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Doug’s Fantasy Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This story is meant to be PURELY fictional, the situation is not meant to be realistic – although the sex will be. Enjoy the fantasy =)


Doug stared at the sweet little thing that had just been dropped off at his house… her name was Mary and although the guy had said she was 22, she looked more like 16 with her big innocent eyes. Her body was definitely that of someone older than the child he saw in her eyes… and that thought caused his eyes to sweep over her scantily clad body, taking in her tightly cupped breasts and firm thighs and ass. His cock stirred.

“Hello,” he said tentatively.

“Hello,” she said back, looking up at him with complete naivete… he wondered how on earth he was going to do this with such an innocent….

It had seemed so simple and easy when he’d first found the website. Consenting, adult female who to be delivered to your house for two weeks, any kind of woman that you wanted… very highly priced of course, but well worth it to him. It wasn’t that Doug had trouble getting dates, he happened to be a very attractive 31 year old… but he’d always had a fantasy of taking a complete innocent and corrupting her. Taking her body in every way and introducing her to the pleasures of sex.

Mary, standing before him, was indeed an innocent, guaranteed to be virginal in every way. He had no idea how they’d found such a girl, especially one so beautiful and perfect as she was… but he also wasn’t sure if he cared.

“Well come in,” he said, stepping back to let her pass. Her arm brushed against his groin as she squeezed past him, and his cock jumped.

While his mind might have hesitations now that he had a complete innocent in front of him, his cock was obviously absolutely sure what it wanted.


Once inside, Doug brought her up to his bedroom, having her stand in the middle of the room. Mary just stood calmly, waiting for his next move.

“What did they tell you?” he finally asked.

“I’m to stay with you for the next two weeks,” Mary said, even her voice was high and childish, “You’ll take care of me, and teach me things that will help me on my next assignment.” She smiled, tilting her head to the side as she looked at him. Despite her lack of knowledge, she seemed interested in him.

Staring at her, his body was quickly convincing his mind to let go of its guilt, “Take off your shirt.”

Mary looked at him, blushing a little as she began unbuttoning her shirt. One by one the buttons opened, exposing a little more of her pale skin… her bra was cotton and white, and he could feel his dick pressing against the front of his pants. Swallowing hard he watched as she slipped it off…

Now she wasn’t meeting his eyes.

“Are you shy?” he asked.

“I’ve never been naked in front of a man before,” she whispered, the blush in her cheeks darkening. Doug almost groaned at her admission, and couldn’t help but put his hand on top of his aching crotch, rubbing himself through his pants. He didn’t want to scare her though… best to take this nice and slow. Make sure that she enjoyed it…

Maybe he should have her give him head first. Get her accustomed to him before she completely exposed herself.

“Would you like to see me?” he asked.

“Yes please,” Mary said, her eyes returning to his face, alight with curiosity.

Smiling at her slightly eager expression, Doug stripped off his shirt and pants, his dick bobbing in front of him with excitement. Mary looked both excited and slightly fearful as he stood there before her, his hand wrapped around his dick. She watched as he pumped his hand slowly, revealing the purplish head and long shaft….

“Come here,” he said, his voice hoarse with excitement, “Kneel down in front of me.”

The 22 year old sank to her knees in front of him, although a little too far away. casino şirketleri Doug stepped forward and she leaned back a little, away from his pointing dick… she was breathing heavily, although probably from fearful excitement.

“Touch it,” he said, “Rub the head.” He held his cock steady as she reached up hesitantly, her eyes big and round as her fingers gently caressed the the smooth, soft skin of his cock head. Doug almost groaned at her sweetly innocent touch, but he gritted his teeth, not wanting to scare her away now that she was touching him, “Put your hand on me, where my hand is.”

Slowly, gently, slim feminine fingers wrapped around his dick, and he let go, groaning, “Pump it, move your hand up and down….”

His hips thrust forward as she obeyed, her eyes glued to his member.

“Do you know what you’re holding?” he asked.

“It’s your penis,” she replied softly.

Doug shook his head, “It’s my cock… or my dick. You’re fisting my cock.”

“Cock.” Mary repeated softly, and he moaned at the sound of her sweet childish voice repeating his word, thrusting his hips forward as she squeezed his dick.

“Open your mouth,” he told her, “I want you to suck it.”

