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Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 26

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Keith was working quietly in the study, he was feeling better about life since he had said to his wife Lisa that he was worried about Richard’s influence on their lives and that they should break from having contact with him. Lisa had decided that if she wanted to give her marriage a chance before Keith caught her screwing Richard and giving her hot body to him unconditionally, she had to agree and make the plunge. Keith had no idea of the depth and extent of the relationship between his wife and Richard but he had sensed his relationship with his wife had changed since they had met and worked with Richard and he felt it was the right decision. He had no idea whatsoever though how much his gorgeous busty wife lived for and craved Richard’s huge cock.

Lisa had cut all ties with her lover, no emails, no texts. She knew something would happen, she just didn’t know what. Richard was not the sort of man to accept losing a woman like Lisa; he was used to her ripping her clothes off and having her offer up her bounteous tanned, toned curves to him and praising his oversized cock at the expense of her poor husband.

Richard travelled across to California and drove out to their house. Lisa was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. She was wearing a tight t-shirt which clung to her firm, fantastic large tits and was tied in a knot just below them to show the deep tan of her toned flat stomach. Tight white shorts emphasised the shape of her curvy tight arse. She went to the door and took a double take as she opened it to find Richard dressed in an expensive shirt and suit.

“What the hell are you doing here? Keith is upstairs and we have made a decision, we are moving on…”

“Lisa, fuck you look amazing. Where is he?”

“Up in the study but you need…”

“Good, he wants me out of your life but that will never happen. You casino şirketleri are too gorgeous, too sexy and far too bad a wife to be faithful to him. I know you are bored by him Lisa.”

“Just leave now Richard, can’t you get the message that…”

Richard stepped in and kissed her, his hands groping at her full tits and he groaned in her mouth and sucked her tongue deep into her mouth. He mauled her body and slid his hands through her long dark hair but it was only when he ground his groin into her that her legs hooked around his waist and he carried her to the kitchen, leaving the front door open.

He lowered her onto the kitchen table and pulled her t-shirt off her plump full tits and sucked on her nipples whilst his hands roamed over her smooth legs.

“Just stick it in me Richard, I have lived with 4 inches for 2 months.”

He chuckled:

“I thought it may be harder to win you back, beg for it you sexy slut.”

“I thought you would come quicker, did some busty slut need your attention first?”

He eased his huge cock out of his zip and it sprung out and bobbed against her smooth stomach. His tanned strong body mounted her and he eased her thong aside and rubbed the huge cock head against the lips of her married pussy.

“You are already wet, were you thinking about me?”

“You arrogant bastard, just stick it in me, now!”

Richard pushed forward and the flared ridge of the head pushed inside her and unceremoniously he thrust forward and the long thick smooth shaft slid into her — deep into her sexy married body.

He groped her firm big tits and they both groaned loudly as he repeatedly thrust fully into her.

“Does he feel like this in you?” he asked as he stared into her sexy almond eyes and rotated his huge cock in her tight pussy. She moaned in response as the flared casino firmaları ridge of his cock pleasured her.

“I know all you can think about are these big puppies” Lisa giggled. “Your big dick couldn’t get anything of this quality in England so you had to come to Cali to fuck my perfect body. Keith works very hard to earn the money to buy my sexy bras which you rip off my body. Oh stud fuck me, he is upstairs if you want to thank him? Fuck, spear me on this table, use that big dick on me.” She arched her back and offered her huge bulging tanned tits to him.

Richard looked through her glorious tits into her pretty face and simply started rutting her, huge deep thrusts ploughing into her for over 20 minutes. He knew his dick would never slip out of her as his rock hard erection was huge and the thick ridged cock head was locked inside of her even when he slid his smooth shaft out of her only to drill it back in with incredible power and stamina.

His mouth sucked on her perfect tits and then he kissed her passionately whilst his hands roamed her body, worshiping his fantastic smooth toned legs, her tight bubble shaped arse, that spectacular stomach and those giant cans.

“You live for the thought of me, admit it Lisa. Keith means nothing to you compared to fucking my cock, admit it to yourself. You would rather have my baby growing inside of your perfect body than his, admit it!!”

“Uhh, just fuck me Richard.”

He drilled his huge dick deep into her and looked into her eyes. Do you want my cum in you?”

“Mmm, uh God” she moaned.

He grabbed her by her toned fit stomach and thrust the full length of his hugged cock into her, his hands worked over her fantastic full tits and pinched her perfect nipples as he remorselessly ploughed into her. He stared deep into her sexy eyes and asked:

“Do you güvenilir casino want my spunk deep inside of you Lisa, is that what you want Mrs W…”

“Don’t call me that, just fuck me, uhh fuck you’re big, so fucking big!”

He gripped her perfect arse and started pumping his cock even faster into her, he groaned deeply and his huge balls blasted the first load of spunk deep into her. Jet after jet of thick potent creamy spunk fired into her. Like a man possessed by her perfect body he just kept spunking his endless cum in thick ropes into her. For the best part of 2 minutes he unloaded the contents of his huge balls into Lisa’s tight married body.

“Do you ever stop cumming, Jesus how much have you drilled into me?”

“Well maybe you could wank me into a pint glass and see how much I fill it but you know I spunk more when I am on top of you.”

“Fuck I feel like I could burst, I am so full of cum.”

“When you think of having a baby, who do you want to breed with? Do you want to settle for his little dick , his dribble of cum?” His mouth sucked greedily on her tits and his hands mauled her fantastic body.

He slowly withdrew his huge cock, inch after inch eased out of her and finally the ridge of his huge cock head pushed against her tight resistance and plopped out of her.

She quietly got dressed in her sexy top and her tight shorts and walked him to the door. “Time for you to go Richard, just go.”

His huge cock strained out of his trousers, fully erect again.

“Tell me to go and I leave your life forever or beg me to come upstairs and to fuck you against his office door whilst the ignorant wimp works, to shower you in cum in your bedroom and to violate every marriage vow you made.” Richard turned to face her, his huge cock lurched and he arched his back and allowed the cock head to stretch up and slide across her bare stomach leaving a trail of pre-cum on her fit tanned stomach.

“Oh and Lisa, before you decide, remember that it isn’t Keith’s fault that he has a small cock, he loves you very much. Surely that is enough?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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