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Field of Blooms: The Beginning Ch. 04

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for, Chapter 4 of Field of Blooms: Walking the Halls. As always my stories are gay themed and contain gay sex, except this chapter. Yes, I know you all are crush that there isn’t any sex in this chapter. This is a building block chapter that really helps develop the story, don’t worry I will make up for the lack of sex in this chapter with the next. My stories contain a lot of detail to help you imagine that are actually there watching Austin and Eric living out their lives. Everyone in this story is over the age of 18 and any likeness to any person, place or events are coincidental. I’d like to thank my best friend and beta reader/editor Tia for helping me out with the story. She’d given me a swift kick in the butt once and a while to keep me writing. Okay, now that all that is out of the way on to the good stuff! Sit back relax, grab a drink and enjoy Chapter 4 of Field of Blooms: Walking the Halls…


It was a cool, crisp, September morning. The memories of summer were still fresh in the minds of the students as they woke to get ready for school. Austin slowly opened his eyes, rubbed the last bit of sleep away and as he looked at his phone he saw there was a message waiting for him. He knew it could only have been from one person.

Good morning superman. I hope you slept well. It was lonely in this big bed all by myself. I can’t wait to see you and kiss those perfect lips of yours.

I tossed and turned all night. I woke up every time I rolled over and felt you weren’t there. I can’t wait to see you!

“What has you smiling on the first day of school?” Joan asked as she set down a bowl for Austin.

“I just got a good morning text from Eric.” Austin smiled as he poured out some cereal. “He said he can’t wait to give me my morning kiss.”

“Well isn’t that sweet of him. How did you sleep last night?”

“I was restless sleeping alone for the first time after him spending the summer here.”

Joan walked over and kissed his forehead, “Look at it like this, it’s Wednesday so you only have tonight and tomorrow then he will be here.”

“I know, but it’s going to be the longest two days ever!” Austin said in a pretend whimper as he poured the milk over his cereal.

“Trust me they will fly by.” Joan laughed as she smiled at him.

After breakfast, Austin went to his room and picked out what he wanted to wear. Looking through his new clothes, he decided on the ocean blue button down shirt, stone grey shorts and the salmon sneakers Eric had bought for him. After fussing with his hair, he grabbed his book bag and headed to his car.

When he arrived at school, as promised, Eric was waiting for him. Austin pulled into the spot next to him and got out of his car.

“Wow babe, you look amazing!” Eric said as he looked Austin up and down.

“Thank you.” Austin gave a coy smile. “Are you sure I can park here?”

“Of course you can. Who is going to say anything about it?” Eric reached out and pulled Austin’s hand into his. “Come on, let’s get this year started.”

Austin’s heart started to race as they made their way towards the front doors. He could see the looks some of the kids were giving them; some had looks of surprise, others of disgust, but it didn’t faze Eric as he walked hand in hand with the guy he was in love with. Just before entering the school, Eric stopped and pulled Austin into a passionate embrace.

“I almost forgot to give you your morning kiss.” Eric smiled as he looked into Austin’s eyes.

“God, I love having your strong arms around me.” Austin inhaled the scent of Eric’s cologne. “But we better stop since someone else is starting to wake up.”

“Oh really now?” Eric grinned impishly. “There are still a few minutes before the first bell.”

“People are already going to be talking about us; I don’t think having a quickie in the parking lot would be a good idea.”

“Okay, fine. At some point in the day though, I am going to have it.” Eric reached down and squeezed Austin’s ass.

Just then the first bell of the morning rang signaling the start of a new school year. The halls were a sea of students rushing around trying to navigate the halls to their first period on time. Austin’s first class was biology which was on the complete opposite side of the school. He just made it into the classroom when the second bell rang. Looking around the room for an empty spot he noticed Becka waving him over to a chair next to her.

“I saved this seat for you; I figured we could be biology partners this year.”

“Thank you, I’d be happy to be your partner.”

“Darlin, don’t you think Eric might be a little jealous that I’m your partner now?” Becka giggled.

“I think this would be the one exception to the rule.” Austin laughed.

