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Exhibitionist Sister – Chapter 11_(1)

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Author’s Note:

I posted this story once already, but half of it was missing… so I am trying again!

Hello everyone! I apologize for the long delays with this chapter/section. I’m very busy as of late. This chapter is a bit different than previous chapters. Please let me know what you thought of it in the comments, and keep an eye out for the new sister-series to Exhibitionist Sister, “Brian & Ashley”. The first chapter of that story should be up either before or at the same time as this story, and I recommend reading it first.

Chapter 11

I went over to Ashley’s house the next day after Alyssa had already left. The first thing Ashley did was fill me in on the details from last night. Obviously I was disappointed I missed out, but once Ashley told me that Alyssa (and Madison) were both interested in “playing with my cock” the next time we all hung out, I stopped feeling disappointed. It sounded like I could end up having a fuckin’ foursome with three other girls (two of which would be sisters)! Suffice it to say, I was extremely excited.

Ashley and I basically just chilled for the rest of the afternoon until Ashley had to go to work. Madison and I were planning on hanging out together that evening so I stayed at Ashley’s house after she left for work.

I walked Ashley to her car and kissed her goodbye before she climbed in and started the ignition. She rolled down her window.

“Save some for me,” she said, glancing down at my crotch before looking back at me with a wink. I just laughed and said that I would. I watched her drive off before turning back and walking towards her house. I went inside and walked down to the basement where I found Madison sitting on one of the couches in the common area. She was wearing a cami with a bra underneath and a pair of short running/athletic shorts.

“Hey Brian,” she smiled.

“Hey Madison,” I said, walking over to the couch she was sitting at. “Where were you?”

“In my room,” she said. I hadn’t seen her down here before Ashley went to work.

“Gotcha,” I said. I sat next to her and turned slightly to face her. She adjusted herself slightly to face me. “Ashley told me about last night.”

Madison blushed and laughed. “Yeah, it was kind of a lot.”

“It sounds like y’all had a great time,” I grinned. “I’m a bit disappointed I missed out.”

“Me too, honestly,” Madison said. “But it sounds like you’ll be there next time so you have that to look forward to.”

“Right,” I said. “This is wild. It’s like a dream come-true.”

“No kidding,” Madison chuckled.

“What was it like sucking on Ashley’s tits with Alyssa?”

“Crazy,” Madison laughed. “As with everything that’s happened, I never thought I’d do that. I loved every second of it, though.”

“That’s good,” I said. I paused for a moment. “Hey, you know what Ashley said to me before she left?”

“What?” Madison asked.

“She glanced down at my crotch and said, ‘save some for me’,” I said with a grin.

Madison just laughed. “I wonder why she would say such a thing.” She was teasing me, of course.

“I’m not sure,” I said, playing along. “It was definitely a little strange. I was wondering if you might help me figure out what she meant?”

“Hmm,” Madison said, pretending to think. “Well, I have an idea, but you’re going to think I’m crazy for saying this…”

“What is it?”

“Ashley knows her sister pretty well,” Madison cooed. “She knows her sister is a very horny girl who loves to play with a nice cock.”

“Sure,” I said. It was difficult to play along with the tent rapidly growing in my pants.

“And,” Madison said. “If I may, you do have a very nice cock.”

“Thank you,” I nodded.

Madison and I held eye contact as she finished putting her hair in a ponytail and shifted down onto the ground, walking on her knees until she knelt before me.

“You have to admit,” she said. “It would feel pretty damn good to unload in my mouth, wouldn’t it Brian?”

“Fuck yeah it would,” I nodded.

“So based on all of that,” Madison said slowly. She was reaching up and hooking her fingers into the waistband of my shorts. “I think you should indulge just a little bit. Ashley can have a turn later.”

I just nodded and watched as Madison, biting her lip, pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles, causing my very-erect cock to spring up. Madison shifted forward and angled my cock towards her mouth. She moved her head down and gently kissed my balls before teasing the underside of them with her tongue. She held my gaze as she licked all around my sack, gripping my cock firmly with her right hand. With a brief pause just to tease me, she slowly took my balls into her mouth, sucking each one gently before taking my entire sack into her mouth. She began to slowly traced her fingers up and down my shaft as she sucked my balls gently.

She popped my sack out of her mouth and and lightly ran her tongue up the underside of my cock. She traced it back down, and then back up again, this time staying up by the head. Gently, my girlfriend’s little sister ran her tongue around my cockhead, teasing the underside with the tip of her tongue on each pass. Finally, she began to take the head into her mouth, sucking it gently. With her left hand, she gently caressed my balls, holding them in her hand and massaging them with her fingers. Her right hand still held my shaft, and now it began to stroke me softly. As she worked more of me into her mouth, she held my balls tighter. With about half of me in her mouth, she bobbed her head back up before quickly returning down, this time taking almost all of me into her throat. I groaned as she came into a rhythm, bobbing her head up and down the top half of my cock while her right hand pumped the base. Her left massaged my balls.

She sucked me faster and faster. I could feel myself getting close as the sounds of her slurping and sucking my cock filled the room — wet smacks and loud pops as her lips ran up and down my shaft.

“Oh my God,” I groaned. “You are so good at sucking my cock, Madison.”

Madison quickened her pace. She wanted my cum.

“Don’t stop,” I grunted. “You’re going to make me cum. Oh my God.”

Madison held me in her throat, using her tongue to pleasure my shaft as best she could as I began to unload in her mouth. She massaged my balls as cum painted the back of her throat. She was a good girl, holding my pulsating cock in her mouth until my orgasm finally subsided. She slowly came up off my cock, taking care to not drop any of the semen for which she had worked. She opened her mouth, showing me her prize before swallowing it, savoring the taste.

“I guess you were right,” I grinned.

“I guess so,” she smiled, wiping her mouth with her arm.

“That felt amazing, Madison,” I said with a sigh, pulling my pants up.

“I hope you aren’t done yet,” Madison said with a grin. “I was just getting started with you.”

“Oh, I just need a few minutes to recharge,” I chuckled. “Don’t you worry.”

“Good,” she said, pausing for a moment. “What’s it like to get your dick sucked by your girlfriend’s sister, anyway?”

“Incredible,” I said. “It’s really, really fucking hot.”

She smiled. “Well, I’m glad. I feel the same way about playing with my sister’s boyfriend. It feels so wrong and so dirty.”

“It is dirty and wrong,” I laughed. “Also, I have a question.”

“Go ahead,” Madison said. By now she had sat back up on the couch next to me.

“How come you never really ask me to reciprocate? Like you’ve jerked me off and sucked my dick a few times now. Do you not want me to, you know, give you head?”

“Are you kidding?” Madison grinned. “I’d love it if you ate my pussy. It’s just — I would rather wait until Alyssa is involved for you to do something like that to me.”

I gave her a puzzled look. “That’s a very arbitrary line, not that I’m complaining,” I said, glancing down between her legs, which caused Madison to crack a smile. “But obviously I’m perfectly happy with just getting blowjobs.”

Madison shrugged. “Listen, the next time we all hang out, I imagine you’ll have the chance to eat as much pussy as you want.”

“Is that so?” I grinned.

Madison nodded, biting her lip as she did so. “I’m sure Alyssa would love it if you played with her too. I’d be okay with it, obviously.”

I smiled. “I can’t wait.”

“Me neither,” Madison said. “And if I had to bet, I’d bet you’re going to get a lot of attention.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Mhm,” Madison nodded. “I wouldn’t be surprised if each of the three of us girls swallowed a load of yours that night.”

With that, my erection had returned.

“Would you like it if Alyssa sucked your cock, Brian?” Madison cooed.

“Uh-huh,” I said stupidly.

“Do you wanna come down my girlfriend’s throat?” she asked me softly.

“Yes,” I said. “Fuck yes, I do.”

Madison just smiled. “Well, keep your plans free for this Friday.”

“Oh I will,” I said. “Believe me.”

Madison glanced down at the growing bulge in my pants. “Ready for another?”

“Another blowjob?” I asked. This girl really loved sucking cock.

She nodded.

“I mean, if you want to suck me off again, then be my guest.”

Madison grinned and got back down on the ground in front of me. She reached up and pulled my pants and boxers down, this time taking them all the way off. My cock was completely hard at this point.

