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Explorers Ch. 04

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The school year seemed to go faster and get busier as winter ended. Lana and Gayle were really busy with the getting the annual ready to go to the printer. About the only time I got to spend with Lana was when I helped her work on the annual. And I spent almost as much time with Gayle then. It seemed as if Lana and I didn’t have much time or privacy to make out. Usually, it was a quick necking session and maybe a quick grope when I dropped her off at home after school or after a work session on the annual.

I was really looking forward to spring break. It was going to be longer that the usual break because it was being combined with an official State holiday and a two day teacher in-service training session. It was going to be a full week and half without any school!

I was really hoping to spend a lot of time with Lana, but she was going to a journalism camp at the university during the regular week of spring break. That left the holiday and the time before spring break. That didn’t work either. Her folks were off on the State holiday and her church youth group had a retreat planned for Friday night through Sunday afternoon.

Dan, Lana’s dad, asked me to help him with some more work on their house during the break. At least I was going to get to see Lana on Thursday and on Friday before she left for the church retreat. We did a lot of cleanup in the yard those two days. The weather was really nice and Laura, Lana’s mom, wore short shorts and a halter top much of the time. She spent a lot of her time bringing us cold drinks and sunbathing.

On Friday, Lana sort of surprised me by wearing short shorts too. Her long slim legs looked really great. She wore a tight t-shirt, but she had on a jog bra too.

Lana again told me how much her Mom liked me. I asked how she knew that. “Well, she always give you your can of soda or bottle of water first. and I can tell by the way she looks at you.”

“Looks at me?”

“Sure. She thinks you’re cute. “ Lana grinned, “Just like I do.” She gave me a quick kiss and then ran off to help her mom and then shower and get ready to go to the retreat.

On Saturday, Dad and I dug several big holes and planted bushes that he and Laura had bought to help provide a privacy screen outside the sunroom. It was evening by the time we finished.

“We’re just going to grill some hamburgers. Why don’t you stay and eat with us, Gary?”

“Thanks, Laura. I really should get home and get cleaned up.”

“Why don’t you shower here. Dan has some extra t-shirts and shorts that you can wear.”

“Uh, thanks, but I’d better get home.”

“Why don’t you stay, Gary. You worked hard and you deserve a couple of beers with your hamburger.”

“Go on. Get showered. I’ll call your folks and tell them since you worked so hard, the least we can do is feed you.”

I followed Dan into the house. He loaned me clean shorts and a t-shirt and showed me where the guest shower was. After showering, I went back outside. Laura handed me a beer. She had put a t-shirt on over her halter top. It covered her short shorts and it looked like she was only wearing the long t-shirt. She sure did have long, lean, smooth legs.

Dan came out. He set an empty bottle down and popped the top off two more. “Here, Gary, you’ll be playing catch up.”

“Catch up?”

Laura laughed, “Dan was so dry he drank at least two beers while he was showering.”

We sat around a picnic table and ate hamburgers and baked beans and washed it all down with more beer. It was dark when we finished eating. Dan went and flopped onto a chaise lounge. I helped Laura clean up the food and things. She brushed against me several times as we moved back and forth between the kitchen and the patio. kitchen.

Dan stretched, “I don’t know about anyone else, but I think a soak in the hot tub would feel good.”

“That’s a good idea, Dan. Let’s do it. You too, Gary. You worked as hard as Dan.”

“I didn’t bring a suit.”

Laura smiled, “Who needs a suit?”

“Laura, don’t embarrass, Gary. Just because we used to. . .”

“I’m not embarrassing Gary. Am I?”

“Uh, no.”

“We’re all adults and, besides, it’ll just be like skinny dipping. Just like over at Gina’s and Dave’s pool. Dan, why don’t you get some robes?”

Gina and Dave were Kenny’s folks. I wondered who else skinny dipped besides Kenny, Gene, Chuck and me. I’ll bet Eva, Kenny’s sister, skinny dipped.

Dan looked at me. “Follow me, Gary.” I followed him into their bedroom. He took two robes out of his closet. He handed me one then got short robe out of Laura’s closet. “You can change here or in the guest bathroom.” Laura came in then so I decided to use the guest bathroom.

The sunroom was darkened. I walked across to the hot tub. Laura was already seated in it. Dan took off his robe and stepped into the tub. I was glad it was pretty dark when I slipped off my robe and got down into the warm water.

Laura handed me a plastic cup. “Have some wine, Gary.”

