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Fading Willpower

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I’ve always been a busy-body. I work a 45-50 hour week as a waitress, but still I needed something to fill up the free time I had. I had recently received one of those community activities magazines in the mail, you know, those damn things nobody looks at – except me of course. Anyway, I read about a sketching class in the magazine and decided to sign up. It was Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00-6:30 p.m., which fit perfectly into my schedule, as I got off from work at 3:30 on those two particular days.

I’m 21 years old and live in a large house with just my father. My mother passed away when I was a baby. I moved out on my own at 18, but three months ago I had to move back home, as I was fired from my job as a Sales Associate. I was down on my luck at the time, but now things were looking up. I had my first real serious boyfriend and a full-time job, which meant I wouldn’t have to live with my Dad for too much longer.

Now mind you, I said I had a boyfriend. I didn’t say I actually liked him that well, but, truthfully, there was no one else to go out with. I’m a slightly-tall, skinny, lanky thing, with bumps for breasts. Several people have told me I have a pretty face that is surrounded by thick, wavy light brown hair. But as for my body, it wasn’t exactly curvaceous. Nevertheless, I feel pretty good about my body. Being 5’7″ I particularly take pride in my long legs.

My boyfriend’s name is Jake. He really is a nice guy, but I just don’t feel any sparks for him. When we met I was a desperate virgin, eager to rid myself of my “virgin label” and we had sex on our first date. He was only a couple years older than me, being 23. He had a good heart, but was kind of dull. I needed someone exciting in my life.

After work that day, I went home to change into my regular clothes and headed on down to the local college for my sketching class. I grabbed my supplies from the backseat and walked into the building, looking for classroom 133. I found it without much trouble. I took a seat at one of desks. I looked around – there were only four other students, but over the next 10 minutes or so, another 15 or 20 showed up. It was nice – there were students of all ages, all races, everything.

At the front of the room, while the students were settling in, stood a woman, maybe 31 or 32, and a nice looking man conversing with her. He was dark and handsome, but not tall at all, standing only maybe 5’8″ or 5’9″ with a medium build. I couldn’t hear what he and the woman were saying, but I could hear him chuckle and with that wide grin, his whole face lit up. It was a unique face – handsome and ordinary at the same time. A face that looked weathered and tired, but still spry. He looked maybe mid or late forties. He had black hair and dark eyes. I smiled inwardly and decided I liked this man.

He and the woman parted ways. The man walked toward the desks and my heart beat a little bit faster, realizing he was going to sit at the desk beside me. He smiled and said hello. I did the same.

The 30ish woman stood at the front of the room and introduced herself as Miss Harris, the instructor. She talked to us a little about art, the history of art, and the elegance of sketching. With that, she took out two big boxes of items in them. She set them on her desk and told us to come up and pick one item that we were to sketch. Of course the bouncy balls and cubes went first. I chose to sketch some sort of wooden pony thing. The dark-haired man beside me had been one of the lucky ones and had to sketch a bouncy ball.

“Wow, it looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you,” he said to me with a smile.

I smiled at him, “It looks like I’ll be doing enough of work for both of us.”

He chuckled, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Christy, and you are…?”

“I’m Sam,” he responded. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” I said with a slight blush.

I was interested in him and he seemed genuinely interested in me, asking me what I did for work, what I did for hobbies, etc. He asked my age. I told him I was 21 and he told me he was 47. We talked quietly while we sketched, while Miss Harris went around the room, looking at our drawings and offering criticisms.

Referring to him speaking with Miss Harris at the beginning of the class, I asked him how he knew her.

“She and I used to be neighbors,” he replied. “But she moved to the other side of town.” He paused, “Christy, after class, would you like to have a drink with me? There’s a nice little bar not too far from here. How about it?”

I nodded and giggled, “Yes, I’d like that a lot.”

“Me too,” he replied.

As I sketched, my hand accidentally brushed his arm. I offered him a shy, muffled ‘sorry’. He chuckled at my awkwardness.

At the end of class, I began to pack my supplies into my bag and Sam and I left the classroom, talking away as if we’d known each other casino şirketleri longer than a couple hours. We went out to the parking lot and dumped our supplies off into our cars and decided to walk to the bar. The bar was called “Bernie’s” and it was a well-lit, decent place to have a drink. I told him I liked the bar, as I had been there before.

