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Eddie Pus. Complex

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Author’s note: This story was inspired by many of the contributing writers to Literotica, specifically those that dabble in the incest category. Please be forewarned, it is a little more depraved than my previous submittals to this forum. In truth, I had never given much thought to the whole concept of incest prior to my exposure to Literotica. But I did have a very crazy mom, which got me thinking about what “could have been.” Following is my historically accurate, yet fictional account, of life with Maggie. A large portion of this tale is true. Other portions did happen, but maybe at other times, in other ways, or between other people. Also, some parts are simply enhancements added by an excited writer. Oh, one more thing, all sex acts that occurred, were between consenting adults, over the age of 18. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please enjoy!! And, as always, constructive comments are appreciated.

Hey all, I’m Eddie Pusilowski. Eddie-Pus. for short, but I’ll explain that a little later. I’m here to tell you about my crazy adventures with mom, and how our relationship went to hell and back, and still managed to remain good till the very end.

I’m a pretty secure, and stable guy. People have always looked at me as the calm, and not the storm, and to this day, that’s generally my M.O. But, for a couple of years, mom took me on a long, convoluted trip through crazy. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t always pleasant, but I love the memories, and to this day I truly love my mom. Oh, and one other thing; all the sex presented below was between consenting adults, over the age of eighteen. I don’t want no legal bullshit to tarnish my memories.

Anyway, a little bit about me and the family. I grew up in a family of four brothers, mostly living with mom as head of household. She managed to marry five husbands by the time I turned eighteen, of which number-two fathered my brother Mike, number-three fathered me and younger brother Mark, and number-four fathered my little after-thought brother, Scotty. Five husbands, plus the drama of four kids, two deaths, three divorces, and the excitement of three additional engagements that for one reason or another, failed to launch. All that, plus a shit-load of boyfriends, coming and going in between; all fighting for the right to sample Maggie’s wares. Mom was a busy girl.

Anyway, Mom was always busy entertaining men. As kids, you don’t notice things are weird, until people start pointing it out for you. Questions such as, “you guys are home all alone?”, or “what do you mean your mom’s not coming home till tomorrow?”, or “why are those guys going up to your mom’s bedroom?”, started to make me notice that other people did not live like we did. Quite honestly though, I didn’t think that was a bad thing. I mean, mom might go out for nights, or multiple days, but we usually got pizza and food, gifts, cash, motels with swimming pools, and mostly a hassle-free life. There was always a man around, just not usually the same guy for too long. But generally, we lived our life without complaint, and didn’t get involved in mom’s crazy shit until shortly after my 18th birthday had passed.

Mom was a very attractive woman. Short, maybe 5′-2″, with a real pretty face, with great skin. She had reddish hair that turned prematurely grey in her thirties. But oddly, the grey really worked for her. She had a terrific, Rubenesque figure, a little hippy, with GREAT TITS. If you’re a porn fan, picture Eva Knotty with grey hair. I always knew my mom had GREAT TITS!! I had read the tag on her bra once, and her size said 38 DD. Just GREAT TITS! Anyway, good looking, with GREAT TITS, and a hunger for men; that was mom and the life I shared with her.

Now a little more about me personally. Eddie Pus. is like a hawk. I watch everything; I see what’s going on, I figure things out, and, to the best of my ability, I make lemonade with the lemons I find. Oh, and I am the horniest mother-fucker you can imagine. The summer of my high school graduation I came to understand the extent of mom’s insanity, and her perverse needs. I began to use her little “meet-ups” with the fellas as an opportunity to snoop, watch, and learn a about mom, and what-the-fuck she was doing. The first place I searched for clues to her activities was the hamper. With mom absent so much, I spent a lot of time doing the laundry. It was there that I first found the pleasure of mom’s soiled panties.

Once I sniffed my first panty, I was an addict. And once I became an addict, I became a curious addict. I’d start tracing mom’s activities by the stank in her panties. Plain white meant work panty. These were usually stanky, sometimes with a nice brown stain added for my pleasure, but rarely did the plain white ever include sexual fluids. The colorful undies though, always offered a smorgasbord of smells and flavors. Cum, piss, shit, blood, lipstick, and God only knows what else. It was all there for the finding, and I found every trace of it.

