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Draguette Ch. 03

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The celebration did not last long. With an uproar, the doors to Jane’s special tattoo parlor swung open and in came another set of six huge sumo wrestlers. They were carrying a man just as gingerly as they had carried in Draguette an hour before. They were followed by an equally raucous group of Chinese women, all elegantly dressed. They were accompanying a mature woman, attired in a high class Chinese outfit. She was short and fat, bossy, and mean-looking, must like the Mandarin princess. Jane and Draguette and the artists all surmised she had to be his wife, the Mandarin princess.

In her mind, Draguette quickly made the connections. The man had been forced to model, just like she had, on a platform, he had been auctioned off among a huge crowd of Chinese women, the Mandarin princess had made the overwhelming bid to purchase him, and in the mayhem he had peed and lost his senses. Just like Draguette, he was now brought to the tattoo parlor and laid down on the tattoo table. His legs were raised high and parted wide, held in place by the stirrups. He was still in a daze.

The Mandarin princess seemed unusually keen on not letting anyone touch the man’s penis. Furthermore, the Mandarin princess was intently focused on staring at it. At first, Draguette could not understand why. After all, it did strike her as being a very small penis. Perhaps almost too small for what Draguette estimated to be a very large, strong and handsome man. The Mandarin princess could not take her eyes away from it. The Chinese women were also looking at it, albeit from a distance.

The Mandarin princess turned to Jane with a quizzical look. Jane understood it as a question and replied, “This is Liam. He has a hypospadias penis.”

The translator turned pale. It was evident he did not know what it meant, much less how to translate the term hypospadias.

Jane figured the translator might have his head chopped off for this, so she canlı bahis şirketleri took matters into her own hands. Better yet, she took Liam’s tiny hypo-penis in her hands. Expertly, Jane showed the Mandarin princess how it had an incomplete foreskin, covering the glans only on the upper side of the shaft. The Mandarin princess seemed to start to understand as she stared in disbelief that a penis could be so perfectly beautiful!

Jane took it one step further. Carefully, she took it between the fingers of her two hands and gently pulled it back, pulling and stretching it out like a tiny fan. The Mandarin princess smiled and nodded eagerly. She wanted Jane to hold and maintain the foreskin spread apart.

The Mandarin princess said something to the translator; he passed it on to Jane, and she told the tattoo artists what to do. The Mandarin princess wanted Liam’s testicles and ass shaved clean. Only the testicles and ass: nothing else shaved. They obliged. Of course, in the process, they did what they had done to Draguette an hour before. One of them inserted a third silver dove egg up his ass, pressing it in as deep as he could with his finger, and thereafter slipping in a vacuum tablet.

When his testicles were smooth and shiny, the Mandarin princess said something to the translator, and he to Jane. Jane asked for a vial of super glue. Applying just a single drop on the back of Liam’s hypo foreskin, she pressed it against his navel and held it in place for the required sixty seconds. With that single drop of super glue, Liam’s lovely, perfectly beautiful, and tiny hypo-penis was firmly attached to his navel by the foreskin!

The Mandarin princess smiled, pleased with the accomplishment. Liam was starting to come to his senses, sort of but not quite realizing what had happened nor where he really was. The Mandarin princess turned to Jane and made a movement with her hand. Jane understood. She reached for a catheter and was about to insert canlı kaçak iddaa it when the Mandarin princess motioned Jane aside: the Mandarin princess wanted to do it.

Draguette had never before seen what was about to happen. As the Chinese women came closer to get a closer look, they made way for Draguette to take a look as well. Draguette was mesmerized. Sure, Liam had a lovely, perfectly beautiful tiny penis, she already knew that. What she did not know, what she had never learned ever before, what she did not know was even possible was that Liam’s pee hole was not at the tip of his penis. Liam’s pee hole was halfway down his penile shaft!

Apparently none of the other women had ever seen this before. They all gasped and exclaimed and praised Liam for his uniqueness. The Mandarin princess inserted the catheter, not without lots of effort because she had never done this before, much less on a hypo penis. Liam was starting to come to his senses more clearly. The discomfort of the catheter sliding in very slowly was apparent in the way he winced and squirmed. Finally, it was all the way in. The Mandarin princess shook it about, letting the remaining contents of his bladder empty out completely. Slowly, agonizingly too slow for Liam, she slipped it back out. She looked at his penis once more, smiling.

Liam was fully conscious by now. Jane asked her tattoo artists to help him up. Draguette was mesmerized again. Liam stood as tall as she, handsome and powerful. The only special thing was that his penis, his hypo-penis, his tiny and beautiful hypo-penis was glued to his pelvis by a drop of super glue on the foreskin, pointing up!

Liam took one look at Draguette in her stark nudity, decorated like a Chinese landscape except for her full, lily white breasts, fire-red pubic hair and genitalia. He started to get an erection immediately. Well, almost an erection. With his fan-like foreskin glued to his navel, his little penis could not come straight canlı kaçak bahis out. Instead, it simply got increasing bigger and harder, tugging against the foreskin until it seemed to be unsheathing itself, growing up from where the fan-like foreskin was glued to his navel. Draguette fell in love instantly with Liam!

Jane wasted no time. She instructed the tattoo artists to immerse Liam in the same warm latex bath that Draguette had been immersed in, again his arms against his powerful thighs. When he was raised out of the baths, he was just like Draguette: encased in extremely thin, strong, transparent stretch wrap. His hypo-penis was encompassed even harder, making its bulging veins even more pronounced. The Mandarin princess waddled over to get a closer look. Every detail was clearly visible, even enhanced by the stretch wrap. And the best, the best Draguette had ever seen: his mid-shaft pee hole was perfectly highlighted!

The tattoo artists immediately got to work. Whereas Draguette’s perfect body had been decorated with scenes of a feudal Chinese village, Liam’s body was decorated with scenes of a feudal Chinese zoo, including a menagerie of real and imaginary animals. And again, like Draguette, nothing was painted in the area of his genitals, making them look even starker. His small, beautiful, perfectly shaped hypo-penis struggled against the super glue that held his fan-like foreskin to attain its normal hypospadias curvature.

Jane, the artists, and the women of the entourage again held their breaths. Jane asked Liam to walk around. He was free to move in any direction, expect that like Draguette, his arms were pinned to his thighs. The Mandarin princess motioned him to get on the tattoo table, to raise his knees and part his legs. She peered closely at his testicles, his ass with the wrap being sucked in, and especially closely at his hypo-penis. Satisfied with what beauty and perfection she saw, she motioned her assistant.

Again, Jane was presented with yet another, huge amount of cash!

Everyone was relieved, actually immensely pleased — and grateful

Everyone expect Draguette: in addition to everything else, Draguette had fallen hopelessly in love with Liam!

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