Mary’s eyes got very big, but she opened her lips obediently, although he could see the fear in her eyes. Carefully Doug pressed his dick between those soft lips, allowing her to hold onto his dick with her hand, leaving her some control over the situation. She relaxed when she realized that he wasn’t going to just try and shove the whole length down her throat. Instead, Doug let her begin to explore him with her mouth… it wasn’t as satisfying as being with a woman who knew what she was doing, but there was something incredibly erotic about his dick being explored by this complete virgin’s lips.

Her tongue pressed against his pee-hole, tasting him… and he moaned, his hands automatically going to her head and trying to push her mouth further down onto him. Mary panicked a little, and he could feel her gagging as his dick pressed against the back of her throat… immediately he pulled back, but kept his hands on her head, stroking her hair reassuringly.

She pulled back so that just the head of his dick was in her mouth, obviously catching her breath… she didn’t seem to realize how much more of a tease and a turn on that was for him. Groaning, he let his hands fall down to her shoulders, caressing her smooth skin. Mary trembled as his fingers trailed lower, caressing her bra-covered mounds. As she kept the head of his dick in her mouth, Doug groaned and squeezed her breasts, pulling on them a little.

“More,” he told her, “Suck on it, try to swallow it…”

Although she had very little technique, Mary was trying harder, she began to slide her mouth up and down his shaft as he squeezed her breasts… he could feel her nipples growing hard through the fabric of her bra. She managed to fit more and more of his cock into her mouth, her slim hand squeezing the base of it to keep her from trying to swallow too much.

Doug slid his hands into her bra, and felt her shudder… he realized that his hands were probably the first other than her own to be touching her bare breasts, and he squeezed them hard as cum began to gush into her mouth. Mary gasped and choked, fluid filling her cheeks as she swallowed desperately… some of it leaked from between her lips, a few hot splashes on her breasts. The bitter taste filled her mouth as his dick started to soften between her lips, and Doug sighed happily, his grip on her breasts lessening.

He pulled himself from her lips, smiling at her gasping face, the trickles of cum on her chin and the drops on her breasts. So sweet… so innocent…

“Very good,” he told her, and she smiled up at him, her face bright at the praise. Carefully he wiped off the trickles and drops off cum, and brought his fingers to her lips. She automatically opened them and he casino firmaları pushed his fingers in, her eyes wide as her tongue licked the cum from them.

“Stand up.” he said.

Mary stood before him and he reached behind her to undo her bra, his arms hugging her slim body, soft breasts pressed against him. She trembled as the flimsy piece of cotton fell from her, and Doug pressed against her as his hands ran up and down her smooth back, one of them coming around to the front to grasp her breast. He groaned at the touch of her soft flesh, her firm breast in his hand with her hard little nipple pressing against the palm.

Burying his face in her hair, his lips found her neck and he kissed it, sucking her flesh between his teeth and biting down gently. He was going to mark her as his… a dark bruise on her neck to show that he’d taken her.

Trembling in his arms, Mary moaned, her grip tightening around his neck as he sucked on her flesh, his thumb running over her hard nipple. The most incredible sensations were sweeping through her and she had no idea how to react to them… she was both afraid and incredibly excited by the older man who was touching her. Her pussy felt moist and juicy against the thin cotton panties she was wearing… and now Doug’s hand was caressing down her back and unbuttoning her skirt.

It fell to the floor, released from her hips, and now she was just standing in her panties, a man’s naked body pressed against hers, and she could feel his hardening dick against her thigh. Doug began to press his hips into hers and pull away, almost as though he was dry humping her. Finally he released her neck from his mouth, leaving a dark purple bruise on her pale skin.

Stepping back, he looked at her… hickey on her neck, hard pink nipples… smooth pale curves. Mary blushed at his intense gaze on her panty-clad pussy. Reaching out his hand, Doug tooks hers in his and led her to the bed, laying her down in the very center of it.

Crouching over her, he lightly kissed her lips, and then began moving his kisses down her body. Her collarbone… her shoulders… his hands caressed her breasts as he began to nip and suck on the mounds. Slowly he worked his tongue inwards, finding her nipples… Mary let out a gutteral cry as his mouth engulfed the sensitive nub, his fingers pinching its partner, sending electricity to her pussy.

As he sucked on her nipple, toying with the other, his free hand traveled down her stomach and slid into her panties, curving over her mound which had been shaved smooth. By now his dick was rock hard, but he was enjoying slowly seducing her… although Mary was willing, she was also hesitant. When Doug entered her body, he wanted her to be begging for it.

