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Editing Reailty Book 2, Chapter 9: Unwrapping His Gift

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Editing Reality

Book Two: Sultry Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Nine: Unwrapping His Gift

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies

The edited Imogene walked into my office. The plump, tattooed, and pierced girl with the garish, purple hair looked completed different now. She was thinner, her hair its natural shade of brown, no longer short but flowing long and with a delicious bounce. No ear expanders distorted her lobes. No tattoo of a butterfly covered her throat. She looked trimmed and lovely in her pencil skirt and blouse, her perky tits molded by the thin cloth.

“Mmm, isn’t she sexy?” my wife purred as Imogene’s fingers flew to the buttons of her blouse, stripping naked just like any other woman would. It was perverted to modify my office so women disrobed, but I couldn’t help it.

I was corrupted.

“So this is the first time you’ve seen this version of her?” my wife whispered.

I nodded my head as Imogene worked the buttons of her light-blue blouse. “How are you liking your new office, Mr. Davies?”

“I’m enjoying it,” I said as her small, perky breasts came into view. Her nipples were pink and thrusting hard, her breasts jiggling.

“Wonderful,” she said. “I’m so happy.” She slipped out of her blouse and carefully folded it and set it on a small shelf. Her hips wiggled as she unzipped her skirt. She peeled out of it, sliding it over her thigh-high stockings.

“No bra or panties,” my wife murmured. “That’s naughty.”

“I thought you’d like that,” I said as Imogene folded her skirt. She had such a bright smile on her lips. She licked them, wetted them, and purred as she stalked forward. She kept her thigh-high stockings on her legs.

“Ooh, did you make an exception for hosiery?” asked my wife.

“Only thigh-highs,” I told her as Imogene walked around the desk, passing my wife perched naked on it.

I turned in my comfortable chair, my dick throbbing in my slacks. I loosened my tie and pulled it off as Imogene knelt before me. She rubbed her hands up and down my slacks a few times before they slid all the way up to my crotch. Her stroke made me shudder. She felt amazing.

Her fingers unsnapped my slacks and pulled down my zipper, rasping as it went.. She slipped her hands into my pants. She grasped my cock. Her hand was delicious. It was a treat. Her hand gripped me, stroked me. She had such a soft grip. I groaned at the touch of her. This delicious treat swept through me.

My cock throbbed and pulsed in her hand. She pumped her hand up and down my shaft and licked her lips again. My wife squeezed her thighs shut and let out a moan of delight as she watched. Imogene engulfed my dick. She sucked on it. She sealed her mouth over it. Her cheeks hollowed.

I groaned as the pleasure surged through me. I savored feeling her hungry mouth sucking on my cock. It was delicious that I’d remade her into a new woman. My fingers flexed and relaxed on the armrests of the chair. My heart pounded in my chest as this amazing treat surged through me.

“She is just loving you,” my wife moaned. My wife licked her lips. Her large breasts swayed. “How is she.”

“Skilled,” I said, sliding my hand through Imogene’s hair.

“Ooh, it’s making me so wet,” my wife groaned. “Just look at her loving you. She’s into it. She loves blowing you.”

Imogene popped her mouth off my cock. “Of course I love blowing him, and not just because it’s my job. I just love sucking on dicks. Worshiping them. Bobbing my head up and down on them. Tasting that salty cum.”

My wife shuddered. “It is fun.”

“If you are horny, I replaced the alcohol in the globe with a collection of dildos I brought from my home. My girlfriend and I have a huge collection.”

My wife’s eyes widened in delight. Then she winked at me and hopped off my desk, her large breasts swaying. I smiled as I watched her naked rump sway as she headed to the old-fashioned, wooden globe. She opened it while Imogene swallowed my cock.

The girl sucked hard. My dick throbbed and ached. It pulsed in her mouth. Her lips slid up and down my shaft. Her tongue danced. I groaned as my wife smiled, pulling out a bumpy, pink dildo attached to a matching harness. With a giggle, my wife stepped into it, her dark-red hair sweeping about her shoulders.