He lit up a cigarette. I was surprised, as I didn’t smell the smoke on him during class. We walked along the sidewalk. It was pretty well dark already and the headlights shone from the passing cars and the street lights glowed.

I guess I might sound kind of sheltered, but already Sam was very exciting to me! He smoked, he drank. He had somewhat of a tough guy air about him, like he did things his way and didn’t care what people thought of him. I found him very appealing and sexy. And what I found even more appealing and sexy is that he kept his right hand in his pocket quite a bit. I giggled inwardly.

He stopped for a minute and told me we’d have to cross the street to get to the bar. Between us and the bar were four lanes of traffic.

He gripped my hand and grinned, “Ready to give it a go, angel?”

I smiled and nodded.

So there we went, running across these lanes of traffic, dodging cars once and a while, all the while hand-in-hand. We heard a screech of someone’s tires and by the time we made it across the street to the bar’s parking lot, we were laughing so hard our guts hurt.

A car passed us and the passenger yelled out at us, “Crazy asses!”

We laughed harder, realizing it was true. We stood there for a few minutes, just laughing and trying to catch our breath.

“Oh,” Sam sighed. “The was one hell of a trip.”

“Wasn’t it though?”

“Well,” he sighed. “Here we are. Let’s go inside.”

We opened the door and walked over to the bar counter. Sam ordered a vodka and I ordered a whiskey.

“So,” Sam started. “Not that it’s any of my business, but do you have a boyfriend or are you married?”

I looked into those dark eyes of his and felt sad to tell him that I was already seeing someone. “Sam, to tell you the truth, I do have a boyfriend. But it’s not really working out the way I’d like it to.”

“What’s the problem, angel?”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little, “Well, the thing is I’m just so bored with him!”

He chuckled, “Yeah, I guess that happens sometimes.”

“He really is a nice guy. His heart is in the right place, but he and I just weren’t suited for each other,” I said.

He nodded, “I understand what you mean”. He paused, “To be honest, I’m a little jealous of him.”


“Yeah, I mean, I noticed you when I first walked into the classroom today.”

I blushed, “Really?”

He looked at me with a soft smile, “Well, yeah, of course. Pretty eyes, pretty hair.” He said and gave my hair a gentle stroke. Resting his palm on the back of my neck, he gently pulled my face towards his. I tilted my head and we kissed softly. I opened my eyes briefly and his eyes were closed. I closed mine too. We pulled our lips apart from each other and the kiss ended.

I giggled, “That was nice.”

“It definitely was. You’re a natural.”

I blushed, “Thanks.”

We talked for the next hour or so about our lives. I learned he wasn’t seeing anyone, had no kids and that he was twice divorced. A three-year marriage ended when he was 25 and a seven-year marriage ended when he was in his mid-30’s.

About a week later he called me up on the phone and asked if I could come to his house so he could sketch a picture of me. I thought that was the sweetest thing I’d ever been asked and said yes. We agreed to meet at his house Saturday at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

On Saturday I picked out a white spaghetti strap dress with small blue and purple flowers on it along with light brown colored pumps.

I arrived at Sam’s house a little early, about 12:50. He opened the door and grinned.

“Well, hello there angel you look lovely.”

I smiled, “Thanks.”

“I’m really getting into this art thing,” he said. “I even set up a little place for you to sit in my den.”

I laughed, “Well that sounds great. Lead the way.”

He led me down a hallway and into a den. I smiled when I saw how he had set things up. There was a wooden chair I was to sit on in front of a mantle. The chair was set in a diagonal position and on it’s left side was a wooden table with a bouquet of flowers. He planned on making it a beautiful sketch.

“Now sit right down there, sweetie,” he directed me to the chair. He sat at a different chair across from me with his sketch pad on a slightly tilted table. “If you could sit up straight angel.” I did as he said. “And maybe with your head kind of, here, I’ll help you -“

He got up and came over to me. He gently held my chin, so that it’d tilt upwards. Smiling, casino firmaları he leaned down to kiss me and caressed my neck as he did so.

“Keep my head tilted up like this?” I asked, when he pulled his face away.

He nodded, “Exactly like that. That’s perfect.”

