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Dr Tracy and I

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My face is blank. My eyes stare calmly ahead, but my mind is racing. I’m sitting in the waiting room of my gynaecologists office, trying to think of anything but my discomfort and excitement. The seats are hard with a squishy cushion – the kind that makes noise every time you shift your weight. I’m frozen. I wore a short jean skirt today, something that is strangely uncommon for me, but I completely forgot I had this appointment. My yellow tank top complimented my tan skin and my black hair, just freshly cut and styled with layers and side bangs. I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of the door. I was sitting up straight, chest thrust outwards, legs crossed and clenched together with nails gripping my thighs.

My body language screamed “horny”.

The last time I was at my gyno, there was a new doctor named Tracy. It was taking one look at her that made me realize I was bicurious. She had long curly blonde hair with blue eyes, and a full C cup that she wasn’t afraid to show off in the comfort of the examining room. I felt like an idiot undressing infront of her, and even more of an idiot when she started touching me. Everytime I jumped, she giggled like a school girl instead of the professional that she most certainly was. She used her gloved fingers to feel inside of me first, and I almost died when the walls of my pussy contracted around her index and middle digits. I might have imagined her slight smile, but I refused to look her in the face for the rest of the exam. At the end, I dressed quickly, made my next appointment and rushed home to rub my clit until I came hard not once, but three times.

I looked at myself again. I realized in horror that my nipples were hard, and protruding through the thin material of my tank top. I grabbed my purse and started rummaging around, looking for something to distract me from the fact that I was about to me fingered by a hot woman and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

I found my strawberry roll on lip gloss and began to apply it. Slowly, I ran the ball of the applicator across my lips. Even this act was getting me hot. I kept imagining it was Dr. Tracys clit being rubbed onto my mouth – hard, tasting sweet and getting wetter by the minute…..


Oh. My name was being called. I gathered up my silly horny body and followed an older woman into the room as she took my stats. I sat on the fresh crinkly paper, adjusting my skirt so the woman couldn’t sense how worked up I was. She raised her eyebrows at my rigid posture and instructed me to undress from the waist down and wait for Dr Tracy.

The old nurse left and I quickly undressed and draped the paper blanket over me. I looked down and saw my nipples were even more erect than before, poking through hard and swollen. Dead giveaway that I had the thoughts of a bisexual slut.

I glanced at the closed door and cautiously raised my hands up to relieve some of their tension. I stroked both my breasts and scraped my finger nails over the fabric and shuddered at the shock it sent my pussy. I could feel the paper under me getting wet as I rubbed my fingers in a circle, lightly pinching until I gasped slightly.


I jumped up and dropped my hands like a kid caught stealing a cookie.

“Uhm, I’m sorry, what?”

Dr Tracy laughed lightly from the doorway. “I was just wondering if you were cold. My patients are always freezing in this room, so I wanted to make sure you were comfortable.”

I nodded mutely. I hope she didn’t see me squeezing my tits like a teenage boy. If she did, she didn’t let on.

Dr Tracy continued speaking, “Me, I’m always hot in here! I take this awful coat off as soon as I walk in, casino şirketleri first chance I get. Its so unflattering! But then again, you do have less clothes on than me. It must be chilly!”

That must be gyno humor.

I finally turned to look at her. I think I may have stopped breathing for thirty seconds. Her lowcut hot pink dress dipped down in a V between her lovely tits, and clung to the rest of her body. It was cinched at the waist with a black patent leather belt with matching high heeled shoes. Her legs were toned and muscular, as were her arms. Her makeup was perfectly glam, dark mascara lining her blue eyes, and her hair was full and curly. Oh god, this was going to be the longest appointment of my life.

“Let’s see what we have here. I saw you 6 months ago, yes? No changes in menstration, or birth control? No? Ok great. Hmmm. You lost a bit of weight” she looked up from her black rimmed glasses. “You look good”.

I shifted on my seat. I realized I hadn’t said one word. She’s going to think I’m daft.

I cleard my throat, but it still sounded husky when I spoke: “Yes. I have been working out and doing yoga a lot since my boyfriend and I broke up”.

She nodded, interested. “I see. Yoga is a good way to relieve stress, among other activities. When was the last time you were sexually active?”

I bit my lip and blushed. “3 months ago”.

Dr Tracys eyes slightly widened at this admission and quickly looked me up and down. “I see.” she paused, letting the air hang heavy. “Well! Let’s take a look at what you have for me here.”

