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Emmy and the Neighbor

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This is the second in a series. To really know what the story is about read “Emmy and the Top Ten List” first.

Three weeks ago my wife and I entered a new stage in our relationship where Em dominates me sexually and makes me submit and do whatever she wants in the bedroom. On that first day another couple initiated us into the lifestyle. But otherwise this was private between us.

Then once Saturday, Emmy was out shopping when the doorbell rang. It was the neighbor’s 19 year old son, Colin. He said he wanted to borrow my hedge trimmer. I invited him in, chatting as we walked through the house on the way to the garage.

He asked if he could have a drink as he was thirsty from yard work. I could tell he had been working as he looked hot. Incidentally, Emmy had recently mentioned that he looked hot the other way too, ever since coming home from college.

In the kitchen, with a glass in his hand he questioned if Emmy was home. I thought nothing of what seemed like idle talk and answered that she was out shopping. Checking the clock I added that she would be home soon. Then motioned for him to follow me to the garage.

In the garage he seemed jittery like he wanted to say something, but he never did. I handed him the trimmer then we started making our way back to the front door. Just before I was to let him out he turned to me, nervous and speaking fast, he spit out, “I saw you. There on the carpet.” He pointed to the spot on the carpet where the cum stain was. “Three weeks ago. I stepped outside to smoke so my parents wouldn’t smell it. Looking through the gap in the curtains, I saw what you did.”

My face suddenly felt hot. I was greatly embarrassed. I know he knew I was mortified, because my flushed face would be unmistakable. He, of course, was talking about the night I gave Nick a blowjob right there on that spot.

I raised my hand to gesture my objection while countering, opened my mouth, but I had nothing to say. He had caught me dead to rights.

Accusingly, he added, “I also saw, how you cheated, what you did with that woman who wasn’t Emmy.” I looked around the room, at the spot where I sucked my first cock, the place on the floor where that crazy woman had sat on my face, the gap in the curtains, and the place where Emmy had been. It dawned on me that he didn’t know Emmy had been there too. I didn’t want her to be as embarrassed as I was, so to protect her I decided to leave her out if it.

Colin’s tone changed, “I think the missus would find it all veeery interesting.” He let that hang in the air for a minute. He smirked, “I’m going to keep this trimmer. And then we’re gonna talk more when your wife’s not due home.” I realized that this kid thought he was blackmailing me. With that said, he turned and walked out.

Naturally, when Em came home I related the amusing story. At first she was appalled that someone had witnessed what I had done, then she was angry at the little dick for trying to blackmail me, then she asked me If maybe we should have some fun and teach him a lesson. I approved.

We gave it a couple days thought, then sprang our trap. Friday, as planned, she went next door to talk to Colin’s mom as a pretext. While she was there she let it drop that she was going to be out all day Saturday.

Next we moved the computer and wifi camera, as well as the security camera, so we could get him on tape trying to extort me. We parked her car in the parking lot at her workplace. Then came home to wait for the rat to show up.

Saturday morning around 11:30 the doorbell rang. Emmy hid and I answered the door. I needed to get him in front of the cameras so I acted like a guilty man who was trying to act normal. In other words, I just acted normal.

I invited him in, poured a scotch for each of us, setting his on the end table to control where he would sit. He was on the recliner and I was on the couch across from him.

“So, Collin, how’s college, how’s your girlfriend?”

He really didn’t have any idea how to blackmail someone. “Good Mr. Blake. I’m getting good grades, she’s smart and funny. Everything’s good.”

“I’m glad to hear life’s good for you.” I had earlier thought I would take some time to lead the conversation. But in the moment I decided that now was as good a time as any to get his confession. “Now, why would a young man with so much going for him want to blackmail someone?” When I said that I caught Emmy’s eyes peeking out from a crack in the living room doorway. She gave me a silent thumbs up.

Colin looked at me cooly, he answered, “Because I can Mr. Blake. And I want something.”

Colin were all friends here, “Call me Scotty”

This wasn’t going well for him. He just didn’t know it yet. Less than a minute in and he’d already given it up. He was also kind of a jerk which made me agree more strongly with Emmy’s idea to really let him dangle on a line.

I decided to fidget a little. Make it look like he had me over a barrel. Then I gave him some rope, “Young man, Just what is it that you want for casino siteleri your silence, you know, to not tell my wife?” I called him ‘young man’ but he was only five years younger than us.

