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Erotic Birthday Massage

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My husband sure shocked me for my 55th birthday with a surprise right out of Penthouse Letters. We decided to celebrate at a Residence Inn at the beach for a quick weekend away. I think he thought I was down about turning 55 and he wanted to spice things up a bit and make me feel good about myself, though at my age I think I still look good. I’m average height and weight but I do have more than ample cleavage to tease the guys when I’m feeling it.

Well, I didn’t have to wait long for my surprise as we headed back from dinner on the first night. I had dressed to get his attention but was not dressed like a slut. I was wearing a thing length black dress with matching leopard print bra and thong, and I was moving sexy in my high heel pumps.

I was thinking that we’d get naked and have good sex before calling it a night. As we headed to the room my honey told me that he had arranged an in-room massage for me this evening. Well, that is different and I was a bit apprehensive. We watch some porn but we’ve never cheated on each other. In fact, we never even talked about it so I was a bit nervous. We’ve had a pretty good sex life together and though we are not porn stars, we have a good thing together. I do love massage so I wasn’t going to say no to my treat.

When we returned to the room I wondered aloud how I should dress since I’ve only had a massage at a Spa. My honey told me to dress as I would for a regular massage and I told him I was nervous. He told me that when he arranged it he told the masseuse that it was to be a real massage and there was going to be no sex involved. He reassured me and I headed to the bedroom to get changed.

I heard the knock on the door and I got butterflies in my stomach. I must admit casino şirketleri that the thought of getting a massage in the hotel room in front of my husband was a bit erotic and I felt a warm flush of energy course through my body. I could hear him setting up his table in the other room. I removed all my clothes except my thong and looked myself up and down in the mirror. I looked decent and my husband loved me and was in love with my body. I had to admit I did look pretty damn good at my age. I wrapped a white towel around my body, took a deep breath, and walked through the door.

It felt strange to enter a room in high heels and a thong and with my breasts squeezed into a large bath towel, but there I was in an awkward position with a stranger mere feet away and my husband watching it all.

The masseuse greeted me with a soft peck on the cheek and I whispered in his ear that he was not going to have sex with me tonight but we could enjoy the massage. He grabbed my hand and helped me up on the massage table. My husband eased into the couch as Dominick, the masseuse, slipped my towel off, exposing my large breasts and nipples to both men in the room. I was a little embarrassed and I saw Dominick glance down at my leopard print thong and then right back to my breasts. I leaned into the table face down and smelled the warm papaya oil.

I know I have nice tits for my age but as a much younger man looked me up and down I was worried about them hanging too much. Well, he seemed to be impressed.

Dominick, though I didn’t know if that was his real name, was about 5’9″ and decent looking, but he was 20 years younger than I was and the thought of the whole cougar thing tingled through my body with a weird nervous energy casino firmaları I had never experienced before.

For at least a half hour he rubbed warm massage oil on my back and shoulders and I got lost in the pleasure. He worked his hands up and down my torso, sometimes with soft touches and other times with strong deep pressure. I was lost in the ecstasy of the stress leaving my body but I had all sorts of horny feelings in my lower body and I could feel the wetness under my thong.

Finally, without asking he slowly rolled me over and started rubbing oil on my stomach and breasts. Umm. I was nervous exposing my tits to a stranger with my husband watching but I was ready for it. In my mind I was really hoping he would suck my nipples but he just tweaked them with his fingers. I know that would be crossing a line so I kept my thoughts to myself. After at least ten minutes working my tits, he rolled me back over and worked my legs up and down and all over my ass. Fuck I was hot.

Finally, after much teasing around my ass and pussy, he gently eased a finger under my thong and brushed my lips ever so slowly. Damn it felt so good and I was soaked. He whispered in my ear to make sure I was comfortable. I looked at my hubby who just nodded. Dominick inserted his finger into the wetness and then a second finger came in from behind. He reached his other hand down under my stomach and started to tweak my clit. At that point my ass started to lean back into the pleasure and I was moaning. I was so lost in the pleasure that I lost my inhibitions and forgot my husband was in the room.

Dominick was stone cold quiet as he brought me to the peak. As I was about to cum he pulled his fingers out and moved his hands down my legs to güvenilir casino massage my feet.

After a couple minutes of a sensual foot massage, I called him and he leaned into my face. I begged him to get his fingers back into my pussy and do his job with them. He didn’t need to be asked a second time and he listened like a good boy.

In less than a minute my whole body was heaving and racked with a thunderous orgasm. He leaned in again and told me he wanted to fuck my swollen pussy. I spread my legs wide, and told him he had permission to lick my pussy, as long as hubby didn’t complain. I told him this was not his night to have sex with me so he would just have to enjoy the taste. Holy shit his tongue felt so good plunging in and out of me. I spread my legs wide and I was moaning and lost in the waves of pleasure. In another minute with a strange man working his tongue over my pussy, I started bucking wildly and came screaming loud enough to wake the entire hotel. Shit, that is something I never thought would happen.

I looked over at my poor husband and he had a big smile on his face and his engorged cock was in his hand. I was then struck with how erotic it was to have just cum on a massage table with my husband watching the action like a porn flick.

I sat up on the table still shuttering from my orgasm, grabbed Domick, freed his hard-on and pulled his cock into my mouth. I sucked him off in less than a minute and his cum blew up all over my tits. I demanded he rub his cum all over them and he did. I noticed that my husband had blown his wad at some point too.

I got up, thanked him for the massage, and told him that my husband would help him to the car. When hubby came back we took a long shower together and spent the rest of the night and half of the next morning fucking our brains out.

It was more sex than we’ve had in six months. What a crazy birthday present for this 55 year old Cougar, MILF. Can’t wait for the next special occasion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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