“You have such a nice cock dude,” she said slowly, “holy shit.” She was just sitting there looking at my now naked erection. She was definitely taking a more casual tone with this blowjob as compared to the previous.

She reached up and took my balls into her hand, squeezing them gently. “Have you told anybody about this?”

Now, there were two people who knew about this situation at this point, and I haven’t necessarily mentioned them yet. Their names were Jordan and Kristen; Jordan was one of my best friends, and Kristen was his girlfriend. At some point, Ashely and I told them about what we were all doing. Jordan and Kristen could be trusted; they were roughly as open (sexually) as Ashley and I were. In any case, they knew about most of this, but they could be trusted. No sense in lying about this to Madison.

“Yes, there’s a couple Ashley and I are friends with,” I said slowly. “They’re sorta like us — Ashley and I — in a sexual sense. Like they’re kinky and ‘open’ and all that.”

“Jordan and Kristen?” Madison asked.

That surprised me. “Yes,” I said. “Did Ashley tell you about them?”

Madison nodded. “She mentioned them. I wasn’t sure how much they knew, but Ashley basically insinuated that they were aware of our ‘activities’ to some extent.”

“I see,” I said. “They don’t know that you’ve given me blowjobs yet. Jordan asked me the other day if you had sucked my dick yet, and I just sorta shrugged off the question.”

Madison thought for a moment, and then quickly looked at me and smiled. “How about we answer his question officially?”

“How do you mean?” I asked hesitantly.

“Does he have snap?” Madison asked. She was referring to Snap chat, which, for those of you who are unaware, is an app in which users exchange photos and videos back and forth similar to texting. In the case of Snap chat though, these pictures and videos can generally only be viewed one, and for a short period of time (with certain caveats).

In any case, it immediately dawned on me what Madison was suggesting. “He does.”

“Does he know what I look like?” Madison asked.

“He does,” I said, suppressing an excited smile.

“Why don’t you send him a snap and just ask him what he’s doing right now?” she suggested.

I nodded. I grabbed my phone and opened the app. I took a blurry picture of myself (just so I had a picture to which I could add a caption) and captioned it, What are you doing right now? I hit send and waited. Madison continued to rub my balls gently, which was more than enough to keep my dick rock-hard.

Jordan replied quickly. He sent a photo of a television with the caption, Nothing, Kristen is at work. Wbu?

“He’s just watching TV,” I said. “And Kristen isn’t there, also.”

“That works,” Madison said. “Ask him if he remembers the ‘question’ he asked you the other day.”

I nodded; I knew what she wanted me to do. I took a photo of the ceiling this time and captioned it, You remember asking me if Madison sucked my dick yet? I hit send. My heart was racing a bit at this point.

A moment later, he responded. It was a photo of him with his brow furrowed. Yeah, why? Did she?

“He remembers asking, and he asked again if you’ve sucked my dick,” I said.

“Good,” Madison smiled. She scooted back so she was sitting on her knees. “Stand up and come over here, away from the couch.” I did as I was told. My erection bobbed up and down a bit when I stood up.

“We’re gonna officially answer his question,” Madison grinned. “But let’s tease him a bit first.” She took ahold of the base of my shaft with her free hand, still massaging my sack with her other hand. “Take a photo of your dick,” she said.

I held the camera so it was more from the side. You could see Madison’s hands coming from the direction in front of me. One hand was wrapped around the base of my shaft, the other was clearly clutching my ballsack, squeezing it gently. I took the photo with flash so the quality of the picture would look a bit better. I showed Madison the picture; she nodded in approval.

I added the caption, Well, these aren’t Ashley’s hands… and hit send, triple-checking that Jordan was the one and only recipient of the photograph.

This time, his response was almost immediate. It was a blurry shot of the wall with a caption, HOLY SHIT. Then another photo, IS THAT MADISON?? And then a third, Nice dick btw bro, which was Jordan’s way of being funny. It made me laugh, at least.

I conveyed his responses to Madison, who giggled happily. “He’s right about your dick being nice,” she said.

“It was mostly a joke, I’m sure,” I chuckled.

“Still,” Madison said. “Here, take a video of me stroking your cock and playing with your balls, and just put the caption as ‘maybe’ or something cheeky like that.”

I took the video from the same position as the photograph — from the side, so it was easy to see my balls in her hand and her other hand stroking my cock. I told Madison to start stroking, and as soon as she did I started recording. Admittedly it looked really hot. She was moving her hand up and down my cock nice and slow, and it looked incredibly erotic. Her hand slowly massaging my balls underneath was the cherry on top.

I showed Madison the video, whose first response was, “that’s really hot.” She then asked me to send it to her so she could look at it again later, clearly insinuating that she planned to masturbate to it. I laughed but agreed to send it to her, obviously.

“You know, you could masturbate right now,” I said.

Madison shrugged and nodded. She kept her hand on my shaft, but released my balls, which were now bouncing as she pumped my cock. She slid her hand down into her shorts and began playing with her clit.

I captioned the video of her stroking my cock Maybe… (in response to his question about the hands on my cock belonging to Madison) and sent it to both Jordan and Madison. Again, Jordan’s response came almost instantly.

Holy fuck, dude, this one said. Keep sending stuff.

“Do you think he’s gonna jerk off?” Madison giggled.

“Honestly, probably,” I said. Knowing Jordan, he was absolutely gonna jerk off if we sent him more material.

Madison thought for a moment. “That’s kinda hot.”

“I’ll tell him you said that,” I said.

“Go for it,” Madison said. “Tell him to send photos back. Would he? Would Kristen care?”

I thought for a moment. “I don’t think she’d really care. Not since we provoked it, at least.” I chuckled.

“Why don’t you send her some?” Madison asked. She was still kneeling down in front of me playing with herself.

“I think she’s at work,” I said. “That’s what Jordan said, at least. I’ll snap her though.”

I sent Kristen a snap (a blurry photo of the wall) with the caption you at work rn?

I took another photo of my cock, this time with the camera closer to Madison’s perspective. It yielded a much better shot of my balls and a good-looking angle of my dick, not that Jordan necessarily cared about how good my dick looked. This time my balls were hanging freely below my shaft, around which Madison’s fingers were still wrapped. In any case, I captioned the photo Okay, but Madison wants you to jerk off and send photos/videos of it.

His response was almost instantaneous. Deal. This time, the photo was, unsurprisingly, of his dick, which was quite hard. I’ll admit this was far from the first time I’d seen it. I showed Madison the photo.

She blushed. “Holy fuck,” she said. “He’s pretty big.”

“Yeah, he is,” I chuckled.

“Tell him to send another,” Madison said. She was rubbing her clit a bit faster now.

“Sure, but what should we send him?”

“I’m not sure,” Madison said thoughtfully. “What do you think?”

I thought for a moment. “I have an idea,” I said. “Sit down, like on your butt. Scoot back against that couch, actually,” I said, gesturing to the couch behind Madison. She sat down (she was previously squatting) and scooted back.

“Start playing with yourself again,” I said. Madison slid her hand into her shorts and resumed masturbating. I stood in front of her and zoomed in on her crotch. I took a photo such that she was visible from her collarbones down, so you could see her chest and her legs spread with her hand in her shorts. It was very clear from the photo that she was touching herself. I captioned the photo, I think she likes your dick and showed Madison. She blushed but nodded, consenting to me sending the photo to Jordan. I made damn sure he was the only recipient and hit send.

A moment later, I got a snap from Kristen. “Kristen responded,” I said. It was a selfie of her captioned, Yeah, but it’s slow as hell right now. I’m very bored.

“She is at work,” I said. Madison looked a bit disappointed. “But she said it’s slow. Maybe we can get away with sending her something?”

Just like that, Madison brightened up a bit. “Oooh, that would be hot — she would be looking at the photos of us while she’s at work!”

“Agreed. I’m gonna send her a snap asking if she remembers what I told her about you and I.”

“Alright,” Madison nodded.

I took a photo of the ground and captioned it, make sure you only open these when you’re COMPLETELY alone, okay? I sent the photo to antalya escort bayan Kristen just as Jordan’s response came in — this time it was a video.

“Jordan sent a video,” I said, chuckling.

