her hands gripped the edge of a wooden saw-horse and strands of her long red hair stuck to her sweating face.

“Faster!” Her breath was rasping now, her heart pounding as Steve’s rigid cock, jack-hammered away in her slippery cunt. The squelch and suck of their colliding flesh filled the confined space, intermingled with her gasping yelps and his deep grunts.

Steve squeezed and pinched his mother’s ample creamy arse cheeks as he rammed his cock into her, the immaculately smooth skin of his big sack slapping against her labia. He was getting close. The pleasure was mounting. His eyes began to glaze and his cock tensed, ready to squirt. He imagined it in her wet pink insides, the dribbling pre-come turning white in the last seconds before his orgasm.

He failed to hear his own voice, moaning with abandon when he felt her pussy turn slippery with his semen. His thick brown shaft heaved and twitched inside her as it squirted its muck. She must have thought he was finished, must have been unaware of the pleasure still coursing through his body in throbbing waves. He was still coming when he realised she’d pulled her arse forward, flicking his still-erect penis from inside her.

Anne quickly squatted in front of him, thick sticky drops of semen falling from her vagina to the concrete floor as she greedily swallowed his cock. She exclaimed in surprise when still more spurts of come hit her tonsils, the mushroom taste of come filling her mouth. She took her son deeper down her throat, milking him dry and sucking her juice off his softening flesh. She held him in her mouth, wanting to keep him until he was soft but the sound of the door behind him made them jump.

It was Rob, he must have been watching through the window as his hard cock poked through the top of his skimpy black shorts, its end glistening wetly. Rob was slightly shorter than his brother and even more muscular. His skin and features were dark and distinctly Maori, not a trace of his mother’s fairness save the unusual dark red pubic hair surrounding his squat wide cock. He walked straight over to Anne and wordlessly forced his glans between her lips, slipping his shorts and underwear to the floor and stepping free of them as bornova escort bayan she eagerly ate him up.

But his voyeurism had brought him to the edge already. He growled loudly and pulled Anne’s face violently towards his crotch, almost immediately jetting sperm deep into her throat. Animal sounds emitted from his mouth as he yanked her back by her hair and jammed himself into her repeatedly, squirting gob after gob of sticky seed. Spit and come ran down her chin and dribbled from her lips as she gagged and panted, swallowing as much of his discharge as she could. His thrusts subsided and she held him in her mouth as she had Steve only this time, there was no interruption. She kept him in her mouth, licking and milking him until he was soft.

The twins hoisted their mother up and sat her on the saw-horse. They stood in front of her, fondling her big tits and gently pinching her bright red nipples, engorged peaks on expanses of creamy flesh.

“Home early bro?” said Steve.

“Stephen, for god’s sake don’t use that silly language! You’re twenty one for goodness sake, your father and I didn’t put you through university so you could talk like a jolly thug…ooh! Robert!” The girlish squeal came involuntarily when Rob pinched her nipple a little harder than before and bent abruptly to softly slap her clit.

“Good boy Robert darling, it’s mummy’s turn now isn’t it,” she tried to sound stern but there was a delicious catch in her voice, an undertone of pitiful begging. Both twins detected it and their penises began to stir. “isn’t it my turn for some attention? Come on sweethearts, make me come will you? Please?”

Anne reached around behind Rob and moved a delicate finger over his arsehole, tickling and rubbing the puckered flesh — mother knew what her baby liked. He went stiff almost immediately and seeing his brother’s thick gnarled-looking erection, Steve also hardened. Rob took his fingers from his mother’s pussy where they’d been buried tickling the slick wet flesh behind her entrance. He stood up straight, his prick bobbing before him. The two men faced each other sideways over Anne who looked eagerly from side to side at their turgid genitals, holding them and fondling them, desperately wanting them inside her.

“What do you think Rob? Has she behaved herself lately bro? You reckon she deserves anything?”

“I dunno au, not too sure about telling a grown man off about his language eh? And did she wait for you to get soft before she stopped sucking your cock before? Bloody sloppy service eh?”

Their stiff escort bornova dicks belied their casualness. They twitched and tensed as Anne touched them. Steve, advantaged by his slightly longer downtime was beginning to dribble. Anne tried to take him in her mouth but he backed teasingly out of reach. The two stepped back further and Rob moved a hand to Steve’s crotch, pulling his black T-shirt off over his head and flinging it to the floor at the same time. He held the other’s purple glans between his thumb and forefinger and lazily spread its oozing juice around the tip and down the front of the shaft. Steve regarded his mother coolly as his brother fondled his erection.