Imogene’s sucking and slurping echoed through my office as my wife donned the harness. She pulled it up her legs. She tightened it, the dildo bobbing before her. She straightened, smiling. Then she sauntered towards us, the dildo swaying before her. Her heavy tits bounced.

“Good look on you,” I said as Imogene sucked.

My wife winked at me as she knelt behind my secretary.

Imogene wiggled her hips and moaned around my cock, eager for the toy. I gripped her brown hair, holding tight as my wife lined up. It was an incredible delight to witness. I ached to share my secretary with my wife, my dick throbbing in Imogene’s hot, wet mouth.

My wife lined up at her cunt.

She thrust forward.

Linda’s tits heaved as her crotch smacked against Imogene’s rump. My secretary moaned about my cock. My chair creaked. My heart pounded in my chest as the girl bobbed her head, working that hot mouth up and down my dick.

My wife drew back her hips and slammed forward. She gripped Imogene’s hips. Linda’s breasts bounced and heaved. They were pillowy and soft. Her nipples thrust hard before her while her auburn hair swayed around her naked shoulders.

I groaned my balls tightened. Imogene moaned and groaned. Her passion surged around my dick. It twitched and throbbed in her mouth. My wife thrust faster, harder. Her tits heaved before her as she moaned in delight.

“Ooh, suck my husband’s cock, slut,” groaned my wife. “That’s it. You love him. Worship him. He’s your boss.

I smiled at my wife.

“I want you sucking his cock all the time. Just on your knees, worshiping him. I want you bobbing that head up and down his dick.”

She thrust harder, faster. Imogene moaned louder, sucking with her hungry passion. Her lips sealed tight about my cock. She sucked with hunger. My cock throbbed in her mouth. It was an incredible treat to enjoy.

My dick pulsed and ached in her hungry mouth. Her tongue danced around my cock’s tip. She stroked me. Stimulated me. My balls grew tighter and tighter as she pleased me. Linda slammed the dildo into the girl, fucking her.

“That’s it,” Linda moaned, her face twisting in delight. “Make my husband explode. Swallow all of his cum.”

“Yes,” I growled. My balls were growing tighter. “Just fuck her. She’s moaning around my dick. You’re driving her wild.”

“Good,” my wife moaned. “Ooh, she’s wiggling her hips. She’s loving it.”

Imogene groaned what could have been a yes around my dick.

I leaned back, my eyes closing as the pleasure built and built. I couldn’t help it. This amazing treat burned through me. My head grew dizzy. My dick pulsed in her mouth. The pressure reached its pinnacle at the tip of my cock.

“Fuck!” I snarled.

My cum fired into Imogene’s mouth. Blast after blast of my jizz flooded Imogene. My secretary gulped it down. She sucked harder and more flooded her mouth for her to swallow. Her hips wiggled back and forth. This amazing bliss burned through my body. Every blast shot rapture to my mind. My heart pounded in my chest as this wonderful passion surged through me.

Imogene gulped it down, moaning. She made such wicked sounds. Linda pounded Imogene’s pussy as stars burst across my eyes. I gripped Imogene’s hair, growling. She sucked down my cum, staring up at me with her brown, glassy eyes.

“That’s it, slut!” my wife moaned, her voice throaty as she hammered the secretary’s cunt. “Swallow it all. You love it.”

Imogene sucked the last of my cum out of my balls. Once I was dry, she popped her mouth off my dick and moaned, “I do love it. Oh, yes, yes. I love your husband’s cum. It’s delicious.”

My wife pounded her. Linda’s face twisted with pleasure. Her breasts heaved. Her tits slapped together. Linda arched her back as Imogene squealed in delight. With cum dripping down her chin, my secretary gasped out in orgasmic passion.

“Yes, yes, yes, Mrs. Davies!” she moaned. “You know how to fuck! Oh, shit, yes!”

“You naughty whore!” my wife hissed, pounding the cumming girl. “Ooh, your cunt is gushing cream. You’re soaking my thighs.”

“So good!” howled Imogene.

My wife slammed forward. Her face twisted. Her pleasure swayed through her body. Her tits bounced and jiggled. I smiled as my wife trembled through her orgasm. I leaned back in my chair as both women gasped, my own pleasure dying.

