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Favorite Aunt – Ch. 9

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Chapter 9
There be Forest Nymph’s here!

The shower tub just fit the two of them as they washed each other. The lukewarm water refreshed their skin and state of mind. The day outside was in the nineties already and the humidity was over eighty percent. The cottage didn’t have central air conditioning but each room had a window unit in it and a wall unit in the living room similar to the ones found in hotels. Once the cottage was closed up, the A/C units did their job pretty good. The bathroom didn’t have one but the overhead vent was powerful and drew the moisture out and the cooler air from the rest of the house in.

As each washed the other, they enjoyed the caressing and touching but didn’t want to go any further. Both were tired and just wanted to enjoy the loving caresses of the other. Exiting the tub-shower, they dried the other off with gentle pats and allowed the moisture to just evaporate. The cooling effect was nice as Jean still looked a bit flushed from the experience while Ben sat on the toilet seat lid. Jean sat in his lap to dry her legs and feet then turned and gave him a warm slow loving kiss of immense affection. The gesture wasn’t lost on him. He enjoyed these kisses tremendously and thought they were his favorite kind.

After the kiss of kisses, Jean stood and hung her towel on the rod on the back of the door. Then she left the bathroom to him and went into the bedroom to put on a cover-up before heading to the kitchen to fix drinks. Ben finished drying his legs and feet but didn’t feel the energy to stand again. A couple of minutes later he decided he’d better or she’d come in thinking something was wrong. He did stand up but not without his right knee popping and exploding in a brief but intense pain. The pain shocked him awake fully and he realized his old injured “trick” knee was aggravated by kneeling on the hard floor in front of the couch. He tried to relax it and gently straightened it out to stretch the tightness in the muscles. Putting some weight on it, he tested it for stability then flexed it again. Satisfied it wouldn’t buckle, he put his weight on it. He turned slowly and hung his towel over the shower curtain rod to dry and headed to the kitchen.

After changing into his gym shorts, he went into the kitchen and noticed Jean wearing a blue Japanese floral silk kimono that reached only to mid-thigh. Coverings like this on her started his imagination engine again as the view was all too enticing. She moved about with fluid motion and grace. She was so comfortable around him it pleased him she didn’t show any reservations at all with him, even when not making love.

He sat down at the kitchen table and watched her move about. Her body was lithe, supple, soft and moved with a grace and elegance that only a sensuous woman could. She stopped before him to hand him his drink before he noticed she was standing in front of him. He realized he was staring at her legs. He openly took her visage in as he looked up to find her with a grin on her face.

“Like what you see?” she asked as he took the glass from her, their fingers touching briefly.

“I see what I like.” He replied. She giggled and sat down in the chair across from his. He frowned but thought the view was better since her kimono was now mostly open exposing her cleavage and much curvature. The frown disappeared as quick as it came. He watched her sip her tea as she looked at him over the rim of her cup. He took a drink of whatever was in his glass and looked at her doing the same.

“I can’t get enough of you mister.” She said dreamily. “I don’t think I will ever get enough. But I can’t help but think about how long this will last.” Her expression turning a bit sad.

“What do you mean?” Ben asked.

“I mean I can give you what you need Ben. I just can’t give you what you want.” She said staring into her teacup. He gave her a puzzled look. “Does that scare you any? I mean, does it put you off that I want you so much and can’t give you the kind of life you really want?” She sighed and looked off into space as she took another sip of her tea.

“I think what you’re saying is that I’m unable to get what I want out of our relationship? I don’t figure. What could I want more than you?” He said frowning.

“I’ll not look like this forever Ben. One day you’ll wake up and realize you’ve been screwing an old bag of door knobs. I’ll be an old woman all used up. I know you really want someone you can share the rest of your life with. To build a family and grow old together with. When I lose my vitality and looks, will you really be happy for the rest of your life?”

“Don’t try to scare me away lover. You’ll not be rid of me that easily.” He said. She looked at him with marked concentration and narrowed her eyes. She pursed her lips and set the tea cup down.

“Oh!” she said in mock concern in an imitation of Scarlet O’Hara. “Whatever do you mean sir? Will I be the fair maiden of your dreams or the harlot of your fantasies?” The effect was convincing with her natural southern accented speech. He responded in character.

“Nothing to worry about my dear. Not that long ago we loved a fierce love. A passionate love. But, a horrible demon of ill repute has returned to force his weakness upon me dear lady.” Ben said in his best imitation of a Southern Gentleman.

“Oh my! What can you do to banish this demon?!”

““Fear my love. I shall simply think of your love, your honor, and your body.” He said with a leering gaze and a wink. “With those weapons of mass erection I will have the strength to persevere and see the evil force stricken! I shall rise again!” Ben said pounding the table with his fist making his point more potent. The look on his face was completely serious as he glared into her eyes. Her eyes grew wider by the moment as he spoke. Then suddenly she realized what he’d meant and broke into a gale of laughter. He winked at her again and took another swallow of his iced tea.

There wasn’t much to be done but pick up the clothes in the living room and turn the A/C units on low for the night. They sat on the couch with his laptop and watched a romantic comedy before heading to bed. After climbing into bed they kissed each other goodnight. He spooned her with an arm over her as they fell asleep.
Morning dawned and Ben was the first to rise. A full bladder and a raging morning-glory had his shorts tented to its limit. Moving about would chafe it so he removed the shorts to keep that from happening. It was difficult to aim for the bowl with a stiffy and let flow but its energy began to deplete and became more managable after that. After taking care of business and did his morning ritual of brushing and shaving, he went to the kitchen and started breakfast.
A little while later, Jean came into the kitchen after her morning ritual wearing her kimono again. He noticed her moving a tad less fluidly than last night as she sat down at the table. He pouring coffee and took her the first cup right away. Then he retrieved a small glass of orange juice on the counter and set it in front of her. She thanked him but hadn’t looked up to see him yet while she sipped at her juice.

Ben scrambled some eggs and fried some sausage links while waiting for the toaster to finish with a bagel. When he turned from the stove to serve the eggs and sausage to her, he saw she was staring at his cock.

“Watched water never boils.” He said. She blinked and looked up.

“Huh?” was all she managed.

“Don’t worry. The subject will come up later.” He said.

Jean blushed hard and giggled. He couldn’t believe he’d gotten to her with all her prancing around like she had.

“Jeez! Is it hot in here?!” she exclaimed.

“Yes and you are.” Ben said. She smiled warmly and eyed the skillet.

“Well if I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re a man in love fixing breakfast and all for his woman.” She purred. He turned to scrape his portion of eggs and sausage onto his plate after serving her and smiled but said nothing. He knew he was in love with her. So was she with him. He put the skillet back on the stove top on a cold eye and shut off the gas then took the bagel from the toaster and put it on a small plate. He retrieved the cream cheese and a small bowl of strawberries from the refrigerator then retrieved a knife from the silverware drawer before returning to the table. Her lips formed into a ‘O’ as she clasped her fingers together in anticipation of the treat.

“I think I’ll keep you around.” She said, her eyes lighting up with delight as she spied the strawberries. She loved bagels and strawberries with cream cheese. “Strawberries, cream cheese and a bagel. Mmmmm. My favorite breakfast.” She said reaching for the knife. Ben just smiled and watched her enthusiasm as she attacked the slice of bagel slathering a good amount of cream cheese on it. She sliced a strawberry into thin discs and placed them around the bagel on top of the cream cheese. He watched as she licked her lips just before they parted to allow them to close around the thick bread slice. To him, her lips wrapped around the bagel in a sensuous embrace that seemed to melt the morsel at their touch. As she bit through the heavy bread, her upper lip was coated with the cream cheese stained with strawberry juice. Her lips closed and worked together as she chewed while her eyes closed savoring the treat like it was ambrosia. While he watched, the cream cheese spread across her lips. His mouth watered and he licked his. She eyed him and saw his reaction. She swallowed the morsel and her tongue snaked out to lick her lips clean of the creamy remnants. She picked a strawberry from the bowl and swirled it through the cream cheese scooping a large blob of it on the end. She gazed at him as she brought it to her mouth. Her lips again formed an ‘O’ and she pressed the sweet strawberry between her generous red moist lips with her fingertip. His mouth slackened and his lips parted at this most sensual act.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly as she bit down on the strawberry, the cream cheese spreading over her lips thickly. As she chewed, her eyes remained closed adding to the sensual almost sexual experience she looked to be having. His shaft began to stiffen at this most erotic scene. Her eyes opened and had a dreamy sexy expression in them as they gazed at him. She dropped her head and looked up from beneath her lashes in an unmistakable expression of lust as she stood and moved over to him without breaking her gaze from his. She knelt in front of him and reached to pull his shorts off. Ben lifted up as she slid them from his hips and down his legs. Kneeling forward, she took his cock in her mouth and stroked its length for several minutes. He watched as the cream cheese from her lips spread along his shaft then began to disappear into a cloudy mess she licked off. Her head bobbing up and down sent sensations up and down his body. When she was done, she stood and swung a leg over his lap then steadied herself. He kissed her belly and cleavage while straddling his lap before lowering herself slowly.

Jean reached back and took the bagel in hand for another bite. Satisfied, she put it down then lowered herself onto his lap. She pressed her clit against his cock and began a slow rocking of her pelvis to stroke it while reaching up to gently cradle his head with her hands. She pressed her lips to his and the mix of cream cheese and saliva spread to his lips in a wet kiss. Her tongue darted into his mouth and danced with his for a moment. The cream cheese pressed between their lips added to the eroticism of the moment. She held his bottom lip between her teeth then sucked it in past hers and let go. He returned the act of affectionate hunger in kind and used the opportunity to lick her bottom lip before sucking it in between his to get all the cream cheese off. She moaned as he made several strokes of his tongue over her lip to swipe away the creamy delight. Her lip was a bit fuller from the attention and brighter in color now. He pressed forward again, attaching her mouth to his and ran his tongue across hers. Catching her upper lip between his, Ben repeated the act and Alexandra moaned her pleasure. When he let her go, both her lips were puffy and red from the attention. She licked her lips slowly as she tilted her head back, closed her eyes and rubbed her clit against his hard cock again. As she leaned away from him arching her back, he leaned in and kissed her neck and throat moving downward. He reached and opened her kimono and saw her nipples were fully erect and hard as diamonds. The turgid peaks were thrust toward him demanding they be given attention. He was glad to oblige, eventually.