I laid back on the table, wanting to say 800 dirty responses to that comment. But I bit my lip harder and shut up. In the process, I tasted strawberry which made me think of her pussy and I felt myself get wetter.

Oh god.

“What was that?”

Did I say that outloud?!

“Oh nothing, nothing!” I exclaimed and she started situating my heels on the stirrups. She pushed my legs open a bit too roughly and I gasped loudly.

“oh gosh! I’m sorry! This things are so slicked with oil, they moved really easily. I didn’t mean to startle you.” She took her glasses off and peered at me. “Missy, are you nervous?”

I realized I was on the verge of crying. It wasn’t from nerves, it was from me wanting her so fucking bad I could explode.

But I decided to be the damsel in sexual distress. “A bit.” I said, playing it off with a new air of confidence. I put on an innocent pout. “Its just that I haven’t been touched by anyone in months, so I’m a little jumpy”.

She nodded and clicked her tongue. “Poor sweetie” she murmurred as she stroked my leg lightly before pressing on my stomach.

I never knew what medical purpose this part of my exam held, but all I know is it was driving me a bit crazy. My boyfriend used to do this while fucking me with his thick cock and it got my blood flowing faster. She HAS to know the effect its having!

She continued to massage above my pelvic bone with gentle hands, her lovely lips pursed. She rolled away on her chair to retrieve her gloves.

“Alright, Missy. I want you to just relax. I’m going to examine you with my fingers first.”

I took a deep breath and smiled at her. “Ok.”

Her first touch was a lightning bolt through my body. She ran down my slit and eased her index finger into my pussy. It slid in easily. I tried to concentrate on not moaning, but I must have whimpered a bit.

“Relax” Dr. Tracy said softly and she moved her finger around, exploring my cunt. She rested her other hand on my lower stomach and applied pressure. I involuntarily sighed as she moved deeper. My clit twitched and grew double the casino firmaları size. She smiled at me. “You have strong vaginal walls, Missy. And you also didn’t need any lubricant prior to the exam. I was able to slip right in”.

On the last word, she pushed another finger inside of me and my pussy contracted, drawing her in deeper. I sighed and started shuddering. She stopped suddenly.

“Oh, dear. It seems you’re getting a bit anxious.” She looked at me with concern. “I’m going to call my nurse practitioner in here to calm you down”

My face almost fell in disappointment. I hope to the heavens it wasn’t going to be the old woman who looked at me like I was a prostitute smelling of sex.

Tracy pressed the intercom button. “Jillian? I’m in need of your assistance in room 3B immediately.”

I was about to tell Dr Tracy I was fine, I didn’t need someone to sit with me, when the door opened.

A young girl with short angled brown hair and bright blue eyes walked in, a clip board in hand. I knew I was gaping, my my hormones were on overdrive….please tell me this isn’t Jillian? Or please tell me it is!

“Yes Dr. Tracy? Did you need my assistance?”

“Actually, Jillian, Missy does. She’s a bit nervous and I need someone to sit by her while I conduct the exam. I need to start examining deeper and she has the tendency to….react”

Jillian looked at me with her piercing blue eyes, and smiled. “I see. Ill be glad to sit with her”

Jillian pulled up a chair next to me as I laid back down on the table. Dr. Tracy situated herself back between my legs. My pussy was soaked, dripping down my ass, and I could smell my desire in the room.

Dr. Tracy said “I’m going to begin now. Missy, close your eyes and relax”

I closed my eyes and felt Jillian stroking my forehead. Dr. Tracys fingers spread me apart, and Jillian leaned in next to my ear and whispered “Get ready, Missy. You’re about to be fucked”

My eyes flew open as I felt the buzz from vibrator being eased into my pussy. At the same time, I felt Dr Tracys hot mouth on me, licking it up and down. I bucked my hips to her face, but Jillian shushed me.

“You see, Missy, Dr. Tracy here loves womans pussies, which is why she chose this profession” I cried out in lust as Dr Tracy nodded her head in agreement, shoving the vibrator farther up my cunt, hitting my gspot. She grabbed ahold of my huge clit with her teeth and began sucking slowly.

“She also loves sex. So, when you walked in here with your short shirt on, with your tits bouncing and high heels clicking, and Dr. Tracy wanted nothing more than to have your sexy legs around her head”. Jillian began to play with my nipples idly as she talked. Dr Tracys face was dripping with my cum, and she withdrew the vibrator from my pussy and placed it on my clit, wiggling it slightly.