Linda shuddered and moaned. “This is perfect. This office is amazing! Steve, people will want to help you make Rainier a better place. You’re going to improve our town.”

“Yes, antalya escort bayan yes, yes!” panted Imogene.

I smiled, my body buzzing from my orgasm burning through me. I leaned back in my chair. Come Saturday, I would by the mayor officially. I still hadn’t found the other editor, but I had this chance to change Rainier. I would make the best use of it.

If the other editor thought this would be bad for me, I would prove him wrong.


Becky Davies

I pulled the dildo out of Tonya’s pussy. My friend shuddered on the bed as I slipped off of it. Her shuddering pants echoed through her bedroom. Her platinum-blonde hair clung to her flushed face. Her eyes fluttered as she stared at me.

“Mmm, I need to powder my nose,” I said, sauntering to the door, the strap-on dildo bobbing before me soaked in her juices.

“Again?” she asked, shuddering.

I winked at her and then slipped out of her bedroom door. As far as Tonya knew, we had her house to ourselves. However, her naughty mother was lurking in the bathroom listening to us fuck. I shuddered, hoping Mrs. Alberts came hard hearing our passion.

A trickle of my pussy juices dribbled down my thigh. My large breasts swayed, my braid of auburn hair dancing down my back. I opened the bathroom door and found Mrs. Alberts trembling on the bathroom sink, naked, her round breasts flushed. They rose and fell as she shuddered, her thighs spread, her hand rubbing at her blonde-furred muffed.

I grabbed the back of her head. I felt so bold these days. I was just like my naughty mother. I had the man I loved, Daddy, and then played with any woman that caught my eye. I couldn’t wait to bring Tonya into his bed. Once she had sex with her mother, she wouldn’t find it strange or wrong that I had sex with my father.

I kissed Mrs. Alberts on the mouth. My breasts brushed her tits, and my nipples throbbed as they caressed down her soft slopes. My tongue played with hers. She whimpered and trembled. Her mouth tasted tart.

She’d been sucking her fingers clean of her pussy juices.

I broke the kiss and stepped back. “Want to suck the dildo clean. Taste your daughter’s cunt?”

“Yes,” Mrs. Alberts moaned. Ever since I seduced the married MILF, she’d wanted her daughter. It was so hot.

She slipped off the sink and fell to her knees. She grabbed my hips and swallowed my dildo. Her lips sealed about my shaft. She sucked on it. She bobbed her mouth up and down it, staring at me with hunger in her eyes. She cleaned off Tonya’s juices.

A hot shudder ran through me. I was getting Tonya closer and closer to accepting incest. I couldn’t wait for that wonderful moment when we shared her mother. Then we could share my mother. My father. Even my sister.

It would be so hot.

Flashes of Seth popped into my head. I shook it. I wouldn’t share her with Seth. I wouldn’t do anything with Seth. I focused on my sexy father. I banished the nerdy boy from my mind as I gripped Mrs. Alberts blonde hair.

“We’re almost there, Mrs. Alberts,” I told her as she bobbed her head, pressing the dildo on my clit. “A little longer, and then you’ll be devouring your daughter’s pussy.”

Mrs. Alberts moaned in delight.


Steve Davies

I was still buzzing from the delights of my new secretary as I drove home. The sun had set hours ago. Linda chatted with me, excited. She had so many ideas to fix our town. They were amazing. I nodded my head as we drove down the main street.

My wife made a disgusted sound as we passed Bullseye Gun Shop. There was a banner hanging before it promising a “Gun Sale Extravaganza!!!” coming this Saturday. I frowned at that, shaking my head at it.

Why did Rainier even need a gun shop?

“A sale,” my wife muttered. “What, are they going to be giving them away?”

I nodded my head. I could edit the shop to stop the sale, but someone else could just open a new one. I needed to do something. Pass an ordinance. We could make Rainier into a gun-free zone. Our town didn’t have much crime, but it could be safer. We could make it into a paradise.

I nodded my head. Helping the homeless and making Rainier into a place free of such antiquated ideas. This wasn’t three hundred years ago. People didn’t need guns for more than hunting, and hunting was on the cruel side. We had the police for self-defense.

