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Expanding Horizons

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Adam was cute from the minute I laid eyes on him at a friends party. Skinny and bearded he was a plaid wearing hipster kid holding his beer and listening to friends tell ridiculous stories about art school. He kept a smile on his face, and whenever there was a pause to drink, his eyes scanned the room, sometimes making contact with mine.

Eventually that evening, we managed to pull a corner of the couch into our shared little world of comics and board games, and I wasn’t really sure where the talking and flirting began and end between us. We had traded numbers, and gone back to mingling with the general population for awhile, and then things wound down and people started to peel out. I had just said goodbye to a friend when I glanced over and saw Adam reaching up to grab a door jamb, and stretch himself out. His shirt had ridden up and I spied a glance at his tiny furry little belly, and basic fruit of the looms underwear band, and I felt the tiniest tinge of desire. When he started to leave, I quietly walked up and asked him if he could walk me home.

About ten minutes into our walk, as our conversation grew deeper and quieter, he stopped and laughingly said, “Holy shit, I totally forgot to ask you where you live!” I looked up into his big brown eyes and told him “Actually, I live about a half hour THAT way,” pointing in the opposite direction to where we were headed, smiling sheepishly at him. “But I thought maybe I could stay the night at your place,”

A grin took over his face, before he took my hand and leaned down to kiss me. We stood there on the sidewalk making out forever, before he put his arm around my shoulder and led me back to his place.


That first night we had sex was just fun. There was no pressure or expectation. It was a lot of kissing and making out and cuddling, amongst idle chit chat, and the casual shedding of clothes. By the time we were naked, it was like we had known each other for years, and had magically arrived at this point in our relationship where we were to take the next step. Everything was gentle and considerate, and it felt great. Thankfully, being a Friday night, we ended up in and out of sleep, stepping out to go pee or get a drink or food, but we spent almost 12hrs in bed with each other, fucking missionary, him eating me out, me sucking his dick, on top, 69’ing. It was one of the best sexual experiences I had with anyone in my young life so far.

Over time, our relationship grew stronger, and we became a couple. Now we had our ups and downs like anybody else, some harsh words and strong emotions, natural jealousies and desires took hold. We weren’t always in step with one another, but ultimately, we grew to be best friends. It may be sappy, but most of our fights ended with his face to face in bed, reminding one another “Whatever mistakes I make, I want to make them with you. Whatever happens afterwards, we can figure it out together.”


Our sex life as it turned out, was quite varied – one of the other things we had shared was a mutual curiosity in a great number of kinks. It started out with your typical pair of handcuffs, him dominating me, then me dominating him. It grew to fun with rope, and spanking, role playing, latex. We would find an interesting local kink event every month and play tourist, hoping to bring something new back to the bedroom to experiment with.

One time we went to a BDSM night and I wore a sexy black number with tiny skirt and bustier, canlı bahis dark knee high stockings and boots. It was fun to see everyone at the event in all sorts of dress, and a turn on watching the demonstrations on the whipping bench. Adam and I had even started playing a cat and mouse game with a blonde deviant on the other side of the room. I’d coquettishly wink at her, and she’d flash me her tits. Adam would hug me from behind talking dirty, and nibbling at my ear in encouragement. After bringing me back a drink, he whispered in my ear that he had ran into our “fangirl” at the bar, and was given some explicit instructions. I cooed back at him and said “by all means”.

When the blonde took her perch again, gazing across the dance floor, Adam pulled up my skirt, exposing my bare pussy, and slowly began to rub an ice cube over my mound.

It shocked and aroused and embarrassed me, but it was a familiar part of our game, the raising of the stakes. Normally though this type of oneupmanship was relegated to the privacy of our apartment mind you. Part of me wanted to shut the whole thing down, but the other wanted to be watched, to be seen by everyone at the event, getting turned on by my man for the benefit of another girl.

That night, we fucked ourselves raw. He was rough and deliberate with me, and I was mean and forceful to him. We were both bruised and sore the next day, but full of good energy, and warm thoughts. We talked again about whether we felt comfortable bringing in a third, or working something out with a couple, but put off any sort of decision on it for later. Adam did commend me on one particular thing though.

“Now, I knew you were going to come back at me hard, but fingering my ass!” We laughed, and playfully spanked him, threatened to do more than just finger him next time, then settled in to cuddle. Later on in the day though he was pensive, and brought it up again in a different way.

“Y’know, that was really kind fucking hot. I was thinking that maybe I’d be interested in letting you fuck me in the ass” He punctuated the otherwise casual statement by crunching a piece of toast, and grinning at me like a cat that ate the canary. From there, like we did with all our sexual curiosities, the homework began.


Adam and I started separately looking up everything you needed to know about pegging online, looking into safety and butt-plugs, best practises and of course strap-ons. Every once in awhile he’d read me stories about strap-on sex from online, and I’d finger his ass, or we’d try one of the cheap butt-plugs we bought online. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t let the whole pegging thing take over our sex lives, but while I’d introduced a whole new tool to my repertoire with his butt, the goal itself seemed to always fall by the wayside.

It was finally around his birthday, that I figured I would spring a little surprise on him. Amongst many of our interests that had long been discussed, visiting a local sex club had still not been checked off the list. We both were unsure about sleeping with others, and worried about the cleanliness of these places to cross the threshold just yet, but I had made the decision for us both, that we would go and be either voyeurs or exhibitionists. The shared anticipation was great, and we tried our best to abstain from sex for the days leading up to our visit.

