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Father Knows Best

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It was our senior year at St. Anselmo High School. My boyfriend, John, and I asked to work in the library after school for extra credit. We would be able to graduate in January instead of June with the extra credit. Since we were both 18 we were anxious to begin our “life after high school” experiences. The library was always empty on Fridays, so I decided to play a trick on John. Before I went to the library, I stopped to do a little alterations to my school uniform. I knew we would be putting books back on shelves and using the step-ladder. I removed my panties and bra and stuffed them in my purse. Without my school blazer on, my blouse was very see-through. I had developed over the summer to a very surprising 34 DD bra size. My nipples were dark pink and always at attention!! The look was very sexy as my blouse was tight and I had undone a couple of buttons to boot.

As I was making my way to the library, I saw Father Alexander coming my way. I quickly put my blazer on before I reached him.

“Hello, Father.”

“Hello Stacy. How are you this fine afternoon? On your way to the library?” Since school started this fall, Father “A” had taken a particular interest in me. The way he constantly stared at my chest and licked his lips as we talked, I figured it was my suddenly over-developed boobs he was particularly interested in. I thought it was kind of cute…

“I’m great! Yep, headed to the library!” As he stared at my chest, I made a point to pull back my blazer and exclaim how hot it was. His eyes got huge as my rock hard nipples poked into the material and the tops of my huge titties were oozing out the blouse.

“W-w-w-ell…I h-have some work to do there later, s-so I’ll check on you then.” I noticed a movement in his cassock down there, but he quickly walked past me, saying good-bye. It looked to be VERY sizeable, I must say! I actually found myself licking my own lips!

That encounter really got my juices flowing. I hurried to the library and found John waiting for me on the steps. I gave him a quick peck on the lips, careful not to let him see my lack of undergarments, and we went into the library. John went to get the stepladder while I wheeled the cart of books down the aisles to the back of the library. He set up the ladder and began to climb. I told him that I really wanted to be the one on the ladder today, if that was okay. He looked confused, but said, “Sure. If you want to.”

I climbed up two steps and slipped out of my blazer, facing away from John. As I stepped up two more steps, I turned to bend down and place my blazer on the cart. John was standing right in front of me and I heard him gasp. “Holy melons, Stace!! Those look delicious!!” Out of the corner of my eye, I caught movement at the end of the aisle. I snuck a look just in time to see Father “A” jerk his head back out of sight. So, I thought, we have an audience! That made me even wetter!!

John reached out and squeezed two handfuls through my blouse. Then he slipped his hands inside and tweaked my hard nipples. “Ohhh!” I squealed. “That feels so good! But I can think of something else that would feel better.” I undid the rest of the buttons and opened my blouse wide as I stepped down a step. He quickly filled his mouth with one nipple while kneading my other melon. I shivered casino şirketleri and snuck a look down the aisle. He was there and his hand was rubbing his groin area. Oh, this was getting too good!

“John, we’d better not…someone might come.”

“You’re wrong! It’s a sure thing that someone will cum!” He switched sides as I arched my back. I was thinking how right he was…several people were going to cum! After a couple of minutes, I told him we’d better get started on the books. We could play later. He agreed reluctantly and I turned to step up the ladder. I glimpsed father with his hand under his cassock working slowly up and down. This ought to speed him up a little…

My bottom was just above John’s head. I placed my right foot on the wrung above my left and leaned to the left and bent down to take a book off of a lower shelf. Perfect…right in Father’s view, too. I heard Father’s gasp before John’s. John was too absorbed to hear. “What’s the matter?” I asked, still reaching down.

John slid a finger between my juicy, swollen lips and it was my turn to gasp. “Oh, Baby!”

“Turn around Stace…I can’t stand it!”

As I turned I saw Father stroking much faster now. I caught a quick glimpse of a huge cock and big swollen balls…I uttered a moan as John slid his tongue into my wet slit. He wiggled it back and forth as he slipped a finger into my hot pussy…I opened one eye just in time to see Father trying to contain his hot white cum with one hand while pumping furiously with the other. His eyes were closed, his head was back and his mouth was open in a silent scream. Cum was oozing through his hand onto the floor. At the sight I began to cry out, “ohh…I’m cummminggg!” Father opened his eyes and looked at me. I was staring straight at him, rubbing my tits and grinding against John’s mouth…I saw him smile as I threw back my head and convulsed. By the time I opened my eyes, Father was gone and his little “accident” was cleaned up.

Smiling, I told John it was his turn now. I was still a virgin by my choice. I wanted the first time to be extra special…not with some high school boy. We switched places and John climbed a couple of steps then turned to face me. His crotch was at mouth level, just where I wanted it! I unzipped his pants and his throbbing cock leapt out. I immediately slid my mouth down the length, swirling my tongue in circles as I gently squeezed his balls. I grabbed the base of his cock and moved up and down, faster and faster, licking the tip and rubbing my nipples against his thighs. He began moaning and thrusting…He let out a small yell as he shot his load into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed it all and licked his shaft clean while he recuperated. I was thinking the whole time what it would have been like with Father’s huge cock in my mouth, overflowing with his cum.

John started to step down when a voice bellowed out “Stacy! John! What have you done!?” It was Father “A”!! I noticed he had changed his clothes, wearing his black slacks and shirt. John quickly tucked himself in and zipped up his pants. I lingered on my buttons, buttoning from the bottom up with a sly smile on my face, watching Father’s reaction. He had a similar smile on his face. John was too scared to see anything that was happening.

“John! casino firmaları You will leave us! I want to see you first thing in the morning, in my office! I wish to have a talk with this tramp right now!”

John hesitated, looked at me…I nodded and saw the relief on his face. He scurried out of the library.