Ideas percolated in my mind as I drove us the rest of the way to our home. I parked in the driveway, the garage taken up by the 1969 Chevy Impala I was rebuilding with my youngest daughter. Sam and I needed to get back to working on it, but we had been having so much fun lately.

And this weekend would be taken up by my inauguration.

My wife and I had quite the surprise when we walked into the house.

“Surprise, Daddy!” Sam, our youngest daughter, darted up, her short, fiery hair swayed about her face. Her petite body was clad only in a purple ribbon tied up into a bow that covered her small tits and hid her pussy, the rest of her eighteen-year-old flesh available for me to see.

With her were her three friends, equally wrapped up as gifts. I groaned at the sight of them: Tammy Riersen’s round breast jiggling and rustling her wrapping, Rita’s ebony skin contrasting with the pink ribbon, and Courtney’s cheeks burning as she rubbed her hands across her smooth stomach.

“What is this?” I said, a smile growing on my lips as I stared at the four girls. They were all just delicious. My dick swelled hard while my wife purred in delight. “What’s my surprise?”

“Why, you’re going to be a daddy!” Sam said, stepping up right before me, thrusting her shoulders back so her little breasts jiggled, the gift wrapping rustling. “Again! We’re all pregnant.”

I faked my surprise. I already knew, thanks to the app, that I had bred them. “That’s amazing. It’s wonderful. Wow.”

“It is,” Linda gushed. “I’m going to be a grandma.”

Sam blinked, staring at me. Her forehead furrowed and her head cocked.

“So, I get to unwrap you?” I asked, grabbing the end of the ribbon.

Sam nodded her head.


Sam Davies

There was something off about Daddy’s reaction. He was happy, I could see it in his eyes, but he wasn’t… surprised. Did he know? How? I had only just missed my period. We hadn’t been having sex that long. I certainly wasn’t showing. I wouldn’t be showing for months.

Then I gasped as he tugged at the ribbon. The satin rasped. The bow popped open and then slid across my face. My nipples drank in the feel of the shifting ribbon. I shuddered, my fingers clenching. I whimpered as he unwrapped me, my small breasts quivering.

The ribbon ripped free, exposing my breasts.

“Delicious,” he said, staring at my little titties. Then his hand shot out and grabbed Rita’s ribbon covering her pussy. My friend gasped as he tugged, unveiling her dark landing strip leading down to her juicy pussy. “Mmm, two yummy gifts for me to enjoy.”

“Uh-huh, Daddy,” I moaned, shuddering as he released both ribbons. Then he grabbed my pussy bow and Rita’s breasts ribbon.

He tugged at the same time.

I shuddered as he finished unwrapping us. The ribbon whisked. It slid across my hips and rump. He explored my shaved, pregnant pussy. I shuddered in delight, my body trembling and aching. I bit my lower lip and trembled. This was so naughty.

My family was so awesome.

“How should I play with my two gifts?” Daddy mused as my wife grabbed Tammy and Courtney’s ribbons, unwrapping the two girls to her delight. “Mmm, I think Rita needs her pussy licked.”

“She always does,” I said and flashed my Black friend a wicked grin.

She nodded her head, her eyes burning. “Oh, definitely. Mmm, it would be so wicked of you to eat me. I have a pregnant pussy needing licking.”

“Well, kumquat,” said Daddy, grinning at me. “She’s our guest, so you should be a good host, pull her to the floor, and eat her pussy.”

“And what will you be doing?” I asked, my hips rubbing back and forth.

“Why, enjoying the delicious gift my daughter gave me.” His eyes twinkled as he unbuttoned his dress shirt. His tie was missing. What sort of fun did he have at the mayor’s office? I bet it was hot.

I grinned at him and then pressed Rita down to the floor. My Black friend stretched out, her round breasts jiggling. Her thighs parted as she settled onto her back, the pink delights of her inner flesh peeing out at me. It was just a wicked treat.

I slid my pale hands up her thighs. I caressed her flesh as I licked my lips. I was so hungry for this. It would be a delicious treat to eat her twat. I breathed in her spicy musk. I hungered for her, feeling Daddy staring at me. He undressed behind me, making my pussy hotter and hotter as I came closer and closer to her snatch.