I’d often take her full underwear set, bra and panties both, into my room and jerk-off for hours. I’d smell and lick those panties, until they kaçak iddaa were soggy wet, then wrap my cock around them and masturbate till my tank was empty. I would also lick her bras, knowing those beautiful tits were harnessed inside. After jerking off as much as I could, I’d then try on her under garments, using socks to fill the bra. Some days, when mom was disappeared, I’d do the whole ensemble, wearing her bra, panties, stockings, and garters. Mom was a total shoe-whore too. No outfit was complete, until the high, pointy toe, stiletto heels, were on her feet. Dressing in mom’s underwear made my dick so fucking-hard, especially when I knew who she was with. It’s funny, I knew my mom had a very active sex life, but I never thought for any reason she was different from every other mom. I just knew her activities gave me the biggest boner and made me jerk-off a lot.

I have a couple of memories that really stand out to me, and, I think, ultimately sowed my relationship with mom. The summer after high school graduation I endured an eye-opening experience with mom. I think for her it was just another family weekend, but Eddie Pus. grew into a man that weekend. Mom frequently rented hotel rooms during summer weekends for her crew of boys to swim and enjoy the air conditioning. Usually, she and the man-friend would drop us off Saturday afternoon and we’d swim, play games, and watch movies. They’d usually disappear early evening, and we’d all met again the next day for lunch. This happened frequently, for many years. Different dudes, but same program, and we loved it. Everyone getting unsupervised play time, albeit different games for each.

My memory of this particular night is clear to this day. On this weekend, they rented two adjoining rooms; one for the us guys, and the next-door room for them. This was a little off the script, but barely registered on my radar. Generally, mom and her dates would stay out all night playing their “games” and taking care of business, then return to the hotel the next day. Anyway, mom and her man-friend returned to the adjoining room late that evening. I don’t believe any of my brothers were awake, but the hawk was wide awake, on the job, and grateful for the paper-thin walls of this cheap hotel. Mom and the man-friend were both drunk and giggling but chattering “shush-shush” and “be quiet” kinda stuff. The action started slowly, with a barely heard “Suck my cock”, or “Fuck me Maggie”. Shortly, the grunts and groans started, along with the explicit sound of a hand slapping a meaty ass. Then the headboard started banging, which lead to screams of “Fuck me, I’m cumming”. Then they’d rest for a little, repeat, and on and on the night went. That mother-fucker banged mom almost till sunrise, and Eddie Fucking-Pus. listened to all of it. A long night of screaming, expletives, headboard banging, moaning, groaning, slapping, and I pleasured myself to all of it.

That night became the springboard of my quest to fuck my own mother. After that all-night, slam-fuck, I couldn’t wait to do the laundry on Monday and check out mom’s underwear. I’ll tell you more about that panty experience later, after I tell you the story about heavyweight contender, Two-Ton, Tony Gilento.

Later that same summer, mom and her boyfriend of the day, Tony the Goomba, were going out dancing. Tony was an old-school “businessman” from East Orange NJ, and looked just like Paulie Gaultieri, from the Sopranos. He’d been hanging around with mom for about a month or so, and for some reason he had mom’s interest, and mom certainly had his. On this night, Mom looked especially good for her date with Tony. She had on a black, satin dress, low cut, with a lot of titty popping out the top, sleeveless, low cut in the back too, skirt above the knee, with a short slit on the side to emphasize her legs. She also wore sheer, black stockings, and those pointy, black stilettos, that must have had 5″ heels. Mom looked fucking-good!

Anyway, she and Tony go out, then return around 1 am. However, not only does she return with Tony, two of his henchmen are following along. I’m the only one still awake, laying on the couch watching an old movie or something, when the Goomba says to me, “Hey Eddie, you like the fights?” I replied that I was more of a baseball guy, but I loved both Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. He then went on to tell me those two “N-words” were pussies, and that he had a real fighter with him. “You ever hear of ‘Two-Ton Tony Gilento'”, he asks me. I said that maybe I had heard of him but didn’t know much about him. Then he yells “Two-Ton, get the fuck in here; I got someone I want you to meet.”

So, into our rec. room walks this big, hulking, fucking-goon of a man. “Eddie, meet Two-Ton Tony Gilento, a real fighter.”

Being the wise ass that I was, I responded to that by asking, “Oh yeah, what’d you ever do that was so great?”

Big, Two-Ton, leaned over and put his big, ugly, fucking-bald head right into my face and says, “Listen kid, I fought Joe Louis. And I knocked him the fuck down and woulda ‘Moida’d the bum’ if they’d a let me.” Then kaçak bahis he puts his big-ass fist right under my chin and says “You know who the fuck I am now kid? YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM NOW?”