He kissed his way down her chest between her breasts as she moaned. Drawing his tongue lightly across the flesh of her breasts caused her to moan again. She felt as if his tongue was like fire on her flesh moving about, raising the heat in her core. He made circles around her areolas careful not to touch those beautiful nipples. She squirmed then groaned and finally whimpered as she tried to move her dime-size nipples into his mouth that ached to be touched. They were so distended Ben was tempted to measure how tall they stood out from her breasts. She shivered as he drew his tongue over the top of her left breast then down her cleavage and around the underside returning to the top. He continued the motion around her right breast and repeated this several times. She interlaced her fingers behind his neck and leaned back further pushing her breasts out for his attentions before letting her head fall back. Her open mouth issued forth moans, ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ and ‘mmmmmm’. The sounds of delight and pleasure and whimpers as she shivered when he came near a nipple increased in volume. She continued to rock her pelvis back and forth pressing her clit firmly against his cock. Soon she was moving faster as her need rose.

Ben brought his hands up and gently kneaded her breasts being careful not to touch her swollen sensitive nipples. She squirmed and whimpered to tell him of her frustration. He knew she was in dire need of the required attention. The ache had to have been too much. She rose up higher as she attempted to get her breasts in position for his mouth but came down instead on his cock which slipped inside without any warning or resistance. Her eyes shot open and she gasped as it penetrated deep on the first stroke. At that same moment, Ben pinched and held her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. She screamed out and shuddered, dropping the rest of the way down on his cock causing her to have a little orgasm. As she shuddered, her nipples were trapped between his fingers were being tugged and pulled on by her own motions creating an almost perpetual-like sustaining of her pleasure. She tried to pull away which caused them to be pulled and extended even more as he held his arms rigid, not giving. She gasped in another breath and held it as her orgasm built up to a greater release. She looked down to see him holding her nipples firmly and felt a rush of arousal at how far they were being pulled. She shook her head which shook her breasts but Ben had a firm hold on her nipples. The sensations that shot through her were electrifying as each tug and pull seemed to focus energy toward her core and fog her brain. Ben flexed his cock inside her and her breath came out in a rush. He scooted toward the edge of the chair causing her to moan as his cock moved inside her. Her pelvis began circular motions to increase the stimulation there.

Ben released her left nipple and she gasped as the blood rushed back into it giving her a throbbing pain/pleasure high before he wrapped his lips around the reddening nub. Sucking it into his mouth and taking as much of her breast with it felt delectable to her senses as her pelvis continued to rotate in small circles. He performed the same act with her right nipple and mouthed her breast as much as possible. He could feel a coolness at his crotch when she rose as the moisture of her pussy running freely with her juices over his balls was evaporating. At the same time the intense heat of her pussy radiated into his cock like an iron in the Blacksmith’s forge. The thought of a puddle forming on the floor beneath them titillated him as did the thought of her cleaning it up along with his balls. His cock seemed to jump at those thoughts and she responded with little jerky movements, moans and gasps.

Jean was in heaven. Her pussy was full, her breasts were sensitive with arousal and her man was giving her what she desired. This was the best morning sex she could remember ever having. She lifted her head forward and through sleepy eyes, gazed at Ben. She felt so complete in his presence and satiated with his touch. She rotated her pelvis and ground down on him harder. Her clit pressed harder against his pubic bone and drove his delicious cock deeper. She could feel it pressing firmly against her cervix now. She ground harder putting all her weight on him to get him deeper. ‘Just a little deeper.’ She thought as she raised her feet to her toes lifting her legs a bit more allowing her to sink onto him just a fraction more. The effort was rewarded with a settling down as his cock pressed into the snug opening and stretched her vaginal canal while her cervix trapped the head of his cock in its grip. She felt his cock press slowly into it as it wrapped around the head and felt as if her very being was penetrated. She felt a joy of accomplishment and the elation of conquering such a feat with him. She sat there and focused on the feeling inside her now and felt his cock flex inside. She closed her eyes again and envisioned how his cock looked trapped by her, inside her, by her choice. She clenched and the feeling of fullness was complete as she began very short movements rotating her pelvis while raising up and lowering herself on him.

She had penetrated her cervix herself with a long dildo on occasion when she realized it didn’t hurt hardly after her menopause. She liked the full feeling it gave and the sensations it offered now. True, her ex-husband would forcibly penetrate it at times causing her excruciating pain for several days afterwards and wondered if there was scar tissue there causing it to have been desensitized now. If he did it just prior to her period, she was incapacitated without a strong pain reliever. Being built small outside as well as inside gave her ex that much more power over her unwillingly. Now, she could choose to enjoy the fullness this deep penetration offered her. Ben wasn’t average in her mind considering her small frame. He was just right and large enough to penetrate her in this way and she loved the way he made love to her. He respected her body, even revered it if not cherished and worshipped it. She felt safe and comfortable with him and gave herself to him by her choice that her ex took from her. She would willingly give her body to him if he wanted it and she wanted him to take her anally. She smiled then opened her eyes again and looked into his.

“Like that lover?” she asked in a sultry tone. She smiled a sleepy seductive smile, lips parted.

Ben had been moaning with a pleasure he’d not experienced before. This slow type of deep lovemaking seemed to draw from every sense and nerve ending from his toes to his scalp.

“Where did you learn to do this?” he said, a little breathless. She clenched again and watched as his eyes close in an expression of pure sexual delight. He let his breath go and gulped in another breath. She was in control because she wanted to be. He enjoyed that she took the reins now and then and let her pleasure herself with him on her terms. Submitting to her this way felt incredible.

“My secret dear lover.” She whispered and moved forward to kiss him. Doing this caused her cervix to pull on his cock and she clenched again. His breath shuddered into her mouth as their lips met. When she pulled away, she let her lips linger just above his. “I want you to cum lover. Fill me with your love.” She whispered and began rotating her pelvis again while clenching. Ben struggled to keep control.

“Ungh.” Emanated from his lips. His head fell back, lips parted and his moans of pleasure spurred her to stronger, more urgent motions. His moans were sounding strained as he came closer to losing himself in her. She clenched and lifted as if his cock was in a vice and getting stretched. She saw his body tensing up. His neck muscles look strained as did his shoulders, arms, chest and stomach. The definitions of his muscles were very pronounced belying his capable strength if wanted to use it against her. She liked him after a workout looking ripped. Now she could make him strain to keep control of his male urges to prevent cumming. She worked harder to make him release. Her own tension was building rapidly as she caught up to him. She reached around behind her and felt his sopping wet balls and played with them. Then she dragged her middle finger over her anus back and forth. She massaged it in little circles before inserting it to the first finger joint. Her mouth opened and she let out a moan of pleasure as she pressed and retracted her finger. She pressed it in deeper and could feel his cock through the membrane as it penetrated her pussy. She began to rise up and down with more urgency while still keeping his cock trapped. She knew if she rose too far it would come free and end the special intimacy between them she offered him.

She withdrew her finger and ran her hand over his wet balls again then worked two fingers into her ass. She pumped them in and out as best she could reaching around behind her. Ever since that first night in the shower, she’d wanted more of this kind of stimulation. She couldn’t figure why Ben hadn’t done it since but had pleasured herself quite often there. Her orgasms were more intense when she masturbated while fingering her ass and right now she was coming up to the ledge fast. She felt Ben beginning to shake under the strain of trying to keep from cumming. She felt honor in that he always wanted her to enjoy her pleasure first.

“Cum for me lover. I want your hot love deep inside me. You can’t resist any longer my love. Cum for me.” She said softly, her own voice straining with an impending climax of her own. At those words, Ben jerked and convulsed, bouncing her up and pulling free from her cervix. Through gritted teeth he grunted and groaned as his iron grip on her hips held her back down in place. She felt his hot seed flow deep into her with surprising force. The heat from his love felt like a stoked furnace burning inside her. Between his shuddering movements and the hot love he pumped into her, it was too much. She screamed out her orgasm as her legs shuddered and feet lifted from the floor forcing her down on his cock further again. She clenched down in contractions around his shaft deep inside and around her fingers in her ass. She shuddered hard and began to fall back when she felt his hands catch her and hold her at that angle. The glimpses she had as her head rocked forward and back while her eyes opened and closed was erotic in the extreme. She saw snapshots of his strained facial expressions as he came. Then she saw her legs raised up and her feet dangling just about to his shoulders. Next she saw her feet shaking and jerking as she shuddered in her own orgasm. The images continued to prolong her climaxing as she once again focused on his cock flexing inside her as he pumped his love deep.

After a few moments, she came down from the high. Her legs aching from the strain began a slow descent until her feet touched the floor. She felt him still inside but not as deep now. They both were breathing heavily as she clung to him. She felt him nibble on her nipples which now felt like they were on fire. She jerked at the sensation but didn’t have the strength to push him away. He did it again to her other nipple before sucking hard on it. She gave little gasps as her own convulsions diminished.

Ben felt her relax but held her firmly on his lap keeping his cock inside her for as long as she wanted. She jerked when he flicked her nipples with his tongue before sucking hard on them. When he was done, she seemed to pass out. Holding her to him, he held her limp body against his in an affectionate embrace antalya escort bayan until she came to.