“Sam!” gasped my friend escort antalya as I nuzzled into her shaved flesh. Her spicy cream coated my tongue.

She licked her lips as I shuddered. My tongue lapped through her. I flicked through her folds. I devoured her. I savored her spicy cream. It was just a delight. I fluttered my tongue through her. I caressed her snatch. I swirled around her in her twat. She gripped my ass. I kneaded her rump. I pulled her tight, devouring her pregnant pussy.

My daddy bred this cunt. And my cunt!

My pussy burned. Juices dripped down my thighs. I groaned as I savored his eyes on me. He was right behind me. I shuddered, feeling his gaze on me. I loved him so much. My pussy clenched as I wiggled my hips.

Then his cock smacked into my rump.

I shuddered as Daddy slid his dick across my rump. It dipped into my butt-crack. I shuddered as his cock slid down to my asshole. I had a naughty asshole. Most girls needed lube, but I just had such a wicked hole. I could take a cock or fingers or dildos without any prep.

I loved it. I was an anal fiend, but…

“You’re not fucking my pussy, Daddy?” I asked, lifting my head from my friend’s cunt.

“You’re pregnant now. No more pussy fucking for you,” he said, pressing his cock against my asshole.

“What?” I gasped.

“Mmm, for the baby,” he said, pressing against my asshole. My anal ring spread and spread, swallowing.

“Really?” I shuddered. “I don’t get to get fucked in my pussy for nine months?”

Daddy laughed as he thrust into my bowels. I frowned then groaned at the heat burning through me. It was incredible. I shuddered, squeezing around him. This heat burned through me as he buried deeper into me. His balls smacked into my taint. It was incredible. My fingers clenched on Rita’s thighs.

The way he laughed, though. Was he messing with me?

It was hard to think about it as his cock plundered my asshole. My anal sheath reveled in his thrusts. He stretched out my bowels. Rita grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her snatch. She ground against my face. I shuddered and groaned. My tongue thrust into her pussy again. I swirled around inside of her.

Daddy’s cock pressed deeper into my bowels. That wonderful friction burned in my asshole. I squeezed around him, my pregnant pussy drinking in the heat. He plunged to the hilt in me. His balls rested against my taint. I wiggled my hips, stirring him around inside of me.

It was just a delicious treat.

My tongue thrust and swirled and licked through my sheath. I licked up her spicy delight. I lapped up her cream. I nibbled on her labia and clit. I feasted on my Black friend. She gasped and moaned, her breasts jiggling.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” I moaned as he drew back his cock. My bowels clenched around him.

He slammed back into me.

He buried into me. This wonderful heat rippled through me. My cunt grew hotter and hotter. I whimpered as Daddy pounded my asshole. That wonderful heat swirled through me. I squeezed around him. Massaged him.

Daddy’s hands stroked me. He caressed me. He slid beneath me. He squeezed my small breasts. My nipples throbbed against his hand. He massaged my delight. He pinched my nubs. Pleasure surged through me as he fucked me.

“Daddy!” I moaned into Rita’s pussy. “Oh, Daddy, yes, yes, you can fuck my butt all the time!”

“Just pound her, Mr. Davies!” groaned Rita. She grabbed my fiery hair. She pulled me tight against her snatch. “Fuck her ass hard! Ooh, she’s got her tongue so deep into my pregnant twat!”

“She loves pussy,” Daddy groaned. “Just eat her. Lick her. Please your friend. You got to eat your friends’ pussies all the time. Stimulate them. They’re carrying your half-sisters!”

“Yes,” I moaned, this incestuous rush shot through me. I licked with such enthusiasm at Rita’s cunt.

My friend’s juices soaked my tongue. My lips. She squeezed her thighs about my face as Daddy pounded my bowels. He buried over and over into my asshole. This wonderful heat surged into my pussy with every thrust.

My Daddy pounded me. He fucked into my bowels. I squeezed him. I clenched around him. It was a lovely treat. Pleasure burned through me. My tongue fluttered. I squeezed and kneaded my friend’s rump. Her pregnant juices grew hotter and hotter.