Say what you will about fucking-Eddie Pus., but he ain’t stupid. I began nodding my head profusely, while sputtering “Yes sir, I know who you are now sir. Yes sir. Two-Ton Tony Gilento woulda ‘Moida’d’ Joe Lewis,” I said. “I’m going to bed now. It was nice meeting you. Goodnight,” I added, as I quickly walked out of the rec. room and up to my bedroom. Holy, Fucking, Shit, Mom! What-the-fuck are you doing? I thought as I ran up the steps.

As I laid in bed, I listened to mom and the crew drinking, laughing, joking, and having a good old time for about an hour or so, and then was shocked to realize the party was heading upstairs. Mom with three thugs, one of them being Two-Ton, Fucking-Tony Gilento, marching up to her bedroom. And Eddie Pus. scared to death, with a raging hard-on, intently waiting to hear what happens next

What happened next was the most disturbing, yet enlightening (in a “Maggie” kinda-way) thing Eddie Pus. could have ever imagined. The Goomba, Two-Ton Tony, and a third thug, all fucking mom like she was an inflatable doll. I was sitting in my room with my ear against the door, trying to hear what was going on in Mom’s room. Our rooms were joined by the shared bathroom, with the door usually locked from the inside, to protect mom’s privacy. As I listened, I could hear the hushed talk of “ditch the dress bitch,” and “show me those tits honey.” Mom had started the show and I could tell the fellas were warming up.

As the fellas got warm, so too did the volume increase. “Eat that dick baby.” “Take it all down your throat cunt.” And my personal favorite, “I wanna fuck her in the ass Tony.” Holy Shit, my own mother was about to get ass-fucked by three thugs, and my response was to grab my boner and start wanking it. Listening as best I could, I leaned into the door, and much to my surprise, the door pushed in, and opened. Now I could not only hear this fuck-fest, but suddenly I could also see the entire session reflected in her large bathroom mirror. Oh, Fuck me Eddie Pus!!

Mom was on her knees, surrounded by the three partially dressed thugs. As best I could tell, she was only wearing the stockings and high heeled shoes. She had a dick in her mouth, and another dick in each hand and was tugging and sucking, like a crazy woman. “Spit on it bitch and lube it a little,” the Goomba growled at her causing mom to release the dick in her mouth and spit a rope onto each dick in her hand. “That’s it cunt, now jerk them dicks”, thug three added.

Mom was sucking one, while simultaneously jerking the other two dicks, then pivoting and swapping positions to give each dick some mouth time. Tony the Goomba had a long skinny dick, thug three possessed what appeared to be about a 9″ fat monster that was giving mom all she could handle. Two-Ton Tony had a dick like an oversized Russet potato; not very long, but fat and gnarly. As hard as she was trying, that dick barely fit in mom’s mouth.

Watching mom suck these three guys was fucking-amazing. She was slobbering, and spitting, and spinning herself to give each dick time between her glossed lips. I’m gonna blow baby, keep jerking my dick you fucking-cunt, I’m gonna blow right on your face baby,” thug three announced. “Hold her head Tony, I’m dumping this load right between her eyes,” he added. While she was sucking the russet potato, Tony the Goomba grabbed her head, spun it sideways just in time for thug three to blast her face full of hot cum.

“Oh, Maggie-baby, you are soooo fucking-hot,” Tony the Goomba complimented her, while mom just kept sucking on Two-Ton Tony, and jerking him.

“Keep going slut, you’re gonna get two more loads before you get a break,” Two-Ton warned her. Both Tony’s were now thrusting their hips and giving mom at least as much effort as she was giving them. “You are such a good cock-sucker,” fat Tony complimented her as he neared his orgasm. As it approached, he grabbed mom’s tits and squeezed her nipples hard forcing a wailing “OOOOOOOHHHHHH” from mom.

“Suck me cunt, suck my fucking-dick you whore.” Two-Ton added. As he made his final thrust into mom’s mouth, he grabbed the back of her head and shoved the entire russet potato down her throat and let loose his load directly into her esophagus. “Oh, you fucking-cunt!” fat Tony screamed to no one in particular.

As mom had just about recovered from the russet potato load down her throat, Tony the Goomba let loose about five huge ropes of cum on her tits. “Oh, I love those big titties Maggie,” Goomba crooned, as he dumped his cream on her beautiful tits.

I was near in shock after watching the spectacle of my own mother getting unmercifully blow-banged by the three gangsters. I was scared, and nervous, and had no idea what to do about any of this. I knew this was so wrong, but it made me so fucking-horny. My dick was raging. I probably should have stormed into her room, told those three thugs to get-the-fuck illegal bahis out, and then put mom safely into bed. That’s probably what I should have done.