When we got there, it still felt a little dingy and dirty, but seemed to be clean and safe enough. bahis siteleri There was a fair crowd of couples from college aged to middle aged, in various states of undress. It was like the fetish parties we had visited before, but there was a lot more nudity. We went and stripped down to our underwear in the locker area, but I told Adam that I felt safer keeping my purse and his wallet in a small beach bag I was going to carry around. We milled about, watching an older lady whip her naked husband on a St. Andrew’s cross. We walked upstairs from the bar area to see a couple girls trying their hand at a strippers pole, and in a couple rooms, there were a few makeshift orgies going on. It was fascinating to watch, and take in all the sounds and the people watching. There were a lot of voyeurs that would mingle from one sex show to another, silently touching themselves and their partners in the dark.

Feeling bold, I took Adam and his bulging boxer briefs to a large banquette in a small room. It had a big vinyl covered mattress of sorts, and nobody around. Giggling, I climbed on top of him and writhed around on his lap. Pushing him onto his back i reached underneath me and pulled his underwear down his legs and off. He laughed nervously.

“We gonna put on a show eh?”

“Uh huh,” I put my hair up in an elastic, “I’m gonna fuck you in front of all of these people,”

I draped myself over his body, kissing him as he took me head in his hands. Awkwardly, I slipped out of my panties, then sat back up on his hardened member. I grinned at him, and stuffed our clothes into my beach bag, before pulling out my strap-on and a bottle of lube.

The look on Adam’s face was part terror and arousal, I could see him blush under his beard. He was resigned to being tested now, with an audience now forming in the small room, we were both pushing well past our boundaries. He remained silent and still while I strapped my leather harness on, and inserted a double ended dildo into the O-ring and my wet pussy. My purple, ribbed dong jutted out obscenely from my groin. It was thin and long with a bit of a curve at the end. One of the better fake dicks for first time pegging I had read.

Whether he saw it as part of his role, or he was completely genuine, Adam had gone docile, and awaited my instructions. I asked him to grab his legs and pull them to his chest, while I squirted the cold lubricant into his quivering hole. He seemed to glance sideways to get an idea of the crowd that had formed for us. Once I felt I had emptied enough lube inside of him, I slapped him on the butt and asked him to turn over and get up on all fours.

For some reason, I didn’t want to start in on things right away, so I stepped off the mattress on the platform, and took in my boyfriend as an audience member. Here was that cute hipster with the hairy belly and beard, now rigidly on all fours

waiting for me to fuck him in the ass. His cock hung down limply, but I knew that it meant little when it came to how much this entire scenario was really turning him on. Feeling brave, I walked around to face him – and when we locked eyes, I thrust my groin out into his face, inviting him to suck on my purple cock before I fucked him. Adam stuck his neck out, his eyes never leaving mine, and sucked the full length of the dildo into his mouth, his cheeks puckered together. A murmur came up from the crowd and I pulled out.

Crawling back up onto the mattress, the vinyl sticking at my knees, bahis şirketleri I positioned myself behind my boyfriend and prepared to enter. His ass was round and beautiful, but what made it truly hot, was the sparse hair spread over his cheeks, and surrounding his puckered anus. There was a faint smattering of hair above his crack along his spine, and it reminded me that I was about to fuck a man… in the ass. Me, this tiny little girl.

I eased into him, feeling him tense and tighten, grasping his skinny hips in my hands. I waited for a reaction, then pulled out slowly, taking the tip out, just to tease his hole with it again, before plunging in again. He rocked back into me with every thrust now, and his ass cheeks slapped against my hips and rippled with the noise. He was now moaning quietly from the other end, and I momentarily got lost in the rhythm before turning my head and appreciating the fact I had begun to fuck my boyfriend in front of a large crowd. Smiling to the people as I continued, I noticed that there was a closed circuit camera that had been trained on our stage, and that there were TVs within sight in other rooms that had been cycling through the action in the club. I squinted and saw what I looked like on camera . My thrill dissipated as I wondered to myself whether it was being taped or just broadcast in the club. Adam had begun to moan louder, and brought me back to my efforts.

Pulling out, I nudged him to turn over, and he looked up at me pleadingly, his face blushed deep red and his cock at full mast. I had a more immediate intent now, to fuck my man and get him off as soon as possible. It was too late to escape the camera, but I’d at least limit our exposure. I rammed my fake cock into him, this time pushing the other end further into my cunt, sending shockwaves through my body. He spread his hairy legs wider apart for me to get in close, and I started really hammering his hole. I grabbed his cock, and kept pace with the double ended dildo that had now perfectly located my g-spot. We were both moaning and crying out for relief, when Adam came in a series of 9 strong jets of stringy sperm. Some just hitting the bottom of his chin. I kept on fucking his ass, in order to push me over the edge on the other end, and in no short time, i was a quivering mess splayed out on the mattress. There was a smattering of applause, before I heard people shuffling out of the room.

Crawling up to my man, I looked into his face for acceptance, and was met with an embarrassing little smirk, and a big wet kiss on the lips. “Oh fuck I love you, you little bitch,”. I laughed in relief, but was still worried about what I was going to tell him about the cameras and TV screens broadcasting our little show. We snuggled and recounted our feelings about our latest conquest when I felt a presence approach us. I looked at the backlit figure, it was a girl. It was – it was the blonde from the fetish night months ago.

“That was fucking great you two. I watched it downstairs in the bar, and everyone was cheering like crazy down there,”

Adam jolted upright and I held onto his shoulder both hiding and restraining him.

“Don’t worry, its all closed circuit, nothing is taped in here, I swear. I work here,”

We calmed a bit, looked at each other and laughed.

“But if you want to go somewhere where nobody is watching,” The blonde turned and took a few steps towards a locked door “You can come with me,”

Unsure of where our new friend was going to take us, Adam and I exchanged approving glances and made a move to collect ourselves. The blonde spoke up again as she swung open the door.

“I think your boyfriend needs to meet my strap-on now,”

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