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Finding Time Ch. 02

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I knew my wife was going to get up and shower before work one morning. Even though I knew she would be a pressed for time, I also knew that she was a little more into having sex if she was about to get into the shower. It had been almost a week since we had been together so even though I was going to have to wake her up early, I liked my chances.

I gave myself about thirty minutes to get her awake and make it happen. She was asleep on her back and I began by cuddling up next to her, putting my arm across her, and kissing her neck. Then I rolled one leg onto hers and I began lightly playing with her breast over her shirt. This finally had her attention and she asked me what time it was. I assured her that we had plenty of time and I started kissing her face and mouth. She kissed me back and wrapped her arm around my back and pulled me tight up against her.

After a few more kisses she was fully awake.

“Give me a minute to wake up and go the bathroom?” she said.

“Of course.” I was pleased that this was going to happen.

She was in and out of the bathroom and then downstairs where I could hear her opening a Diet Coke. For someone who was on a schedule, she certainly was taking her time. I looked at my phone and tried to keep myself occupied, I knew she would be back.

Finally, she slipped back into bed next me.

“Is it ok if we are quick this morning? I do need to get ready.”

I again turned toward her and I resumed kissing her mouth and playing with her breasts. This time I put my hand up her shirt and cupped and squeezed her enormous tits and I pressed my crotch up against her hip and began slowing grinding my hardening cock against the side of her thigh.

“How do you want to come?” I asked her.

“Let’s just focus on you this time.”

“Ok, how do you want me to come?”

“I am up for anything,” and then she paused and looked at me. “Really.”

I moved my hand off of her breasts and down between her legs where I firmly grabbed her and began flexing my hand over her shorts and against her pussy.

“I want to come inside of you.”

She answered by kissing me deeply.

I focused my fingers on her pussy in an effort to help her warm up. Then I slipped my hand up the leg of her shorts and I probed on top of her underwear, eventually slipping a couple of fingers under the crotch of her panties and glided them up against her slit. I pulled my hand out of her pants, and placing my hand to my mouth, I loaded as much saliva on my fingertips as I could.

I balled up my fist and worked my hand back into her underwear and uncurled my fingers in order to mix my wet saliva into her pussy. I spread her lips apart and worked my moist fingers into her deep enough to feel her emerging wetness. I rubbed her with my hand for a few more seconds and then pulled my hand out and lifted her shirt up enough to get my mouth onto one of her nipples. I placed my hand back down over her shorts and held her pussy and pulsed my hand against her in broad circles.

She reached down with both hands, arched her hips, and slid her shorts and her underwear off in one motion. I drove my arm between her legs and ran my hand as far up her backside as I could reach. Her pussy was rubbing against my arm at the inside of my elbow. I could feel her struggle for a second to kick off her shorts, but I knew she at least clear one foot because her legs instantly widened to welcome me.

I moistened my fingers again and with a lot more precision this time I was definitely able to help get her wet on the inside. She felt so good to my touch as her juices now far exceeded what I was providing. I stopped sucking on her breast and pulled off my shorts and momentarily lay beside her. I pulled her hand over and she took a firm grip on my cock and rubbed her thumb over its head and tip.

I rolled over on top of her and rested my entire body on her with my cock about three inches below her box and my face almost directly over hers. I kissed her firmly and began moving my hips rhythmically against her inner thighs. I sat up and repositioned by placing my cock on top of her mound and leaned back down to her as I slid myself slowly back and forth against her lips.

I sat up once more and positioned my cock to enter her. I held it in my hand and teased her opening with its head. She shifted very subtly underneath me to give us a better angle. It felt really nice and tight as I pressed myself into her. The head of my cock was barely in and I was about to begin delivering long, deep strokes when she stopped me.

“It hurts a little. Where is the lube?”

Without speaking I reached over to the bedside table and produced the tiny clear bottle. I knelt between her legs, sat back, and made a small show out of rubbing the lube onto my cock. Then I took her hand and poured some onto her finger tips and watched as she placed them between her legs and massaged the wetness around and into her beautiful pussy.