But what did Eddie Pus. do you may ask? He quietly shut the bathroom door and proceeded to jerk-off while dreaming of his mother’s beautiful tits; that’s what Eddie Pus. did. All the while listening to the gangsters fuck her brains out. It was not my proudest moment, but that’s how I responded.

Now, in all seriousness. I was truly scared to death. Scared for me, scared for mom, and scared for my whole family. As fucked up as her shit was, I loved my mom and truly knew she loved us. I mean, all things considered, she had generally cared for us pretty-well, and these three fucking-thugs were essentially gang raping her. But overriding the scared part of me was the horny side. I wanted to watch and hear my mom get fucked, and I wanted to fuck her myself so badly, that I cowered in my room jerking-off, just hoping that my day would soon come.

That night I was awake till almost dawn, jerking-off and listening to mom getting abused in the next room. I must have cum five times. When the Tony the Goomba told her to lick the cum off her own tits, I think I spratzed onto my own face. And when fat, Two-Ton, Tony told her he was putting the russet potato up her ass, I spunked again well into the air. The realization that my mom was a total submissive slut, finally dawned on me, and I was determined from that night on to help her satisfy those abusive urges myself someday.

I talked previously about inspecting mom’s underwear the morning after the experience at the hotel. That pair of panties was soaked with pussy juice, and some of the dried sperm that must have leaked out of her well-fucked pussy. I smelled, and licked, and tasted those mixed flavors, and loved every minute of it. That morning ended with a serious cum shot and a continuing commitment to have my own mother.

The morning after the blow-bang with the Goombas, left me with an even sweeter bounty. Her panties were full of fresh, cunt drip, and man-cum. Even her bra smelled like her cunt, so I can only imagine what those fucking-thugs had her do with it. After licking the panties clean, and cumming twice, I was still so fucking-horny. I decided to play dress-up in the stockings, bra, and panties that were left scattered all over the floor. I did not make a very attractive woman, but the jerking-off while in her lingerie was incredible. I was now desperate to fuck my own mother, or I was going to go crazy.

The big day came shortly thereafter. I was preparing to go away and play baseball in college. I was 6′-3″, 220 lbs., and in peak physical condition. Studying, working out, work, and partying, was my life, when I wasn’t scheming to fuck my own mother. In pursuit of that landmark objective, I found some additional information that helped me better understand my mom, and her sexual needs.

I discovered that mom had become a devout reader of quality, smutty literature. While searching her panty drawer one day, I found two books that truly helped me understand mom and her needs. She’d been reading the Pearl, and the Story of O. After a little research, I found that both books are classics in the specific genre of dominant and submissive sexual relationships. The Pearl was loaded with kink, but fairly, heavy reading, what with the proper English speech, and manner lifestyle of the British aristocracy. But through all that, it was clear that my mom got off on women being sexually dominated by powerful men.

“The Story of O”, offered a little clearer view into mom’s damaged mind. The story itself was about a beautiful lady in Paris named “O”. She was initially courted and loved by a wealthy, gentlemen, who ultimately persuaded and trained her to serve him, and his friends, in all kinds of kinky ways. “O” was kept in comfort and high-fashion, but her purpose became the service of her suitors with oral, vaginal, and anal pleasures, anytime, anywhere, whenever requested. “O” was regularly passed around between the various men, providing, and enduring, a diverse array of BDSM tortures, including humiliation, piercing, branding, pain, whipping, bondage, etc., until she was reduced to nothing but a sex slave. So committed to her place in that life, her greatest fear became abandonment by her keepers. I could envision a world where mom was the kept lady, existing only for the sexual pleasure of her keepers. In my dreams, Mom was “O”, and Eddie Pus. the Master. I must have jerked-off to that dream a million times.

The day the dream became reality, started a lot like many other days. It was a Sunday morning, and mom was out very late on Saturday night. As was her routine, she still got up Sunday morning to go grocery shopping. That morning Eddie Pus. was up early as well. As soon as mom was out the door, I was in her hamper. The Panty-Gods were good to Eddie Pus. on that morning. The previous night, mom wore a matching bra and panty set, mostly in red satin, with black lace all around. Her panties were full of her soggy stench, plus the gooey mess of last night’s date. Interestingly, her bra was also coated with that white, slimy, goo. That combo of cum in her cunt, and a big pair of sticky tits, got my dick rock-hard immediately.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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