That first class seemed to drag on for hours as the teacher lectured about what was going to be covered that semester. Austin was relieved when the bell finally rang and he could get out of there. He was putting his biology book into his locker when all of a sudden someone casino şirketleri shoved him from behind. When he turned around to see who it was the hall was just a mass of bodies. Maybe it was just an accident, he thought to himself as he closed his locker door and headed to his next class. Finally, it was time for his fourth period class, gym. He had always been picked on by the jocks in the past so, no matter what Eric said he didn’t think this year would be any different.

Making his way through the locker room, he overheard two guys talking and for some reason their voices sent a chill down his spine.

“I can’t believe that queer seduced Eric in front of the school this morning.” David said as he changed into his gym uniform.

“I’ve always said you have to watch those fags!” Tyler slammed his locker closed. “But that’s okay; I slammed him into his locker this morning.”

As he heard the two of them walking away, his body began to shake as he could feel a panic attack coming on. He ran over to one of the stalls and locked himself in. Reaching in his bag he pulled out a bottle of water and his meds, in one big gulp he swallowed the pill. He remained locked away until the locker room was cleared out. Once he knew the coast was clear, he emerged from his safe haven and changed for class. When he entered the gym, Coach Davis noticed that it seemed something wasn’t right with Austin.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes sir, I was just changing into my uniform.”

“Okay, go ahead and lineup. We are going to play dodge ball today.”

Austin walked over and stood with the other students. The team captains were David and Tyler, Austin was starting to get a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. Soon they started picking teams and Austin was surprised when Tyler called his name first. After the teams had been made, they started the game. Austin tried to hang back but Tyler pulled him to the front and had him stand next to him.

Tyler had a glint in his eye when he leaned over and whispered in Austin’s ear, “Don’t worry, you’ll be just fine.”

Coach Davis blew the whistle and the bright red balls started soaring through the air. Austin was doing really well during the first half of the game; he was actually surprised he lasted this long and started to relax. After a quick five minute break the second half started, which consisted mostly of jocks. As one ball rushed right past his head, Tyler called out to Austin.

“I’m surprised you are dodging the balls, figured you’d like them slapping you in the face.”

Just as Austin was turning his head back to the game, a ball slammed right into his face, causing a bright flash of light and sending him to the floor. Coach Davis blew the whistle and stopped the game. As Austin was picking himself up, a drop of blood fell from his nose and landed on his hand. The sight of blood and the pain in his face sent him into a tail spin. Screaming he collapsed onto the floor as images of that night came flooding back. Shaking violently, he continued to scream.

“Please stop! Just stop!” Austin’s beseeching cries filled the gym.

“Everyone get back! Get away from him!” Coach Davis yelled as he ran over. “Everyone in the locker room right now!”

Coach Davis knelt next to Austin, “Austin, it’s okay. No one is here; it is just you and me.”

Austin continued his cries, “Please stop it! You’re hurting me, please!”

Coach Davis was trying his best to calm Austin down but everything he tried only made it worse.

Finally, he ran over the intercom system, “Eric Mason, report to the gym immediately!”

Moments later Eric came rushing through the doors and the second he saw Austin he knew what was going on, and ran full speed over to him.

“What happened?!” Eric asked the coach as he knelt down next to Austin.

“He got hit in the face with a ball.”

“Go get me a towel, please!” Eric looked into Austin’s eyes and saw that all too familiar blank look. “Austin, can you hear me? You are going to be okay, I am here to fight off the demons.”

Eric laid down next to Austin and met his gaze, “Austin, look into my eyes.”

Austin eyes had glazed over and taken on a grayish tone.

“Breath babe, take a deep breath for me.”

Austin took a deep breath and quickly let it out.

“Okay good. Now take another one and release it slowly.”

Austin did as Eric instructed and slowly he started to calm down. After a few more deep breaths, Eric moved closer and put his arm around Austin.

“It’s okay superman, the demons are gone.”

Austin buried his head in Eric’s chest and started to sob.

“Let it all out, it is okay.” Eric pulled him closer to him.

Coach Davis returned with the towel and Eric gently placed it on Austin’s nose.

“When you guys are ready, I want you to head to the nurses office. I’ve already let her know that you are coming.”

After a few more minutes Eric helped Austin up and they made their way to the nurse’s office. Eric stayed right by his side, holding his hand, casino firmaları reminding Austin to keep his eyes closed as the nurse tended to his nose.