As my orgasm swelled from Daddy’s thrust, it was clear Rita was coming closer and closer to her orgasm.

I shuddered in delight. I thrust my tongue deep into her twat. I stirred around in her. My daddy had bred this pussy. My half-sister was in her womb. It was so hot. So sexy. I fluttered my tongue through her depths.

“Yes yes, yes!” gasped Rita. “Oh, damn, Sam! That tongue! Oooh, Mr. Davies, your daughter is a pussy-licking fiend!”

“She’s a naughty slut for it, isn’t she?” growled Daddy. He massaged my breasts. He kneaded them. He twisted those nipples. They throbbed.

“I am!” I moaned. “And for anal! Fuck me harder, Daddy! I need to cum! Pregnant girls need lots and lots of orgasms!”

I squeezed Rita’s rump. I pulled on her. My fingers dug into her. My fingers groped her. I kneaded and massaged her as Daddy’s cock brought me closer and closer to exploding. Juices spilled down my thighs. I moaned into my friend’s pussy.

Daddy slammed into me.

“Yes!” I howled as my orgasm exploded through me. This wonderful heat swept through me. I groaned and gasped. “Daddy! Yes!”

My bowels writhed around him. My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed down my thighs. I moaned into my friend’s snatch. I sucked on her clit as stars burned across my vision. Pleasure washed through me. These wonderful waves of rapture that surged through me.

It washed across my thighs. It burned in my mind. My tongue swirled around Rita’s clit as Daddy fucked me. He pumped into my depths. He rammed into me. My bowels spasmed harder around his dick as more and more pleasure surged around me.

Daddy thrust into my bowels again and his cock erupted.

Hot cum fired into me.

It was the best. I savored it. My bowels writhed around his cock, milking him. Heat burned through my body. I squealed into Rita’s cunt. She gasped and moaned, her body bucking. Juices gushed into my mouth. Her spicy juices teased amazing. I gulped them down as Daddy’s final blast of cum fired into me.

“Sam,” groaned Daddy. “Damn. You’re really pregnant.”

“I am,” I said, my body buzzing with delight and… I couldn’t help but filling like he somehow knew.

And that made no sense at all.


James Davies

Hands grabbed my shoulders and pulled me from my writing desk. I stared at the page, my hand still drawing, my arm extending as my chair rolled back. I just had to start penciling Zelda. She would be so beautiful in that pink dress, her blonde hair spilling around those pointed ears.

“What?” I asked, blinking. My eyes felt sore. My shoulders ached.

“You have to go home and sleep,” Ruri said, her voice tight. “Idiot.”

“Sleep? Home?”

Ruri and Orihime turned me around and fixed hard faces at me. Orihime’s large tits swayed before her, various colored hearts drawn over them. I vaguely remembered her wanting to show me something. I promised after I finished my drawing I would and…

“Sorry,” I said, giving a sheepish grin. My stomach growled. I was starving. “I got lost in drawing.”

“Idiot,” muttered Ruri, whirling away.

Orihime nodded, her orange hair spilling about her face. “You need to get home or your parents will wonder where you are. Do you want them finding this place?”

I didn’t. If my parents learned about Dreamgirl Delights, they would freak out. I had to keep it a secret, just like I had to draw Zelda. She was next on the list. My fingers itched, clenching on the pencil, but then my stomach growled. My mind hurt. I was…


I glanced at the clock. It was nearly 9:30 PM. “Shit, I’ve been drawing that long.”

“Yes,” Orihime said, the words coming out hard. “It’s all you do, James. You’re ignoring us. Your family. Your webcomic. You’re just drawing.”

“Sorry, we just need more girls.” I stood up, giving her a smile. “But I’ll pay more attention to you and Ruri.”

Orihime arched an eyebrow at me.

“Your tits are cute,” I said, cupping my girlfriend’s large breasts. They were pillowy and heavy, soft and pliant. Just the way I always imagined them. I created her. She was perfect. So was Ruri. “I love the hearts.”

Orihime squirmed. A smile played on her lips.

“They fit you,” I continued. “Did you draw them?”

She nodded. “You really like them?”

“Love them,” I told her and leaned in to kiss her.

