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Father’s Birthday Ch. 03

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Jake was still tied to the swing enjoying the afterglow. Not really paying attention to what his father was doing he just laid there not really seeing anything.


His father just slapped him. ON the ASS!

“Mmmm.” Jake moaned in protest.

“Well look who has decided to join us from his afterglow.” Jack said.

Jake raising his head to look at his father who was still down by his ass. He finally noticed the tray with the various toys on it. Noticing the amount and the varying sizes; his eyes widened.

“Don’t worry none of them are as big as my cock.” Jack said noticing the worried expression on his son’s face.

Not really relaxing but resigning himself to the fact that his father was going to do it anyway. He laid back and waited for the pain and discomfort that was sure to come.

Jack looking at his son and seeing most of the fear removed from his face he grabbed the smallest vibrator and held it in his palm. This one was controlled by a remote control. Getting ready to lube it up and put it into his son. Another idea formed in his mind on what he could do with this particular device. Picking up a 6-inch dildo that has a vibrator built in. He started to lube it up with the bottle that was on the tray. Once it was all lubed up he started to insert the dildo into his son’s asshole.

Jake feeling the tip of the dildo entering his ass he started to tense up.

“Don’t worry son. Just relax.” Jack said, trying to sooth his son.

Jake with nothing else to do but try and relax that is exactly what he did. All of a sudden he felt the head of the dildo slip past his sphincter and enter his ass. Not noticing how big the dildo was when his father picked it up he was surprised at how small the dildo was.

When his initial surprise was past he could feel his father starting to slightly pull the dildo out then push it in farther still. All of a sudden the dildo was bottomed out in his ass.

“That’s good son. Just let the dildo make you feel good.” Jack said.

Getting up and starting to stroke Jake’s dick he walked around to his side. Stepping up next to him he started to play with his right nipple to make his son feel good. Jake started panting with the lust that was flowing through his body from what his father was doing to him.

“Hope your ready this is just the beginning.” Jack said.

Jack leaning down held the base of Jake’s cock and started to suck.

Five minutes later

“MMMM-MMMMM.” Jake moaned as his father continued to work him. Moving up and down the rigid length he would alternate between working the whole length or focusing on the head.

Jake was getting ready to shoot, when his father suddenly pulled off.

“Sorry about that but don’t want you to casino şirketleri shoot to early. Don’t want you to be to spent before we are done for today.” Jack said.

Moving down to Jake’s head he removed the ball gag from his son’s mouth.

“Ready son?” Jack asked.

Jake finally having free rein of his mouth again. Didn’t say anything to the question his father asked. Just as Jake was getting ready to start to move his jaw to see if it still worked, he felt his head being turned again. As his head was done being turned he noticed that his fathers cock was erect again and was in front of his face once again.

“Open your mouth son.” Jack said.

Jake not knowing what else to do; did as he was told. Opening his mouth he felt his father’s cock slide in again. As the cock was moved more into his mouth he could taste his ass juices and his fathers semen and a little of the lube on the cock. His father obviously not caring over the fact that these various substances were in fact on his dick he continued to move the cock in and out of his mouth.

Jake just laid there stunned as his father face fucked him for a second time this day. Jake didn’t know what to do, other then to let his father continue to fuck his face and sit there and try not to gag again. Jake also noticed that he was still rock hard and that the face fucking did not diminish his boner like it had earlier. Not knowing what else to think Jake started to wonder if he was in fact gay.

Jack unaware of the internal that was happening inside his son’s mind as he took his pleasure from his son.

Ten minutes later

Jack was finally through with taking the oral pleasure from his son as he was strapped to the swing still. Jack noticed how hard his son was.

“Well look who seems to be enjoying himself.” Jack said and gave a tug on his son’s rock hard dick.

“That’s not … wha-.” Jake started to say.

“Sure it’s not.” Jack said with a laugh.

Now with his son’s ass in front of him once again he reached down and tapped the end of the dildo still inside Jake’s ass.

“OOOOHHHH.” Jake moaned as the dildo moved around inside his ass.

Jack noticing the reaction out of Jake, smirked to himself and wrapped his fingers around the butt of the dildo that kept it from entering Jake’s ass completely. With his finger secure around the end he started to pull the dildo out until only the end was still inside his son.

“Now son, ready to feel what getting fucked with a dildo feels like.” Jack said to his son.

Just as Jake was opening his mouth to answer his father slammed the dildo back into his ass.

“MMMMMM.” Jake moaned.