“Lemme see,” Madison said excitedly. She came up next to me, and I opened Jordan’s snap. As I expected, it was a video of him jacking off. He was slowly stroking his hand up and down his very-hard cock. “Holy fuck,” Madison said. “That’s so hot. I wonder how that thing would feel in my mouth. It’s so big!”

“Well, maybe we can invite him over sometime and you can find out,” I grinned. “How do you wanna respond?”

“Let’s send him a photo of my tits,” Madison said after thinking of a moment. “And that would be great.” I don’t think she thought I was serious, but I wouldn’t mind sharing Madison with Jordan.

In any case, Jordan was in for a treat with this next photo. “Take your shirt off then,” I told her.

Madison nodded and pulled off her cami. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the ground in front of her.

“Goddamn,” I said, staring at her tits. Her nipples were hard.

Madison grinned, biting her lip. “How should I pose?”

I thought for a second. “Hold your tits with your hands like this,” I said, groping my own chest with my free hand. She did what I asked, squeezing her tits gently with her hands. “Move your fingers a bit so your nipples are just visible between your fingers — yeah, like that. That’s hot.” She was squeezing her tits so her hard nipples were peaking out in between her fingers. I took a photo, making sure her face wasn’t visible. I captioned it, she’s loving your dick, bro. She wants more. and sent the photo to Jordan.

I saw that Kristen had since responded; I must’ve missed the notification when it first came in. I opened her snap. It was just a selfie of her captioned yes of course, what’s up? (She was agreeing not to open my snaps when there were other people around).

I took a photo of the ceiling, captioned it I’m horny. Other that than, not much., and sent it.

Kristen replied immediately. It was a selfie where she was clearly laughing. I thought you were gonna say something serious lol. She sent another, this time a selfie of her looking up and to the side, away from the camera. And you’re always horny lmao. Maybe you should jack off? Since Ashley is at work and all.

The fact that she suggested I jerk off was super hot. I replied to her with, Hmm, that’s a good idea. I’m feeling kind of lazy right now, though.

“What is Kristen saying? And did Jordan reply?” Madison asked. She was still absently touching herself.

“Well, I told Kristen that I’m horny,” I said, chuckling.

“Wow. That’s forward,” Madison giggled. “Is she not gonna think you’re weird for saying that?”

“Nah, she’s used to it. She actually outright suggested I jerk off.”

Madison laughed and shook her head. “You and Ashley have interesting friends, Brian.”

“I don’t disagree,” I grinned. “We’re just very open with one another.”

Both Kristen and Jordan replied. I opened Jordan’s snap chat first. Once again, it was a photo of his cock with his hand clearly stroking it. I quickly showed the photo to Madison, who began rubbing her clit faster.

“His cock is so hot,” she groaned. “I wish I could taste it.”

Jordan captioned the photo with Her tits are so fucking nice.

“Keep masturbating,” I told Madison. I took a video of her masturbating. You could hear her moaning softly, and she was clearly getting into it and otherwise enjoying herself. I captioned it, She feels the same way about your dick. She keeps talking about how she wants to taste it and sent it his way.

I opened Kristen’s snap chat next. It was a photo of her clearly laughing. Too lazy to jerk off? As I was replying, she sent me another snap. I opened it, and it was a mirror selfie from the work bathroom. Maybe I can help give you some motivation?

“Holy shit,” I said. “Madison, Kristen just said that she could maybe help ‘give me some motivation’ since I said I was feeling lazy about jerking off.”

Madison rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe that worked.”

I laughed. “It’s not like Kristen is some girl I don’t know,” I said. “That being said, I didn’t expect this.”

I responded to her, Yes, please.

I sat down on the couch behind Madison, who was still touching herself, of course. She still had her shirt off so her tits were out, but she was still wearing her shorts and panties. At this point, my cock was throbbing pretty hard and it really needed some attention. I reached down and began to jerk off slowly. Madison immediately took notice of this and stood up. She got down on the couch, kneeling next to me. Her hair was still in a ponytail from earlier.

I reached over and groped one of her tits, squeezing and massaging it before pinching her nipple with my fingers, eliciting a small moan from Madison. Once I was done playing with her boobs, she leaned down next to me, bracing herself on her right elbow. Her left hand immediately cupped my balls. She was essentially in doggy-style with her ass facing away from me.

“Try not to come yet,” she cooed softly.

She leaned in and slowly traced her tongue from the base of my shaft up to the tip, taking extra care to rub up and down on the sensitive part on the underside of my cockhead. I laid my head back and moaned loudly. I reached over with my left arm and gently rubbed her back as she continued to run her tongue up and down the underside of my cock, always paying a little extra attention to the sensitive spot. Her left hand still held my balls gently.

Jordan still hadn’t responded. Maybe he was about to finish. Kristen had responded though. I opened her snap. It was another mirror selfie, but this time Kristen had unbuttoned her shirt except for the last three buttons. She had pulled the two sides of the shirt open so that her bra-covered tits were out on display. Kristen’s tits are great, by the way.

“Holy fuck,” I breathed.

“What?” Madison asked. She started running her tongue around the head of my cock — slowly though, so as not to make me come.

“Kristen sent me a photo of her shirt unbuttoned.”

“That’s hot,” Madison said. “Were her tits all-the-way out?”

“No, she was wearing a bra,” I said. “But her tits are big and they look great either way.”

“How are you going to respond?”

“I’m not sure exactly.”

“Would she enjoy seeing your cock?” Madison asked. She took the head into her mouth and began to suck on it.

“Yes,” I moaned. “But I’m not sure if I want to send her a photo of that yet.”

“Well, just let me know if you need me to pose for a photo or anything,” Madison said, popping the head of my cock out of her mouth long enough to speak before sucking it some more. She began to very gently bob her head up and down my shaft, only taking the top third or so into her mouth. It felt incredible, feeling her slowly suck my cock like that. The soft, steady noise of her sucking my cock was so hot, too.

I responded to Kristen’s snap with, Y’know, I’m beginning to feel a bit more motivated, actually.

She responded almost instantly. With Madison’s mouth wrapped around my swollen cockhead, I opened her snap. It was a “selfie” centered on her chest, only this time there was no bra. Her big, gorgeous tits were front-and-center, her pretty pink nipples clearly hard. How about now? She had captioned it.

Madison glanced up at me and saw the expression on my face. She took my dick out of her mouth.

“She sent a photo of her tits, huh?” she said before putting me back in her mouth.

“Yeah,” I said, a little dumbfounded. “She captioned it how about now? basically asking if I still felt too lazy to jerk off.”

Madison came up off my dick and let go of my balls, opting instead to stroke my cock gently. “That’s pretty good,” she chuckled. “Now what are you gonna do?”

“I think she deserves to see my cock now,” I smirked.

Madison nodded and sat up to avoid being in the photo. I took a photo from the side that Madison was sitting on so my balls would be visible (another thing about Kristen is that she likes how balls look). Once again, I used flash. You could tell my cock was pretty wet, but she would just assume I had been using spit for lube to jack off, which was fine. I took the photo and showed Madison for approval.

“Looks good to me,” Madison nodded. “Looks like a cock I’d really enjoy playing with.”

“Well, you’re in luck,” I said. Madison giggled and knelt back down. She started sucking the head of my cock briefly before slowly taking all of me into her mouth, holding me in her throat long enough for me to enjoy the feeling. She came up off of my dick, gasping for breath a bit, before taking me back into her mouth. She began slowly bobbing her head up and down the entirety of my shaft. Once again, the wet noise of her slurping up and down on my shaft filled the room.

She came off my cock long enough to say, “let me know if you’re getting close so I can slow down” before resuming my blowjob.

I captioned the photo of my dick, Yeah, I think I’m good to go now. What do you think?

Yet again, Kristen’s response came almost instantaneously. She was still in the bathroom (I really hope she wasn’t going to get in trouble just to get me off). This time, she sent a mirror selfie. Her shirt was still unbuttoned, and her tits were still clearly visible. Her caption was omgomgomg you’re so big holy shit. A moment later, I got another snap from Kristen. This time it was a normal selfie, and she wasn’t in the bathroom. It was captioned I’m actually cut and I have no tables so I can leave (she was done with her shift).

