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Emma , Lindsey: Pee , Fuck Buddies

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It had been quite a while since the party where they had both become completely wrecked. They had squatted down together behind the sofa in the main room. Whilst the party continued on around them, they had taken a joint piss all over the floor. By the time they had finished their much needed slash, there was a massive double puddle on the floor where their pee had soaked into the carpet. This naughty deed had been a massive turn-on for both girls. This coupled with their semi nudity in their pee squats had led onto something completely different. Five minutes later and they were in the master bedroom with a set of drawers blocking the door. They wanted nobody catching them in the nude let alone in the act of fucking one another.

Emma could still clearly remember the taste and the wonderful contours of Lindsey’s pussy flaps. They had assumed a ‘sixty-nine’ position as soon as their hot sweaty bodies had hit the bed. Emma could feel Lindsey’s tongue probing her love hole whilst she did the same to her friend. Emma’s large tits had pushed against Lindsey’s toned stomach whilst the raven haired beauty’s smaller, but wonderfully formed breasts had felt incredibly hot against her own belly. Their fuck session soon moved on to other things and it wasn’t long before Emma got to sample her friend’s nipples in her mouth. Lindsey had incredibly firm tits and whilst Emma sampled their delight she could feel her friend’s fingers exploring her already wet love palace. Moving upwards, Emma bent her back in ecstasy as she felt Lindsey’s mouth move to supple upon her left tit. This was even more incredible and Emma hungrily sought out her friend’s wetness between her legs. Thrusting fingers pumped away in two very wet and warm pussies as the two girls brought each other off. After they had finished fucking, they both needed to relieve their bursting bladder urges once again. Neither of them wanted to leave the bedroom at this stage. Not at least they had enjoyed each others body at least one more time. This, therefore, entailed another naughty session of peeing over the floor.

The two naked girls sat facing each other in a full squat position over the carpet. Emma started her piss first barely a second before Lindsey joined in with a pee of her own. Two fat squirting showers of hot yellow pee descended downwards to splatter over the bedroom carpet; jetting forth from the uncovered pussies of the naked lovers. Emma’s golden gush squirted strongly from her hairless pussy lips whilst Lindsey’s golden stream rained downwards in a fast flowing arc from her semi shaven muff. They had peed in silence canlı bahis for several seconds, both entranced with the act of watching the other pee. It was Emma who suddenly stopped her piss in mid flow. Leaping up from the dark damp stain she had made on the bedroom carpet, she ran lightly over to a nearby set of drawers. Yanking the top one open she stood on tip toes so that the base of her muff cleared the rim. It took Lindsey, who had also ceased peeing; no effort to image that Emma was now trying to have a piss into the open drawer. Suddenly the sight of a golden pee stream leaving Emma’s shaved pussy became clearly visible under the curve of Emma’s wide bare bum cheeks. Lindsey stayed in her pee squat, the floor between her legs a sodden testament to the toilet she had just been carrying out. She was entranced by the sight of Emma’s pee leaving her pussy crack and squirting into the open drawer. She couldn’t think of anything so incredibly daring as what Emma was now doing. The fact that Emma’s bum was so incredibly round and firm had some impact on her reluctance to move. Instead Lindsey continued to watch as her friend and recent fuck pal, emptied her pussy stream over the drawer’s contents.

The fat piss stream squirting out from Emma’s lower lips had started to thin and wane as the twenty-one year old finished her leak. It was at this stage that the burning need in Lindsey’ bladder prompted her with the urgent need to pee again. Resuming a piss over the carpet seemed a little tame after witnessing Emma pissing in the bedroom drawer, so Lindsey stood up and quickly scanned around for a place of her own. Her first instinct was to yank out a drawer of her own and place it on the floor so she could have a squatting piss all over it. However, her gaze caught the tall Yuka plant standing in the far corner. Within seconds Lindsey had reached the plant and was busily trying to get her pussy as close to the leaves as possible. She was now very aware of Emma’s gaze on her bare back and exposed buttocks as she stood trying to pee on the plant. Lindsey had never been very good at peeing whilst standing. Even now as she stood trying to squirt her golden rainfall over the Yuka in front of her she recalled the time as a girl when she had lost a certain dare. Evan, the bloke from next door had dared her to let him watch whilst she had a pee. He had gone first, spraying his fast flowing stream of urine out of his manhood and all over the garage door. Lindsey had been entranced by watching her neighbour’s cock in action. She had been so turned on that she failed miserably in her attempt to bahis siteleri mirror the stain now covering the door of the garage they were hiding in. She had been so frustrated and focused on her task that she had been completely shocked when Evan slid his cock from behind into her wet love hole. He had fucked her completely and she had enjoyed every second of it. Afterwards, he’d asked her to pee over his now limp cock, a task which she had readily complied with. Even now she could still recall the wonderful sight of her golden piss fountain squirting out of her lower lips and spraying all over Evan’s dick and balls.