“Oh please come on boys! Stop teasing me like this! I’m desperate to come! Please? Please can I feel my babies inside me?” She raised a creamy leg and rested it on her narrow perch, her big labia were spread wide and the pink flesh inside was clearly visible, a little of Steve’s come still oozing out of her. She knew they would fuck her, they had to bend soon. Her fingers played with her engorged nipples and her juices began to dribble down her inner thigh. She desperately needed a cock.

“I dunno, maybe better get going eh bro? Got a bit to get on with eh,” Rob’s thickest of Maori brogues taunted her ears and Steve was smiling wickedly. Rob fondled Steve’s shaft and played with the throbbing tip of his own cock.

“Yeah, you get inside and get some eggs on for us when you’re finished finger-fucking that ginger cunt eh mum. We got shit to do eh bro?” Steve clamped Rob’s hand over his crotch, thrusting his hardness against his brother’s palm. Then they exchanged glances and turned to leave.

“You two get back here and make your mother come this minute!” Rob’s hand had barely reached the door handle but he withdrew it and they turned and glared at her. Anne saw the fury on their dark faces. Now she was for it. Her cunt throbbed in longing anticipation.

“Don’t you bloody talk to us like that lady!” Then they were on her. Rough brown hands hauled her to her feet and spun her around. A finger was roughly inserted into her anus and a hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her forward, forcing her to bend over, her lips encountering Steve’s cock just as she felt Rob’s wide shaft shoved up her cunt. She was in ecstasy. She sucked and licked one cock while another filled her, roughly pounding away at her crotch, stretching her pussy wider with each forceful insertion.

They did her silently, fucking mouth and vagina brutally until she felt them nearing bornova escort their orgasms. suddenly Steve pulled out of her mouth, she knew Rob was gesturing to him as she felt his fingers pulled from her arsehole and only one hand on her buttock as he continued to fuck her.

“Give it to me up the arse while I’m fucking her. And mum, you play with your clit! Do it now, I want to hear those fingers slapping that little bitch, you hear me! Get yourself off! Ah Jesus Steve! That’s it stick your tongue up it, lube me up, that’s right, more fingers! Ah fuck!” there was no trace of the affected brogue now, he was grunting and panting and his broad muscular chest shone with sweat as he battered Anne’s feminity ferociously while his brother squatted behind him and spat furiously into his sphincter, stretching it apart with his fingers.

Rob felt Steve enter him violently, felt his anus ripped apart as his brother penetrated him. Steve gripped the firm twitching buttocks as he shoved his cock roughly between and pushed. His arousal heightened as he felt Rob squirm and wince and he started thrusting, jerking his hips back and forcing them powerfully forward. He heard Anne’s fingers working juicily between her legs and the sound of her little squeals told him she would come soon. Rob was getting close too, he wheezed and whimpered as he fucked his mother and took Steve up his arse in perfect rhythm.

Anne was the first to go, crying out her sons’ names as her pussy contracted, gripping Rob’s cock tightly and bathing it in sex juice.

“Keep fucking sweetheart, shove it in hard until I’ve finished! Oh god yes!” Rob could hardly hear her gasping words. He was coming inside her, set off by her deliciously convulsing cunt, his cock squirted away into his mother’s fleshy opening. Juice and sperm dribbled from Anne’s sex as Rob pushed his shaft deep inside her. His face screwed up in almost-agonized ecstasy as his last few spurts drowned her cervix.

His cock was milked dry but he couldn’t stop coming, his prick twitching and tensing inside Anne. Steve’s cock, lubricated with spit, sweat and pre-come rubbed rapidly over his brother’s prostate, prolonging his orgasm and soon, though Rob was all but spent, the two boys were climaxing together, one secreting his milk into his brother’s arsehole in violent squirts and the other twitching and tensing, and throbbing to a standstill between Anne’s engorged pink pussy-lips.

Anne whimpered in pleasure as her orgasm subsided and Steve pulled his cock, dripping come, from Rob’s dilated sphincter. Rob withdrew from Anne and she turned around and sucked both of them clean. The boys sat, panting, with their mother on the saw-horse. After a while, Anne said, “Who wants to go and visit your father in hospital? He had his last operation today so my babies will have two lovely ladies to look after in a week or so when he comes home!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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