Jean stirred after a few minutes as she began to regain her senses. Awareness came back to her toes, then feet on up through her legs to the rest of her body feeling a raging heat in her belly. She moaned softly as her weak movements triggered an aftershock inside. When she came fully aware of her surroundings, she realized she was still impaled on Ben’s cock. She tried to clench. All that did was get a grunt. She opened her eyes and saw Ben’s head lolled back, mouth slackened. She smiled and reached up with her right arm that felt like lead and placed her hand behind him to raise his head up. She felt so weak that trying to pull his head up pulled her to him instead. She reached up with her other arm and with effort, pulled his head upright and kissed him with tremendous passion and love. They both moaned into each others mouth, catching the other’s breath of satiated bliss. When she released him, she lay her head on his shoulder and kissed his neck tenderly. He rolled his head to cuddle her and she buried her face into him.

“You are the most wonderful man I’ve ever known.” She said softly. He gave her a squeeze in his arms, pressing her to him. She inhaled a deep breath and let it out with an audible sigh.

“I need to be careful when I give you strawberries and cream cheese for breakfast. He said softly as he stroked her back with his fingertips.

“I think I’ll have them every morning.” She said with a sigh of her own. Ben smiled and gave a little grunt. The vibration of it passed into her as she pressed against him. They sat there for a while longer savoring the intimacy of the moment.

“You have a knack of banishing demons of weakness.” He said softly. Jean giggled a little.

“You did rise again.” she said then sat upright slowly. Ben grinned and gave her a kiss. She put her hands to and cradled his head returning his kiss. As she moved she realized his cock was still inside her. “I seem to still have a captive.” Ben raised his eye brows in mock surprise.

“I am completely at your mercy.” He said huskily. She looked at him thoughtfully.

“Are you now?” she said. “I think the only thing you’ll be allowed to conquer are little forest nymphs from now on.” She teased, referring to their fun in her back yard at the big house. He gave her a smirk.

“I don’t think I’d change that even if I could.” He said tweaking her nose with his fingertip. She giggled.

“That’s the plan.” She said happily. Her look turned sly. “Since you’re at my mercy by your own admission, I want you to bath me.”

“Your wish is my command my queen.” He said in a deep tone.

“Good. But I have unfinished business with you.” She said in a regal manner. He watched as she slowly rose from his lap. They both looked down and saw the mess they’d made. His love drooled from her pussy as she hovered over his now flaccid cock. She pushed as much out as she could then swinging a leg around, she backed up and knelt between his legs and began cleaning his cock and balls. When she was done, she scooted back on her hands and knees and bent over to lick her cum off the floor. As she did this, his cock responded and became erect again. Without a word, she stood up, bent over at the waist and took the opportunity to clean it off by going down on him deeper and deeper until her nose touched his pubic bone. He loved how she could deep throat him completely and she loved deep-throating him. The only way she could was to align her head like a sword swallower would. It was easier if she was kneeling and he stood over her facing the same direction as she but she’d also learned to do it standing up but bent over nearly facing straight down. She learned while he sat on the sofa at her house and thought she could do it while he was in a kitchen table chair. She had to stand on her tip toes to get the height about right to perform an inverse sword swallow. He knew it still was easier if he were lying down while she faced his feet but let her experiment to find her own ways of pleasing him.

After several strokes and holding it deep in her throat for a minute, she released him and knelt again to suck each of his balls clean of her saliva while sucking in breaths. She tried as often as she could to eat his cum and this was yet another opportunity to get some. She would one day ask him to cum on her bagel just to be slutty for him. Satisfied he was cleaned up, she stood and took him by the hand and led them to the bathroom for a second time this morning.

Ben emerged from the bathroom cold but calm and dry. Ironically, the hot water ran out just as he finished bathing Jean. Since they had already taken a shower earlier, the old water heater hadn’t had enough time to recover. He went into the bedroom and donned his night shorts before going in the kitchen. As he rounded the corner to the kitchen, he saw she was already dressed and going through her big pack pulling a few things out and putting them on the kitchen table. He asked what she was doing. She turned and kissed him then went back to searching for something in her pack.

“Ah! Here it is!” she exclaimed and held up a compass to him. He took it and opened the lid. The disk rotated around and pointed north which was in the direction generally across the creek and to the right a little. He noted the front of the cottage faced northwest. Closing the lid he handed it back to her.

“Nice compass. That’s no cheap one for sure.” He remarked.

“Yep. The best. Here.” She said handing him a belt. It had a wide padded band with loops and the actual belt ran through them. The band protected clothing from the clips or metal belt loops that were located around its circumference. He noted it already had an eight inch holstered knife, a Swiss Army knife and a pen or pencil pocket attached along with a small flashlight.

“Holy Army Men Batgirl! A real utility belt!” Ben exclaimed. She laughed and nodded.

“It might not have all the cool toys Boy Wonder and Batman has but it’ll do on the trail.” She said. Ben put it around his waist to try it on for size. He picked up the canteen and hooked its clip over the outer belt to the middle in the back.

“It’s comfortable. Be easy to walk around with this strapped on you all day I bet.” He commented. Jean nodded.

“Here’s the day pack.” She said as she handed it to him after completing the packing. “Since we’re only going for a walk around the woods near the cottage we don’t need a big pack. I’ll save the longer trip for another time and take you to a great little secret swimming hole.” She said and winked at him. “The pack has some rope, two glow sticks, jerky, first aid kit, three towels, bug repellent and some other stuff. Can’t be prepared for everything but it should get by with a lot just in case.”

He took it and hefted it in his hands and smirked. It looked like any day pack most any school kid would carry their books in only a tad larger. The straps were padded which made a big difference.

“Just a walk around the cottage eh? Feels more like we’re heading out on an expedition.” He said. She looked at him.

“It’s a scout thing.” Jean said. He nodded in agreement.

“Be prepared.” He said grabbing it taking it with him to the bedroom. When he came back out, he had on a yellow ‘T’ shirt and socks. Placing the pack by the door he turned and went into the bathroom to down a couple of pain relievers. His knee was really hurting today and needed some relief. Once done, Ben lay down on the sofa and propped his left leg up on a couple of throw pillows to support his knee joint and put his left arm over his eyes.

Jean came into the living room to see what was the matter. “Ben?”


“Are you feeling alright?”

“My knee is giving me a bad time today. I’ll be fine in a little while.”

Jean came over and knelt beside him and began to gently probe his knee area. He winced when she probed a spot on the outside of the joint and saw it was swollen a bit with a knot. She worked the knot a bit and Ben grimaced. When she put pressure on it and held it, it began to unwind and loosen. To his amazement, the pain had subsided a little and he breathed a sigh. Jean gently massaged his left leg from his toes to his hip careful to avoid his groin to her own disappointment. When she heard his breathing grow slow and steady, she stopped and quietly rose up to head for the bedroom.

While there, she stripped down and closed the door before going to her dresser and retrieving a shoebox from the lower drawer. She lay it on the bed and pulled the lid off revealing a few adult toys, condoms and something called a C-String. She pulled this one out first and placing it over her vulva, went to the full-length mirror on the closet door and admired how erotic it looked. It was shaped like the letter ‘C’, hence the name and covered, albeit just barely, her mound and tiny triangle shaped thatch. The rest of the ‘C’ shape rounded up and between her butt cheeks with a little triangle shape at the end. The C-string was canary yellow with a sheer panel of yellow lace. If you were up close, you could see her labia through it. This titillated her senses and her nipples began the familiar ache of arousal prior to erecting. She then pulled two breast appliques known as “pasties”. These were supposed to stick on over a woman’s nipples providing just enough coverage to keep the areolas from showing. Many women with large or distended nipples really couldn’t wear them without a special adhesive. She was no exception. Her nipples stood out nearly three quarter’s of an inch thanks to her Ex. But she didn’t resent them. Especially since Ben loved them this way. She hadn’t told him about how they got so large. She liked the fact that men liked her large nipples. It gave her a sense of power to feed their curiosity and fantasies. With Ben in her life, she wasn’t so inclined to flaunt them for anyone else. She loved how Ben made love to her breasts as much as he made love to her pussy. She smiled as he popped into her mind’s eye and recalled the many times he would just give her breasts all of his attention for a great deal longer than any man had. She sat down on the edge of the bed slowly squeezing them letting her fingers glide over them and graze her nipples with feather light touches.

She liked the C-string as it produced no panty lines at all. Even the tiniest string panties left some kind of line pattern. Bending over allowed the tip of the tail piece to stick out some and had gotten a few stares on occasion. She pretended not to notice and kept doing what she was doing and the attention gave way to indifference. She had tried to wear jeans or slacks but this proved much too abrasive and decided it would be a skirt, dress or nothing over it. The pasties were to fulfill a little fantasy she’d dreamed up when she had seduced Ben in the back yard of her place but as yet, hadn’t tried, until now, to work up the courage to actually go through with it. At the time she was too afraid he’d freak out or say ‘no’ to her prancing around in the sweet little nothing she was almost wearing now.

Jean picked up one of the pasties and turned it so she could see which breast it was to fit to. She placed it on her left breast aligning the hole she’d cut out for her nipple to protrude through. She pressed the elongated shape of the pastie to her breast running her fingers around it to make it stick to the side of her breast. She did the same for the right side and looked in the mirror. The look was erotic to say the least but also beautiful to her eye. The pasties shapes were, together, similar to a strapless bra except that there wasn’t any band between her breasts connecting them or around her back. They looked sleek in a way as the tails wrapped around the sides and pointed back as if connecting in back. Raising her arms revealed the treat view. They simply looked like an elongated yellow/green tear drop on its side that narrowed around the side just before it reached under her arms. The simplicity of the shape and the faded glitter effect as the color transitioned from yellow around the nipple to a yellow/green color near the edges with a narrow dark green border outlining the whole shape that faded into the lighter yellow/green tip around the sides. The yellow/green color encompassed most of the tail of the shape around the side. This enhanced the focus on her nipples where her red colored nipples made the pasties look like eyes. The C-string was done in the same color scheme as well. All three pieces had underneath their glossy sealed surface, a touch of glitter for effect, the look was complete. As she turned the glitter caught the light coming through the window and sparkled. Her Forest Nymph Fantasy outfit was almost complete.

