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First Crush

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Wow, I couldn’t wait until Sunday. Why you ask? Well, the person of my dreams invited me to go exercise with him, that’s why. I lift on a semi-regular basis(when ever I feel like it) at a fitness center near my house. It was something I did even back in high school. But the two years that I’ve been out I haven’t kept to it as much as I should have. Not that you would notice I still have a flat stomach and firm pecs.

My arms aren’t as big as they once were but I still have definition. I wasn’t the active sort in high school, though. I didn’t socialize much or do any activities, but I wasn’t a total outcast either. I had friends and people knew who I was, I was just shy and hid a little. I’ll admit, I was afraid that others would find out that I was gay and then it would be it for me so I kept a low profile. Sorta. There was this one time I almost had a run in with the star receiver of the football team. His name was Dell and he was a god.

Dell was the type of jock who was nice to everybody, did well in school, and everybody loved him. I was in love with him. I had gone to school with him since junior high and he was my first crush, one that lasted for six years and counting. We had a few classes together but we never became what you would call friends. I was afraid that he would find out that I liked him, but I desperately wanted him to know that I liked him. Typical crush stuff, right? Problem was that there were all sorts of stories that went around in school about his conquests with the cheerleaders. Well, in our senior year I had become friends one of the P.E. teachers and he gave me free run of the gym room as long as nobody else was using it.

One afternoon I poked in and it was unoccupied so I decided to do some arm curls and bench presses while I had the chance. I had just got into my first set when Dell comes walking in. He had short brown hair, a TIGHT t-shirt, and gym shorts on that looked a little small. I almost dropped my bar. I struggled it back to it’s perch and sat up.

“Mind if I do a few sets,” he said sitting on the floor doing his stretches.

“Uh..no I don’t ..uh.. mind. Go ahead.” I felt my self go red so I jumped off the bench and went over to the dumbbells. I did my arm curls facing the wall, wanting to turn around but I knew that I would just stare at his beautiful physique and give myself away. Eventually I gave in and looked. I watched him bench(how much? I don’t know, that was the last thing on my mind) and saw the muscles ripple. It was when I noticed the bulge in his shorts that I knew I had to go before I raped him right there. Quickly I went into the locker room and leaned against a far row of lockers. I couldn’t take it I whipped out my erection and started stroking it with the fresh image of him in my mind.

I was about in ecstasy when I heard my name. “Andy, Andy? You still in here.”

In a panic I pulled my shorts up as he rounded the corner. “Andy, that’s your name right?”

I nodded.

“You left this in the weight room. I didn’t want you to forget it,” he handed me my duffle bag. I took it and stammered out a thank you. He smiled and went back to what he was doing. I felt relieved that he didn’t catch me wacking off until I looked down and saw the tent my cock was making of my shorts.

He was never any different to me after that, like he never saw a thing. After that I always wondered if maybe he was gay or just didn’t feel the need to spread anything around. After graduation, I would bump into him occasionally here and there. We would talk about what we were up to and where we were going. Then heaven smiled upon me. I bumped into him again at the grocery store last Wednesday(I was buying some vegetables for my mother). I was inspecting a cucumber when I felt a presence. I turned around and there he was standing behind me.

“Hey Andy, what’s going on?” He had grown his hair out since last time I saw him. It still wasn’t as long as my sandy brown hair, after graduation I decided that I was tired of short hair and grew it out down below my ears. His was almost there though. We talked for awhile about this and that until he asked if I still lifted. The incident in the locker room flashed through my head but I pushed it away. I told him I still did occasionally.

“I remember you used to sneak into the weight room at school all the time. Why didn’t you lift with the team, they wouldn’t have minded.”

“I was just shy, I guess.” Truth is I didn’t want to pop my cork in front of them, there was more than one good looking player on the team.

“Tell you what, if you haven’t got anything to do this Sunday you can come lift with me. I go to this club across town and it’s usually empty on Sunday evenings. What do you say?”

How could I refuse. “Sure.” I couldn’t wait. He left to finish his shopping and I stood there in awe, the man of my dreams just invited me to do something. Life was good. I quickly went home and dropped off mom’s groceries. casino şirketleri I went straight up to my room and tore my pants off and threw myself in my bed, dick in hand.. I pictured him as I saw him standing there in the produce section in his tight yellow t-shirt and shorts. I started masturbating my seven inch prick. I imagined him without his shirt, without his shorts standing there waiting for me. His torso was sleek and muscled, his stomach flat and his shoulders broad. His legs would be thick and long, well defined. I imagined his thick cock, he held it in both hands and stroked to the same rhythm that I stroked mine. Together we jerked ourselves off each stroke in sync. I felt my orgasm building as his did too. His face contorted into his orgasm as I felt a rush in my loins and cum erupted out of me. His own stream was thick and white, it covered his hand as my own hand was covered. Feeling a little bit of a release I went about the rest of my week waiting for Sunday.