“Lemme send Kristen another picture,” I moaned. Madison came up off my cock and nodded, wiping her mouth with her arm. Right then I got a snap from Jordan. It was his dick and his hand, covered in cum. He captioned it, I tried to last longer but couldn’t. I quickly showed it to Madison, who was clearly very turned on by it.

“That’s so fucking hot,” she whispered.

I gripped my cock and began recording a video of me stroking it slowly, sort of like the video Jordan had sent to us a few moments ago. I showed Madison, who approved, telling me to send her that one too. I chuckled and captioned it, Your tits are so fuckin’ great, Kristen. And lucky you! Kind of weird to be having a simultaneous sexual and non-sexual conversation in one snap, but oh well. I hit send, and Madison yet again knelt down and took me into her mouth.

“I’m really lucky you love giving blowjobs so much,” I grunted.

“You’re lucky your dick is so much fun to play with,” Madison said.

I looked back across her body and admired the view I had of her ass in the air. Her butt would look better if her ass was facing me, obviously, but I could clearly see each of her cheeks. I realized that they were actually within reach, so I reached down and grabbed her left buttcheek. She moaned softly. I grabbed the other before giving it a light smack (I didn’t want to surprise her with my cock in her mouth). She moaned louder.

“Do you like being spanked?” I asked.

“Mmhmm,” she moaned without taking my cock out of her mouth.

“Don’t bite me,” I said. I spanked her leftass cheek as best I could from this angle. It made a loud SMACK as my hand collided with her ass.

This time, Madison took me out of her mouth long enough to say, “Fuck yeah, keep spanking me.”

I obliged, this time spanking her right cheek, eliciting another moan. I gave her ass a firm squeeze before giving it another good smack. Listening to her moan with my cock in her mouth was great.

My phone buzzed — another snap from Kristen. It was a video. I opened it. It started on her face.

“Okay, so I moved my car to the corner of the parking lot,” Kristen said. She moved the camera away from her face, revealing that her shirt was once again unbuttoned and her tits were out. Madison came up off my cock and looked at my phone.

“Wow, her tits are gorgeous!” she breathed. “And so is she, holy Hell.”

Kristen switched the camera mid-snap from the rear camera to the front camera and panned around her car, showing me the view from her windows. It was pretty dark where she was. As I finished this snap, another snap came in. It was on her face again, her tits still in view. This time her flash was on (which, on the rear camera, just makes your screen bright).

“I’m not gonna lie — seeing your hard cock made me really horny, so here I am –” she switched cameras again. The front camera’s flash was on. She panned her phone down and showed me that her pants were unbuttoned and she was currently masturbating. I could see her hand moving around in her panties as her fingers worked her clit (though I couldn’t see her pussy or anything).

“Ho-ly fuck,” Madison said. “She’s masturbating in the parking lot? That’s amazing.”

I took another video of me stroking my cock. Oh fuck, that’s so hot, I wrote. I hit send, then took another. You remember what I told you about Madison and I?

“She’s fuckin’ hot,” Madison said before taking me back into her mouth, causing me to moan. She sucked me slowly, carefully running her tongue all around my shaft as she blew me

A few seconds later, she responded. Another shot of her gorgeous tits, bare nipples and all. I made sure to show Madison, who moaned in approval (she couldn’t talk with my cock in her mouth). Kristen had captioned the photo, Yeah, why? Did y’all fool around some more? Gimmie details!

“You may have seen this, but Kristen asked if you and I ‘fooled around’ more and that she wants details.”

“Well, we can certainly give her details,” Madison laughed. “What should we send her? Is she bi?”

“Oh, she’s definitely bi,” I said. Kristen loved pussy just as much as she loved cock, that was for damn sure.

“Do you wanna just send her a video of me sucking your cock?” Madison asked.

“Sure,” I shrugged. “That would probably help her get off so yeah.”

Madison grinned. “Just take the video whenever,” she said. She took me back into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down the full length of my cock.

I held the camera in front of me and pointed the lens at Madison’s head. With flash on, I recorded a long video of Madison blowing me. At the beginning, Madison just bobbed her head up and down my cock. After that, she began to trace her tongue up and down the length, and then she sucked on the head while stroking my shaft. I showed Madison the video.

“Holy fuck,” she said, still pumping my shaft. It’s a good thing I had come already or I would not have lasted this long. “Maybe I should be a pornstar.” She laughed. “Please send that to me too.”

“You got it,” I chuckled. I captioned the snap, Does this count as ‘fooling around’? and hit send.

“I sent it,” I said. I looked down and watched Madison work my cock. “You’re so good at sucking cock, Madison.”

“Thanks,” she cooed. “I’m just lucky to have such a nice cock to practice on.”

My phone buzzed — a snap from Kristen. “She responded,” I said. Madison stopped blowing me and together we looked at my phone as I opened the snap from Kristen. It was just a selfie of her looking extremely shocked. It was hard to see because it was dark, but her mouth was wide open. She still had her work shirt unbuttoned and her tits were out. She captioned it HOLY FUUUUUUUCK.

“Her tits are so nice,” Madison said. “Don’t you just wanna suck on her nipples?”

“Agreed,” I said. “And yes, absolutely.”

Another snap from Kristen came in. This time it was a video. I hit open. The video started with the front camera facing Kristen (like a selfie).

“Holy fuck,” Kristen said. “I’m assuming Ashley knows what you guys are doing. That’s fucking crazy.”

Another video came in. Same thing – a selfie video. “That’s so fucking hot. Holy shit. You deserve something special for showing me that,” Kristen continued.

She sent a third video. It began on her face again, but she quickly panned the camera down to her tits. “Like, I know how much you like these,” she said, pausing to give each tit a squeeze. “But you getting your cock sucked by Ashley’s sister deserves something better. Also, hi Madison!”

Madison giggled. “What is she gonna do?” Madison wondered out loud.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged.

The next video came in. The camera was still on her tits, which honestly was more than enough for me. She had a nice rack. “If I get caught, I’m screwed, but here–” she moved the camera backwards and angled it down a bit. Madison gasped. Kristen had completely taken off her pants and her panties. Her legs were spread wide open, and she had two fingers buried in her pussy. She was fingering herself like crazy, and we could clearly hear the sound of her fingers sliding in and out of her wet cunt. She just had a strip of public hair above her clit; other than that, her pussy was clean-shaven.

“I don’t really show off my pussy too often,” Kristen said, her voice shaking with pleasure. “But I just shaved and my pussy looks extra nice right now.”

The video ended, but she sent another that picked up right where this one left off. “So here, I hope you guys enjoy watching me finger my pussy.”

“That’s fucking insane,” Madison breathed. “Her body is so nice too, holy fuck.” She and I just watched as Kristen finger-fucked her pussy for us. Once the video ended, there was yet another one waiting. We opened this one.

“Oh, and since I know how much of an ass man you are Brian…,” Kristen said. She scooted forward and brought her legs up and to the sides a bit. This reached down with her free hand and spread her ass cheeks apart so we could clearly see her asshole.

“She’s got such a nice ass,” Madison said, looking hungrily at Kristen’s ass and pussy. “Don’t you think?”

“Oh yeah,” I said, chuckling again. “I can’t believe she showed us her asshole.”

“Yeah,” Madison grinned. “That was fucking hot. Now come on, let’s send her another one. This time I wanna suck your balls in the video.”

I held the camera and hit “record” as Madison plunged my cock back into her mouth, taking all of me in until her nose was pressed up against me. She held me there for a second before coming off my cock. She traced her tongue down my shaft, running it all over my balls before taking one into her mouth. She sucked it, pulling away from my body so it looked real exaggerated. She pumped my cock as she took the other ball into her mouth, doing the same thing before finally taking my entire sack into her mouth. She ran her tongue all around it before licking her way back up my shaft to suck on the escort bayan head of my dick.

I captioned this video, Holy FUCK Kristen, you’re so sexy . I hit send and enjoyed the feeling of Madison’s lips and tongue on my cockhead.

“We should send something else too,” Madison said, stopping my blowjob for a second. “Wanna show her my pussy?”

My heart skipped a beat. The night when Madison first sucked me off, she had been naked, but I really didn’t get a good look at her. “Fuck yeah” I said.