A beep from her handy talkie radio shocked her out of her reverie. A voice over the speaker called to her.

“Mizz Jean! Are you there?” sounded from the radio in a tinny imitation of a woman’s voice with a distinctly Spanish accent.

“Damn.” Jean muttered. She turned and picked up the radio from the dresser top. “I’m here Petra.” She said speaking into the radio then releasing the transmit button and turning the volume down a couple of notches. She didn’t want to wake Ben even though the door was closed. The radio blipped its “Roger Beep” tone to signify she was done transmitting.

“I tried to reach you earlier Mizz Jean. Is everything okay?” Petra asked.

“I’m fine. I forgot to turn on the radio when I got up this morning is all.” Jean said.

“Ah. Very good then. I wanted to tell you that a package arrived for you about an hour ago.” Petra said. ‘Blip’

“Oh! It’s here already? Great!” Jean said now seemingly energetic. “I’ll be up to get it in a little while.” ‘blip’

“I put it on the kitchen table. I also made a beef casserole for your supper. It’s done and I shut off the oven but left it inside to keep it warmed.” ‘blip’

“Mmmmmm. That sounds really good Petra. Thank you. Anything else going on up there?” ‘blip’

“No ma’am. All the rooms are done but the guest room across the hall upstairs from yours. I did not know if you wanted me to tidy it up just yet.” ‘blip’.

“You can leave it for now. We’ll be back Sunday afternoon.” ‘blip’

“Okay mizz Jean. Have a good evening. I will see you next week. Goodbye.” ‘blip’

“Thanks again Petra. Have a good rest of the weekend!” ‘blip’

Jean put the radio back in on the dresser and undressed from her fantasy outfit, putting them back in the shoebox. After putting the shoebox in the drawer again, she got dressed and wrote a quick note, sticking it to his shirt. Jean headed for the Puma quietly closing the front door behind her. Once in the old racer, she took off at a slow speed to keep quiet until she was across the field from the cottage. She charged up the off-road trail on the most direct route to the house to retrieve her package and supper.

Once she got to the house and picked up her stuff, she went to the wine cabinet to get a couple bottles of red wine. To her disappointment, she had none and didn’t want white wine tonight. Sighing heavily, she got back into the old racer and headed to the store for more. While out, she had picked up a few more things to bring back to the cottage. After that, she got back to the house to pick up the casserole and finally headed for the cottage.
Ben was alone at the cottage. He heard the sound of distant thunder and went to the front door to see how bad it might get. As he scanned the cloudless sky, he looked around and noticed a woman in the middle of creek. He peered toward her and realized he couldn’t make her out as if she was out of focus.. At first he kept trying to blink his eyes and force them to focus but gave up and stepped out on the front porch figuring he was still a tad sleepy. Rubbing his eyes, he looked out toward her again. The woman was reaching her left hand, palm down out to him, not for him. She seemed like she was stuck in the middle of the creek and couldn’t move as if the creek had frozen stiff trapping her. Her left hand was in clear focus now the entire time he watched her from the porch. He decided she was in trouble and stepped off the porch instantly arriving on the creek bank. Another sound of thunder rolled across the sky and..he paused. No, not in the sky but felt as if it went through him. He stepped off the bank into the creek and as he neared, he could make out more details. She had dark red hair and lightly tanned skin and about the same height as Jean. She seemed a little bit of a larger version of Jean. She had a narrow waist that flared into hips about 12″ larger. Just then, he heard someone call out to him from a distance. He turned his head this way and that trying to find the source. Looking behind him, he saw Jean waving her arms frantically. He called back to her to repeat what she said. She called out again, her arms moving about in a frantic wave toward the woman. He couldn’t hear what she said but her actions told him plenty. A dull sound of thunder rolled across the landscape. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen as he looked up.

Turning back to the woman, he saw she was holding something with her other hand but he wasn’t able to focus on what it was. He felt drawn to her. Her body language seemed to say she was in urgent need of help and he pushed himself as hard as he could to get to her with excruciating slowness. The water splashed in slow motion and it felt like he was walking through molasses in winter. His feet and legs felt like lead as he tried to make his way to help her all the while aware his knee could give out should he push too hard. He heard Jean’s frantic calling but still couldn’t hear what she was saying. The splashing of the water made dull sounds as it became more difficult to get to the woman in trouble. He put all of his strength into moving to get to her and at a certain point felt himself become trapped. With every ounce of strength he could conjure, he reached and stretched as far as he could toward her outstretched hand at the same time as she was reaching for him. He could see now that she was standing on one foot and surmised she was holding it with her other hand as if injured. She looked awkward holding her right foot with her right hand and she looked ready to fall over at any moment. His resolve gave him the means to reach another fraction of an inch closer. He thought that if he could just touch her, he could help her. As their fingers got closer, another sound of rolling thunder vibrated through him.

“Almost there.” He called to the woman. “Just reach a little more and you’ll be safe.” He said. His voice sounded muffled for some reason. Her body came into better focus and he saw she was wearing shorts and a bright green top. Something glinted in the water below that caught his eye. Ignoring it he continued to struggle reaching her. The glint flashed so brightly now he squinted and pulled his outstretched hand back to cover his eyes. Cautiously, he looked down and saw a ring shimmering brilliantly beneath the surface. Changing his focus, he figured the woman dropped it and injured herself looking for it. He bent down to pick it up with as little effort as breathing. Reaching into the water felt…normal. He was curious as to why as he couldn’t take another step. The ring was gold with a large diamond. It was a wedding ring. Glad he found it for her he looked up and held the ring out to her,

“Is this yours?” he asked. His voice was clear now and a low rumbling seemed to roll in a continuous sound. He saw her head nodding and held the ring out to her. She reached for it. As she did, her third finger slipped through it. At that exact moment her face was in perfect clarity for a fraction of a second before his vision went to a blinding white as a loud crack of thunder reverberated through him.

Ben woke suddenly and sat up breathing heavily and heart pounding in his chest. He’d felt as though struck by lightning and staring at the ceiling, checked himself to make sure he wasn’t on fire somewhere. His knee had a dull ache but that wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was how quiet everything seemed to be now. His body felt like it was vibrating with the thunderous sound in his dream. He thought he had heard thunder and figured that was what had woken him. Checking the sky outside through the windows from the sofa, he didn’t see any clouds and figured it was all in his dream. It was so real and so surreal at the same time. He lay back and took a few deep breaths to slow his heart rate and relax while fragments of his dream flashed through his mind. ‘Who was the woman and why was she in the middle of the creek?’ he wondered. Ben knew he saw her face for a fraction of a second but couldn’t recall it. In fact, he couldn’t recall what she looked like either. It was like the flash and the sound scared him senseless and his memory refused to let go. Giving up on the dream, he did get up this time and went to the kitchen for a hard lemonade. He looked down at something that caught his peripheral vision and saw a sticky note stuck to his shirt. He pulled it off and read it.

‘I have to go up to the house and pick up supper and some wine. B.B.S. (Be Back Soon) Love, J.’

Ben put the note on the fridge and opened the bottle. He downed the bottle quickly and pulled another out. Finishing the second and starting on a third, he decided to lay back down. The dream roused him. Dreams rarely ever did. He kept wondering who the woman was and what she looked like.

Ben awoke suddenly when he heard kitchen door shut. Laying there, he heard Jean moving about in the kitchen shuffling stuff. When it was quiet he opened his eyes and saw Jean’s green eyes looking down on him.

“Hi.” He said.

“Hi.” She said. “How are you feeling?”


“I see you’ve been up and got my note.” She said looking at his expression.

“Yeah. I got up and nabbed a drink then came back in here. Next I thing I know, you’re here.” Ben said squinting his eyes. Her expression seemed to falter and a look of concern crossed her features.

“Bad dream?” she asked. He nodded but didn’t say anything more.

Ben sat upright and reached for his drink only to find it empty. Jean put a hand on his right knee and took the empty bottle from him. She smiled at him then stood up and went into the kitchen

“You really shouldn’t have alcohol with those pain meds Ben.” She said from in the kitchen. He could hear her shuffling stuff again then liquid pouring into a glass. Ben rolled his eyes wondering if she would be going into her ‘Auntie’ role. She came around the breakfast bar into the living room and handed him a drink. He took it looking up questioning what it was with a look.

“Iced tea with lemon.” She said simply. He smiled his thanks and took a sip. His eyes lit up as a pleasant surprised crossed his face.

“That’s really good!” he said. Jean smiled a little sadly as she seemed to be looking somewhere else in her memories. He saw the look and put his hand into hers. She focused on him smiling.

“Grandma’s special iced tea.” Jean said. Ben smiled at that.

“A great cook she was and I’m glad she passed some of it down to you. What better way to celebrate her memory than to use the knowledge she gave?” Ben said. Jean sat down on his lap gently trying to avoid putting any pressure on his left knee. Once settled, she put her arms around his neck and hugged him close for a while.

“So tell me about your bad dream.” Jean said.

“Can’t. I can’t remember much other than it took place out front in the creek.” He said.

“That’s it?” Jean asked. Ben nodded and took another swallow of his tea.

“Everything else is really fuzzy. Seems like the more I think about it the more fuzzy it gets.” He said. Jean nodded and got up then went to the kitchen again.