When Sunday did come I was a nervous wreck all day. My parents thought I had too much coffee of something. I was jittery and clumsy. I hoped it would go away by the time I met him at 4:30 or it could turn disastrous. It finally came time to go so I went across town and met him at the gym. It was a decent size club downtown, it had a good size weight room, pool, sauna, and a couple of racquetball courts. He was standing at the front desk talking with the attractive brunette behind the desk. She wore a light green tank-top that showed off her own muscle tone and firm breasts. She looked a little older, maybe in her late twenties. They were laughing about something when I came up behind Dell. A pang of doubt crept up, was he flirting with her? She saw me and said to him, “Hey, your friend is here.”

He turned around with a big smile. “Hey Andy, you made it. Why don’t you go drop off your duffle bag and meet in the weight room.” I said okay and trod off to the dressing room. It was musty and damp. I picked a locker at random and shoved my bag into it. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. If he was so intent on flirting with her then my dreams were down the drain. I met him in the big open weight room at the far right of the building, he was doing his stretches. I hadn’t done anything active in a month so I started my stretches making sure I was good and loose.

I had all intentions of taking it slow but before I knew it I was pushing myself more and more to try and impress him. He was of course out doing me by a lot, but he was probably more avid than I had been. He sure looked it. He was wearing a blue tank-top, tight of course, and blue gym shorts. He looked better than my fantasies(I blushed when I started comparing the real him and the fantasy him that I jerked off to days before. The real him was so much better.)

We bullshitted as we lifted talking about life in general. He was working for his dad in the factory just outside of town. He said he hated it but it paid the bills. I told him that I was in between jobs and how the manager fired me from the grocery store that I used to work at for no reason whatsoever.(actually it was because he suspected that I was gay because I made a pass at the produce supervisor, which I did and we dated for about a month). I decided to find out what I really wanted to know, so I started by asking him if he was seeing anyone.

“Naw, not right now.” “Oh, come on now. Football star like yourself, lean and mean. You should have your pick of any of the women.” I stressed the last word. He shrugged.

“I guess I haven’t found anyone I was interested in.” he gave me a strange grin and went back to his butterfly curls. “What about you? You aren’t exactly ugly yourself. You’re in pretty good shape. You got a significant other?”

“Nope.” I kept it simple. Was it interest I picked up in his voice or was I just getting hopeful. “What about the lady at the desk I saw you flirting with?”

“Diane?” he laughed. “No, she knows me. I practically live here.” Hope renewed in me once more. There was still a chance. I started on leg lifts and he switched to bench presses. As he rested back on the bench I could see the perfect curves of his chest and that unmistakable bulge in his shorts. Seeing him like that I felt my shorts get tight and I remembered the last time I saw him like that; I had to run out of the room. I couldn’t just run out of the room now, a small surge of panic welled in me. I had to do something about my growing erection before he noticed. I started in on my leg lifts hoping the blood would re-route itself before he noticed. As he finished one set I wondered if he could read my mind by saying: “You remember the last time we lifted togther?”

“Y-yes.” I said carefully.

“I had to go chasing after you because you left your duffle bag.” he laughed and sat up. Sweat gave his face a glow and stuck his shirt to his chest. I felt faint. With every look he was becoming more and more beautiful.

“Hey casino firmaları Dell,” I wanted to know what else he remembered, I wanted to know if he saw my erection.

“Those were the days, huh.” I ended up using instead. “Yeah, I still kinda miss it. Why didn’t you do more in school. I saw you around but we never talked or anything.”

“I dunno, I was just…”

“Shy,” he said for me with a grin. God he was cute. “Well I think it’s cool to hang with you now. I am really enjoying this. I usually like to do this alone, but I’m having fun.”

“Yeah so am I.” We went at it for about another half hour. I was about at my limit for the day but I didn’t think Dell was going to stop. He stood from doing his own leg lifts when he grunted and sat back down.

“Shit, I got a leg cramp. I guess I didn’t take as long as I should have to stretch. Hey Andy, could you do me a favor. Could you massage it a bit.” First I hang with him and drool over his body and now I get to touch him, will the thrills never end? I said sure and went over to him. I started massaging his calf, it was tight but it didn’t feel bunched up. Could this be an excuse for me to touch him? I kept rubbing his leg until it loosened a bit. I could have done it forever if I was given the chance, but I knew I had to stop at some point so I eased off.

“Thanks man, you are really good at that. You have the hands for it, you may have found your calling.” I blushed a little at that. “My leg is still a little sore up farther, could you do that too?” he indicated his upper thigh. Holy shit, this was getting pretty close to the nether regions. I massaged his thigh, being careful not to go up too far. His eyes were closed as I worked on him. The problem was that I was getting hot from all this. My dick was throbbing in my shorts and I wanted to just reach up a little farther and see what kind of man her really was. The more I rubbed the worse it got so I decided to get a little daring and ventured up a bit. I slipped my hand under his shorts and let my fingers gently brush up against his bulge. He sighed and looked down at me. I caught my breath.