The next time as I learned forward, she guided my cock inside of her and it slid in perfectly. ataşehir escort In two small strokes she was taking my full length. She shifted slightly again, adjusted her breathing, and pulled my head and chest down on top of her. As I moved inside of her, I could feel her skin heating up and I actually thought she might want to come. I reached a hand down between us and pressed on the top of her clit.

Pretty quickly, she pulled my hand away and stared into me, “you come.”

“I am going to come inside of you.”

She reached down to my hips and pulled me tight with the next few thrusts. I leaned down to kiss her and she tilted her neck up so that her mouth could reach me and she darted her tongue against my lips and mouth. I continued to move inside of her as I came. I slowed my body and gradually came to a stop with my cock fully inside of her.

“I love you,” I said as I looked down at her flush face.

“I love you,” she answered.

I carefully slid out of her and flopped onto my back and lay beside her.

I turned my head and kissed her again. “I think we both are gong to need to shower.”

With that, she sat up and pulled the sheet up over her breasts and glanced for the time. She leaned over and kissed me, “I love you,” and she slid out from the sheets and walked naked into the bathroom as I stared at her fantastic backside.

I hung out in bed until she finished showering and then it was my turn as she combed out her hair. When I exited the shower the hair dryer was running and she was probably feeling like she was running late. I wanted to talk to her, but she needed her space to get ready, and she had already given me what I really wanted.

It had been a few weeks since we had come up with a plan for me to initiate some sexual encounters that were free of any time pressure. Every once in a while, sex was going to be the activity, and I was ready to get her committed to the next one. As the sound of the hairdryer continued to blow loudly, I walked up behind her and gave her a note.

This Saturday

8:00 pm until?

She glanced at the note, looked up and smiled. Then she grabbed her phone, scrolled to her calendar, looked back at me and nodded. She never missed a beat with the dryer, but we were on for Saturday.


As I was planning our next encounter, my mind would continually wander into some directions that were way more exotic than I could ever expect my wife would want to go. She didn’t have any interest in bringing another woman into our bed for a threesome when we were in our twenties, so there was no way that was on her mind 25 years later.

My next plan was really simple. We have a large garden tub in our bathroom and the long wall next to it is mirrored. I have been staring at that tub for ten years and we have never really fooled around in it. I figured a couple of candles, maybe some music, run the bubbles, and let the fun begin.

It was so nice knowing that we were going to be together and that we weren’t working on a series of surprises. My wife found the bottle of champagne in the refrigerator and asked if it was for Saturday. She also asked if food was involved since my note had said 8:00 pm. She didn’t want to show up hungry if I wasn’t going to feed her. I gave credit to her for looking ahead and asked her if she would like to move our plans up a couple of hours and go to dinner. She said that would be nice.


We came back from dinner on our big night and I needed a few minutes to get set up. That tub doesn’t fill itself. I pulled Hot Rocks 1964-1971 and Highway 61 Revisited into a playlist and set the volume really low. I pulled out two small candles and placed them when lit onto the bathroom counter. They created even more light than I expected as they reflected off of the vanity mirror. I poured a copious amount of the bubble bath under the flowing water as it filled and headed back downstairs.

My wife was sitting at the bar in the kitchen waiting patiently. She looked so nice. This evening she had worn a skirt that ended just above her knees and a solid white collared top that buttoned up the front. Since we had been home she had rolled up the sleeves.

“You look so beautiful,” I told her.


I moved behind her, pulled her hair to the side, and kissed her neck while I wrapped one arm around her waist. She clutched my arm and held me tight. I kissed around to her face until her lips met mine. She tilted her head and softly offered her tongue to me. She really delivered when we kissed romantically. I always felt like she had these tricks with her tongue that she saved for when were really intimate because of how much they turned me on. Maybe I should have just planned to make love in the kitchen?

I finally pulled away, “we really need to get upstairs.”

“And why is that?” was her coy response.

“I left the water running,” and I gave her a hopeful smile.

“Oh,’ she said with slight confusion. “I thought I heard something up there.”