He went back to his seat and lit up a cigarette as he started to sketch. A few minutes of silence went by till I asked him.

“So what are you going to sketch? Just my face? Or my whole body?”

“All of you precious, from maybe mid-calf to the hairs on your pretty little head.”

I giggled, “Thanks.”

We got on the topic of him being a smoker. He said he’d been a smoker since he was a teenager and that’d he tried to quit many times but that he just couldn’t do it.

“There are some things I just don’t have the willpower for,” he said. “There are many things I can’t help.” He stood up and walked over in front of me and, again, tilted my head up towards him. “I can’t help but like you, baby.”

I gasped and stood up, looking into his eyes. “I like you too,” I said.

He kissed me passionately and started to raise up my dress, his hands wandering across my bottom and in between my legs.

“Wait, wait,” I said. “Pulling his hand away. I have to think of Jake. This isn’t right.”

“Come on precious, just a little,” he said.

I wanted to. I wanted to so badly, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was still undecided about what I should do about Jake and I didn’t want to cheat on him. So far, all Sam and I had shared was a couple of kisses, and I didn’t think that was so awful. And it wasn’t right if I went on any further with Sam.

“No,” I said, as he asked me once more. I left angrily and slammed the door behind me.

Having a quick temper on me, I didn’t answer Sam’s phone calls for the next several days. But he left me the sweetest message, apologizing for going to far with me on Saturday and how he missed me. I had to give him a call back. Again, he apologized and we agreed to put the incident behind us.

Over the next couple weeks or so, we saw each other a few times outside of art class. I wasn’t completely in love with him, but I could feel myself falling for him quickly. He was everything Jake wasn’t. Funny, exciting, considerate and fun to be around. At the same time, though, I also felt bad that I was still seeing Jake. It’s not as if Sam and I had been sexual – we’ve shared a few kisses, but that was it. I knew I was just stringing Jake along and I knew I had to let him go.

I knocked on Jake’s house one day and he answered the door. He was excited to see me and started kissing me. I gently pushed him away.

“Jake,” I said as I sat on the couch. “I really need to talk with you.”

“Sure, what’s wrong?” I looked at him sadly. I never dumped anyone in my whole life. He could read the expression on my face. “You’re dumping me aren’t you?”

“Well, I just think -“

He raised his voice, “Why the hell are you dumping me?” He grabbed my shoulders angrily. “Is there someone else? There is, isn’t there? You damn slut!” He stood up and hurled the remote across the room.

I stood up, “You don’t talk to me like that, you’re acting like an ass!” He gave me a firm slap on my cheek and I tumbled onto the carpet. He straddled my body, yelling at me, calling me names. “Get off me!” I yelled. I tried to shove him away but he was so strong. I began flailing my legs and kneed him right in the crotch. He grabbed the front of his jeans and rolled over on the floor in agony. I got up on my feet as fast as I could and drove away. I pulled out my cell phone and called Sam and told him what had happened. I knew it was his day off and asked if I come to his house. He said I could come to his house absolutely, anytime.

I rang the door bell and he answered. He saw my face red from sobbing.

“Oh angel,” he said, wrapping his arms around me. “I’m so sorry about what happened. Come in the house.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and led me to the couch where I plopped down, obviously still upset and crying from the incident.

“Oh Sam, I was so scared. I’d never him seen him that angry before. And he called me such terrible names.”

Sam stroked my hair, “Ssshh, it’s okay now baby. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

We laid back on the couch and I cuddled up against his chest and just sobbed till I felt better.

“You did the right thing, baby. If he just wasn’t interesting to you anymore, I can see why you -“

I cut him off. “It wasn’t just that Sam. Yes, he was dull. But I didn’t break up with him just for that. I want to be with you.”

There was silence for a minute. “You broke it off with him to be with me?” He asked quietly, holding me in his arms.

I nodded, “Yes.”

“Oh baby,” he moaned. “I can’t tell you how good that makes an old man feel.”

I wiped my güvenilir casino face up with the tissues he gave me. “Really?”

He chuckled, “Of course. You think someone as pretty and as sweet as you comes along everyday in this old bucket’s life?”

I giggled, finally feeling better. I hugged him, “Thanks Sam.”