We soaked and talked casino şirketleri and drank the wine. Both Dan and Laura talked about how glad they were that I was able to help them. They also asked me what my plans were after graduation. I told them I was thinking about going to the community college or a trade school. They said Lana was looking forward to college. She had been accepted at the university and she was in the running for a couple of scholarships. We refilled the cups.

Laura stretched out in the hot tub. Her foot ran up the inside of my leg almost to my crotch. She leaned over and kissed Dan. “This is sure nicer than that old water tank at the commune.”

Dan hugged her, “Yeah, that seems like a long time ago.”

Laura ran her foot down my leg. She laughed, “It was a long time ago. It’s been a lifetime. Lana’s lifetime. But those were great times.”

Dan laughed, “We were just a couple of crazy kids. We met at college and started dating. By the end of the school year we were living together and we decided we would travel across the country and see and do everything.”

Laura sat up. “We met some other wanderers at a big camp site around a hot spring in Nevada and they invited us to come with them to visit a commune north of San Francisco. We didn’t leave there until over a year later.”

“It was great. Everyone was about our own age and no one could tell us what we could and couldn’t do.”

“That sounds pretty neat. Please tell me about it.”

“Let’s top up the wine.”

“Well, Gary, everything you’ve ever heard about the communes then is true,” Dan laughed.

“No it’s not!” Laura sounded serious. “There wasn’t the LSD and magic mushrooms and hard drugs then. At least there wasn’t at our commune.”

“That’s right. Our drugs of choice were alcohol, mainly cheap wine, and marijuana. We even tried to make our own wine.”

Laura picked up the wine jug, “Refills, anyone?” She set the jug down and snuggled up close to Dan. “Our attempts at wine making were terrible. And it got even worse after my brother joined us and tried his hand.”

Dan shook his head, “We were much better at growing grass. The wine probably would have been better if we had bought the grapes instead of stealing them where ever we could.” He looked down at the bubbling water and then he glanced, first, at Laura then at me. He suddenly seemed uncomfortable.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness. It looked like Laura had her hand in Dan’s crotch. He tried to move but she wouldn’t let him. She looked at me, winked and gave me a wicked grin, “Everything thing you’ve ever heard about hippies and sex is true.”


“Well, it is true and you know it!” Her arm was moving up and down in the water over Dan’s lap. “Everyone ran around naked and it wasn’t called the summer of love for nothing.”

Dan squirmed, “Ah, geez, Laura. Not now. Not here.”

Laura leaned over and kissed him, “Relax and enjoy, Big Man.” She turned to me. “Are we embarrassing you, Gary?”

“Uh, just a little, maybe.”

“Well just a little is o.k.” Laura looked at Dan, “Remember what else happened at the commune?”

“Lots of stuff happened at the commune.”

“Not to you and not to me.”

“Oh. That.” Dan looked really uncomfortable.

Laura looked at me. “Dan’s ‘Oh. That.’ turned out to be the biggest thing that I learned about myself.”

“You’re going to tell Gary, aren’t you?”

“Why shouldn’t I. There’s nothing wrong with being addicted to sex. Especially oral sex.”

Dan groaned. I couldn’t tell if the groan was caused by possible embarrassment about personal secrets being told or if he was groaning because of what Laura was doing with his cock.

Laura continued, “Actually, I wasn’t addicted to oral sex. I just enjoyed giving head. Still do. Anyway, I became really good at performing cunnilingus and fellatio. And I had a lot of appreciative recipients, too.”

“As I look back now, it seemed like you were always on your knees in front of some guy or had your face in some girl’s pussy.”

“I didn’t do it all the time and, besides,” Laura grinned, “that’s how I got so good. Lots of practice.”

“Remember the two gay guys?”

“Oh yes. One of them gave blowjobs for grass. He claimed there wasn’t a woman born who could make him cum by sucking his cock. Only another man would really know how to suck him off and make him cum.”

Dan burst out laughing. “Remember what happened when you got a hold of him?” He looked at me, “Laura embarrassed him in front of everyone else and also proved how good she was.”

“Well, he challenged me.”

“Gary, he didn’t last two minutes when Laura went to work on him. She didn‘t even get on her knees. She bent over, picked him up, and boom!”

Laura laughed, “I think he was overanxious. Anyway, he was gracious to admit he had been wrong.”

“Remember your nickname after that?”

“You have to understand, Gary, that no one used their real name in the commune. I was first casino firmaları called ‘Skinny Minnie’ Dan was called ‘Farm Boy’ or ‘Farmer’ because he preferred to work in the gardens.”

“And the grass patch.”

“After I found my thing for oral sex, I was called either ‘Sweet Mouth’ or ‘Queenie’. Most of the guys called me ‘Queenie’ for Queen of the Cocksuckers, I guess.”

