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Feed Me Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

” I still can’t believe I did that, and I wanted more of it. There is so much more I want to do now with you but that will have to wait. I couldn’t get hard again now if I wanted to.”

She kissed me, “We have time now baby, and I can’t wait for you to tell me, or show me what you want to do. I’m open for anything.”

I smiled. My mind went to work with so many possibilities.

That was how I ended the first part of my story.


We rested for a while; actually we fell asleep for over an hour. I woke first, glanced at her and smiled. What happened today was life changing. We would be very different from now on. I was shocked at how sexually accessible she had become and how aggressive. The way she swooned while sucking my cock was like she was someone else. My eyes took her in lovingly. When I came to the tuft of brown hair above her vagina, I decided what I wanted us to do first.

I got of the bed and headed for the shower. Five minutes later as I was lathering my hair, I saw the door open, and she came into the bathroom.

“Got room for two?” she said.

“You bet.”

She opened the door and stepped in. I handed her the soap and she began to wash, but not before we kissed.

“I’ve decided on something I want us to do.” I said over the sound of the water.

“OK,” she said with her new enthusiasm. I brushed my hand over her close trim, and then my own pubes. “I want this gone. I want you to shave mine. I’ll do you.”

Her bornova escort eyes and mouth opened with laughter and joyful expression. “OK buster, you’re on.” She laughed.

We have a seat in our shower, so I reached for my razor and cream and sat down. By now I was thoroughly excited and my erection pointed at the ceiling. She rinsed her hair and kneeled down, just out of the spray of the still running shower.

“Boy, someone is excited again. Care for a suck?”

“Shave first, we’ll both suck later unless I cum first from you shaving me. God I am so hard again.”

“Mmmmm it looks yummy…but OK, shave first. I’ll be gentle.” She squirted shaving cream into her hand and applied it around my hard cock and my balls. She took the disposable razor and gently began below my belly button and down around the sides. She was careful at the base of my penis and took care with my balls. Precum appeared and she couldn’t help herself so she licked it from the tip. She leaned forward and kissed me and shared my pre-cum. In less than five minutes, I was clean and neat.

“I’ll put some lotion on you after you dry. Now me.” She said excitedly. I stood up and looked at my very naked cock. She took the seat and pushed her pelvis forward as she leaned back. I lathered her and took the razor. “I’ll be careful with kitty,” I said as I began to shave her. After I did the top and sides, I lathered my hand again and raised up her leg and spread open her ass cheeks. “Ohhh….what are you doing…” she gasped. bostancı escort

“Trust me, I’m going all the way.”

“Oh my god…be careful….why are you going there?” She said as I lathered her taint and her asshole.

“Shhh….you don’t have much here, but you’re going to feel like a new woman, especially when I make love to your asshole.”


“Later, not now, though I want to…I want to love you there baby.”

She began to shake as I stoked the razor over her ass. In a few minutes I was done, and I could see that she had had an orgasm. I rinsed her with the shower spray, then I leaned forward and I kissed her hole. I let my tongue lick over it afterwards. I nearly squirted my cum at that moment. She moaned but didn’t pull away and I knew I would fulfill my most deepest fantasy, to lick her asshole. Something that, before today, would never have been thought possible. I took the fact that she didn’t pull away as acceptance. I was shaking, quivering with excitement. I knew I couldn’t wait till later. I leaned in again, raised her leg turning her slightly to her right, leaned in again and put kisses over her ass. She took her leg and held it up for me, offering me access. She liked what I did and was saying ‘go for it’. I went in more and licked my tongue over her hole, now more aggressively. I stiffened my tongue and probed it, I began to stab at it. I felt her opening more, pushing her ass cheeks over my face, whimpering, begging me buca escort on. I began to lick furiously at her hole occasionally licking from her opened vagina back to her hole and back again.

I looked up at her and smiled, her half closed eyes smiled at what I had done, and she knew that we were entering a new part of our marriage.

“Would you like to take this to the bed.” I said.

“Yes…oh yes.”

She got up weakly and pulled a towel from the towel-bar. I took one too, and toweled off with a speed I had not known.

“I have to suck you now she said as I approached the bed. She reached for me and had her mouth all over my cock and balls. She was laving my cock with a wet hot tongue, slurping and sucking my newly shaved balls. I reached my hand to her vagina, she opened her legs for me and we began to swing into a sixty nine position. We have never ever done this, now it seemed such a natural move to make. Fortunately I’m quite a bit taller and I was able to raise my head, and as she swallowed my cock I resumed laving my tongue over her pulsing ass hole. She began to ass fuck my face and mouth as I wildly probed her slick shaven hole. I gobbled her open vagina, wildly fucking her hole and going back to her ass. Soon I was at that point again and I ejaculated deep into her throat. I screamed and probed my tongue into her hot tightness as I squirted.

She sat back jerking my cock with her hand, and pressing her ass over my face. I guided her with my hands on her hips and mucked her ass with my face and tongue. Finally, she rolled off and swung around to face me. She kissed me and as she opened her mouth my hot slick cum ran from her mouth into mine. I licked and sucked the inside of her mouth and tongue. She continued to hold my now shrinking penis as I lay breathless and was on the brink of fading out.

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