Orihime squealed and threw her arms around my neck. She pulled me tight, her lips melting on mine. She tasted so delicious. If my head wasn’t pounding, if my stomach wasn’t growling, I’d push her down and love antalya escort her.

My fingers itched to hold my pencil as I grabbed her rump.

“Idiot,” muttered Ruri in the background.

I broke the kiss and saw her pulling on her college uniform, the gray skirt swirling up her slender thighs, her white blouse already covering her small breasts. Her light-purple pigtails dangled about her face. They swayed as she moved.

“I’m sorry, too,” I told her. “You’re looking cute.”

“I’m not as easily swayed as Orihime. I don’t have big tits swallowing up all the blood in my body. My brain gets plenty.”

I moved to her, grabbing her shoulders. She stared up at me with purple eyes. I smiled at her. “I’m sorry, Ruri. I shouldn’t ignore either of you. Okay?”

She squirmed. “Fine. But next time…”

“Next time, just smack me upside the head or something,” I told her. “I just had to get those drawings done. They’re important.”

Zelda was there. I had barely started sketching her in, just some ovals to roughly outline her body. I hadn’t even sketched in limbs. She was incomplete.

My fingers itched…

I let them take me home. Orihime covered her cute tits with her blouse. We slipped out. There were plenty of girls wandering around that I created. Dream girls from Anime, Video Games, Comics, Movies, and Books. A slender girl with fiery hair and a greenish-golden hue to her skin flounced by, acorn earrings jiggling like little bells as they swayed from her ears.

“Night,” she said.

“Night,” I said, struggling to remember her name. I’d created her, but I made so many characters these last two weeks I couldn’t keep them all straight. Dozens a day, many I hardly knew.

But it made our customers happy.

I picked up some fast food on the walk home. I wolfed down two burgers while juggling a shake. My girls had already eaten. Fed, I was feeling drowsy as we walked up the driveway to our house. I headed inside and blinked at finding ribbons strewn across the living room floor.

What gifts were unwrapped?

I stumbled upstairs. Moans came from the bedroom. “Oh, Becky, yes, yes, ride your father,” panted Mom. “Mmm, work that pussy up and down his dick.”

“We’re going to lick you clean!” Sam moaned.

My sisters seemed to have moved into the master bedroom. I didn’t care. I had my girlfriends. I stumbled into my room. I had barely taken off my clothes when I collapsed on the bed. My eyes were so heavy. I heard Ruri and Orihime whispering as I sank into dreams.

Zelda waited there, demanding to be finished. “I don’t even have arms,” the princess moaned, her ears twitching. “And look at my body. It’s just an oval! You have to fix me!”

“Well excuse me, princess!” I shouted back as her unfinished form chased me through my dreams.


Sam Davies

The next day, I was lost in thought. It nibbled at me that Daddy knew about my pregnancy. It was like he was psychic or something. It didn’t make any sense. I was unfocused, trying to puzzle out if I had left any clues since missing my period. I hadn’t talked to Mom, and she hadn’t noticed anything. Nor did I tell Becky.

She had taken her own test when she got home from studying with Tonya and learning I was preggers. She was, too. Daddy, again, wasn’t shocked. Happy, yes, but—

I bumped into someone.

I squeaked and stumbled back, blinking to see my brother’s nerdy friend Seth before me. The boy was a slender guy. Even without him having glasses, he looked like a nerd. He was too put together to be a normal student. His shirt tucked in, his tie perfect. His blue eyes were intelligent and his brown hair combed neatly. He had his phone in hand, a smile on his face.

“Sorry,” I muttered. “Didn’t see you.”

“No,” he said. “I couldn’t believe that you would actually walk into me. You’re that lost in thought.”

I shrugged.

“Care to talk?” he asked.

I blinked at that. “You’re not going to try to get me to join the chess club.” My brother and sister had both joined. I couldn’t believe that Becky was starting to hang out with Seth. She never had friends outside of Tonya. She was becoming more open. “It’s not my thing.”

“Of course not,” he said. He glanced down at his phone tapping something and looked to be reading a message.

“A notice about that pervy dream girl center you and my brother run?”