“I have lunch in the oven warming. Hungry?” she called from the kitchen. Ben got up and went to her. She was pulling out something from the oven and placed it atop the stove. “Go sit and I’ll bring it to you.” She said.

“Yes, my Queen.” He said in a gentle voice and bowed. She gave him a smirk as he stood up and went to the kitchen table. escort bayan After cleaning up from lunch Ben went into the bedroom. Jean was finishing up in the kitchen when he came back into the living room and put on his trail boots. After tying them, he stood up with his pack hanging from a strap over one shoulder. He reached for his shotgun on the rack and checked the weapon. When he looked up, he saw Jean standing at the threshold to the kitchen with a funny look on her face.

“What?” he asked.

Without a word she pointed at him as if he’d forgotten something. He looked down then back up at her.

“Trust me. This is the only proper outfit for a nature walk.” He said grinning then turned and headed out the door, butt naked. If he could have seen her, the look on her face would have been priceless. The screen door banged closed behind him as he stepped off the porch and into the Noon sunlight.

The sound of the screen door brought her to her senses and she realized he wasn’t there. She ran to the door to call out. He was walking toward the trees. Knowing where he was headed she went to the bedroom and grabbed his swim trunks from his duffle bag then retrieved her navy blue one-piece from hers and returned to the kitchen. She stuffed the garments into her small pack and quickly removed her kimono. She pulled out the box and put on the pasties and C-string and clipped the nipple clamps with the jeweled dangles to her nipples. She retrieved one more clip and pushed the C-string down to clip it to the hood of her clit. The dangle was a single gold link with a Cubic Zirconia gem at the end of it. Changing her mind, she removed the C-string and put it back in the box. She picked up a pair of panties made of gold chain instead and slipped them on. Checking herself in the mirror quickly she was satisfied nothing would fall off and quickly made for the living room to slip on her socks and walking shoes.

She thought how exciting this was going to be as she took a quick look around for anyone. Heart racing, she felt a familiar tingle down below. She put her belt on and cinched it then quickly hung the items from it hooking the canteen directly behind her. That completed, she retrieved her shotgun from the rack and paused at the screen door for a moment. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slow, she pushed the screen door open and stepped outside in her birthday suit and made a bee line to Ben.

Ben heard quick footfalls behind him so he stopped and looked around. He turned waiting for Jean to catch up. The sight that greeted him was magnificent. Her breasts bounced and sparkled in the sun light. He squinted and saw she was wearing something other than nipple charms. He glanced down and watched the muscles in her legs flex and relax giving him a semi hard-on as their definition changed. He always loved watching a woman’s muscular movements. Looking up further he saw she was wearing panties that sparkled too just before she plunged into the shade of the trees. When she caught up to him she wasn’t winded except for the fact that she was flushed. He could see a blood vessel at the hollow of her throat pulsing rapidly. She was in good shape and thought her racing pulse was from excitement rather than exertion.

“Wow!” she breathed. “I haven’t done this in long while!” she exclaimed.

“You look great doing it.” He said. She nodded. “When did you do this before?” he asked.

“When I was a lot younger. There’s a swimming hole on the other side of the property where the creek runs through. There’s a little cabin there too we used to play in. I don’t know what kind of shape it’s in now but the hole is still there. I haven’t been to the place in many years. That’s the secret place I want to take you sometime.” She said. She looked around spread her arms out wide throwing her head back.

“I feel wonderful and free! Gawd I can’t believe I’m out here naked as a Jay and loving it!” she exclaimed. “I feel exhilarated! How about you?”

“Like you, wild and free.” He said grinning and tilting his head gesturing to their direction. She nodded excitedly and they started walking. She took his hand in hers as they went into the woods together.

After just looking around at the woods and following the utility poles for a ways and the novelty of nude outdoor hiking seemed to wear off, she turned to him.

“Yes?” he said.

“Ah. Um.” She started but found it hard to look at his face with his cock swaying like it was as he walked. She heard him chuckle. She started again after clearing her throat. “What do you hope to discover with the poles and power line?” She forced herself to look at his face.

“I’m not sure. I guess it’s more of a curiosity than anything.” He said. They walked a little further. “I was thinking about an alternative route to bring in electricity to the new cottage. Isn’t the road in this direction?” he asked.

“Yes it is. About a half mile from the cottage I think.” She said and stepped over an old pine tree that had fallen partway across the utility road.

“I wonder if the power company would tie into that line instead. It would solve the problem with your neighbor.” He said and turned to see her expression. She grimaced.

“I don’t know. I haven’t gotten any letters in a couple of years but the name on the mailbox hasn’t changed.” She thought for a moment. “Petrovicha is their name. I’ve never met them actually. They were already here by the time I started building my house. I originally intended to live in the cottage but because of where they built theirs, I didn’t want to live in view of them all the time.” She said her expression saddened a little.

“I remember you saying as much. If you were to build another cottage here, I know where to build it so it wouldn’t be in view of their place nor it from theirs. We’ll need to get in touch with a few people but I’m sure we can make it happen.” He said. Jean nodded silently.

“This looks more than just a utility road.” Ben said pointing out ahead of them.

“This was the old driveway to get to the cottage from the road. The old bridge was replaced but the driveway entrance was never put back in. The power company uses the road to service the line but it’s rare.” She said. Ben noted the overgrown state of the road.

“Does that explain the fallen tree back there?” Ben asked pointing a thumb over his shoulder. Jean nodded.

Before too long the power line changed direction off to the right and they followed it to the next pole. A path through the trees could be seen as it led straight to the creek. When they reached the creek, he followed it as far as he could see into the woods before it disappeared up and over a hill.

Ben stood there looking at the creek without really seeing it while deep in thought for several moments and shook his head finally. Jean looked back at him from where she’d wandered down the creek a few yards.

“Did you find something?” Jean asked looking up at him.

He nodded then studied the creek bottom through the running water. The creek was wide here and shallow. It looked to be only a few inches deep. Figuring this maintenance road had to cross the creek, it made sense it would be a bit more shallow here for the utility trucks to get across. He turned around to head back to the old driveway. Jean came up beside him.

“I think the power line leads back to the road that way.” Ben turned and pointed back across the creek. “What bothers me is that goes West or thereabouts. Didn’t you say they built the sub-station to the north?”

“Yes. At least that’s what they told me. I’m sure of it.” She said.

“But North is that way.” he said as he pointed to the right of the power line’s direction. “If I had a map, I could find out where we are and see the satellite photos and follow it.”

Jean opened an outer pocket on her small pack and handed him her cell phone. While she did, he stole a look at her almost-there outfit. His cock twitched.

“How about this?” she said handing it to him. “I have a map app on it I use a lot that I can save the coordinates for recall later.”

“Bless you. I left mine up at the house.” He said as he worked the device and opened the map application. In seconds their position was pinpointed and he zoomed in to five hundred feet to get started with. As they walked, he switched the view to satellite and found the break in the trees where the power line they were under headed almost west from their position. Scrolling the map, he saw the substation about two miles up the road. Truth to tell, it was north of the property. He just hadn’t taken into account the road rounded to the north past the bridge. He looked at the bridge again and noticed a much larger right-of-way cleared on one side of the road than the other. He pointed it out to her.

“That’s where the old bridge was replaced. They built the new one right next to the old one. I had heard there was an error in the survey and they built the bridge on the wrong side of the old one. Instead of losing road frontage, I gained more after the old bridge was taken out.” She explained. Ben scrolled the view toward where her house should be and found the cottage. As they walked, he zoomed out a step and saw the dirt clearing. Looking closer he handed her the phone back.

“There’s your house.” He pointed. She nodded and took the phone.

“That was about a month or two after they cleared the trees and started grading. They were digging out the basement then.” She said.

They realized they neared the road when, through the trees, they heard a car pass by. As they got closer the trees were not as big around and thinned out a bit. Jean slowed and held back about two hundred feet from the road. Ben stopped and turned and cocked his head in question.

“If someone were to see two naked people by the road, that somebody will call the police.” She warned and opened her little pack to retrieve his swim trunks. She tossed them to him. He nodded thanks and carefully slipped them over his boots and pulled them on.

“You coming?” he asked. She shook her head. The fact she wanted to stay naked while he was dressed made his cock twitch and semi-harden again.

Once decent, he turned and headed for the road. She paralleled him through the trees once he reached the road. She didn’t feel like dressing and she felt comfortable the way she was. She felt the tingling in her core again as she thought about her exposed and vulnerable body. She was acting out a desire in her mind and following through with it. The thought of being his little forest nymph triggered her wetness. As it coated her pussy, it also clung to her gold chain panties then coated the insides of her thighs. As she walked the slippery sensation made her more aware of her exposed body as the moistness cooled when a breeze kicked up. The excitement of the possibility of getting caught was beginning to grow as she unconsciously moved a few yards closer to the road toward him as she followed his movements.

He turned right and walked toward the bridge. She followed his direction in the woods and came to the creek. He crossed to the other side, looked over then came back. He headed back in the direction he came from and Jean followed, again staying hidden in the trees but was now near one hundred fifty feet from the road. She adjusted her shotgun back over her shoulder after stumbling over a hidden rock and nearly losing her balance. The spell in her mind broke but not forgotten. She hadn’t noticed she was closer to the road. Ben continued to walk for several minutes toward the unseen driveway entrance of her house and would be in about a mile or so.

She stopped, suddenly aware now that she was nearer the road when a car passed by. She froze behind a tree trying to put it between her and the view from the road. She didn’t want to lose sight of Ben but she didn’t want to be seen. She considered changing into her one-piece suit when she heard a roar of a big truck. It sounded like it was hauling something heavy to make that much noise and tried to call out to Ben.