“That’s what I like to see,” he said. “That smile.” He stroked my cheek.

I looked up into his dark eyes. He wanted me and I wanted him. I laid my hand on his chest and he leaned down and kissed me. First my lips, then the red puffiness under my eyes, then the tip of my nose, then back to my lips again. It was a passionate kiss and we both moaned quietly as we necked. I ran my hands along his hair and brought my hand back down to his chest again. I played with the chest hair that was peeking above his shirt.

He smiled down at me, “You like that baby?”

I nodded, “Mm hmm, I’ve always liked hairy chests.”

He sat up for a minute and unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He had a nice chest. It was firm, but it wasn’t overly muscular, which I like. Dark hair ran along his chest, and I had always been curious as to what it would feel like, my naked tits against a bare, hairy chest.

I stood up and started to take my skirt off, which he helped me with. I was wearing cotton, hipster panties. Sam ran his big hands along the sides of my tummy, along my hips and caressed my bottom. I straddled his lap, feeling the bulge in his pants rubbing along my cotton-clad pussy. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed him. I was hotter than I’d ever been for anyone.

Between kisses we breathed heavily and whispered little things. We were going to make love and I wanted it so badly.

“Baby,” he whispered. “You feel so good. I’ve been waiting for this.”

I moaned, “Sam, sweetie, I’m so wet. I need it bad.”

“Ohh,” he groaned. “I can tell baby.”

I sat up for a moment and peeled my top off from over my head. I sat there looking at him with an impish smile. His eyes wandered over my tits. He cupped them with his hands.

“God that feels good,” I whimpered.

“Come here, you little thing,” he said, pulling me towards him. We were kissing again and he undid my bra. I leaned over and rubbed my hard nipples against his chest, which drove him crazy as he frantically tried to take my panties off. We both stood up.

“Sam, baby, you make me so hot.”

He moaned, “Oh angel, let’s see what you’ve been hiding from me,” he said as he helped me out of my panties to bare my hairless pussy. He ran his finger along my slit and I groaned.

“I want you to fuck me so bad,” I whimpered.

He took my hand and lead me into the kitchen. He set me up on the dining room table. I got the hint and laid back, eagerly spreading my legs.

He chuckled, “You know more about fucking then you let on, don’t you precious?”

I nodded and furiously fingered my pussy as he unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with boxers, down to mid-thigh. He looked into my eyes, stroking his cock.

I licked my lips, “Give it to me. Give it to me baby.”

“Oh honey, I’m going to give it to you so bad.”

He briefly ran the tip of his cock along my wet slit, then anxiously slid his hard pole into my body.

“Ohhh,” I moaned and laid my head back on the table.

He started slow then built up a rhythm, fucking my pussy. My tits bounced as he fucked me harder and harder. I could hear my pussy squelching as he pushed in and out. I looked up at his face, his eyes crinkled shut and his head tilted back, hornier than any man I’d seen.

I closed my eyes, just enjoying being fucked by a sexy, hard man. I moaned and told him I was cumming.

“Come on baby,” he said. “Cum on my cock precious, I know you can do it for me.”

I played with my tits as he fucked me and I came twice, one right after the other. I sighed. I came so hard. He hadn’t cum yet and he was breaking out into a sweat.

“Oh give it to me, fuck my little pussy,” I told him. “Cum in me baby, come on.”

He groaned at my naughty words, “What a little nymph you are, precious.”

“Mmm, I love cock.”

He groaned again and was fucking me like a mad man. I felt a spurt of hot cum shoot into me and we moaned as he came into my body. We were both panting, trying to catch our breath. He gently eased his softening cock out of my body. He wrapped his arms around me and propped me up on my feet. We laughed as we realized his pants were still on. I helped him take them off, so we stood there naked, looking into one another’s eyes.

“That was so nice, precious,” he told me.

I sighed, “It sure was.”

We went to the bathroom and took a quick shower together, washing the gooey, yummy cum out of my body then toweling each other off. He gave me one of his big shirts to wear, and I seemed to swim in it. He put on only his boxers and the sight of his chest made me horny again. He lead me upstairs to his bedroom and laid together under the comforter. Though it was in the late afternoon on a Thursday, we figured, what the hell and decided to skip class.

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