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Finishing School Ch. 01

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Monday, June 28, 2124

I can’t believe this! They are sending me away again! The only reason I act out is for the attention that they give me, but apparently, I haven’t stepped up my game enough. This time it’s to some fancy boarding school in the middle of nowhere called “Miss Fleurina’s Institute for Refined Young Women.” All of the windows on the transport shuttle are blacked out and we have to take a sedative so we don’t have any idea where it is. Mother says that this school has the best reputation in the entire world. I could care less, I give it a month, maybe two, and then I’ll be gone, just like every other place they’ve tried to send me,

I’m supposed to leave tomorrow, and I’m not allowed to bring anything with me, they even provide my travel clothes! I suppose it’s to try and “reform” us to be the “perfect ladies” that they claim to produce. I have to get up at 7 am to make it to their fancy transport station by 8! That ridiculously early! That’s only 5 hours from now! I guess I better go to bed now.

At 7 am exactly, I was woken from a very pleasant dream of swimming in the Seine with my best friend Chari, and getting in trouble with the rather attractive constable. Mother rushed me through breakfast and out the door we went. The drive was almost an hour-long, and I stared grumpily out the window the whole time. I’m 22 years old, a legal adult, but still stuck under my parent’s thumb. Not that I had any desire to leave, it had been made very clear from the start that if I were to do anything my parents didn’t approve of, I would be cut off from the family fortune, and disowned. I had never worked a day in my life, and I wasn’t about to start now.

After what seemed like an eternity, they finally pulled up the transport station. We were rushed inside to a tastefully decorated office. My parents were told to wait there, and someone would be along to have them finish signing all of the necessary paperwork. I was given only a single article to sign, stating that I was willingly participating in my admittance to the Academy. I knew if I didn’t sign, I would be disowned, and really, I had done this countless times before. No finishing school had been able to hold me for more than a few weeks.

As soon as I signed it, I was whisked down a long casino şirketleri hallway to a room with a single shower stall. The woman escorting me instructed me to shower and leave my clothes in the bag by the door. When I inquired as to what I was expected to wear, and where my clothes would be going, the woman simply told me that all clothing would be provided for the duration of my stay and that my current clothing would be returned to my parents. The woman told me I had one hour, and left abruptly, locking the door behind her. Up until that moment, it had all sort of felt like a dream, but standing alone in the glaringly white bathing room, reality started to sink in. I shook my head and started to undress, no use fighting right now, there was no one there to witness it.

Unbeknownst to Mara, she was being observed by a team that had the special job of watching all of the newcomer’s actions and behavior while in transition. They watched as she turned the shower on, neatly folded her clothing, and placed it in the provided bag before getting into the shower. She quickly washed her hair and body, making sure to pay extra attention to all the nooks and crevices. They made a note as she stood under the spray of warm water after washing up, and then abruptly turned it off and got out. She looked around for a towel and found one hanging on a hook across from the bag where she placed her clothing. There was a robe hanging on the next hook, and she put it on before trying the door handle. It was still locked.

After about 10 minutes, the door opened and the same woman as before told me to follow. I did as I was told, not wanting to argue when I was clad only in a robe. I was led to another small room with a soft chair and a change of clothing. After changing, I was instructed to have a seat and relax. The light dimmed, and I found myself becoming more drowsy with every passing second.

The second that Mara was fully unconscious, the door slid open, and two men entered, they carefully lifted her onto a floating stretcher and guided it through a series of corridors to the waiting glider car.

When I woke, it was in a luxurious bedroom, I was on a king-sized bed, surrounded by fluffy pillows. As I looked around, I noted that everything was black or electric casino firmaları blue, with dark grey accents. I climbed out of the bed, and walked over to the smaller door, finding it unlocked, I opened it. The door led to a large bathroom, decorated in the same colors as the bedroom. The shower was a walk-in with one large showerhead on the ceiling, and several smaller ones on every side. It has a built-in bench and another removable shower head with an adjustable nozzle. I walked out of the shower and over to the enormous jacuzzI tub. It was large enough to fit four people comfortably, and it had jets spaced evenly around the edges.

Leaving the bathroom, I opened the next door, which led to a walk-in closet, full of dresses of varying styles, all in shades of black, dark grey, and that same shade of electric blue. There was a set of drawers along the back wall, and the bottom drawer was full of plain underwear that matched the other clothing. On hangers near the dresser, there were bras that were just as plain as the underwear in the drawer.

Back in the bedroom, there was a set of glass doors that I could see led to a beautiful balcony that overlooked a sparkling lake. As I tried the handle to the glass doors, the last, largest set of double doors directly across the room from the balcony doors, opened, and a striking woman walked in. The woman had dark eyes, and her dark brown hair was in a neat bun at the nape of her neck. She was dressed in an attractive purple bodycon dress, with plain black heels.

“Good evening Ms. Warren, I trust you have familiarized yourself with your room. Since we did not have the chance to obtain your measurements before your arrival, we will be doing that now.”

She gestured to a gorgeous man as he walked in, “This is our tailor, Mr. Attenborough, he will be taking your measurements, please cooperate with him to the best of your abilities, I prefer to get this done as quickly as possible.”

Mr. Attenborough walked over to me and gently took my hand, “You may call me Adam my dear, now if you would please raise your arms. Yes, just like that, thank you.” He had a deep voice with an alluring accent.

He took various measurements of my arms, jotting them down on his small notepad. I still had my arms raised, and güvenilir casino they were starting to tire.

He looked at my face, “Keep those arms up just a bit longer love, I have a few more to take.”

He took out the measuring tape once more and I blushed as he wrapped it around my chest in several places. He wrote down the measurements and then moved on to my underbust, waist, and hips.

“There you are love, you can put your arms down now.” He murmured.

I lowered them quickly, having forgotten that they were still raised. He moved on to my outer leg, and then down to my ankle and foot.

He took several measurements of the width of my leg, and just above my knee, he looked up at me, “This next part might be a bit uncomfortable.”

I nodded, and he gently nudged my legs apart, I could feel my underwear getting damper by the minute. He carefully measured the width of my thigh in a few places, and then he held one end of the tape measure on the floor directly next to the inside of my foot and started moving the other end up my leg. My breathing hitched, and I could feel my heart pounding. I had never been touched like this before.

He stopped mid-thigh and looked up at me again, “I have to be as accurate as possible, so while this may be uncomfortable, I need you to hold very still.”

I nodded again, and he continued up my leg. When he stopped, his knuckles were brushing my underwear, and under that, my swollen slit. He held it there as he moved closer to read the tape measure. I was breathing rapidly now, and I was sure he could tell how horny I was.

Suddenly, he stood, “All done, you did wonderfully my dear.”

With that, he wrote down a few more notes and left. The woman returned, I hadn’t even noticed when she left, “Your dinner will be brought to you shortly, Once we have your uniform finished, you will join the rest of your class in the dining hall. But for now, it’s best if you are fully transitioned first.”

She left as quickly as she had come, and I stared after her, still dazed from the gentle touch of Mr. Attenborough. I had touched myself before, of course, but I had never been so horny before. I hoped I would be seeing the sexy tailor again very soon.

Dinner was an amazing meal, everything tasted absolutely amazing, and I soon found myself full to the point of bursting. I had planned to shower before going to bed, but I was suddenly exhausted, and I crawled into bed still fully clothed. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

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