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I am basically a docile man. Simple and very ordinary. I never have asked much of my wife; we have lived a simple life. I haven’t asked for much, though in my most deeply held desires I have wished that I could be a man who could ask for and receive carnal pleasures that I could only imagine. Things I have read about, and seen on video, and dreamed about.

My wife would ask me about the simplest things and my answer would always be “whatever you want is fine, I don’t mind…” etc. but I do want these things, I do desire them.

She would ask me about dinner, about plans about travel, clothes anything. Not sex though, due to my docile nature sex disappeared some years ago. I did not mention it, or complain. It became a norm that I accepted. But I would daydream, or fantasize, but never pursue anything.

Recently my wife would try to nudge me off of my complacency. “Just tell me what you really want for Christ’s sake. It’ll be fine, just tell me.”

“Thank god,” she would say.” You’ve made a decision. Just say what you want and it won’t be so bad!”

Soon after, I realized that she had been missing sex. I found a magazine, and a web page she had visited. They had to do with submission and self fucking techniques, jell cocks and dildo’s.

I began to think about these things and feeling that I had directed our lives to its present state. Our celibate lives had been the result of my docility, and passivity.

The other day, she called me while I was home, and she was on her way.

“Hi, how was your day?”

“Fine, I was just doing some small chores around.”

“Ok, what about dinner?”

“I don’t know… whatever.”

“Well choose something.”

“No, whatever you want is fine,”

“Jesus Christ John, just say whatever you want. Whatever it is whatever you want, what you really want…just for once will you fucking say it, I’m so tired if this…”

I felt enraged; “Suck my cock, that’s what I want, I want you to suck my cock.”

“…….Oh…..I see………….well then, be ready when I get home.”


“….Fine John, be ready for me. I’ll be home in ten minutes.” And then she hung up the phone.

I stood with the phone in my hand, staring at it. What had I done? More to the point what had she said. “Well then, be ready when I get home?” Is casino şirketleri that really what she said?

Yes. It was. She had said “Just for once say what you want,” and I did. Ok then. I have ten minutes. She wanted it too, she wanted to be submissive; if I was to believe the magazines she was reading.

I walked into our salon-living room. We read and watch TV here. I was clean, having showered earlier in the day.

I decided to take the chance. I started to unbutton my shirt. I removed it, then my undershirt and my pants. I stood in my socks and undershorts…thinking that If I strip down and stand naked in this room…and she really didn’t mean it…I would forever be a damn fool. No, she meant it; “Fine John…be ready for me…” I had to trust in my perception; she was expecting to come home to suck my cock.

I removed my underwear and my socks. My cock waved in full hardness.

I sat naked with my cock erect in my favorite chair. Just then I heard the garage door open. My heart pounded. “Please don’t make me a fool” I thought.

A minute later I heard the car door close, then the inner door opened and she stepped into the den. She turned and looked at me. She stood still as she observed me sitting in my chair, my hard cock throbbing, eyes on her.

She didn’t say anything. She unbuttoned her coat as her eyes stayed on me. She dropped the coat, then slowly pulled her blouse from her skirt and began to unbutton it as she took a step towards me. A few feet from me she pulled off the blouse and dropped it on the floor. Her breathing was quick she never took her eyes from my cock. A drop of pre-cum appeared. Now she was two feet away.

“I’m waiting,” I said. She dropped to her knees before me. I could see she was shaking.

“Your cock looks so hard and hot.”

“It is. It is very hard and hot and I want to feel it in your mouth. I want to see your tits too, take off your bra.”

“Yes, I want you to see my tits…”she said staring at my thick penis, “Should I take off my panties too?”

My voice was thick with a lust I had not known; “Yes, take them off too.”

She slid her skirt down, then her panties. Her vagina area was closely trimmed of hair.

“Now, suck me,” I said with my heart pounding in my ears.

She leaned forward, her breasts touching my shins. She lifted my cock casino firmaları and licked from the base to the wet tip. She let out a guttural sound, a sound of pure sexual joy as she licked long strokes. I felt immense pleasure from her licking, something she had rarely ever done to me, then she closed her mouth over the head of my penis and sucked me into her mouth in a wanton slutty way.