Meanwhile, back in the gym, Tyler and David where sitting on the bleachers talking.

“Dude, I can’t believe that actually worked!” Tyler laughed.

“Me either, you saw how that little pussy just fell over and started screaming for his life.” David laughed back.

“That felt almost as good as the night we beat his ass. It really makes me want to do it again!”

Just then the bell rang.

“Let’s go get some lunch, I worked up an appetite.” David grinned.


“Austin, are you sure you don’t want me to call your parents?” Nurse Jackie asked.

“No, I’ll be okay. The worst of it is over.”

“It’s okay; I’ll keep a close eye on him for the rest of the day.” Eric said as they left her office. “I have to go grab my lunch from my locker. Will you be okay to meet me in cafeteria?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

Austin rolled his eyes, “Stop worrying.”

“You’re my superman, I will never stop loving and caring about you.”

“Well, if I’m your superman does that make you my Lois Lane?” Austin cracked a smile.

“As long as I don’t have to wear a dress.” Eric chuckled. “Okay, I’m going to grab my lunch and I’ll meet you in a few minutes.”

Eric walked down the long halls leading to his locker; he grabbed his lunch and made his way to the cafeteria. When he entered, he scanned the sea of students until he spotted Austin sitting at a table off in the far corner. He walked over to him and placed his hand on Austin’s back causing him to jump.

“I’m sorry Austin; I didn’t mean to scare you.” Eric said as he rubbed his back.

“It’s okay, I just zoned out for a minute.” Austin said as he rubbed his head.

“Is everything okay?” Eric noticing Austin didn’t have a lunch tray, “You’re not eating? Talk to me Austin, when I left to get my lunch you seemed fine.”

“I know… just the aftershock, I guess. I’m not really hungry.”

Taking a seat next to Austin, “You should eat something, especially after what happened in the gym.”

“My stomach is still kind of upset.”

Eric took Austin’s hand as he stood up, “You still need to eat, even if it’s something light.”

Austin reluctantly followed Eric over to the lunch line and looked at what they had. Thankfully their school had a good budget for food and there was a nice variety to choose from, Austin decided on chicken corn chowder soup. He then started to head back to where he had been sitting but Eric pulled him over to the jock’s table, and when they sat down everyone at the table grew quiet.

“Well damn, don’t everyone talk at once.” Eric said as he pulled out his lunch.

Tyler gave Eric a stern glare basically letting him know that Austin wasn’t welcome. Eric paid him no mind and went on with his lunch, but Austin did notice and it made him nervous. The sight of the soup made his stomach churn.

“Is it too hot, babe?” Eric asked as he watched Austin.

“No.” Austin said quietly as his hand started to tremor lightly.

He didn’t feel any better once the soup was gone; it actually made his stomach feel worse.

“Austin, are you feeling okay?” James asked noticing the pale tone of Austin’s skin.

“No, I need to go to the bathroom.” Austin quickly got up and headed towards the door, with Eric close behind him.

“Brain dead queer is probably bulimic.” Tyler muttered under his breath.

“You don’t have to be such an asshole!” James snapped at Tyler.

“Who the fuck are you getting loud with?!” Tyler yelled back.

“Both of you shut the fuck up!” David shouted over them, “You are going to draw attention to us! Fuck, it is only the first fucking day of school and you guys are already fighting.”

“I don’t give a shit! He is not going to get loud with me!” Tyler started to stand up but David pulled him back down.

“If you don’t shut that mouth of yours, I’ll gladly shut it for you.”

Tyler sat down in a huff, knowing exactly how David would do it.

Austin made a mad dash for the nearest stall, flinging the door open he dropped to his knees in front of the toilet, just in time for his stomach to begin empting its contents. Eric rushed in behind Austin and started rubbing his back.

“I think maybe we should call your parents.” Eric offered, clearly concerned.

“Please don’t, I’ll be fine.” Austin said as he hugged the toilet as another round of vomiting started.

“Honestly Austin, I don’t think you are going to be.”

“It’s just first day jitters.” Austin flushed the toilet and stood up, “I feel better now.”