I poured him another drink. “Well, Scotty, I figure it’s worth a lot. I bet that pretty wife of yours would be super mad if she found out that you had an affair. First with that woman who’s hotter than her,” at this point Em was gesturing to me, glaring angrily, and making the ‘slit your throat’ sign at Colin from her hiding place. He continued, “And then the gay affair with her husband. She might even divorce you.”

“So, Colin, what’s it to be?

At this point his nerves flared up. As a long time poker player I recognized that he was about to place a bet but was afraid he would overplay or underplay his hand. He hesitated, “I want two hundred dollars.” Here he hesitated for even longer. “And… and I want…a blowjob.”

So here it was, his big play and it was a couple bucks and a Bj. I was surprised at how little he asked for. If I were really afraid for my marriage I would pay a heck of a lot more. I almost spit out the sip I was taking when he said that. It was all I could do to not laugh. I’m sure he thought he had me on the ropes.

Sympathetically I asked, “Doesn’t that little girlfriend of yours blow you?”

“No man, nothing fun at all. I haven’t had a blowjob since my last girlfriend three years ago.”

“Whew! That’s a long time. But you’ve been steady for three years now, Wouldn’t she be upset if I told her that you got a BJ from a guy?”

Colin got upset at what he perceived to be as my attempt to turn it around on him. His voice rose to a higher volume, “Hey, I don’t think you understand. You’re the one with everything to lose. I’m fucking blackmailing you. You’re not fucking blackmailing me. Now, why don’t you get off that couch and crawl over here to suck my cock?”

I thought it might be a good time to drop the hammer. I looked over to Emmy’s hiding place but she wasn’t there. Just then my cell rang. By the ring I knew it was Em. I crossed the room to my phone saying, “Just a sec, Colin. That’s Em now.”

I answered the phone, “Hi honey, What’s up?”

On the other end of the line Em said, “I want you to do it. Be sure to get it on tape.”

To her I replied, “Isn’t that a little expensive Dear? I’m not even sure that I want that. It might be too small.”

She laughed knowing that Colin was listening, thinking that I was talking to her at the mall about shopping. “Oh, babe it’ll be fun knowing that we get him that much more. Just do it. It’s not like you’re completely against the idea.”

“What if I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction, what if I put my foot down as the man of the house?” Colin sneered hearing me say that. He thought he understood our relationship. He thought that any married man who sucked a cock couldn’t be manly.

Em answered with grave seriousness,”Then I would obey my man completely. If you tell me “No” I will accept what you say a thousand percent.” Next she asked playfully, “But what if I gave you an order as Queen of the bedroom?”

It was my turn to affirm our relationship,”Then I would say you can have whatever your heart desires. A thousand percent.”

Em explained, “Babe, I love you more than anything. It would be fun, and a turn on to have you do it. I like the idea of watching secretly from the next room. But, I’m not ordering you. Will you do it?”

Getting ready to hang, up I replied cheerfully,”OK, babe, whatever you want.”

Colin decided to be a smart ass right then and started making whipping sounds, implying I was pussy whipped. He didn’t know a tenth of the reality. Em heard the sounds and laughed. So I told her, “That’s Colin from next door, Hun. He came over to borrow a hammer.”

Colin got a mischievous gleam in his eye and spoke up, “Hey, Mr. Blake, can I talk to your wife?” I’m sure he thought he was making me nervous, upping the ante. Em suggested I play along.

I handed the phone to Colin. I could only hear his side of the conversation. He started, “Mrs. Blake, I wanted to thank you for your help with my accounting project last semester.” As he was talking to Em he surprised us by unzipping and pulling his pants and underwear down to his ankles. He snapped his fingers and pointed at his rather large limp cock.

The cheeky bastard must have thought he really had me. I wasn’t sure how Emmy thought this would get him but I decided to trust her. I knelt down to further remove his pants. I wanted to make sure Em could follow along so I further unzipped the zipper louder than I needed to, and let his belt buckle clank when I pulled it out. I was also motivated by the fact that he had an exceptionally nice looking dick.

I knelt between his spread legs stroking his impressive dick to get him hard. He was talking to Em about school and she just kept asking more questions to keep the conversation going.

Colin thought he was going to get a clandestine BJ while canlı casino my wife was on the phone at the very same time, oblivious to all that was happening. Looking at his face I could see he was eating this up.