“Ben.” she called out. He didn’t respond. “Ben!” she called louder. He looked around and she knew he heard. “Over here!” she called out still louder but afraid to wave or move lest she get attention from the wrong persons. He looked in her direction but didn”t start moving until a slow truck with an oversized load resembling a huge box came into view. It was followed by several cars behind as the truck moved along at an excruciatingly slow pace as it was about the climb the hill when it crossed the bridge. At that moment he started walking straight at her. Her eyes went wide when she realized they could see him and if he reached her, they would be able to see her. She was mortified and excited at the same time. She squeezed her eyes shut and stood there as her breathing and heart rate elevated. She could hear the blood rushing through her head as she felt flush. Her pussy was soaking wet as the excess ran down between her thighs. She didn’t look around the tree again until the truck and cars had passed by.

Ben realized if he went up to her, anyone on the road watching him would also see her. When he saw her looking around the tree at him, he headed straight for her. The look on her face was of utter shock and fear. She pulled her head back from view. He laughed to himself. ‘So.’ He thought, ‘she wants to play forest nymph.’ He stopped about fifty feet from her tree and walked parallel to the road until he was standing between it and her hiding place. He was pretty sure nobody would see her but he hoped she didn’t know that. The thought of having her trapped out in the open like that stirred him. He waved to make a show of friendliness and only one person in a car saw and waved back.

When the traffic passed and was mostly quiet again he started toward her hiding place. He stopped at the opposite side of the tree she was trying to hide behind when he saw part of her breasts with a jeweled dangle protruding from one side and a round cheek of her ass covered with gold chain on the other. He heard her breathing was quick and her breasts jiggled slightly causing the dangles to shake and sparkle as she trembled and shook from fear of getting caught. He reached around the tree slowly with both hands and gently laid them on a breast and an ass cheek at the same time.

She screamed out loud startling him and took off running deeper into the woods away from the road. He watched for a few seconds as she ran off into the woods. The chase to capture his little forest nymph was on!

She ran swiftly through the thinned trees here and figured she had a pretty good head start on him. After all, she did run every day and she was getting hers in now thankful for the regimen. She looked back and saw him running after and was spurred on instantly. The surprise changed to an excitement that was building and her thighs were wet and slippery with her juices. Ben jogged behind to watch her body in motion. The muscles in her legs flexed and her ass tightened and wiggled with the motions. He had a raging hard on now as he pursued her. He knew he wouldn’t tire her out at this pace since she was in shape and ran every day but oh he did enjoy the view.

Ben realized she was heading for the cottage and wanted to end this before she made it. At the thought of keeping her outside and unclothed he sped up and overtook her. The trees were a little thicker now and she dodged around one tree then another. He caught up to her and anticipating her moves, dodged left when she did and caught her. Grabbing her left wrist he spun her around and held her to him. She threw her head back and laughed. He wished he could keep that laugh going for the rest of his life. It was musical and enchanting. He lifted her little pack over her head and off her shoulder then slipped her shotgun off and set it down leaning it against a tree to his left. Turning back to her he unbuckled her equipment belt and laid it on the ground then knelt and untied her shoes. Once barefoot, she wouldn’t run far if she tried. Pine cones were everywhere and stepping on one of those would hurt and quite possibly injure.

She dropped her head back again and took a deep breath and laughed in a deeper tone. Her breasts pushed out and the sight of her near nakedness was erotic in the extreme. He couldn’t resist any longer. He leaned down and kissed her exposed neck placing his hands on her hips. Dragging his lips up the side he caught her left ear lobe between them. Her laughter faded into a gentle moaning whimper as he nibbled her lobe. She felt his stiff cock underneath his swim trunks press against her abdomen thankful she was so short. Had her pussy been even with his cock, she would have lost control and ripped off his trunks and fuck herself silly on it. She felt herself bewitched by his attentions and her pussy twinged at the thought they would make love in the woods.

He turned to her looking into those enchanting green eyes. “I have searched far and wide for your kind.” He said with a twinkle in his eye. She saw the look and tried to pull away in mock fear at being caught.

“And as a nymph of the forest, any man that catches one becomes their master. Now that I’ve captured you, I claim you as mine.” He said, a wicked smile forming. She recognized that look, her lips parted slightly and almost came. Her pussy gushed anew and knew he could smell the fresh musky scent as she saw his nostrils flare. Her legs wouldn’t hold her any longer and she gave in, sinking to her knees to the forest floor. Kneeling in front of him, she bowed her head and whispered, “Master.”

After a moment of thought, she straightened a little and looked up at Ben.

“You have captured me. I am your forest nymph. I submit to you Master.” She said breathily. She had accepted her role in the game without question, without remorse and without shame. She liked these games they played immensely and easily recognized when he started one. They had made love in the trees of her back yard but not out here. Not like this. She reveled in his taking control of her this way. He did say he made her his that first night in the shower and he proved it each time they made love. She was so turned on at this new version of the game she was ready to cum. She moved her hand to her pussy to get some relief when she heard his voice.

“No.” he said firmly in an unmistakable order. “You are not allowed to touch yourself unless I say. Do you understand Nymph?” She nodded. “I didn’t hear you.”

“I understand.” She said quietly, trying to invoke him to do something, anything that would give her some relief. Considering this role play was playing out in more detail than previous games, she had to be patient. She wanted him to do something, even slap her to get her mind off her need. He had been rough with her before and liked it but this was an altogether new experience at a depth she wasn’t sure of. The slight trepidation she had in this unfamiliar context made her pussy weep more in anticipation. The pine needles under her began to emanate an odor of wet pussy mixed with wet dusty, dirty needles in an earthy like smell that reminded her all too well that she was naked and in the real outdoors of the forest. The thoughts made her gush more. ‘Oh God!’ she thought. ‘I’ll die if I don’t get some relief soon!’ she shouted at him in her mind. Just then, an idea formed.

“You understand what?” he said again in his firm tone. She realized she must not have heard him the first time and was quick to answer.

“I understand Master.” She said a little louder.

“That’s better. I have always wanted a little forest nymph of my own and finally I have you. You seem to learn quickly enough. I’ve often wondered how long nymph’s lived. How long do forest nymph’s live?” he asked in his naturally deep baritone voice. “Speak up now. I haven’t all day.” He urged impatiently.

“We live a long time Master.” She said raising her head to look up at him. Their eyes met and he winked at her with his wickedly sexy smile. Encouraged, she rapidly congealed the idea into a storyline.

“So I would guess that’s longer than me would you say?” he said.

“Yes.” She said trying to look a tad fearful and cowed. Her storyline was coming together. “But once captured, we live only as long as our captor pleasures us.” She said with a slight wicked smile of her own forming and winked back. He raised an eyebrow.

“Hmmm. So you’re saying that you can’t live without being pleasured once you’re in captivity?” he said looking thoughtful.

“Yes, Master. That is why humans named us Nymphs. We will die in captivity without sexual pleasure. There is a word you humans use to describe this. I believe it is the word ‘fucked’. Even if we are released back into the forest we cannot survive without it. Once we are captured, our bodies and minds change and we lose our immortality and our moral limits. We become completely submissive to our new master and only him.” She said. She looked so sexy and submissive as she looked up at him beneath her long lashes. He thought his cock would swell and burst hearing that and seeing her look at him in that way.

“But I must warn you my master.” She said in a sultry low voice. “The longer we stay in captivity, the more pleasure we need. You may have heard the stories of captured nymphs eventually taking their pleasure from their masters to be satisfied. I know of such stories where our kind are captured and their lust became so great that they take their pleasure from their masters one night while they sleep. They awaken with the pleasures. But, they fucked their masters so much, they are milked dry and die from too much of her need. The Nymph’s die too soon after as their need cannot be satiated.” She explained. “We do not seek out others to survive. We live only for our masters.”

He stood there mesmerized by her soothing sultry southern voice and creative storyline. Her kneeling naked on the forest floor was a fantasy come true. His attention was drawn to Jean’s hand moving between her legs again in an up and down motion. He knew she needed some relief and watched for several seconds as she massaged herself. As soon as her eyes closed and her mouth opened emitting a moan, he clapped his hands together in one very loud clap. Her eyes went wide open in a flash as she gasped and her hand froze in place between her thighs.

“I didn’t give you permission to touch yourself my little nymph.” He said bending over and waving his finger in front of her face. She closed her mouth and had a genuine look of fear and frustration. She moved her hand away slowly as she looked at him.

“Master. I need pleasure.” She begged in a breathy whisper. The tone was real as she really did need some kind of release and her whole body ached to get it. She would play her part though. “I need to be fucked. If I don’t, I’m afraid I’ll lose control and you won’t be able to stop me.” She teased. He gave her a smirk.

Standing upright again, he reached over for his pack and sorted through it. Pulling the rope out, she saw what he was intending to do and she felt fear. Her mouth started to open when he looked over to her. The expression he saw on her face was fear and hesitated for a split second. She saw his hesitation. He nodded his head ‘yes’ and she raised her hands in front of her putting them together.

“Don’t worry my little nymph. I won’t hurt you or have anything happen to you that you don’t want. But I will tie you up to keep you from pleasuring me too much.” He said and winked again at her. She relaxed a little but still uncertain about being tied up. She would use the safe word if she wanted it to stop it and knew he would honor it. Reminding her of that knowledge gave her the courage to continue.

Ben lifted her by an arm to her feet and faced her away from him her arms at her sides. His lust was building even more now that he had her in his control through the fantasy. His mind raced to all points of the universe at once as he tried to keep from just taking her.

“Put your hands behind your back.” He said firmly. She did. He took one end of the rope and held it against her wrists while she held her wrists together. He wrapped the slender rope cord around them five times then wrapped the rope across antalya escort the ropes between her wrists twice to cinch the rope snug. He considered what to do with the excess rope for a moment. He shucked his swim trunks and put them away in his small pack and turned back to her. She hadn’t moved and saw her tremble slightly.