Jack giving his son enough time to register the wave of pleasure that was just kick casino firmaları started through his brain; quickly pulled the dildo out once again and slammed it back in. Starting a new rhythm of fucking his son with toy he leant down between his son’s legs and started to suck his son’s cock once again.

“OH GOD. That feels amazing.” Jake stated.

Hearing the pleasure his son was getting from this since he didn’t put the ball gag back into his son’s mouth; made Jack feel better about his decision to do this. Jack also getting close to the edge from his son’s exclamation had to pinch his cock to keep back his orgasm. Also noticing that Jake was getting close to shooting pulled his mouth of his cock.

“Awwwww.” Jake moaned.

Jack also pulled the dildo out of his son’s ass so that he could fuck him again knowing that he wasn’t going to last long or get it up again since this was his third orgasm of the day.

“Ready son?” Jack asked.

“MM-HMM.” Jake said in a loud moan.

Jake truly wasn’t paying attention anymore all he could focus on the fact that he needed to come for the third time today and he was getting close to the edge only to have his father all of a sudden pull back and not let him cum. This block of the pleasure was soon gone as he felt his father’s re-lubed cock start to enter him again. Instinctively tightening up thanks to the large member that was about to enter him.

“Son just relax this is the second time you will have it in you just relax.” Jack said.

“Easy for you to say. You don’t have a large ass dick about to enter you… OHHHH.” Jack started and moaned.

When he was talking about it his father used his distraction to enter him once again. With Jake’s ass still loose and lubed up from the earlier fuck he just slid his cock all the way into his ass. In the next moment, his hips were flush with his son’s ass. Not taking anytime to let Jake adjust to the cock inside him he pulled out and slammed back in.

Jake’s moaning was not really increasing in volume but were getting more frequent every time he bottomed out in his ass.

Fifteen minutes later

Noticing that he was getting close to the brink once again Jake started to change his thrusts from long and hard to short and hard. Getting even closer to the brink he reached down and wrapped his hand around his son’s cock.

Jake was feeling so much pleasure from his father’s hand that his moans were starting to get louder to.

A few minutes after his father started to jerk his cock he felt his balls pull up once again.

“I’M CUMMING… OH.” Jake said and moaned.

With the cum shooting out of his cock once again Jake felt his ass clench around his dick. With the feeling of his son’s ass muscles güvenilir casino tightening around his cock was to much for him to handle. He thrust his cock into his son two more times then held himself there as he shot his cum into his son once again.

Holding himself in there through the last few jets of his cum he looked down and saw his son was still in his afterglow. Pulling himself out of his son he grabbed the cup that still had the cum from before. He grabbed the cup and held it under his son’s ass as his cum slowly leaked out of it.

After catching all the cum that was going to come out of his son at this moment in time. He set the cup down on the tray and walked over towards his son’s head.

Jake noticing his dad was coming towards his head with his half-erect cock dangling before him he didn’t know what he was expecting to happen. Then his father stopped right next to his head once again.

“Come on Jake suck my cock clean.”

With Jack’s statement said he moved his body forward and placed his cock at the entrance to Jake’s mouth. Jake not seeing another option in the immediate future opened his mouth. Jack moved his cock into his son’s mouth and watched as his son sucked it clean.

Once it was clean, Jake turned his head and let his dad’s cock slip from his mouth.

Once his cock was clean Jake moved over to the corner of the room and grabbed his clothes and started to put them on once again. Once he was fully clothed he headed back to the swing and dropped the restraints that were still around Jake’s arms and legs. Jake finally able to get up stood up. Then proceeded to fall over in pain. His ass and hips were throbbing from getting fucked for the first time ever. Finally making it to one of the tables Jake held himself there and waited for feeling to return to his hips.

Looking around for his clothes, he noticed that he wasn’t able to find them anywhere.

“Looking for your clothes they are in that basket over there. But before you go and try to get dressed again you have to drink all the contents that are in that glass next to you.” Jack said.

Picking up the glass he didn’t bother to ask what it was he just picked it up and downed the contents in a second. The contents were not bad a little bitter but not bad.

“Good now you can go get dressed. Now your brother will be home soon since it is almost eight. By the time he is I want you showered so that nothing remains of what happened here tonight. Got it?” Jack asked.

Jake still unable to talk nodded his head yes.

“Good, now no one is to know what happened down here. But now that it has happened you can expect it to again. When I ask for you to do something you do it without any questions. You are mine now no one will be allowed to fuck you or get a BJ from you unless I say so. Understand?”

Jake nodded his head again. Slightly fearful of what was to come next.

“Good now put your clothes on and go shower. And be quick about it. Don’t want you brother getting suspicious.”

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