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Fat White Girls Need Anal, Too

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Where would we be without limits? I don’t know. Limits give us something to aspire to go beyond. Limits challenge us. Someone once said that the sky is the limit. These days, we go to space and also fly around the world in airplanes and helicopters. So much for limits, hey? That’s why when my girlfriend Sarah Haverhill told me that anal sex was her limit, I only read it one way. As a personal challenge for us to overcome. We’re an interracial couple living in a small town.

My name is Jake Hollister and I’m a student-athlete at Dyson College in Indiana. Dyson College is one of the whitest places ever. Nine thousand students, most of them white. Except for the football and men’s basketball teams, of course. They’re full of young black men. The other teams, from men’s and women’s volleyball to men’s wrestling and women’s soccer, are all-white. The men’s and women’s cross country teams are racially diverse, as is the women’s basketball team. The women’s soccer team is all-white, as are the men’s and women’s Ice Hockey teams. That’s to be expected, I guess.

My girlfriend Sarah is a student-athlete too. A five-foot-ten, thick, plain-faced, red-haired white chick with some seriously big tits and a really big and thick round ass. She weighs two hundred and fifty pounds and is the biggest girl on the Dyson College women’s varsity soccer team. I first met her at a varsity football game about a year ago. I’m a linebacker on the team. My six-foot-two, 240-pound, fine-looking black athlete’s body and pretty pendik escort face got me a lot of female attention. Especially from dumb white chicks. The black chicks at school act like they’re too cool to bother with a black man. Whatever. I hooked up with Sarah because she liked sleeping around. Sarah was only one of several chicks I was boning. She knew about my proclivity for anal sex and kept laughing while saying to me that she’d never do it. I think she wants.

I mean, why else would she mention it? Sarah is a temptress, folks. She’s a big girl with one of those huge round butts that seemed to have been made with butt-fucking in mind. So one morning I decided to initiate her. She was sleeping in the nude as usual. I lay next to her, stroking my big black dick while looking at her plump white ass. I ain’t lying, folks. I was kind of getting ideas. So I decided to show her what she was missing.

I took some lotion from the nightstand and smeared it all over my dick. Then, I gently took each of Sarah’s plump butt cheeks in hand and spread them. Man, I do love a fat ass. I inched closer to her, my dick hardening. I pressed my cock against Sarah Haverhill’s asshole, and slowly pushed it inside. I was amazed at how warm and tight Sarah’s asshole felt around my cock. That’s when she was startled awake. She turned around and looked at me with wide, frightened eyes. I grinned and clamped my hand over her mouth. No screaming allowed. Sarah struggled and tried to flee. I used one of my tackling moves escort pendik to hold her down. We were doing this.

I told Sarah I was going to remove my hand from her mouth, but she had to promise not to scream. I took my hand off her mouth. Her shrill scream filled the room. Oh, man. I should have known. Her scream wasn’t what I expected, however. She kept telling me to be gentler. I nodded. Gripping her wide hips, I took my sweet time as I pushed my dick deeper into her asshole. Slowly but surely, I worked most of it in there. I asked Sarah how she liked it. She asked me how I knew that being taken in her sleep was one of her top fantasies. I smiled and told her I knew her that well. Truth be told, I had read her diary but she didn’t need to know that.

Man, I couldn’t believe this. I was finally fucking my plump white girlfriend in the ass. Samuel, one of my cousins from Boston told me that big women had naturally tighter assholes, compared to skinny women. I didn’t believe him when he said that because Samuel is one of the weirdest people in my family. The guy’s a bisexual and he’s rather shady at times. He fucks anything that moves and he’s weird as hell. He’s also a prankster too. Everyone thinks he’s funny but to me he’s just annoying. However, today I had to give the guy his dues. He was right about my fat girlfriend having a tight asshole. How in hell did he know?

Sarah shrieked as I rammed my big black cock deep into her asshole. She told me to grab her hair and spank her fat ass while pendik escort bayan fucking her. I did just that, folks. I couldn’t believe how wild this chick was. I yanked her head back by roughly grabbing a handful of her red hair and slammed my cock deep into her shit hole. With my other hand, I smacked her ass. I noticed a red mark appear on her pale white skin and smiled with satisfaction. Sarah squealed and begged me for more. I kept smacking her ass while drilling my cock into her butt hole. Now, this is what I call a wild ride! We fucked and sucked the morning away, folks. Going at it until I came, flooding Sarah’s asshole with my cum. As I squeezed my cock out of Sarah’s widened asshole, the big white chick actually farted. We both laughed. Come on, you had to admit it was funny.

A little while later, I lay on the bed, watching Sarah walk around the apartment looking for her panties. She couldn’t find them because I had hidden them somewhere. We had a talk about what we just did. For a moment, I was nervous about it. Taking a woman in her sleep isn’t something I’d recommend to any guy. However, Sarah was down with it. She told me that it was one of her top fantasies. To wake up feeling a throbbing black cock up her butt. She claimed to have been throwing hints at me for a long time. But I wasn’t getting it. So she wrote it down in her diary and left it where she knew I’d find it. So I would finally understand and fulfill her fantasy. I stared at her, stunned. Wow. Sarah grinned and said I had no idea how wild she really was. She blew me a kiss, then put on some sweatpants ( sans panties) and a T-shirt. She had to get to soccer practice. I watched her go. Hot damn, my woman was hot and kinky. Did I luck out or what?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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