When his cock was fully hard it had grown to a quite respectable thick 8 inches or so. My mouth watered a little at the sight of it. I leaned forward, licking the big head, and up and down the sides to get it wet before starting. It was a thrill to have such a nice one. I didn’t know if Em would ever have me suck any more cocks, but for my second ever only cock I was happy.

When it was time to swallow the head I decided to make some slurpy noises to see what Colin would do. Holding his cock upright I rose up on my knees a little. Gathering up a lot of saliva in my mouth I lowered my lips down on it with a loud slurp. I had to open pretty wide.

Colin was talking about school and his life, his parents and girlfriend, Terry. He discussed his plans for the future, etc. At this point he stumbled and said, “Oh, that, Scotty gave me a drink. That must be what you heard.” That tricky girl of mine. She called him on the noises to see what he would say. I smiled at her cleverness.

I polished his big knob for a long while and it was becoming apparent to all of us that he was having trouble finishing.

Emmy was the one who came up with a solution. I don’t know exactly what she said but the next thing I knew they were discussing Halloween next month. I heard him accept her offer to borrow the costume she wore last year, for his girlfriend to wear this year.

He was objecting with her prodding him in between, “I’ll get it before I go…No, I won’t forget…It can wait.” Clearly she was pushing him hard and he didn’t want to stop the BJ.

Next Colin was talking to me, “Mrs. Blake says you should go get me the costume right now.” Reluctantly, I released his cock and reluctantly he let me stop.

I jogged into the bedroom, grabbed the box from the back of the closet, then brought back a sexy white nurses uniform and platinum blonde wig. I didn’t know her plan at this point. I just played along.

Tossing the uniform, stockings, garter, and wig on the couch I then dropped back to my knees before this nice club of a cock.

They were talking about the wig. He picked up the wig telling her that he thought it would work well on Terry and she would look hot in it. Suddenly, he thought he had an idea all on his own. He put the wig in my hand and gestured for me to put it on.

With the wig on me, Colin was looking at the top of a sexy blonde girl’s head. A head that was blowing him.

I did my best, though in all honesty, I don’t know how good I am at blowjobs. I also kept giving as noisy a BJ as I could, without being obvious about it. I hoped Emmy was really enjoying what she heard.

After just a few short minutes of putting on the wig Colin dropped the phone, grabbed my wigged head and shot ten streams of cum in me. I know because I counted. He tried to stifle a moan and a grunt but he couldn’t control himself very well. I’m positive anyone on the other end of that phone would have heard and known exactly what they were listening to.

Sighing, he picked up my phone trying poorly to make some excuse. Em pretended to buy it, and he bought that she bought it.

I listened to them wrap up the conversation still on my knees. At one point I decided to clean up some stragglers that leaked out. His cock was super sensitive which made him squirm uncomfortably. Naturally, I used a lot of tongue on the sensitive underside when I saw the effect it had. Just to torture him a little.

When they hung up I got a text from Em. Colin held up my phone so I could see. The message was a graphic of cascading hearts with the words “Thanks for letting me have this, Hun!”

Colin buckled up. Swirling his fingers in my long curls to make a point, he said, “She’s really got you around her little finger. What did she buy anyway, Cutie?” I couldn’t come up with a better lie so I told him she bought a hedge trimmer. He laughed, patting me on the head. “See you around – girl.”

I could tell he left a satisfied man. It pained me a little because it was hard to wait for the time when the tables would be turned. I didn’t want the blackmailing jerk to enjoy it too much.

As soon as the front door clicked shut, Emmy came dashing into the room. “That was so exciting! All of it, setting him up, you blowing him, getting to listen, and the wig was an extra hot touch. Damn, I’m bummed I couldn’t see it.”

“I know! I loved it too! But I thought we were going to get him once he confessed on tape? What gives?”

“I know, I know. The blowjob idea was too hot. I couldn’t resist.” Em looked down, biting her lip. “There’s just one little problem. You know how I said it would turn me on to watch you secretly from behind the door?” I nodded. Em whined and pouted, “I didn’t get to watch. I didn’t plan on him asking to talk to me on the phone.”

“Well yea, you kaçak casino couldn’t watch. But you got to listen.”