“Oh wait,” Madison blushed. “You really haven’t seen my pussy yet, have you?”

I shook my head.

She shrugged. “Well, tonight is your lucky night, I guess. How do you want me to pose?”

I thought for a moment. “Get down on your hands and knees in front of the couch with your butt facing towards me.” I stood up and stepped back away from the couch. Madison obeyed, getting into position.

“I’m gonna take a video of you pulling down your shorts. Then, you should pull your panties to the side so she can see your pussy”

“You’re gonna be able to see my butthole too, y’know,” Madison said softly.

“I know,” I grinned. “She’ll like it, don’t worry. Kristen and I have very similar tastes. And obviously I’m going to very much enjoy this”

“Okay,” Madison said, still blushing. “I’m ready when you are.”

“Go,” I said. I immediately started recording with the flash on.

Madison braced herself against the couch with one arm. With her free hand, she reached back and slowly tugged down her running shorts, revealing her black thong nested between her buttcheeks. You could almost see Madison’s asshole already. Once her shorts were all the way down, she swayed her ass back and forth briefly before reaching back and grabbing ahold of her thong. She slowly pulled it to the side, revealing her pussy lips and her asshole. She let go of her thong, which was stretched across the middle of her right buttcheek, and spread her ass apart, completely revealing her tight little asshole and glistening pussy to the camera. I could feel my cock throbbing as I took in the sight before me: my girlfriend’s little sister putting herself on display. Madison alternated between swaying her ass back and forth and spreading her buttcheeks apart to show off her pussy and ass. I stopped recording after another couple seconds.

Madison looked back at me. “How do I look?”

“Fucking incredible,” I breathed. “Holy fuck. I can’t believe you just let me see your pussy.”

“What did you think of my asshole?” she asked.

“I loved it,” I chuckled. “If I’m being honest, I wanted nothing more than to slide my cock inside of you just now. Either your pussy or your ass, whichever.” I walked over to her as she pulled her shorts up, sitting on the couch next to where she was bracing herself. I added a caption to the video, Since we got to see your pussy and asshole, we thought it would only be fair… and hit send.

Madison was quiet, and for a second I was worried I’d upset her by saying that. But then she spoke, “Y’know, in that moment, I probably wouldn’t have told you to stop if you tried to fuck me.”

“Even if I tried to put it in your ass?” I said, mostly joking.

Madison giggled. “You asked that as if I’m not curious how your cock would feel in my butt.”

I swallowed hard. I was incredibly turned on. “Well,” I said, “I personally think it would feel really good.” Madison was still on her hands and knees with her shorts pulled down. I could see the curves of her ass from where I was sitting.

“Better than if you were inside my pussy?” she asked a little sheepishly, turning bright red.

“We’d probably need to compare,” I suggested. “After all, your sister prefers being fucked in the ass sometimes.”

I could tell Madison was imagining what that would look like — what my cock would look like sliding in and out of her sister’s ass.

Finally, Madison nodded. “I bet your dick would feel really good,” she said after a moment. “Like, if you were to put it in my ass.”

“You think so?” I asked.

She nodded. “I bet it would be really nice and tight,” she said slowly. “I bet you wouldn’t last too long.”

“Oh yeah?” I said. “You wanna test that theory?”

Madison just giggled, but she didn’t respond.

“Where would you want me to come?” I asked. “Like if I were to… try out your ass for a bit.”

“Definitely inside,” Madison said. She was looking forward as she spoke instead of at me. “I really wanna feel you squirt a load up my butt. I’ve wanted that for a while now.”

I was silent for a moment. My head was spinning; I was so turned on I really couldn’t think straight. My girlfriend’s little sister just told me she wanted me to cum inside her ass.

Madison broke the silence before I could respond. Her breathing was shaky. “You’d probably have to fuck my pussy for a bit first though,” she said. “To get your cock nice and wet. Then you’d be able to fuck my ass.”

“I think you’re right,” I said. I was about to stand up, and I think Madison sensed my impending action.

“Wait,” she said. “No… Just… not yet.” She sighed heavily. “I’m sorry. It’s just… you will probably fuck me Friday night, when Alyssa is here.” She actually looked at me now, for the first time in a while during this conversation.

“And if you don’t fuck me Friday, then…” her voice trailed off. “Then — fuck it. You can fuck me the next day, after Alyssa leaves. I can’t wait any longer than that. I’ll let you have my pussy, my ass. I’ll let you — and Ashley — use my body however you want. But let’s just wait until Friday, at least. Please Brian?”

“Okay,” I said, trying to sound reassuring. It really wasn’t as big a deal as she was making it out to be. She obviously just really didn’t want to disappoint me — and I think she really did want me inside of her. “That’s fine, Madison; there’s no need to apologize. Like it’s completely fine, of course.”

“Thank you,” she said weakly. “I was just a bit overwhelmed with you, and Kristen too, being able to see me like that.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said, giving her what was meant to be a reassuring smile.

“Like, obviously I want you to fuck me,” Madison said. “My ass, my pussy. I want it all. I just… I want Alyssa to give her blessing is all. And she will, I think.”

“Yeah, you’re fine,” I said. I was a little uncomfortable now, given Madison has been sucking my cock without her girlfriend’s blessing so far. But what’s done is done, I guess.

“Last I checked, you were down with sucking my cock…” I was attempting to break the ice and get things back to normal.

Without missing a beat, she moved back between my legs and started sucking my cock again.

Kristen’s reply came after about another minute of bliss spent inside Madison’s mouth. I motioned for Madison to watch as I opened Kristen’s snap. She was completely naked in the back seat now; her clothes were bunched up in a small pile next to her. She was reclining a bit against the door with her legs spread wide open. She had both of her legs up with her knees bent. She was recording this with her flash on so we could see everything pretty well. Both of her nipples were definitely rock-hard, and she had two fingers buried in her pussy.

“Madison, your body is hot as fuck,” Kristen moaned as she finger-fucked her pussy. “And I love the way she sucks your cock, Brian.”

“Dude,” Madison said softly. “This is fucking insane.”

“I know,” I smirked.

“She’s so fucking hot,” Madison breathed. “I can’t believe she got completely naked like that to masturbate in the parking lot. What if someone sees her?”

“That’s part of the fun, silly,” I teased.

Madison resumed blowing me. I felt that familiar pressure building in my balls, and I knew that I really couldn’t take much more of this.

“You’re gonna make me come if you don’t stop,” I groaned.

Madison stopped just long enough to say, “let’s record it.”

Once I agreed, Madison quickly got up and knelt on the ground. She cupped her tits in her hands and propped them up, making sure her nipples were visible.

“Classic facial, eh?” I grinned. I stood over her and began stroking my cock. Once I was close, I hit record. You could see my hand flying up and down my shaft and Madison kneeling in front of me, holding her tits out and her mouth wide open, tongue sticking out. I grunted as the first rope of cum shot out of my cock. It landed across her cheek with the tail end of it landing across her tongue. I shot another streak that landed on her forehead, coming down across her eye and down her other cheek. I aimed my cock at her tongue and squirted two ropes onto her lips and mouth before finally unloading the rest of my orgasm onto her tits. She had been sucking me for a long time now so I came a lot. When I was done, it looked like there were two orgasms worth of cum on her. Her tits and nipples were fairly well-covered with semen, as was her face. She held the cum in her mouth for a second before swallowing it and licking her lips. I ended the video hit send — no caption required for this one.

Madison went to the bathroom to clean up. The first thing I thought to myself was, Holy shit, I just took a video of myself cumming all over my girlfriend’s little sister. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get “used to” this situation. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the most goddamn fun I’d had in a while.

It was right around when Madison came back — so about two or three minutes — that Kristen’s response came in.

“Kristen just replied,” I said. Madison rushed over and sat next to me. I opened Kristen’s snap chat.

It opened to a close-up of her hand frantically rubbing away at her clit. Kristen moaned loudly, and I could tell her body was thrashing around a bit.

“She’s coming,” Madison gasped as she realized we were watching Kristen climax.

Together we watched as Kristen masturbated through what looked and sounded like an Earth-shattering orgasm. Her fingers flew back and forth across her clit and her pussy glistened and gushed as her climax tore through her. Finally, as the waves of pleasure faded, she slowly slid two fingers inside her pussy, then switched the camera so it was centered on her face. She brought her fingers — now slick with her juices — into her mouth and sucked them clean, looking straight into the camera as she did.

