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Edging Games Turn Not Gay Pt. 04

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Saturday afternoon, I am laying on the bed, basking in the afterglow. I can feel Soy boy’s cum leaking out of my well used ass. I hear the shower and try to stand up, my legs are a little shaky, and my ass is tender. I wobble my way to the bathroom, and find my best friend is already in the shower.

I admire his smooth toned body as I enter, the warm water feels refreshing on my tired body. We kiss, and begin quietly washing each other. I am soaping Soyboy’s chest, our mouths still attached, sensually kissing. I let my other hand slide down his tummy towards his little throbber. I am stunned as he stops me, “I am too sore, he moans apologetically.”

I kiss my friend gently, and then teasingly say “You only came five times so far.” We chuckle, kissing as we wash, Soy boy, moaning in pain every time his little cock tries to grow. We finish up, as we dry off, we decide to watch a movie, and maybe order some food. Soy boy teases me as I walk to the living room. “You are walking funny,” he giggles, as I roll my eyes, he adds, “Did you get a good fucking?” I laugh, shaking my head, as we sit.

We spoon on the couch, in our boxers, he finds an old movie to watch as we decide on what to eat. I order a pizza, we cuddle while we wait. A few minutes later we hear a whistle from Soy boy’s phone. He laughs as he reads the text to me, “How is practice going? Love Dean.”

I giggle as he shows me, He holds the phone above us as we pose for a photo, we press our lips together and he snaps a shot. “what do you think?” Soy boy asks, showing me the pic, “send it,” I reply, smiling.

Soy boy presses send, and then a text, asking escort ataşehir how Deans weekend is going.

Dean responds with a smiley face, followed by a photo of himself and a pretty blonde girl. Dean is shirtless, his friend is wearing a sexy red tank top and lacy panties. They are seated on a couch, her hand is on his leg next to his obvious boner. An accompanying text reads, Kylie says hi, see you cock suckers tomorrow,. followed by a bunch of smileys.

Another photo follows, A closeup of Kylie’s panties and the exquisite, surprise bulge they contain. We sit with our mouths hanging open, staring, speechless as our brains try to unscramble.

I hear a moan of pain from Soyboy, I look over to take in his full tent. My own cock growing just as rapidly. “She has a bigger cock than all of us,” I say in amazement, unable to pry my eyes from her bulge. We pose, and Soyboy snaps a shot, of our hands on each other’s tents. He sends it to Dean, We receive a thumbs up, and a smiley face. We cuddle giggling, and kissing until our food arrives.

After eating we find a ballgame to watch, and spoon on the couch. Soyboy is in front, our hands are entwined on his stomach. My crotch presses against his bubble butt. We watch the game, cheering on our team, our laughter flows easily, our kisses are long and frequent. As the first quarter ends I side my boxers off, relishing the feeling of my half hard cock on my friends ass.

Soyboy slides his boxers off too, I carefully position my growing dick between his soft cheeks. Soyboy moans as he feels me grow, I reach down for his lovely cock, I hear an anguished moan, “still kadıköy escort sore?” I inquire. Soyboy nods as he moves my hand back to his tummy. We watch the rest of the quarter like this, my cock grows to its full five and a half inches, just as the buzzer sounds.

During half time, Soyboy goes to the bathroom, after a quick trip to his bedroom he returns with his coconut oil and two towels in hand. We lay the towels on the couch, He hands me the oil as we lay back down. Soyboy moans softly as I lube his crack, I slide my cock up and down his slit before covering it in oil. “Please fuck me he moans.”

I press my well lubed cock against my best friend’s rosebud, he pushes back as I enter. My little cock easily slides into him, “Wow you were ready,” I moan as I slide my dick in to the hilt. “I have been using that dildo a lot,” he explains as I start fucking him slowly. Our hands still clasped, I maintain a steady pace. giving him as much of my five plus inches as I can on every thrust. My friends moans combined with his tight ass sending shock waves of pleasure through my entire body.

“Fucking a girl never felt this good,” I moan in realization. “I thought the same thing when I was fucking you,” he replies softly. I pull his hips closer, and just quietly fuck him for a few minutes. Stroking his prostate with my throbbing cock, in and out, in and out. My balls slapping his ass, my lips pressed to his neck. I nibble my best friend’s ear, as my thrusts become shorter and firmer. Soyboy moans louder, as I fuck him harder and harder, I slowly pull all of my cock out, and then drive it back into him, holding his maltepe escort bayan hips firmly against me, as the whole of my cock twitches inside my bestie’s sweet ass.

I hold him there for a moment, letting my orgasm back off a little. I release my pressure on his hips as I try to fuck him slowly. I can feel my orgasm building on every trip in and out of his hot little hole. I manage to control myself, slowing to a relaxed pace, I watch my cock as I listen to my friends soft moans. I do my best to continue this control, but every time I realize I am fucking my best friend my cock wants to explode.

I somehow manage to continue, fucking his tight ass slowly, working all of my cock into him. Soyboy’s sweet ass is massaging my cock as I slide in and out as slow as I can. My mouth is pressed against the back of his neck, biting him gently. “Fuck fuck fuck,” I moan into him, as I fight my orgasm. Looking down to watch my little cock slide in and out of him.

I turn his head to me and kiss him, pausing with my cock fully buried in his tight hole. I increase my pace, building steadily as we kiss. I move Soyboy slightly forward and start fucking him harder. His sweet moans are a nice reward. My tight balls are slapping him, as I piston my hard little pole into him.

A slow, steady stream of moans, emanates from us, as I fuck my best friend harder and harder. Our bodies are warm and flushed, my cock as hard as steel. I thrust my hips trying to get more and more into him. Slowing as I feel my imminent orgasm. I let out a huge moan as my Cock spasms and starts shooting my hot load. I hold my cock firmly inside of him as I spray. My legs shaking as I loosen my grip and slide my softening cock out.

After cleaning up, We kiss and cuddle, quietly vowing to leave each other’s cocks alone for a bit. Knowing we will probably break our vows, we go back to spooning and watch the end of the game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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