I avcılar escort guess I was able to provide some surprises for her on this night.

I grabbed the bottle of champagne, a couple of glasses, and led her upstairs.

I immediately moved to turn off the water as we entered the bathroom. The bubbles at the end with the running water had grown higher than the nozzle. I was actually pretty lucky to have stopped it when I did. It was a little too full, but that we could fix.

“How is it?” she asked indicating toward the bath.

“It’s very full and very hot. But we can get in and decide if we need to let any water out or cool it off.”

I noticed she was barefooted and her bare legs looked great coming out of her skirt. I know she was wearing tights when we went to dinner, so I was extra turned on to know that she was getting ready for us.

We met in the center of the bathroom and she reached up and placed both arms on my shoulders and kissed me deeply. She slumped back down flatfooted and I was noticeably taller than normal in comparison to her since I was still wearing my shoes. I move behind her and turned her to face the soft candlelight coming off of the vanity mirror. I held her as we looked at each other.

Slowly I began to unbutton her shirt and I continued to admire her reflection. Once undone I pulled it open to expose her beautiful figure in her bra. She started to unfasten her skirt, then slipped it off and stepped into the bedroom and placed it flat on the bed. She walked back toward me in her panties, bra, and open shirt.

“My god, you look incredible.”

She moved into me and began pulling my shirt over my head. Once it was off she kissed my chest and reached down and grabbed the bulge in my pants. She moved right past me over to the tub and sat on the edge and felt the water,

“It is hot,” she said and then she slipped off her shirt. She stood and placed it on the counter and while looking toward me reached back and undid her bra. Once the bra was loose she pulled it forward and placed it with the shirt.

“Are you going to join me?” she said as she turned back to face the tub and pulled off her panties.

She left the panties on the floor as she carefully placed one leg over and into the tub. She made a little face to let me know how hot it was and placed her bare ass onto the side of the tub. She pivoted off of her straddle position and put the other foot into the water. At first, I was staring at the beautiful silhouette of her back and her ass as she sat on the edge of the tub. Then I focused on her reflection in the mirror in front of her. She leaned forward and ran her hand through the bubbles allowing her breasts to hang perfectly down toward the water.

As I approached, she was carefully splashing the water onto her arms and chest in order to get her body acclimated. I stood behind her and kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. She cautiously moved into the water before I could remove my pants. She rested her arm on the edge of the tub and looked up at me.

“Now I get to watch,” as she smiled.

I pulled my pants off and stood before her in my underwear. My cock was pressing pretty tight against my briefs so I quickly slid out of them. I posed in front of her with my cock sticking straight out, almost fully erect. I put my hand around it and stroked it a couple of times in her direction.

“What do you think?”

“Looks good. You look really good.”

“Is there room for me in there?”

“We’ll work it out.”

She moved to the front of the tub to give me room and I climbed in behind her and sat down. She slid back into me, turned sideways and kiss me passionately. I immediately started rubbing the soapy bubbles on her breasts and pulled on her extremely hard nipples.

“This was a good idea,” she said.

I realized I had left the champagne on the counter.

“Give me a second,” as I rose out of the water, climbed out, and retrieved the bottle and the glasses.

“What do you think?” I said as I held up the glasses.

“Sure,” she said.

I undid the cover on the cork and muscled it out of the bottle pretty quickly. I poured us a couple of glasses and handed one to her as I climbed back into the tub. I asked if she wanted to make a toast.

“To us,” she said and took a small sip.

We shared a brief kiss.

“There really is too much water in here,” I said as I moved past her to release the drain. “What do you think? Is it too hot?”

“No, I like it.”

I stopped the drain and moved back into position in the back of the tub. The bubbles were still plenty full and the water was an acceptable level of hot. My wife leaned back against my chest as we clinked our glasses and each took another sip of the cool bubbly.

“I love being with you,” I told her. “You are probably tired of hearing me say that, but I love spending time with you.”

“Why would I be tired of hearing you say that?”

She placed her glass onto the surface in avrupa yakası escort the corner of the tub and relaxed deeper against me while releasing a long breath. I sat my glass down, too, and just held her.