It was more than just first day jitters. He was starting to feel like an emotional punching bag after what he overheard in the locker room. Maybe he should talk to Eric about toning down the public display of affection. He didn’t mind it in the summer time since it was just the two of them, but now that they were back in school güvenilir casino it was starting to feel overwhelming. He knew that it would set Eric off if he told him how he really felt and why. The only person he knew that he could talk to was Becka so; as they were walking out of the bathroom he sent her a text asking her to meet him at his house after school.

“Who are you texting babe?” Eric inquired

Avoiding eye contact Austin softly replied, “Oh, I just wanted to drop a note to Becka and see how her first day is going.”

The rest of the school day went on without further incident. That afternoon in the parking lot, Eric tried to kiss Austin goodbye but he could tell something just wasn’t right.

“Are you sure you are feeling okay?” Eric asked.

“Yeah, I’m just tired from the day and want to get home to relax.” Austin replied as he opened his car door.

“Okay, I will give you a call when I get done with football practice.”

“Sounds good.” Austin closed the door and started the car.

When he got home Becka was already there and waiting for him. He offered her a snack before they headed up to his room.

“Okay, so what is going on? Your text message had me wondering all afternoon.” Becka asked as she plopped herself on his bed.

“I thought I was going to be okay with Eric and I being affectionate at school, but after today I’m feeling a lot different about it.”

“Oh no, what happened today that changed your mind?”

Austin went on to tell her about how he overheard two guys talking about their kiss that morning in front of the school, the nasty looks people had been giving him all day and how he suspected that getting shoved into his locker was no accident. Austin then told her about what happened in gym class and how humiliated he felt afterwards.

“I heard about what took place in gym class but I didn’t know it was that bad.”

“That’s an understatement, I’m sure everyone now thinks I’m a total freak.”

“Don’t worry about what other people think of you, they don’t mean anything. You know Eric loves you no matter what happens; he really showed it this summer. To be honest, I didn’t think he had it in him.”

“I’m just worried that if I tell him I want to tone down the PDA he’ll want to know why, and then I’ll have to tell him everything.”

“Austin, at some point you are going to have to, it would be better that he hears it from you before he finds out on his own.”

“But what if he gets pissed off?”

“Yeah he might get angry, but wouldn’t you rather him be pissed at them and not you?”

“I just don’t want him to do something stupid and get in trouble over me.”

“Why don’t you wait until the weekend when y’all are together, that way he has time to calm down before Monday?”

“I just hope I can wait that long, you know he has a way of getting things out of me.”

“I really hate to tell you to lie to him, but I think it would be in both your best interests. Who knows, maybe he will take it well since he has calmed down a lot over the summer.”

“I hope you are right.”


That Friday the entire school was getting ready for the first football game of the season. Everyone attended the pep rally, and Becka made sure Austin had a good time. Before the game, Becka thought it would be a great idea if they painted their faces in the school colors, brown and orange. Afterwards, Austin slipped on Eric’s jersey that he had given him earlier in the day. When they arrived at the school the bleachers were already packed with cheering fans. Becka and Austin sat in the front row so they could see all of the action up close. Soon the band began to play the national anthem and everyone stood and placed their hand over their heart. The entire crowd cheered as the anthem ended and the game began. Eric looked over at Austin, gave him a wink and blew him a kiss. Austin blushed and shivered as he felt like the entire stadium was looking at him.

The first half of the game was intense and when half time came, the home team was down by twenty points. Becka asked if Austin wanted anything from the concession stand, he told her a drink and a hot dog would be nice. He looked out onto the field as the cheerleaders did their routine. As he was watching them he noticed Jennifer was glaring directly at him and it made him feel uneasy. Just then Becka returned with the refreshments and noticed the look coming from Jennifer. She handed the snacks to Austin and walked down to the railing.

“I suggest you wipe that look off of your face!” She yelled.

Jennifer just rolled her eyes.

“Roll your eyes at me again, and I’ll come down there and slap them clear to the back of your head!”

Becka turned around and made her way back to Austin.

“What did you say to her?” Austin asked as he took a bite from the hot dog.

“I just asked her ever so kindly to stop glaring at you.” Becka smiled causing Austin to giggle.

Once the cheerleaders had finished, the second half of the game started. The home team turned the game around and in the final minutes of the fourth quarter Eric made the winning touchdown. The crowd roared and fans started flooding the field. Becka stood up, grabbed Austin by the hand, and pulled him off the bleacher to the railing.

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