“It’s not the same. Besides, you liked it. Furthermore, I’ll make it up to you.” She grabbed the wig Colin had forgotten, placed it on her head and said, “Since I couldn’t watch, maybe you’ll show me what he did, if you get what I mean. I know I’m Queen of the Bedroom, but right now, for a little change of pace, I want you to use and fuck my mouth. “Saying that she knelt down where I had moments before knelt, adding. “But I want to watch next time.”

Sarcastically I replied, “OK, if you insist, I’ll fuck your mouth. And whatdya mean ‘next time’?” My cock sprang to attention instantly at the offer to fuck her mouth. We’ve been married for five years so I’ve had my share of BJs. Generally not very enthusiastic ones. And certainly none where I fucked her mouth. I wanted to do the wig thing too.

Last year we had planned on having sex in our costumes but we’re too tired by the end of the night. The wig turned me on to no end so I was glad to pump my dick into her mouth. At first, I wasn’t being forceful enough ’till she put my hands on the back of her head and clasped her own behind her back – so I would get the idea. I obliged. She coughed and choked a bit. She never could deep throat and had only tried once. In fact, this was the first time she had genuinely tried.

When I filled her up she made a show of having it leak out of the corners of her mouth even though she can always handle the quantity of my cum. She came up gasping, red in the face, slop running down her chest and with her mascara running from her tears.

I complained,”Babe, I hurt you. I’m so sorry! I didn’t know. You should have said something. Sorry, shit I’m sorry! Why would you let me hurt you?” I wiped a few tears away. In the future, promise me if I hurt you, you’ll stop me.” She smiled, but didn’t say she would.

Holding my hand, “I know you’re sorry, It’s OK. You know how I’m kinda rough on you in the bedroom sometimes?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “I wanted to know what it felt like. Anywho, (laughing) we’re buying a strap-on today. So I think you’re gonna be getting paybacks tonight.”

I would object that that wouldn’t be fair since it was her idea. But I was more than happy for her to do whatever she wanted to me. If that included a strap-on then I would submit. If it was uncomfortable then I would bear it. I guess, more than most, I understood why she let me be so rough.

It was the first time we had been to a sex store and it was fun. By the time we got home we couldn’t wait until night. We rushed to the bedroom stripping as we went.

Em’s body turned me on as it always does. I adore her shapely form. Her full B cup boobs on a thin body that usually would indicate A cups. Of course, when I touch her I crave getting my hands and lips into all the moist hallows I can find.

But, as you know, that was not our plan for today. Today she was going to use our new strap-on on me. It didn’t matter to me how she used it. I just craved being used and she, likewise, relished dominating me.

Turning away from me she fumbled while fastening the new device. When she was finally ready to show off she turned back to me. She stood there, gorgeous tan skin and long shiny flowing hair. She was totally nude except for the harness and long red phallus protruding menacingly from her midsection.

The contrast between her petite femininity and the ultra masculine silicone cock was mind blowing. My thoughts flashed back to some old Vallejo picture I’d seen once long ago. She stood posing there like a naked warrior brandishing a mighty weapon. Momentarily, she took my breath away.

I sat up quickly. Getting into what I perceived to be an appropriate role for the scene. I bowed my head waiting in submission.

Her arms dropped and her demeanor changed. Briefly out of character, she played the part of the Director, plainly she said, “Oh. Not submission. You should cower in fear. Resist. Struggle.” (And to think, we were usually so in sync.)

I tried again. I backed up against the headboard pulling the blankets up like a shield behind which I could hide.

She smiled a satisfied grin, then thought again. Rummaging through her dresser drawer she pulled out a zebra print thong and matching bra. “Put these on.” This was new for us. I’d never dressed in any clothing before for sex, let alone anything of hers.

The thong went on just fine but we needed to extend the straps on the bra to get it to fit.

“Perfect.” She commented, “You are a vanquished princess. A virgin. Now defend your honor.”

She took a step toward me with the red cock pointing right at me. Normally, (we’ve been playing this game for only three weeks so how much normal is there yet?) I would have just positioned myself to do whatever she wanted, but today she wanted me to resist.

I spied the door and decided if I were lucky I could get past her. I made a run for it! However, she only needed to take one step to the side to block my exit. “Overpowering” me, she pushed me back, wrestling me toward the bed. I tripped for real, falling on my naked ass. She pinned me with my back against the sideboard and my head against the mattress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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