“Yeah,” he said, slipping his phone into his pocket. “The requests pour in. Ever heard of a character called Valeria?”

I shook my head.

“Me either. She’s from one of those old pulp novels. Maybe Conan.” He shrugged. “Something for your brother to draw. Here, see a list of what’s he’s drawn. Maybe you’ll want to have more fun.”

He handed me a list of girls. I scanned through them, recognizing about half of them. I wiggled my hips, spotting Princess Peach. I imagined her with her parasol. A hot shudder ran through me. Maybe I did have to come visit.

“So, what is the problem that has you lost in thought?” he asked.

“It’s just…” I was shocked by how open I felt right now, like I could tell Seth about it. “My dad knew something about me he shouldn’t have. There was no way he could, but he wasn’t surprised when I told him.”

“Weird,” he said. “Maybe he has ESP or something.” He leaned forward. “After all, your brother has his gift.”

My eyes widened. “Holy shit, he does.”

“There’s a book you might like to check out,” he said. “The college’s library probably has a copy It’s called The Heritability of Psychic Gifts by S. Ethmyer.”

I wasn’t one for studying, but… What if Daddy was psychic. My brow furrowed. There was a lot of weird things going on, now that I thought about it. My daddy was having lots of sex. He had such stamina. Girls stripped naked in his classroom, and now he was mayor without even running a campaign.

He knew I was pregnant…

I gripped the piece of paper. I had to check out this book.


Steve Davies

I had been thinking about the gun shop off and on since we passed it. I didn’t like the sale. Maybe editing the gun shop out of town was too much, but I didn’t have to make it easy for people to buy them. I could put a stop to it.

I leaned back in my chair. My class was learning, the girls naked. I was buzzing from a delicious orgasm that Nikkole Vance, the cute cheerleader, had given me with her tight twat. I grabbed my phone. I had three edits for the day.

I opened up the phone, whistling as I considered how best to stop this gun sale from happening. If I edited the owner to not have it, then I couldn’t adjust him in the future if I needed to. Maybe I could edit the business too…

An idea hit me.

“What?” Anael asked. She was sitting on the cheerleader’s desk, looking like she was going to grind her pussy on the girl’s face.

“A solution to the gun shop sale problem,” I said.

“Is it a problem?” she asked.

I nodded.

“What are you thinking?”

“An aura that would keep people away,” I explained. “On the shop itself. Not much of an impression, just nudge them into thinking they didn’t need guns or ammo or whatever was sold there. The more they were into guns and stuff, the longer it will take to erode them, but the owner will slowly go out of business.”

“Interesting,” she said, throwing her thighs over the paused girl’s shoulders. Anael’s blonde hair swayed as she mounted the cheerleader’s shoulders, pressing her pussy into the girl’s face. “I like it. It’s subtle.”

“Something I need to get better at,” I said. “Little changes, not major tweaks. Fewer ripples affecting things I didn’t think of.”

She nodded, her ass flexing as she rubbed her pussy into the girl’s face. My angel let out a wanton moan of delight. I stared at her back, shaking my head. She was such a horny thing. I still sometimes had trouble believing she was an angel.

That God had actually sent her, but…

The app was pretty convincing.

“I’ll monitor the owner,” I added. “I’ll make sure he’s taken care of. I’m destroying his livelihood, so I don’t want him to suffer any hardships after he loses the gun shop.”

“Generous,” moaned Anael. “Ooh, I wish she was able to lick me. She’s got such a cute mouth.”

“Yeah,” she said.

I liked my idea. The gun shop would go away slowly. It would deflate out of my community, bleeding off customers. Then it would be gone. No laws that might be challenged in court. No sweeping changes that might have weird consequences.

Little nudges.

Smiling, I did a search for Bullseye Gun Shop. Its menu popped up and—


“Holy fucking shit,” I gasped, staring down at the gun store’s entry. My heart froze as Anael melted off of Nikkole and appeared beside me. I had never seen her move like that. The angel leaned over, frowning.

“Now that’s an interesting move,” she purred. “Your enemy engineered a gun sale.”

My blood pumped cold through my veins. My hands trembled as I stared at my phone.

To be continued…

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