“Like that?” she said with half lidded eyes. “Do you want me to do that to you?”

“Oh yes,” I said, “Like that is fine.”

She smiled and sucked me into her mouth again, then started to mouth fuck me.

“Yum. Oh god, yum. I love your cock baby, god I have wanted this for so long.” She gasped.

Her breasts swayed into my legs. She let go of my penis with one hand and thrust two fingers into her vagina as she sucked me. I began to pump my hips, the pleasure was so intense, I felt my cum coming to a boil. I fucked her mouth now, and decided I wouldn’t say a word about cumming. Just a moment later, I squirted a jolt of hot cum into her sucking mouth. She felt it coming and took me deeper into her throat. I jerked and squirted thick cum. It flowed out of her mouth and dripped onto my stomach. She continued plowing her fingers into her cunt and started to cum too.

“Feed your pussy cum to me.” I said…she opened her eyes and smiled, then scooped wet cunt cum and fed it to my mouth. I sucked her fingers, my cock was still throbbing.

She slid up my body and we kissed wildly. I held her face as I tongue kissed her and tasted my cum In her mouth, it was like a jolt of excitement. I pulled away for a second. “My god, I taste my cum.”

“Yes, do you like it?”

“God it is so nasty. I can’t believe what just happened. I can’t believe I said what I said…and then your reaction was so…”


“Yes, holy mackerel…you ate my cum, then you fed your cunt cream to me and now I taste my own cum in your mouth…and it’s all so wonderful. Jeez, I’m getting hard again.”

She smiled again, “Well I have an idea then.” She threw her leg over me and impaled herself on my rising cock. In a few moments we were fucking like never before. I reached for her breasts and fed on them, I sucked and filled my mouth with her nipples. She leaned back and moaned her pleasure.

For the second time that hour I squirted güvenilir casino hot cum into her as she leaned forward and ground her cunt hard on me. She panted deeply and so did I. “So the taste of your cum in my mouth made you hard again?”

“God…I guess…so, I mean that and just everything.”

She put her hand over my lips. “I want you to do this for me,” she said as she slid off me, then began to slide up my chest. She looked into my eyes. I glanced down and saw her hand covering her vagina.

“Do this for me baby…”she looked into my eyes as she rose up. I understood what I was about to do and so I slid down to meet her. “Do this for me…”

My heart pounded again. I wanted this, somehow I knew I always wanted this to happen.

When she was over me, I opened my mouth as she removed her hand. I covered her just fucked hole with my mouth as she screamed and my cum flooded out of her and into my mouth. She fucked my face as she came over and over. My face was slimed with her cum and mine.

“Feed it to me baby…feed it to me.” I gasped while slurping her open vagina. My cum ran thick and hot from her hole all over my face and mouth. “Oh I’ve wanted this for so long, this kind of sex with you,” I said.

She kept fucking my face as I licked her deeply and nibbled her clitoris. Soon, she couldn’t take it anymore and she rolled over next to me and we both collapsed into a sexual coma.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe we did that, I can’t believe I fed your cum to you that way.” She said after a few minutes.

“And I can’t believe how you came back here and gobbled my hard cock. I thought for sure you would leave me looking like a damned fool.”

“I wouldn’t have done that baby. Seeing you naked in the chair with your hard cock straight up was the most lustful thing you ever did for me. I wanted it so much, but you haven’t been ‘available’…well that’s not fair, I haven’t been available either.”

“I don’t want this to end.” I said.

“Me too. I love what we just did, though the last part was the hottest. I came immediately when you put your mouth over my just fucked vagina. I have never had an orgasm like that in my life.”

” I still can’t believe I did that, and I wanted more of it. There is so much more I want to do now with you but that will have to wait. I couldn’t get hard again now if I wanted to.”

She kissed me, “We have time now baby, and I can’t wait for you to tell me, or show me what you want to do. I’m open for anything.”

I smiled. My mind went to work with so many possibilities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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