“Thanks guys,” she breathed softly. After a quick smile, the video ended.

“I can’t believe we just watched Kristen come,” Madison said. She paused for a second. “Is it not going to be awkward the next time you guys hang out or anything?”

“Nah,” I shrugged. “It’ll be fine.”

“If you say so,” Madison said. “It’s actually kind of funny; we got both of them off tonight. Jordan and Kristen.”

I chuckled. “Yeah. I wonder what Ashley is gonna say.”

“She’ll be impressed, I think,” Madison said. “Speaking of Ashley, you think you still have it in you to fuck her when she gets home?”

“Yeah, of course,” I grinned. “Why?”

“Just wondering,” Madison grinned. She paused for a second. “I need to get off.”

“I could help you with that,” I said with a grin. “ I’m really good at giving head. Just saying.”

Madison thought for a moment. “Mmm, I wish. What you can do is you could go grab one of Ashley’s dildos for me.”

“Alright,” I shrugged. I knew she wasn’t gonna let me eat her pussy. “Do you want any lube?” I started walking towards Ashley’s room.

Madison laughed. “You’ve been looking at my pussy, haven’t you? I’m about as wet as I could possibly be,” she said.

“Fair enough,” I shrugged.

So I just casually walked into my girlfriend’s room to retrieve one of her dildos so her little sister could use it to get herself off while I watched. Totally normal thing for a guy to do, right? Anyway, I’m not sure which of Ashley’s toys Madison has used before, but this one dildo I found in her drawer wasn’t too big or anything, so I figured it’d work. It was shaped like a cock with balls at the base. Pretty standard.

I returned back to the couches to find Madison sitting up where I had been, legs spread wide open. She had one finger in her pussy while her other hand worked her clit. Her hand was mostly blocking her pussy, but I could see how wet she was. And I could see her asshole below her pussy, which admittedly looked incredibly inviting. I remember thinking that I need to try Madison’s ass at least once before I die. Hopefully, you know, multiple times. But at least once I’d like to see what it feels like to bury my cock in there. In any case, seeing my girlfriend’s little sister with her body out on display like that still through me for a loop. I had only come mere moments before this, but my cock was already beginning to harden once again.

“This is fucking insane,” I said. I walked over to Madison and held out the dildo. She smiled and took it from me.

“Thanks,” she said softly.

I sat down on the couch opposite Madison as she held the toy up to her mouth and slowly took the head in, running her tongue all around it. Slowly, she took more of the fake cock into her mouth until she was sucking about half the shaft. With that, she slid the toy out of her mouth and brought it down in front of her pussy. She aligned positioned the head and pressed it against her cunt. Slowly, she slid the dildo inside her pussy, savoring the feeling of something cock-like filling her pussy. She moaned softly as her body accepted the entire length of the toy.

“Fuck, that feels good,” she breathed. “God, I missed having something inside me.”

“You look so fuckin’ hot,” I said, shaking my head. “Good God.”

Madison continued to rub her clit as she began to fuck herself with her sister’s sex toy. She slid the dildo in and out of her pussy, slowly at first. As she came closer to her orgasm, Madison began to fuck herself faster, and I could hear how wet her pussy was. I only wished that it was my cock fucking her instead of Ashley’s toy.

I loved watching Madison pleasured herself. She knew her body well; she knew what she needed to come. She was rubbing her clit in little circles now, and fucking her cunt fast and hard. The sounds of her masturbating — her moans and the dildo against her wet pussy — had filled the room.

“Oh my God, Brian,” she groaned. “I’m gonna cum.”

That was fast, I thought to myself, amused. “Come for me, Madison,” I whispered to her.

“Oh fuck,” she whimpered, throwing her head back against the couch. Her mouth slightly agape, and her toes were curling. Her face was partially obscured by her hair. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!”

Madison looked at me through the hair covering her eyes and cried out a final time before her voice cut off and she gasped. Her back arched and her toes curled as her orgasm hit. Her fingers flew across her clit as she fucked herself with her sister’s toy, abd her body shook in intervals; her breathing was ragged. Then she moaned again — a loud groan that crescendoed into a cry. Madison was struggling to keep her eyes open and hold my eye-contact.

“That’s right, Madison. Come for me,” I cooed, watching my girlfriend’s sister writhe in pleasure before me.

As her orgasm finally faded (it was a long one!), Madison’s eyes finally held my gaze. Ashley’s dildo was still lodged in her pussy. She slid it out of her slowly, placing it beside her on the couch with a trembling hand.

“Was I a good girl?” she asked me softly, biting her lip. Her voice was shaky. Madison’s whole body was on display for me right now. I could see her pussy — pretty, pink and absolutely soaked with her juices. And below that, I could see her tight little butthole. Her toned legs were spread wide open, and her nipples sat erect in the centers of her tits.

“Yes Madison,” I said sweetly. “You were such a good girl.” I don’t know why she was being so submissive, but it was fucking hot.

She looked at me without speaking for a moment. I stood in front of her, running my eyes hungrily over her naked body. My cock stood completely erect, and precum leaked from the head.

“Daddy?” she spoke, breaking the silence.

My heart skipped a beat. “Yes, baby girl?”

“I want you to fuck me,” she said softly.

I looked at her, stunned. “But what about Al–”

Madison shook her head. “Look at my pussy, daddy.”

“I’m looking,” I said. “I’m looking at your pussy, baby.”

“Do you see how wet I am for you?”

“Yes sweetheart.” Her pussy was absolutely soaked. Her juices were running down her thighs and onto her ass.

“Please daddy,” Madison said. Her eyes were burning with desire. She was begging me to fuck her. “Please put your cock inside me. Use my pussy to make yourself feel good.”

I took a breath. Ashley had already given me permission to fuck both Madison and Alyssa, so I was personally in the clear here.

“Please daddy,” Madison said. Her eyes were filled with lust. “Use my pussy. Please. Make yourself come.”

I took a step towards her and Madison inhaled sharply. She spread her legs open wide, offering her body to me.

I took another step, almost close enough to touch her. Her breathing was shaky and harsh.

I took my final step towards her so that I was in between her legs. I looked down at her pussy and then back to her. She nodded, still pleading, begging me with her eyes. I grabbed her thighs and shifted her, rotating her to the side. I climbed onto the couch next to her and moved my body up against hers so that I was sitting on my knees.

I gave her one final look for confirmation. She bit her lip and spoke. “Fuck me, daddy.”

I took a deep breath I grabbed ahold of the sides of her belly, bracing myself as I prepared to enter her. I grabbed my cock and began to align it with her pussy.

And then I heard the garage door open upstairs.

“Ashley’s home,” I said. I looked at Madison. “She wouldn’t care if we…”

Madison hesitated now, though. Perhaps her sister coming home snapped her out of whatever had come over her.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Madison?” I asked her bluntly.

She hesitated again. Clearly a large part of her wanted that. Madison wanted her big sister to come downstairs and find her boyfriend fucking her little sister. Not because Ashley would be hurt by it, obviously, but because there was something so dirty and wrong about it, even given Ashley knew and was okay with it. But Ashley coming home had caused Madison to think about Alyssa. And Alyssa wouldn’t want Madison fucking me — not like this.

Madison finally met my gaze. “No,” she said, sighing heavily. The spell was broken. “No, we shouldn’t.”

I nodded and climbed off of her, sitting down next to antalya escort her. Madison picked up the dildo she had previously used. She pressed it against her pussy and slid it back inside her, breathing in sharply as it passed through the entrance.

She looked at me again.

“Not as good as the real thing, huh?” I chuckled.

She glanced down at my cock, which was still rock-hard, before looking back at my eyes. “No, but it will have to do.”

She started masturbating again, fucking herself with Ashley’s dildo. Whereas before her masturbation was fierce and passionate, there was a sense of reluctance now. She wanted a real cock inside her. Not a toy.

I heard Ashley walking around upstairs. And a moment later, I heard Ashley coming downstairs.

“I’m home, guys!” she called.

“We’re in here,” I yelled back.