“Follow me, young lady.”

I followed Father “A” through the library to his office downstairs…He walked inside and motioned me in. He closed the door and told me to sit down on the sofa. I was afraid and excited at the same time. The thought of his monstrous cock spewing streams of juice made me so wet.

He paced back and forth. “Stacy, you know I must punish you for what you were doing in the library. This school cannot tolerate that kind of behavior.”

I lowered my head. “Yes, Father. I understand. What did you have in mind?” I could only hope…

He sat next to me. “Your punishment will be twofold. Now for the first.”

He ordered me to stand up. I did as I was told. He took my arm and told me to lay face down across his lap. I was suddenly frightened, but very excited as I realized what he had in mind.

He lifted my skirt, revealing my bare bottom. I felt a lump rising against my groin. He spanked me hard…once, twice, three times. It stung a lot! The lump became very hard and I became still wetter. He rested his hand on my bottom, “I certainly hope that hurt, Stacy. But I’m also sorry…” As I spread my legs a little and squirmed against him, I heard a soft moan. He slid two fingers down my wet slit, and then spanked me again. “That’s just what I mean! You are asking for this!” His fingers stroked me again, this time finding my hard clit. Another spank. I squirmed again. He told me to stand up and face away from him. I heard his zipper softly slide down. I couldn’t wait, I was panting now and so was he.

He told me to sit on his lap again, facing away, and bend forward. I did as he said, sliding the footstool in front of me to lean on.

He spanked me again, as I felt his hard, unleashed cock against me. I squirmed backward and it nestled against my drenched pussy. I moaned and slid my ass up and down his shaft. He began moaning louder as I moved up and down faster. He slid a finger down to my clit and rubbed it back and forth. I began to cum as I felt his cock twitching against me. I screamed as I felt hot cum on my bare bottom, his finger sliding into me put me over the edge as we came together.

I slumped onto the floor and rolled onto my back. I looked up at him. He was sitting with his eyes closed, his still hard cock in his hand. Our breathing was subsiding. I began to sit up. He opened his eyes and said, “Stay right where you are, young lady! I’m not through punishing you yet. It’s time for number two.”

“Remove your blouse and skirt and lay down on your back.”

I could hardly move fast enough! Oh, the anticipation!

He instructed me to close my eyes and spread my legs apart slightly. Oh yes, I thought!

I heard him move. He was standing over me and I knew he was looking at me, so I moved a hand to my huge breast and moaned a little.

“Stop that! You will remain still at all times!”

I heard the rustle of clothing. I sneaked a peak and saw Father removing his clothes, folding güvenilir casino them neatly on the sofa.

He knelt down between my feet. “I must remove the sin from your body. I am a vessel of the Lord and will cleanse you.”

I felt hot breath near my pussy and spread my legs a little further. As soon as I did, I felt his tongue lick my slit, just once. I moaned. I then felt his hand on my breast, kneading it softly. Then his other hand on my other breast, and I felt his balls dragging against my open pussy. Oh my God!!! His mouth was on mine, probing with his tongue…He pulled away. “Now your mouth is pure again. I have drawn out the sin.”

His mouth then latched onto my nipple, sucking and flicking his tongue across the hard nipple. “Mmmmm,” we both uttered. Then he found the other and did the same. I was clawing at the carpet.

“Now to remove the sin from inside your body.”

I felt his mouth on my clit, sucking and licking voraciously! Oh, this was pure torture! I so wanted to participate!! He sucked me for nearly two minutes, slurping and nuzzling and moaning. I was at the brink of another orgasm when he pulled away. I whimpered and thrust my pelvis into the air, quivering uncontrollably.

“Keep your eyes closed and spread your legs more so that I may renew your body with holiness.”

I felt him stretching above me. Then I felt the tip of his wet, hard cock rubbing against my slit. I involuntarily thrust upward. His tip slipped into my open hole about an inch. We both froze. He pulled out, rubbing his cock up to my clit and jiggling it there. “Ohhhhh, Father! Please fill me with holiness NOW!!!”

He leaned down and kissed me as he slid his cock back to my opening. I sucked his mouth and thrust myself against his huge cock. He slid it in two inches, stretching me wide. “Oh please, Father!!”

He grunted and moaned as he slid slowly into me. I was rising to meet him…he stopped. “Lay still, as I told you!”

He pushed in further, pulled it out slowly, and pushed it back in even deeper. I felt a popping sensation and suddenly his cock was in all the way. The pain was so fleeting I hardly noticed as I felt his balls against me.

He just swung his hips back and forth…rubbing me with his balls and stretching me out. I was in ecstasy!!

“O, Father,” I whimpered. “Please, please, please…”

He bellowed, “I will now fill you with my holiness!!”

He pulled out and slammed back in, again and again!!

I came and came, screaming as he fucked me hard and sucked on my tits…He was yelling “Filling you with holiness, righteousness, goodness…” with every wonderful thrust.

Finally, he came and overflowed my honey-hole. He lay on top of me, moaning and kissing me deeply…I was finally able to wrap my arms around him, stroking his back, squeezing his ass. We were both spent, panting.

He raised up, looked at me and said, “I think this will take some time, bringing you to a true righteousness…We will need to work on this at least once a week, Stacy.”

“Oh, yes, Father! I agree emphatically! I have a lot of sin to be removed!”

Rising, he said, “Go, then…we will meet here each Friday after school for your cleansings.” He was beautiful in his nakedness. I saw his huge cock begin to rise again.

“Are you sure we can’t continue sooner, Father?” I asked as I stared at his cock.

He grinned at last and said, “I was thinking about later this evening, at the rectory, actually.” He was massaging my breasts and winking at me…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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