He came up behind her and pulled her wrists down a little forcing her to lean back. She gasped at the sudden movement her eyes wide. He brought his right arm around her chest just beneath her breasts and supported her. His lips dove to her neck and kissed her passionately. Soon her fear subsided as her passion began to claim her again as he claimed her. She moaned and whimpered as she felt his lips against her flushed skin. She was rubbing her thighs together in a vain attempt to gain the next level of their pleasure. He noticed her need and whispered and growled in her ear.

“We’ll have none of that now or I’ll have to punish you.” He said. She stopped and whimpered again. “Spread your legs.” He ordered in a low growl. She did somewhat awkwardly being in a leaned-back position. He pulled her wrists down forcing her to lean back more. Her breasts were standing proud on her chest. Her nipples stood more proudly on the tips of her breasts, swollen and very hard. He brought his right arm out from around her and with the tip of his middle finger, lightly grazed the end of her left nipple. She let out a shuddering breath. When he did this to her right nipple, she moaned and orgasm’d, her legs buckling beneath her.

He wrapped his arm around her again and gently lowered her to the forest floor. She was shuddering for a few moments afterward and he knelt beside her to steady her. When she stopped shuddering, she opened her eyes and looked into his. With lips parted he kissed her, hard and deep.

When they came back up for air, both were breathless. His cock was aching now from having been erect so long. Her turgid peaks were hard as diamonds.

“That..was.. incred..ible!” she said breathlessly. Another minute more and she could speak more clearly. “I’ve never had an orgasm from just having my nipples touched.” She said, still a little taken aback.

“Did my little nymph feel her pleasure?” Ben said still in character. Jean swallowed and nodded then looked at him.

“I did Master. But I need you to be pleased.” She said softly slipping back into character.

He stood and straddled her with a wide stance putting his hands on his hips. His cock hovered over her and she understood what to do. Righting herself up on her knees, her mouth was level with his cock. It bobbed and jumped from his elevated heart rate and twitched as her sweet breath caressed it. She opened her mouth and licked the precum dripping in a long string from its tip. As soon as she did, it twitched and bobbed. She stuck her tongue out of her open mouth and licked again and again. Each time it twitched. She looked up at him beneath her lashes and saw his head thrown back, hands on hips and trying with effort to control his breathing. He was near cumming himself.

She ran her tongue around his broad head several times then kissed the end of it. His precum was running out constantly in a slow, sticky, stringy ooze. She pursed her lips and placed them on the end of his cock and pressed her tongue to his hole. He gasped in a breath at this new sensation and to her surprise, she could press in a little if she curled her tongue to point. Pushing in as far as her tongue would go, she retracted it and pressed in again. With each little thrust, her tongue went in a little further as her tongue adjusted a little to the shape of his hole while it stretched a little around her tongue. She pressed in again until she couldn’t go any further. She tongue fucked his piss hole even though it didn’t penetrate more than three quarters of an inch.

He began to tremble as he came closer. She knew he was beginning to struggle to hold back and took her lips from his cock. ‘If he can keep me in suspension, I can keep him in one too.’ She thought to herself. She licked her tongue down one side of his shaft then up the other. She pressed her face in to his crotch to suck his big balls.

He moaned then looked down at her. Her arms tied behind her back and kneeling to service him was too much. He grabbed her head in his hands positioning her in front of his cock. She opened her mouth and he pressed in. He stood over her now as she sat back on her heels and looked up to the sky. In this position her head and neck were poised for sword swallowing. This was her favorite position for face fucking. She liked having her throat fucked and he enjoyed doing it. After all, her ex ‘trained’ her to perform these acts and now she could use them to please herself for a change.

Standing over her and facing the same direction as she, he bent his knees and lowered himself guiding his cock into her mouth. He couldn’t move very fast but the long deep penetration down her throat was intense. She adjusted her head and neck a little to better accommodate his cock. He raised up and she caught another breath and lowered again, further this time. Penetrating her throat like this always took a little time as she overcame her gag reflex and relaxed enough to open her throat to him. As he came closer his movement became a little more urgent. He was bottoming out now, his loose balls draping over her eyes and his legs began to burn slightly from the slow motion fuck. He felt the familiar roiling in his balls as he came closer.

“I’m going to cum my little nymph.” He said straining control. He lifted and she took two deep breaths. He sank down and bottomed out deep down her throat. He felt her swallowing action around his cock to open her throat and close off her air pipe. He grunted and a growl escaped his lips through his clenched teeth as his cock erupted straight down her throat. His cock flexed hard against her and she swayed slightly as he came. As she continued to swallow his cock, she could feel the spurts move through his cock with her tongue pressed against the bottom side. The broad head flexed and expanded in her throat, stretching it as if trying to work its way further down.

Ben bent over putting his hands on his knees and continued to cum. Fifteen seconds passed. Then twenty. Thirty seconds passed and his ejaculations diminished. He pulled up just after he sent another spurt down her throat so she could catch a breath before his next one, weak as it would be. She did breath out and back in through her nose calmly, nostrils flared while she sucked his cock. The sudden sensation of her sucking made him jerk and pop out of her mouth. The next weak spurt landed on the ground between her legs. She opened her mouth again and guided it back in. She did just in time to feel another spurt of cum coat her tongue. She sucked more gently this time and after what seemed like an eternity for him milking him for everything he had before he stopped cumming. She kept his thick sticky seed in her mouth and rolled it around savoring the flavor of him. He opened his eyes but could only see from her breasts down. He watched the jeweled dangles twitch and wiggle with her movements. He also saw something in addition to her gold chain panties. Another jewel, a bit more bright and larger by far was clipped to her clit with a single gold chain link.

Catching his breath, droplets of sweat dripped off his body and ran down his back. He stood over her as she rolled her tongue around his cock making him jerk involuntarily with a weak oozing of cum. His balls drained completely now, he thought he would require a little bit more time to recover from this one this time. Her continued ministrations on his cock helped him to stay hard which surprised him. With a little effort, he stood upright and stepped in front of her and turned around. He looked her in the eyes as she savored his seed.

“Show me.” He ordered. She opened her mouth displaying his seed covering her tongue inside. “Now I want you to swallow it.” He said as he bent over and placed his face close to hers. She closed her mouth, rolled his seed around a bit then swallowed and reopened her mouth to show him.

“Damn!” he whispered. “Was that good my little nymph?” She nodded.

“Yes.” She whispered back. ‘Damned if she didn’t enjoy these little role play games!’ he thought.

“That’s good but I don’t think you’ve had enough pleasure to keep me safe from you tonight.” He said. She leaned up suddenly and kissed him. She pulled away and smiled mischievously. He enjoyed the stolen kiss but it was time to show his little nymph some discipline. He took her right arm lifting her up onto her feet.

“Now it’s time for you to see what happens to naughty little nymphs when they steal kisses from their masters and forget their names.” He said. Jean’s breathing was quickening again and she was smiling impishly. Ben backed her up to a tree and kissed her hard. He squeezed her left breast with his right hand, mashing it until she moaned. Then he reached up and found her swollen and hard left nipple and pinched the clamp tighter on it with increasing force until she groaned into his mouth. Her legs began to grow rubbery again. He held his body against hers pinning her to the tree, the rough tree bark biting into her flesh between her shoulder blades and along her arms. He reached down between her legs feeling her juices flowing freely and patted her pussy lightly at first then harder with each successive pat until it was more of a smack. The gold chains tinkled slightly as he did this. Her wetness coating the chains and his hand made the sound more sharp as she jumped from the first firm smack. He kept pressing his lips into hers as she groaned from the bark biting into her from behind and his torments from the front.

When he pulled away her eyes were closed and she was panting and shuddering. He brought his fingers to her parted lips. At the first touch, she sucked them in, tasting her own juices. He ran his hand between her legs again and gave her more. Her face glistened with perspiration now and her eyes opened with a sleepy, glassy-eyed expression of ecstasy.

“See what happens when you disobey?” he said patting her pussy firmly. She nodded, unable to speak. “You still have trouble remembering my name it seems. Well, we’ll have to do something about that then.” He said pulling away from her body. He pulled her gold panties down and slipped them off her. Then he pulled her away from the tree and turned her around clumsily as she couldn’t control her legs very well. He untied her wrists and brought them together in front, retying them. He bent her over and wrapped the excess rope around the base of the tree. This prevented her from standing upright. With a boot, he prodded her legs apart a little more.

“Would you like to remember this my little nymph?” he asked her bending over her.

“Yes Master. I need to be reminded of how naughty I’ve been.” She said. He stepped back and found her phone in her pack. He took a few photos of her making sure she would know how she looked during this interlude. She moved and wiggled giving him a show of trying to get free. She didn’t know he switched the phone to video record but would when they got back to the cottage.
“Does my little nymph need more pleasure to keep me safe tonight?” he asked. Her mouth opened then closed and nodded. She hoped he would punish her again. He did but not the way she expected. He walked over to her and rubbed his right hand on her pussy making it wet and sloppy. She felt good at that and closed her eyes.


Her eyes opened wide in shock as he spanked her right cheek and she gasped and brought her feet together instinctively. He did it again on her left cheek and she squealed then moaned. But all she could do was pivot around the rope binding her wrists to the tree trunk. He followed her movements as she swayed her sweet round bottom left and right while rotating her hips. The effect looked like she was making a figure-eight with her ass. He spanked her again on each cheek. It stung only a little now but felt good when he gently rubbed his hand over them. The clit dangle jumped and jerked on her clit giving her pleasure too.

Slipping back into character she pleaded. “I’m sorry Master. I’m sorry for disobeying. I’ll be good. Please, I’ll be your good little nymph.” She begged. She waited for the next slap on her ass. It didn’t come. She felt his hands on her hips as she stood there bent over and spread her legs again waiting for him.