The memory of her encounter with her neighbour had spurred her on and within seconds Lindsey was peeing over the Yuka. Her fast squirting urine shower rained down over the green leaves with bounced and swayed under the impact. Droplets of piss went everywhere, including the bedroom walls. She was still enjoying her naughty slash in one corner when she felt Emma’s presence behind her. It was an incredible feeling when her friend suddenly pushed up close behind her and she could feel Emma’s large tits against her back. Suddenly Emma bent round to her right and placed one hand in Lindsey’s squirting piss stream.

“I love your pee!” Emma had whispered seductively in her one ear before giving it a tentative nibble. “When you next go, I want you to piss all over me.”

The very idea of pissing over Emma’s voluptuous form sent her hormones racing and she could feel her cheeks flushing. In response, the golden stream of piss leaving her pussy slit immediately began to wane before vanishing.

There second fuck that night was even more mind blowing than the first. Both of them carried the memory of seeing the other pee in their mind whilst they screwed. By the time they reached orgasm, both girls were literally knackered. It took an incredible amount of resolve to exit the bedroom and flee the party before they were discovered. They arrived at Lindsey’s home at 3am and collapsed, still fully clothed on the large king sized bed, before passing out. Lindsey had no desire to spray her own room with either her or Emma’s golden streams, so they instead waited until later the next day when they had both recovered from their hangovers.

Lindsey’s bath was a standard affair, long with tall silver bath taps at one end. Emma lowered herself into the tub before stretching her naked form out below the squatting form of Lindsey situated at the one end. Lindsey had started to pee almost immediately letting go of the countless glasses of water Emma had made her drink beforehand. bahis şirketleri Her squirting piss fountain shot from out of her black haired pussy and sprayed downwards before coming to land on Emma’s belly. Hot, clear urine ran it all directions away from the impact point of Lindsey’s pee stream on her friend’s nubile body. Squirting harder, Lindsey marvelled to the sight of her piss rain landing over Emma’s large and delicious tits. She found that the way in which her pee rain ran over her friend’s flesh was so intoxicating. As her pee shower started to wane, Emma sat up in the bath to bring her body closer to the dying source of piss that was still being sent over her bare flesh. Lindsey’s pee was incredibly warm and wonderfully intoxicating in its feel as it ran over her body. Between her own legs, she had started a piss of her own from her hairless pussy, adding more pee into the empty bathtub. She fought a loosing battle to hold back on her own pee, desperately wanting to save it for a piss of her own over Lindsey’s naked body. It was only as she sank her face into Lindsey’s waiting muff of black pubic hairs and started to lick her way at her friend’s crack, when her peeing stopped.

Lindsey had groaned in ecstasy as Emma sampled the delights of her wet pussy. She found it hard to believe that Emma would be so quick to lick out her crack after she had just finishing peeing. This didn’t seem to bother Emma in the slightest. She could taste the salty wetness of Lindsey’s spent pee upon her pussy hairs as she licked and caressed her friend’s inviting love hole. It was only when Lindsey reached orgasm and sprayed her love juice out of her crack, that Emma moved her head away. Then it was Emma’s turn to pee over Lindsey. The raven girl moved into position by the toilet allowing her long black strands to dangle into the bowl. The auburn haired Emma took up her squatting position on top of the toilet with her legs spread and her hairless pussy aimed at Lindsey’s lowered head. It was great delight when Emma started her pee. Immediately, Lindsey’s hair became subjected to a wonderfully hot jetting stream of Emma’s fast flowing urine. Emma shuddered with a momentarily rush of hormones as she squatted there, taking a pee into her friend’s hair. Lindsey’s raven strands were already a sodden mess as more and more of Emma’s golden relief squirted from the girl’s open pee hole. By the time Emma’s toilet was done, Lindsey’s back was also covered in several large piss stains. Rather than return the favour of licking out Emma’s crack, Lindsey instead took them into the bedroom. The curtains were still closed and several large towels had been placed on the floor. The girls wasted no time and using the conveniently placed double dildo on the floor, soon fucked each other to an incredible, mind blowing double orgasm.

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