I moaned and groaned. “oh god, oh god”.

Dr Tracy stopped. “Your not going to orgasm yet, Missy. I came in here, and you were pinching your nipples hard and rocking back and forth in heat, and I want to watch you writhe and twist with need. I saw the way you looked at my tits.” She squeezed them and pulled one out of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra, that dirty whore. “Do you like them?”

I watched her squeeze her breasts together and my hand flew to my pussy, wanting to get off more than anything in the world. Jillian grabbed my arms and placed them in an iron grip.

“No way” she ordered. “you are Dr. Tracys toy right now. You do not touch yourself”.

I nodded and moaned, shaking my head back and forth with need.

“Jillian, you may use Missy as you’d like right now. I’d like to sit and watch.” Dr güvenilir casino Tracy hopped up on the counter and spread her lovely legs wide, stroking her wet cunt.

Jillian wasted no time in leaning in to kiss me. Her tongue slid in my mouth as her hands found their way between my legs. She began rubbing me hard as she bit my ear, calling me a dirty slut and asking me if I liked having my clit played with. I could only pant in response.

She hiked her pencil skirt up and climbed on top of me, facing Dr Tracy. I was staring at her pussy, glistening amazingly. I reached up and grabbed her ass, pulling her cunt to my face. I dove in furiously, sucking her clit and fucking her with my tongue. She rode my face and watched Dr Tracy use the vibrator on herself, getting off on watching her nurse practitioner fuck her patients face. I heard her start grunting on top of me, high pitched squeaks, and I clamped down on her hard clit and sucked as she came on my face. She fell forward and started kissing my thighs, still suspended in the air by the stirrups.

Dr Tracy could sense I was going crazy. My hips were rolling forward involuntarily, my pussy pulsing with desire. As Jillian continued to kiss the inside of my thighs, Dr. Tracy moved forward and lowered her beautiful face to my cunt. My clit was engorged and popping out of its hood, so she took two fingers and pinched it, jerking it up and down. Jillian climbed off of me, behind Dr Tracy and began fondling her tits. It was so hot to watch.

I was crying out, not caring if the whole world heard me.

“Please…..lick me……please please, I need it so fucking bad!”

Dr Tracy giggled and Jillian said, “Your going to like this, Missy. She loves to eat cunt” and pushed Dr Tracys head roughly into my pussy.

“Yes!” I screamed.

Jillian began talking dirty to me while fingering Dr Tracy from behind.

“yeah Missy, do you like that? Do you like Dr Tracys head between your thighs? Your pussy is so wet, her face is covered in your juices, I can smell you from her. You’ve been such a dirty slut, touching yourself in the doctors office, I bet you want to hump her face and cum hard don’t you? You look so hot laying there, playing with your tits and having your pussy licked.”

My face was all red, my tits were swollen from me abusing them with pinches and squeezes. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Dr Tracy lifted my ass up and buried her face deeper, shaking her head back and forth quickly. I felt my clit being bitten hard.

“I’m going to cum!”

And I was cumming, shaking, screaming, bucking uncontrollably. I felt myself ooze cum all over, and my clit was pulsing under her tongue.

Dr Tracy fell away from my pussy and Jillian grabbed her and pulled her to the floor, grinding their pussies together and kissing passionately. I watched as they coupled on the floor, pulling eachothers hair and scratching.

I grabbed the vibrator and placed it on my clitoris while I watched them 69 on the floor. Dr Tracy was really finger fucking Jillian hard while she licked, and Jillian was having a hard time keeping her face in one place, but finally locked her mouth on the right spot.

We all came together hard shortly after. The room smelled like sex and was thick with lust.

Dr. Tracy sat up, perfect blonde hair touseled sexily. She left Jillian on the floor and came over to me, ignoring my panting and kissed me, squeezing my tits gently until I cried out.

“It looks like you have a very healthy pussy, Missy”. She stroked me between my legs and pinched my lips together. At her touch, I tensed and came slighty again.

“Make a follow-up appointment at the front desk. I’m glad we were able to get you to relax enough so I can get the job done”

Jillian and Doctor Tracy giggled, and together they walked hand in hand out of the office, leaving me with one hell of an experience to masturbate to for a long time.

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