I heard Ashley stop by the bathroom on her way over to us. A moment later, I heard her come out. And then she emerged around the corner, wearing only her bra and panties. She clearly knew what we were up to.

“Hey guys,” she said. “Wow, holy fuck.”

“Hey baby,” I said, grinning. My cock was still very hard. Madison had not stopped masturbating beside me, completely naked of course.

“It looks like y’all had a fun evening,” she giggled. She walked up to me and tapped the head of my cock. “May I?”

I looked over at Madison, who was looking longingly at my erection. She definitely wished it was me inside her instead of Ashley’s toy. “Of course,” I said. I adjusted my legs so that Ashley could mount me.

Once I made room, Ashley climbed on top of me. She reached back and pulled her panties to the side, making her pussy accessible.

“I’ve been imagining what you two have been up all night,” she said softly. “So I’m already nice and wet. I imagine you’ve already climaxed a few times at least?”

“Yes,” I grinned. “I can last a while, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Good,” she cooed.

Ashley reached back and aligned my cock with her pussy. Slowly, she sat down and my cock entered her pussy. She was incredibly wet.

“Fuck,” she whimpered. “Oh my God.”

She stayed still once I bottomed out inside her, savoring the feeling of having something inside her. She had been craving this all night.

“How’s my dildo treating you?” she asked Madison, looking over at her little sister.

“It’s nice,” Madison said. “Brian’s cock would be better.”

Ashley chuckled. “Did you guys have sex?”

“No,” I said.

“Do you want a turn?” Ashley asked Madison. “I can wait. His cock is really fun.”

Madison sighed. “I’d love to,” she said. “But I just feel like I need to wait until Alyssa is here for it.”

“That’s fair,” Ashley said. She began to work her hips up and down a bit. I moaned softly. “Let me know if you change your mind, though.” With that, Ashley braced herself against my chest and began to slide her ass back and forth and up and down — sort of on a diagonal. I felt her pussy lips grip my cock as she rode me. Immediately, Ashley started moaning. And here we were. My girlfriend, panties to the side, riding my cock while her little sister was completely naked next to us, masturbating with Ashley’s dildo.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she grunted as she slid her pussy up and down the length of my cock. “I needed this so badly. Oh my fucking God.” Fueled by the fact that her little sister was watching her and masturbating with her own dildo, Ashley was already close to her first orgasm.

I reached around and held Ashley’s asscheeks as she rode me. I spanked the left, causing her to moan. I looked over at Madison who was biting her lip. She had a clear view of Ashley bouncing away on my cock.

“Hey Ashley?” Madison asked. She was slowly sliding the toy in and out of her pussy.

“Yeah?” Ashley asked breathlessly, looking over at Madison but continuing to rock her hips and ride me.

“You should take your tits out,” Madison said with a shy smile.

Ashley grinned and nodded. She reached back and unhooked her bra, sliding it off of her arms and shoulders, and tossed it on the ground behind her. She leaned back a bit and arched her back, running her hands up her tummy and over her tits. Her nipples were hard.

“Thanks,” Madison cooed.

Ashley focused her complete attention back to right me. She braced herself on my shoulders and used her hips to bounce her ass up and down on my cock. Her tits bounced as she slid up and down. I spanked her ass again.

“Fuck, your cock feels so good,” Ashley groaned. “Oh my God, I love riding you. Fuck me, oh my God!”

Madison was moaning loudly herself. I looked over and watched her. Her tits looked incredible, and her pussy was so so wet.

“I’m gonna come,” Ashley cried, bringing my attention back to her. “Fuck, that was fast. Oh God. Watch me come, Madison. Oh my God!” I felt Ashley’s pussy began to contract around my dick as she came. She reached down with one hand and rubbed her clit as she climaxed.

I looked over at Madison, who was staring as Ashley fucked herself with my cock. Madison met my gaze for a second before looking back and watching her big sister ride out her first orgasm of the night.

As Ashley’s orgasm finished, she collapsed into me and nuzzled her face against my neck. I rubbed her back with one hand and squeezed her butt with the other. I couldn’t believe Madison had just watched Ashley climax on my cock. Holy fuck.

“Madison,” Ashley breathed.


“I know you don’t want to fuck Brian right now,” Ashley said slowly. “But you’ve already let me get you off before, right?”

“Right…” Madison said.

“How about you take a break from that toy and let your big sister take care of you for a bit?” Ashley cooed.

“What do you have in mind exactly?” Madison asked.

“Get up real quick,” Ashley said to me, climbing off of my lap. I did as I was told while Ashley got on her elbows and knees with her face towards Madison.

I quickly went to Ashley’s room and grabbed a bottle of lube. When I came back, Ashley had scooted forward a bit and was almost close enough to give Madison head.

Ashley looked at me and saw the bottle of lube. “You want my ass, huh?”

“I do,” I said.

“You’re gonna butt-fuck her?” Madison asked, giggling.

“Yeah, is that funny?” I smirked.

“No,” Madison said. “It’s hot.”

Ashley laughed and turned back to Madison. I got up on the couch behind my girlfriend and grabbed ahold of her hips. I aligned my cock with her pussy and slid back inside her, causing her to stutter as she was speaking to Madison.

“While Brian’s fu-ck-ing me-e-e–” Ashley took a shaky breath as I pushed myself inside her. “Wow. Okay. While Brian is fucking me, I’ll give you head.”

Madison hesitated. “Are you sure?”

“Me?” Ashley giggled. “Of course I’m sure.”

While Madison contemplated whether or not she wanted her big sister to eat her pussy, I started fucking Ashley again. The view in front of me was fucking incredible. I had Ashley’s big ass, the sight of my cock fucking her pussy, and I could see Ashley’s asshole of course. And then in front of Ashley was Madison, laying on her back with her legs up and spread to the side. I could see her pretty pink pussy, her cute little asshole beneath that, and her tits. Ashley moaned as I starting fucking her faster. I squirted some of the lube on her asshole and massaged the outside of her ass with my thumb.

“That feels nice,” Ashley moaned softly. She was just resting on her elbows, taking my cock and enjoying the feeling of me massaging her asshole.

“What does?” Madison asked. “His dick?”

“Well, yeah,” Ashley said. “His dick feels very nice. But he’s rubbing some lube on my asshole and it feels good.”

“Like the outside?” Madison asked.

“Yeah — oh –”, Ashley started to say. As soon as Madison asked, I slipped my thumb into Ashley’s asshole, just to be cheeky. “Nevermind, his thumb is in my butt now.”

Both Madison and Ashley giggled.

“How long until he puts his dick in there?” Madison asked. I just continued minding my own business, which included fucking Ashley’s pussy while I fingered her ass.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Ashley said, smiling. “He could slip it in whenever. But what he’s doing to my pussy right now feels reaaaally good so I’m okay with him taking his time.”

“Actually,” Madison said. “Brian, can you tell me when you’re gonna put your dick in her ass?”

“Sure,” I chuckled. “Why? Do you wanna watch?”

Madison nodded.

“Okay, just c’mere.”

Madison got up and came up next to me.

“Holy fuck,” she breathed. Madison was getting a close look of my cock buried to the hilt in her sister’s pussy.

“Do you want to watch me fuck Ashley’s pussy for a bit first?”

“Yes, please,” Madison nodded.

I grinned and grabbed both of Ashley’s hips. I slid my cock almost all the way out of her pussy until the head was just barely lodged inside her. Then I slowly sank my cock back inside her cunt, all the way. Ashley was whimpering softly. Madison looked entranced. She loved the sight of me slowly fucking her big sister.

I gave Ashley a spank and started to fuck her harder, getting a good rythm. The sound of my body slapping against her began to fill the room, as did the sound of Ashley’s moans. Ashley’s tits and buttcheeks bounced in rhythm with me fucking her.

“This is so fucking hot,” Madison whispered.

I placed my hand on the small of Ashley’s back as I continued to thrust in and out of her. With my other hand, I reached over and grabbed one of Madison’s tits. She let out a small moan while I played with her nipple.

As I continued to play with Madison’s tits, Madison reached over and placed her hand on Ashley’s left asscheek. She squeezed it, softly at first, then harder.

“Is that Madison touching my butt?” Ashley asked in between gasps and moans.