After a few minutes of stillness, I moved my hands up and began rubbing her breasts again. Her nipples tightened up as I squeezed them and tugged them slightly away from us. I reached out and collected a handful of bubbles and covered the portion of her breasts that were floating above the water. Those bubbles didn’t last but only because I could couldn’t keep my hands off of her.

A little bit to my surprise, she reached up and moved my hand down and between her legs. I caught her hand and clasped my fingers over hers and placed both of our hands against her pussy. I gently curved her fingers inward to lightly brush her own open slit.

She eventually freed her hand from mine and proceeded to take my other hand off of her knee and led it below to join the fun. I was perched forward with both of my arms under hers and my hands buried in her crotch. She had pulled her knees up and placed her feet about eighteen inches apart. I was really having to spread my legs wide to get her to room that she was taking to reveal herself.

I knew her head was down and I also glanced toward the mirror beside us and I could see that her eyes looked closed. She appeared equal parts relaxed and focused. I was tempted to pull my hands back up and play with her breasts again, but she had placed my hands where she wanted them. Who was I to screw up her plan?

I had been tickling her inner thigh with one hand while I massaged her pussy with my full palm, but I moved both hands onto her and used my fingertips to spread her apart before I slowly walked my fingers inside of her while he lips closed around them. I slid my hands away momentarily and used two finders on one hand to spread her apart while I stroked her clit with the other.

This apparently was what she was looking for. She heightened her breathing and begin to rock her body in unison with my fingers. I moved my fingers a little lower and probed inside of her just a bit. Even in the water I could feel how slick she was. She reached down again and moved my hand back up to the top of her pussy and held it firmly while I resumed stimulating her clit. Her breathing intensified once again and the motion in her hips became more pronounced. She released my wrist, but the message was not lost, and I continued to furiously massage her clit. Once, I did pinch her button just for fun, but I returned to tapping her clit before she could protest.

She was practically lifting her ass off of the tub floor in order to grind her pussy harder against my hand. I added a third finger and drove them up and down her slit in for about five strokes and then I pressed them hard against her clit and gave her a flurry of tight finger motion. She came in quick waves as her body jerked against mine once, then again, and then a third time. I had ceased all motion with my hand and I had permitted her lips to relax, but I was still touching her and as I started to tease her with my fingers again she grabbed my wrist and pulled it away.

She was completely spent and was laying loose against my body. I wrapped her in my arms, held her, and gave her time to recover.

One more sip and I had emptied my glass. I would have refilled it, but she was clutching my other arm and I didn’t want to disturb her. I gently kissed the back of her head, which is about all I could reach.

My cock which had been rock hard against her backside had even subsided a little. I also noticed that the water did not feel nearly as hot and the bubbles in the tub were only about one fourth of what we started with.

She finally turned her face to the side and I kissed her on the check.

“Mmm,” was all she could say.

I felt a little guilty. My mind was racing through all of the things I wanted to do to her but she seemed so relaxed.

“Do you need anymore champagne?” I asked, but that was only an excuse. I used reaching for the bottle as a selfish way to break up our down time

“I am fine,” she said as I poured myself another glass.

I decided not to mess around. I had chosen the tub for one activity and now was my time.

I moved her glass and lifted my body out of the water and I sat in the corner next to the mirror. My body was at an angle and my feet were still in the water. From my vantage point, I had a great view of my own cock in the mirror and I was guessing that if I brought her in from the correct side that I could have an even better view of her beautiful face next to me.

It was not obvious to her what I wanted to do so I coaxed her in between my legs and I rested her head on my thigh with her face about five inches away from my solidly erect member. She glanced up and we made eye contact via the mirror.

“So that’s why you’re sitting up there.”

I shifted my glance from the mirror to her face and I reached down and placed my hand on her hair and calmly stroked her head. I put my other hand on my shaft and glanced back into the mirror. I had a great view of her gazing at my cock while I stroked it in front of her. I eased my cock down and closer to her face. I was tempted to guide her head toward my cock, but I really wanted to see her take me in her own way.

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