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We met on facebook, but he lives in England, and I in America. We were both fans of the same page and saw each others comments and became virtual friends. We e-mailed each other just about every day, and when he told me to check out a video of Plan B’s “Stay Too Long” I found myself imagining we were the couple in that video who were all over each other in the back of the cab.

Things progressed from there in the virtual world, and he even sent me a photo of his very impressive cock. I wanted to meet him in the real world, but he said he could not allow me to visit because it was “all too mad for words” and he loves his long-term girlfriend and had “never met anyone like her before.”

However, a few months later he was feeling down because it was winter, his refrigerator had bust and he had not had the money to replace it, and most recently, he skidded on a patch of black ice, totaling his car. I was feeling quite down too, frustrated, bored and lonely, trapped in a loveless marriage.

I was traveling alone to Hawaii for a conference related to work. I had invited him, knowing he could not really come; it is a very long way from England, tickets are expensive, and I wasn’t even sure he had a passport.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, he unexpectedly came into a modest inheritance from a childless great-great-auntie or something; no one he was close to and she was quite old, so he was not too depressed about her passing.

I arrived in Honolulu, checked into my hotel on Waikiki Beach, then attended my first surfing lesson, as I had arrived a day early for the conference. I stayed out in the water until dusk, riding the waves again and again, already hooked on the natural high.

Eventually I had to return the rented surfboard and was getting hungry. I don’t like “biker dudes” but I notice motorcycles, because to me they symbolize freedom and excitement, like sex şişli rus escort on wheels. I was eying a Vincent Black Lightening outside my hotel, when I noticed the tall, slim man standing next to it.

It was that same sensation you have when you see a tv or movie star. You know you recognize them from somewhere. My heart jumped when I realized who he reminded me of, and that it could be Nigel, but I knew logically it couldn’t be. I thought this guy must think I am crazy staring at him with such a scrutinizing gaze, but he didn’t seem to mind and he even smiled at me.

When he said my name, I knew it was indeed him. Even though we knew each other online, we really did not know each other, so I gave him a hello hug like I would anyone, devoid of intimacy at that point, and asked him how he came to be there. He said he would tell me later and right now he was going to take me on a ride.

He took my hand to help me onto the bike, and when our hands touched I felt a thrill jolt through my body now that I was beginning to realize it really was him. I looked at his eyes and then his mouth and I was suddenly ravenous for those lips and that mouth. But he said I had to wait, and I did not even get to kiss him. That is what he is like online too, incredibly frustrating, always making you wait!

He got on the motorcycle and I put my arms around his waist to hold on. He drove out of town. It was quite dark now, and I looked around to take in the entire scene because I wanted to burn everything indelibly in my memory. It was a breathtaking view, as I felt the warm air on my face, an amazing sky above, and of course, the sea. I leaned into his back just savoring the sensation and put my face right against him and inhaled his scent. I started to feel very excited and started to breathe rapidly.

I spread my legs a little more and scooted my şişli türbanlı escort pelvis right against him pushing my feet against the foot rests for leverage. I started to rub my breasts against him through our clothes, and as it started to feel good, my nipples becoming erect, I wanted to feel my skin on his skin. I lifted my top and the back of his shirt and rubbed my nipples on his back and wanted him more and more.

I put my hands around front and ran my hands all over his chest, just getting drunk on the fact that he was here in the flesh and I was really touching him. I gently pinched his nipples and slowly took my hands down over his belly down, opened his shorts, and down some more to feel the amazingly, beautiful cock I had heretofore only seen in a photograph. I felt him becoming erect in my hands and one hand was not enough because he was so large, so I was using both my hands to rub up and down.

I was about ready to cum just rubbing against him. I longed, as I had done for many months, to feel him deep inside of me. I told him how much I wanted him inside of me right now, though with all of the noise I wasn’t sure he heard me. Thank god he pulled into a little area next to the beach that was sheltered from being seen from the road by a large boulder. He put his legs on the ground and pulled the bike up on the double sided stand so it was stable.

I dismounted the bike, then used his foot rests to turn myself around and get back on, but in his lap, face to face with him. I put my lips on his lips and felt his tongue in my mouth, and he was delicious, just like I knew he would be, and I began to rub rhythmically against him, getting increasingly excited as the act of kissing him made me think of how much I wanted his cock buried up to the hilt inside me. I was very wet by now and I could feel the blood pulsating in my pussy, şişli ucuz escort crying out for him right that second, no later.

I was wearing a short skirt with no panties, and I stood again on the foot rests and lowered myself onto his huge, erect cock, savoring every inch as it slid all the way inside of me, and as it did so, an involuntary sound escaped my lips because he was so far in . The backdrop of moonlight on the water was beautiful I have no doubt, but there was nothing in the world at that moment other than the scent of his flesh and feeling his cock all of the way inside of me. I told him how good his cock felt inside of me.

Actually I think I said he felt “amazing,” which he did! I used the footrests of the bike to lift off and lower myself back onto him, and as I quickly moved closer to climaxing, I told Nigel how I much I loved fucking him and then I couldn’t talk any more except to yell his name and tell him I wanted him to fuck me, as I came. I held onto the back rest to pull myself against him as hard as I could, stopping all other motion to savor the most amazing orgasm I think I have ever had.

It would have been cool to come together, but I couldn’t wait and I wanted to taste his cock and so I pulled him off the bike and led him onto a patch of vegetation next to the beach and he laid down and I got on top of him in the 69 position. He is 10 inches taller than me, so this did not work so well, but that turned out to be fine, because he could concentrate on the sensations in his cock which was only fair since I already came. I licked him, swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock, rubbing the underside of his cock with my tongue, then his balls and the area behind. He became excited and then fucked me in the mouth while I was on top of him.

When I could tell he was on the verge I took him all of the way into my throat. I listened to him moan as I felt his hot cum washing down my throat and kept him in my mouth as he became soft. I turned around so our faces were together again and kissed him with vestiges of his own cum still in my mouth, and then I collapsed at his side, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and looking at the stars…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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