“Yes,” she giggled. Madison stepped a bit closer and placed a hand on both of Ashley’s asscheeks. She squeezed them, massaged them, and slapped them while I fucked Ashley.

“Do you like her ass?” I asked Madison.

She nodded. “It’s so big!”

I bottomed out in Ashley and stopped for a moment. Ashley breathed heavily. I grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some more on Ashley’s asshole.

I looked at Madison and wiggled my finger above Ashley’s ass. Madison gestured towards herself and mouthed “me?”

I nodded.

Madison grinned. I resumed fucking Ashley, and Madison used her finger to rub the lube onto the outside of Ashley’s butthole. Feeling a little bolder, Madison pressed her finger down and into Ashley’s ass.

“Holy shit,” she said. “Brian, I can feel your cock through her ass!”

“Yeah,” I laughed. “You definitely can.”

“That’s so weird,” Madison giggled. She started fingering Ashley’s butthole, moving her finger in and out of it slowly. Ashley groaned. “That feels really good, guys.”

Madison got another idea. She stopped squeezing Ashley’s buttcheek and instead reached down underneath Ashley. Immediately Ashley gasped and her moans got louder, and I realized that Madison had started massaging Ashley’s clit!

“Oh fuck,” Ashley cried. “Oh my God. Madison, fuck, you’re making me feel so good. Please don’t stop!”

With each thrust, Ashley’s tits bounced and she moaned loudly. Madison worked her sister’s clit with one hand and played with Ashley’s asshole with the other. Madison was mostly just finger-fucking Ashley’s ass, but sometimes she would try stretching the hole a bit. She really just liked how it felt to have a finger in her sister’s butt.

“Madison,” Ashley gasped after another moment. “I want him in my ass now. Could you please do the honors?”

I slipped out of Ashley’s pussy and Madison grabbed my cock, still rubbing Ashley’s clit. I moved forward slightly as Madison guided my cock towards her sister’s ass. She stroked my erection a couple times before pressing the head of my cock against her sister’s sphincter. I slowly thrust myself forward. Ashley’s ass resisted at first, but with all of the lube we’d applied, it quickly gave way and allowed my cockhead to enter.

“Oh my God,” Madison said as she watched the head of my cock disappear into her sister’s asshole.

“Fuck yeah,” I grunted. I slowly thrusted forward, sliding my cock deeper into Ashley’s bowels.

Ashley moaned loudly. She looked back at Madison, who was still rubbing Ashley’s clit. “How does it look?”

“Fucking hot,” Madison breathed. “I can’t believe I’m watching Brian fuck your ass.”

I couldn’t believe it either. Ashley’s little sister was watching my cock disappear into Ashley’s ass.

“How does it feel?” Madison asked, looking at me. “She looks tight.”

“She is,” I groaned. “It feels amazing.”

Madison bit her lip and watched as I slowly sunk more of my erection into her big sister’s ass.

“How much is left?” Ashley asked, whimpering some.

“He’s almost all the way in,” Madison said. She was still lightly toying with Ashley’s clit. Sometimes she would play with one of Ashley’s tits for a second. Madison would squeeze it, rub Ashley’s nipple, pinch it, and then switch back to playing with Ashley’s clit.

Finally, my balls came to rest just above Ashley’s pussy. My cock was fully buried in her ass.

“Oh my God,” Madison whispered. “I can’t believe you got all of that in her butt.”

I shrugged. “It took some practice.”

“Please start fucking me,” Ashley moaned. Madison giggled.

I grabbed ahold of Ashley’s hips and slowly slid my cock back out, stopping at about half way. I squeezed her ass and slid back in. Madison watched, burning with desire, as I gently sodomized her big sister.

Ashley grunted as I sped up a bit, fucking her a little bit faster. “Madison,” she breathed. “Come here.”

Madison blushed as she went back in front of Ashley. She sat on the couch and turned so that her body was facing her sister.

“So,” Ashley said in between breaths. “May I?”

Madison nodded. She scooted forward and spread her legs apart, revealing herself to Ashley, and Ashley looked down at her little sister’s gorgeous pussy. It was mostly clean-shaven except for a thin strip of hair above.

Madison’s body was tense and electric. She looked at her sister, whose eyes were fixated on Madison’s sex. Ashley’s lips looked soft, and Madison was aching to feel them against her. She desperately wanted to feel Ashley’s tongue snaking between her lips.

Ashley admired her sister’s body for another second before kneeling down, bracing herself up with her elbows. She caressed Madison’s thighs gently, planting kisses along them, slowing inching towards what was waiting between Madison’s legs.

As Ashley’s kisses krept closer to her pussy, Madison’s breathing quickened. Her desperation, her longing, her desire for Ashley’s touch sky-rocketed. And when, instead of reaching her destination, Ashley moved over and began kissing Madison’s other thigh, Madison whimpered in frustration.

I was trying my best not to finish. Ashley’s teasing was incredibly erotic, and her asshole gripped my cock so tightly. If Madison had not gotten me off so many timers earlier, then I surely would have already unloaded in my girlfriend’s bowels. Instead, I continued pounding away, savoring the feeling of fucking my girlfriend’s tight ass.

Finally, Ashley’s tongue began to creep closer. Madison held her breath, watching as Ashley slowly kissed and licked up Madison’s thigh.

Ashley paused. She looked up at Madison, who met her gaze with pleading eyes. Ashley smiled and extended her tongue.

She started at the base of Madison’s pussy, and as Ashley’s tongue came into contact with her little sister’s sex, Madison’s eyes curled into the back of her head. Her mouth fell open, and her back arched immediately, her nipples standing completely erect atop her gorgeous breasts. I could see Madison’s toes curling on either side of Ashley’s body as my girlfriend slowly ran her tongue up Madison’s pussy. Ashley eased off the pressure near the top and began to run her tongue back down, this time slipping her tongue inside her little sister.

Madison moaned loudly as the feeling of Ashley’s tongue swirling around her pussy sent electricity all throughout her body. With my cock firmly lodged in her ass, Ashley ran her hands up Madison’s thighs as she snaked her tongue in and out of Madison’s pussy.

Ashley slid her tongue out of Madison’s pussy began to gently lick — first in circles — around her clit. Once again, Madison groaned loudly as her eyes curled backwards. Ashley pressed her tongue against her sister’s clit and continued to lick.

“Oh my God,” Madison cried. “Ashley, you’re going to make me come. Holy FUCK!”

Fueled by the sounds of her little sister’s ecstasy, Ashley maintained her rhythm, licking away at Madison’s clit. Bracing herself on one of her arms, Ashley used her free hand and slipped two fingers inside Madison’s pussy while she continued to lick Madison’s clit.

“FUCK,” Madison grunted. She threw her head back and let out another moan as her climax tore throughout her body. She reached down and ran a hand through Ashley’s head, struggling to keep her thighs apart as her body pulsed and spasmed.

That was it for me. The sight of my girlfriend making her little sister come was too much for me to handle.

“I’m coming too,” I grunted as I unloaded inside of Ashley’s ass.

I pulled my softening cock out of Ashley’s ass once my orgasm finished. Madison was laying on her back, legs extended, breathing heavily. Ashley stayed as she was while I got up to grab some tissues. I came back to see Ashley beaming with happiness. Madison looked drained.

“You happy?” I asked Ashley, chuckling.

“Duh,” she grinned. “I just ate Madison’s pussy. And I got a fresh load in my ass. I couldn’t be happier right now!”

Madison gave a weak laugh. She looked up for the first time since her orgasm finished.

“You sure know how to eat pussy, sis,” she said before laying her head back down.

Ashley carefully stood up. “I know,” she said with a smile. She waddled to the bathroom to clean herself up. I sat down next to Madison.

“Did you feel good?” I asked her.

“Oh my God,” she breathed. “Yes.”

“So much for waiting to have your pussy eaten until we’re with Alyssa,” I teased.

Madison shrugged. “I needed something. I couldn’t have your cock so I needed something.”

I chuckled. “Whatever you say.”

Ashley came back and sat on the couch, cuddling up next to me.

“That was pretty great,” she said.

“I agree,” I grinned.

We sat together for a bit longer, talking a bit about Ashley’s shift and other miscellaneous things. Finally, Madison decided she wanted to go to bed, and Ashley and I did the same.

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