“You do learn pretty quick my little nymph. Now I shall reward you.” He said. She saw him kneel down motioned her to spread her legs more. She did and wider than before. He lowered his head between them and kissed her. He raised up on his knees and stuck his tongue out and licked her from clit to anus. The feeling made her shudder as he did it again and again.

She was so wet that his face was covered in her cream and wetness. Her scent drove him crazy and he licked her over and over again. Taking a deep breath he plunged his tongue into her cunt as far as he could, pressing his face in between her cheeks. As he pushed she moved forward against the tree and she had to lock her arms to keep from pushing her head into the trunk. She let out moan after moan of pleasure and delight as his chin bumped her clit every time he plunged in.

“Fuuuuuuck!” she moaned slowly as her pleasure rose. His passion rose too and to his surprise, his cock came to attention. She opened her eyes and watched between her legs, his shaft grow, adding to her eroticism. She licked her lips wanting it in her mouth. At that moment, she felt him insert a finger deep into her pussy. She closed her eyes again, mouth open and moaning as he crooked his finger and rubbed her G-spot.

Once she began to respond to the stimulation, Ben pulled his slick middle finger out of her pussy and pressed it against her anus and applied pressure. He heard her suck in a breath and whimper slightly. Whether it was from removing his finger from her pussy or applying pressure to her anus he wasn’t sure. At this point, it didn’t matter. He hadn’t tried anything with her anus since their first night in the shower. She managed to push back and the tip of his finger slipped in. With that action, he knew she wanted it there and continued to press it in. She clenched and he stopped but held the pressure steady. When she relaxed, he pushed harder and slipped his finger in past the middle knuckle. She whimpered again as he pressed in the full length of his middle finger into her ass. He crooked his finger and rotated it around inside. She shuddered and moaned. He slid the index finger through her wetness and began to insert it next to his middle finger. He pressed it against the tight ring as it relaxed. She clenched again and he waited.

Figuring she needed more distraction Ben rubbed his other hand up and down the back of her left leg slowly for a few moments. Raising his left hand to her pussy, he stuck the first two fingers out and pressed them into her sopping wet slick honey pot. Easily going in fully, he slowly finger fucked her until she relaxed. When she did, he started to press a second finger into her anus waiting for it to relax before pressing harder. In a couple of minutes, he had the first two fingers of each hand inside her.

With alternating gentle thrusts, he finger fucked her ass and pussy like pistons in an engine. She cooed and whimpered until they became moans and grunts. Increasing his rhythm she was becoming delirious with pleasure.

The sensation of submission to him was exhilarating. Being rendered immobile while he fingered her ass and pussy was intoxicating as she languished in the lust of her pleasure. She moved closer to the edge of her release. She couldn’t describe in her mind what she felt after that. Again she saw only a white scene on white. Her mind was going blank. Delirious pleasure ruled her world and her senses.

“You can’t cum until I tell you.” He growled. She snapped back to reality at his harsh tone. She was breathing heavily in short, quick pants again. The pleasure overtaking her quickly, she began to look around wildly. She saw everything as a blur as her eyes moved about so quick they couldn’t focus on anything. She felt him standing and bending over while he finger fucked her. A little growl escaped past her lips and his tempo increased.

“Looks like you like this kind of outdoor pleasure. I like fucking in the woods.” He said in that same growling tone. She was getting closer still and she started grunting, her eyes looking wildly around still. Her mind wasn’t seeing what she was looking at as her primal sexuality took over her senses and control. She grunted and beared down in an involuntary contraction not unlike trying to give birth. A long grunt came from deep within her throat then the gasping for breath started again.

Ben could see she was in that rare state of mind where the sexual pleasure was her only world. Sexual stimulation was the only input and aggressive hard breathing grunts through clenched teeth and screams of pleasure the only output. She shook her head manically back and forth as the pleasure consumed her while still trying to obey his command.

He relented. “I want you to cum my sweet little nymph. Cum for me! Cum for me my little nymph!” He said raising his voice as her body began to tremble. His finger fucking was all she responded to and if she weren’t tied up, she’d have knocked him down and taken him like an animal.

Thrusting his fingers in faster she was building up. Another involuntary contraction came and she clenched down on his fingers. Feeling she was ready, he slipped his fingers out of her quickly and rubbed her clit fast as he pinched and rolled a nipple clamp between his fingers. Little whimpers rose into louder and louder moans but it still wasn’t enough. He stood upright and positioned his now rigid cock to her pussy and rubbed it through her slick folds mixing his precum with her cream before shoving it deep. When he did, she gasped then clamped down as hard as she could to try and keep him from escaping. Putting his hands on her hips he thrust in and out his full length.

Her time was near. “Fuck me… Master! Make… me… cum… plee…eee…eease!” She panted gasping for breath. In a low growl through clenched teeth from the strain she said, “Mark me as yours!” With that, he raised his tempo and pounded his cock into her hard and fast. She was standing on her toes as every muscle in her body was trembling as she started to climax. Her legs started drawing up at the knees and she began to sink down. With the grip on her hips, he held her in place making his thrusts more awkward.

The extra friction was all Ben could take from her orgasm and he felt the roiling in him. He thrust in and held himself tight to her as he erupted inside her. She clenched around him in quick successive cycles as she climaxed, her body convulsing. The shift of his thrusts inside her hit her G-spot with predictable results. Her feet rose off the ground as her legs tightened up and she screamed. It rose to a crescendo and dropped to a low groan as she heaved the last of her breath from her lungs. She squeezed her eyes shut as her body trembled and shook with pleasure and fatigue. Her muscles ached all over as she got the orgasm of a lifetime.

Jean felt like she imploded then expanded and flew to all corners of the universe at the same time. She felt weightless as her mind exploded into a maelstrom of sparkling flashes as if seeing stars brighten, nova and wink out. Suddenly she felt like pixy dust in a breeze as the shimmering around her drifted away and everything faded to the peace and quiet of darkness.

Ben still held her by her hips as he came. It wasn’t much as it hadn’t been that long since he came the last time but his balls ached. Her body was wracked by an orgasm to end all orgasms he thought as she shook and convulsed involuntarily while she experienced a whole-body orgasm. A minute later, she slowly went limp as her legs relaxed dropping her feet to the ground and was still. He held her tight to him as his own body ached to collapse and rest. He pulled out of her and their juices flowed out. Globs of cum plopped onto the pine needles with dull splatting sounds.

He managed to let her down to her knees as gently as he could as her feet spread wide apart. His own muscles trembled with the strain from fatigue now. On her knees her head lowered to the ground and he had to turn it to the side lest she eat the pine needles. Managing that, her tied wrists, turned head and on her wide-spread knees gave the impression she was ready for more. Shaking his head he put a finger to her neck and checked her pulse. It was elevated and her breathing was not impaired by her position giving him peace of mind on her status. Turning around to her pack, he pulled out her phone and took four more pictures in that position. He laid the phone down again and looked in his own pack and retrieved the large towel and laid it out on the ground at the base of the tree next to Jean. Crossing to her side opposite the towel, he gently rolled her onto her side onto the towel. Pulling the towel toward him to slide her over while still bound to the tree, he lifted her limp form and repositioned her on her back and took the last two pictures he would take. He hoped she would want to see what happened after she passed out. She didn’t pass out after an orgasm usually but had insisted he take pictures of her in the afterglow if it ever happened. He didn’t question her motives. He figured she wanted something to remind her visually that she had great sex.

The fantasy over now, Ben untied the rope binding her to the tree and untied her wrists, putting her arms down and placing her hands propped up on her stomach. Turning, he retrieved his towel and laid it down behind her head for a pillow then grabbed his swim trunks and laid it on the ground next to her. He retrieved his canteen and sat down. Once situated he took a few swallows and just felt like a sack of lead. Sitting the way he was he looked up and down at his little nymph. Her legs were streaked with their juices. Inspired to care and watch over her while she slept, he took a washcloth from his pack and wet it with water from his canteen and began to gently wipe the streaks of sweat from her face and neck, her arms, breasts and belly on down her beautiful legs. Amazingly enough, the jeweled dangles all stayed in place. He felt sure she’d be really sore when she finally took them off. He saw her stomach flinch now and then since placing her on her back and figured she was still caught in the orgasm. While cleaning her skin, he decided to avoid her mound as it was going to be very sensitive. He didn’t want to interrupt her ecstasy at all. Just gentle wiping strokes up and down her body to soothe and comfort her as best he could.

A few minutes passed as he rested and watched her breathing slow and steady. He took her pulse and it too calmed to a normal resting rate. He couldn’t resist and bent over to lick each nipple around the tiny clamps very softly for a few moments ending with light kisses on each. He was pleased these clamps were a spiral around her nipple leaving the tip exposed. Ben looked at the expression of serenity on her face and bent over to place feather light kisses on her forehead, nose, eyelids, cheeks, chin and throat. When he could stand it no more, he bent over and placed his lips to hers in a full on loving kiss and closed his eyes. She returned the kiss and after several long moments, stirred and he pulled away looking down at her. She took a deep breath as if the kiss had brought her back to life. She lifted her arms over her head arching her back and stretched her body in a long sensuous stretch that made her so irresistibly sexy. As she relaxed, her eyes fluttered open and focused on his face. She reached up placing a hand to his cheek and smiled a sleepy smile.

“My master has saved me from an eternal sleep. I am forever yours…again.” She said softly. He smiled and took her hand squeezing then kissing it. “I love you.” He smiled again. She mouthed the words ‘I love you.’ too exhausted to speak.

“You really are a little nymph of the forest aren’t you?” he whispered looking down into her eyes. They looked back at him with absolute love. Pure and absolute trusting love. She smiled and he moved down to her and they kissed with love and adoration.

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