One finger slipped between her wet folds and she gasped, moaning and writhing a little beneath him. She was incredibly wet already, but not yet at the point where her body had overcome her virgin’s hesitancy. Doug moved his mouth to her other nipple as he slid one finger inside her exquisite tightness, feeling the heat of her desire and the way she gripped him…

Mary groaned, almost sobbing as his mouth moved down her stomach, his finger slipped out of her as he pulled her panties from her. She blushed again, as he spread her thighs wide to see her pretty pink pussy, her mound completely shaved, leaving her bare and exposed. Doug leaned over and kissed her inner thighs, making her body jerk as he began to slide his tongue up her creamy legs, licking around the outside of her pussy.

Her entire body spasmed when he ran his tongue up the center of her being, flicking over her hole and her clit with one long swipe. Gripping the sheets, Mary’s head thrashed back and forth as Doug began eating her out, his mouth eagerly sucking down her juices as he began to push his tongue into her pussy hole. It was the most amazing thing she’d ever felt, heating up her insides with a burning fire that longed güvenilir casino for more fuel.

She shrieked as his finger slid back inside her, her hips thrusting upwards with the intensity of the sensation, her sheathe tightening around the invasion. Doug found the little ridge inside of her and pressed it gently, making body quiver as he licked around his finger, tasting her, heating her up.

Sliding a second finger inside her, Doug smiled as he heard her groan… she was opening up easily enough but he knew that it felt both pleasurable and almost painful… so he kept soothing the cramping with his tongue on her clit. Mary thrashed on the bed, her body an incredibly cacophony of sensation, the fire inside her burning up to a fever pitch… she felt sure she was going to explode.

And explode she did, as Doug sucked her swollen clit into his mouth and pressed on her g-spot at the exact same time…. she shrieked as her orgasm rushed through her body, sending her to heights of almost unbearable ecstacy. Somewhere, in the midst of her pleasure, she felt something big and painful pushing its way into her body, and she shrieked again as Doug’s cock broke through her virgin barrier.

The pleasure continued, he rubbed her clit as he sank his dick into her rippling tightness, but now it was mingled with a kind of slow aching pain that made her twist beneath his body. Doug felt her thighs tightening around him as he pushed deeper and deeper into her virgin chute, opening up her tightness and making it his own. He grunted and groaned as he forced inch by tight inch into her body, feeling her spasm around him…

Mary whimpered, her body arching as Doug’s dick filled her, it felt obscenely huge inside her tight sheathe, painful and yet felt soooo good. When his groin finally pressed against hers, they both gasped, and Doug ground his hips against her, stirring her insides and rubbing against her swollen clit with his body. She shuddered as his cock jumped inside her… and then it began to recede, giving her a sense of relief….

Until he shoved in again and she gasped, her back arching. Doug began moving back and forth inside of her, firmly but slowly, trying to hold onto his own desires to give her more time to adjust. It was definitely better that he’d had her give him head beforehand, she was so tight and exquisite beneath him that he was already on the brink of losing control.

Moaning, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, just trying to hold on as he used her body, fucking her deflowered pussy. Doug’s fingers dug into her back as he started thrusting harder, taking the time between each stroke to rub against her pussy, making her tighten around him as he pressed against her clit.

She shuddered with reaction as his strokes became shorter, harder, keeping more of his dick stuffed inside of her and his body bumping her clit every time. The fire that had dwindled came roaring up again, despite the discomfort of having her pussy stretched so, and as his teeth bit into the side of her neck that was unmarked, she started to orgasm again, her nails digging in as she creamed herself all over his cock.

Doug felt her tighten around him and began to spasm, her pussy trying to milk him with its muscles as she came… it felt so fantastic that he just held himself inside of her. He was already so close to cumming that he just let her pussy massage his dick until it swelled up inside of her and he started to cum, filling her formerly virgin pussy with his juices.

By the time he collapsed on top of her, Mary had already stopped cumming and was now laying exhausted underneath him, her pussy feeling sore and bruised.

Lifting up his head, Doug kissed her lips again, sliding his tongue into her mouth and kissing her deeply. She kissed him back in a tired, inexperienced but eager kind of way, her arms and pussy tightening around him again. Something stirred inside of him, but it wasn’t ready quite yet.

Instead he just pulled gently out of her and curled up with her in his arms. They fell asleep like that on the bed…

Finding that website might be the best thing that had ever happened to him.

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