“You guess!” Dan laughed. “You had a reputation clear to the beaches. You were the best. Still are.”

“Well, thank you, Dear,” Laura laughed out right, “I’m glad I haven’t lost everything with age.”

“Let me finish the story. After the gay lost it in seconds, Laura’s new nickname was ‘Vicky the Vacuum.”

“She sucks and cleans everything is sight!”

“Vacuum Queen was another nickname. Those were the days.” Laura sat back. “All this talk has made me horny. Sit up on the edge of the tub, Dan.”

There was a lot of splashing as Dan pushed himself up out of the tub. His cock was sticking up from his crotch. I could see why Laura liked giving him blowjobs. If you liked to have a cock in your mouth, Dan’s looked like it would do nicely. It appeared to be smooth and hairless with plump cockhead. I thought it would fit very nicely in my mouth. I wanted to suck my girlfriend’s Dad’s cock.

Laura moved around so she was kneeling by Dan’s legs. She was sideways to me. She stretched up out of the water. The water running off her breasts was erotic. She positioned her face directly over his cock. She opened her mouth and plunged it down over Dan’s cock shaft. She didn’t waste any time in preliminaries. Her cheeks sucked in as she pulled her tight lips back up.

Dan groaned loudly as Laura worked his cock in and out of her mouth. He leaned back on his elbows and his one leg flopped over. I wanted to go over and lick his nut sac and suck his balls. Laura paused with half of Dan’s cock in her mouth. She sort of turned her head and winked at me. It looked like she smiled around the tube of man-meat that filled her mouth.

She cupped Dan’s balls then swallowed the rest of his cock. Between her sucking mouth and her fondling fingers it didn’t take Dan long to reach his climax. “I’m going to blow, Laura.” Laura pulled her head up and off his cock. She held his hard-on with one hand as she held her open mouth above the cockhead.

Dan shot a stream of cum straight up into her mouth. Laura lowered her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock shaft just beneath the rim of his cockhead. I watched as she sucked him and swallowed his cum. When she finished she sat back on her heels and licked her lips.

Dan pushed himself into a sitting position and then slid down into the hot tub. He kissed Laura. “Beautiful. Never spilled a drop.”

Laura smiled, “You know I love the taste of your sweet cream.” She moved over by me. “Did you enjoy watching?”

“Uh, yes. I’ve never seen a live blowjob before.” I thought to myself, ‘At least, I’ve never seen a live blowjob where a woman was the cocksucker.’

“Let’s see if it did anything for you.” Laura thrust her hand under the water and gripped my hard cock. “My, you’re a hand full. Stand up.” She pulled up on my cock and I pushed myself into a standing position. “We can’t let you leave here in that condition.” She kissed my cockhead. “Can we, Dan?”

I honestly didn’t know if watching Laura suck off Dan or if thinking about sucking off Dan myself had given me the hard-on.

Dan moved over closer to his wife, “No, we can’t, but let’s go somewhere more comfortable.”

We got out of the tub and dried each other. Dan turned off the pump and pulled the cover over the tub. Laura gripped my cock and pulled me through the house. She released her grip when we got to their bedroom. Dan sat on one side of the bed. “Gary, get on your knees on the bed.”

I got on my knees on the other side of the bed. Laura lay down between us. Dan directed us and moved us around until he was satisfied with our positions. I looked down at Laura. She sunbathed in her little string bikini. The two white triangles on her breasts barely covered her areola and nipples. Her crotch was defined by a slightly larger white triangle. I noticed her pussy was bare of any hair.

Laura lay quietly on her back as I looked at her. She reached up and rubbed my jutting cock. “Like what you see? I like what I see.” She pushed herself up on an elbow and turned onto her side. As she did so, she opened her mouth. I grinned as my cockhead slipped between her lips. My girlfriend’s Mother was giving me a blowjob.

Laura was doing things with her lips and tongue that made my cock stretch and strain to fill her mouth. I thought Coach was an expert cocksucker, but he didn’t come close to Laura. And Kenny and I were nothing but pitiful amateur cocksuckers in comparison. I wanted to remember some of the things she was doing and her technique, but my cock felt so good in her mouth that I concentrated on not cumming.

Dan grinned at me, “She’s good, isn’t she?”

“Uh huh.” güvenilir casino I touched Laura’s hair and then the hand lightly holding my cock.

“Go ahead. Touch her.” Laura pulled my hand down to her breast. “Laura likes to have her tits played with. Doesn’t she?”

Laura never missed a suck on tongue flip as she nodded her head. I cupped her breast in my hand and rubbed my thumb lightly over her nipple.

Laura rolled onto her back. I didn’t want my cock coming out of her mouth so I followed her. I swung my leg over her head so I was kneeling over her. She squirmed around on her back and got comfortable. I almost lost it as she tipped her head back and took more of my cock into her mouth. My balls were nestled against her eyes and nose.

Dan spoke quietly, “Touch her pussy.” Laura opened her legs. I leaned towards her feet and balanced on one hand. I placed my other hand on her pussy. Her bare smoothly shaven pussy certainly felt different than her daughter’s did. Lana’s pussy was covered with soft hair. I’d never seen Lana’s pussy though. I’d just felt it during our grope sessions.

I moved my hand as Dan ran his finger between Laura’s outer labia. “Feel how wet she is.” He used his fingers to open his wife’s pussy to my gaze. “Look at her hard little clit. Laura really gets turned on sucking cock. It’s incredible how wet she gets. “ I looked at Dan. “Go ahead. Touch her pussy. Kiss her clit. Finger fuck her if you want.”

I leaned closer to Laura’s pussy. She was so wet that there was a wet spot on the bed covers. I put my face close and inhaled the smell of a lusty woman. It seemed so natural to kiss her clit then slide my tongue down and lick and kiss her soft inner lips and lap and suck her pussy juices. Laura responded by tilting her hips up and sucking harder on my cock.

I was really getting into eating my first pussy, when Dan stopped me. “Lie on your back.” I rolled from over Laura and lay on my back. My cock slipped out of her mouth and flopped against my stomach. It felt so hard and long. Laura lay spread eagled on the bed for a couple of minutes. She wiped the saliva off her chin and lips.

She got on her knees beside me. “I hope my pussy tastes as good as your cock.” I nodded and grinned as she swung her leg over me. Laura moved around into position. Dan shoved the corner of a pillow under my head and she lowered her pussy down to my waiting tongue. I inhaled and hoped I didn’t cum as Laura sucked my cock deep into her mouth.

She knew how close I was to cumming. I felt her thumb and forefinger clamp tightly around my cock shaft. I tried to make my tongue into a hard little cock and tongue fuck her. The bed shifted. I tipped my head back to look. Dan was on his knees behind Laura. His hard cock jutted above my face. He put a hand on Laura’s hip. With the other hand he held his hard cock and he lubed his cockhead by sliding it up and down Laura’s wet slot.

Dan’s hairy ball sac rubbed against my forehead. I licked the underbelly of his cock. I couldn’t see his face, but Dan pushed his cock shaft down against my tongue. I wanted him to slide his cock into my mouth but I watched as he pushed it deep into his wife’s pussy.

Laura’s pussy lips fluttered as Dan’s cock pumped in and out. I continued to lick her lips and the bottom of his cock shaft. His balls rolled back and forth across my nose and forehead. I was so intent on what I was doing that I had halfway forgotten about the blowjob. All of sudden I had to blow my load. There was pressure on my prostrate and the tight clamp around my cock shaft was gone.

Everything was so clear. My back arched. I groaned a loud groan. I felt my cockhead scrape along the roof of Laura’s mouth. I felt her lips seal around the cock shaft and I felt my cum boil up in a steady stream. She pressed her pussy hard against my face and Dan’s balls flattened against my forehead. I could feel her throat move as she swallowed my cum.

When she was finished with my cock, Laura leaned to one side. I scooted out from beneath her. She stretched her legs and lay down. Dan lay down on top of her. They lay quietly. I gathered up my clothes and got dressed in the shorts and t-shirt that Dan had loaned me. I let myself out of the house.

I slept late Sunday. Dad said I must have worked pretty hard to be so tired. I told him about of the holes we’d had to dig and how many bushes we planted. And I told him Lana’s parents seemed to want to talk so I stayed later than I had expected I would. Most of Monday was spent doing stuff around the house and working a little on my car. Marcia was home too so I couldn’t have Kenny or Chuck come over. I called Coach and got his answering machine.

Chuck called on Wednesday morning. He sounded excited and asked me to come over as soon as I could. Marcia wanted to borrow my car to go to the mall. Chuck said he could drop me off at home later. Marcia drove me over to Chuck’s. He was working on his car.

“What’s happening?” I stuck my head under the hood next to Chuck’s.

He turned my head and looked at me, “Let’s go inside.” I followed him inside. He was shirtless. I waited and watched as he washed his hands in the kitchen sink. Chuck began to dry his hands on a towel, “I made up my mind. Today is the day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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