“I’m done, how about you.” he said just as jolly as ever.

“Sure. I’m done.”

“Okay, let’s hit the showers.”

Our footsteps echoed through the empty dressing room. I tried hard not to stare at the way his ass moved in his gym shorts. I didn’t know how much more I could handle, I was so turned on. We went to our lockers and took out our duffle bags. I took my time to grab my towel, keeping an inconspicuous eye on Dell. He rummaged through his gym bag and took out his clothes. Then he took off his shirt. I heard my breath catch in my throat as he peeled it off revealing a gleaming and perfect torso. He was the god I always imagined. He had a six pack that you could do your laundry on; his pecks were something you only dreamed of having yourself. And of course his broad shoulders stood out even more. I felt weak-kneed as I stood there staring at my dream come true. He threw his shirt on the bench and slipped off his shorts showing me the enormous bulge in his Jockey’s. I knew I had to stop staring at him, I had to turn away before he caught me drooling over his package but I couldn’t. He turned away and picked his shorts off the floor giving me a wonderful butt shot. I found enough will to turn my head before he straightened up but I wasn’t quick enough to hide my erection that was making a tent of my own shorts. He smiled at me. “I forgot my soap, could I borrow yours?”

“Um…sure.” I stammered finally. I felt myself go red. If I had any hopes of hiding what I felt they were about shot. Quickly I took off my own shirt and shorts(after some adjustment to my aching rod)and wondered what I was going to do with my erection when we stepped into the shower. But then he did the thing that made me lose all self-control. He took off his underwear. I know I stopped breathing, I know my eyes were as big as saucers, I know I had made it obvious. I didn’t care, I was staring at the most beautiful cock I had ever laid my eyes upon. It was semi-erect, cut, and thick. I had to guess he was a good 8 to 10 inches hard. It was smooth with a round purple helmet. His pubes were trim and shaved and his balls, oh my god, his balls. They hung down low and were wonderfully large, each one a glorious mouthful. I could have stood there all day admiring what he had down there.

“Hey Andy?” He brought me out of my reverie. He didn’t say it mean or in surprise, just to get my attention but I still turned away, embarrassed. Well so much for working out together. He wouldn’t want to lift with someone who was always staring at his crotch.

“Hey Andy? Let’s go jump in the shower.” “Uh, sure. Why don’t you go ahead, I’ll be there in a minute.” I was still turned away. “You okay?” “Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute.” If I was so embarrassed and scared of his reaction, why was I still hard as a rock? There was a silence then he walked up güvenilir casino to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Pretty impressive isn’t it?” “What?” I turned to him in surprise. He just looked down, I followed my gaze to his crotch. It was still down there, waiting to get hard.

“I’m guessing that your not to far off though.” He looked over my shoulder at the rod pointing up at my stomach. I blushed again.

“It’s not that big.” Not as big as his, that was for sure.

“Ever measure it?” His big hand was gently massaging my shoulder. It felt really good, reassuring.

“Yeah. It’s about seven, seven and a half inches.”

“Better that average then. Let’s see it.” I was too flustered to do anything. “C’mon, you saw mine. You are going to have to take your shorts off to shower.” I smiled in spite of myself and brushed my hair behind my ear. “C’mon, take ‘em down.” With that he grabbed the elastic band of my underwear and yanked them down. My hardon sprang out with a pop.

“See, that’s pretty impressive too.” He smiled at me as I turned to him. I was still nervous and had a hard time looking at him. “Hey don’t be nervous. We’re the same. I know your gay. So am I?”

“This whole time? I thought you were as straight as they came. What about all those stories I heard about you in high school? You and whats-her-name, Charlotte, the cheerleader?” I was astonished. Since I was a kid I wanted him to be gay and now that he admitted it to me I wasn’t sure what to think.

“Most of those stories I made up as a cover. I figured that if I wanted to play sports I would have to cover for myself. Anytime anyone started suspecting, I had a story pop up to cast any doubt aside.”

“Really?” “Sure, I wasn’t the only one with something to hide on the team.”

“I knew the quarterback was. That was pretty obvious.” We laughed at that. “But what about Charlotte, I heard all the details from her about after the Homecoming game. You and her…”

“Yeah, I had sex with her. It was okay. Not great. She gave pretty good head but that’s about it. Later I went over to the quarterback’s house and…” it was his turn to go red.

“I wish I had known this sooner.” Boy, all the fantasies I could have lived out for real if I had this knowledge before.

“So do I. I figure you were gay but I was too afraid to say anything. I always wanted too but I was too concerned about my image instead of what I really wanted.”

“You wanted me?” I was finding that hard to believe. We barely spoke in school.

“Yeah, I did. Just like I want you now.” He looked at me with those deep green eyes. Those eyes that I could drown in, they pulled me in closer and closer. I didn’t know how close they had drawn me in until our lips met. His kiss was deep and his lips soft. His tongue parted my lips and darted around the tip of my tongue. We explored each other’s mouths. His lips were soft and full, he wasn’t aggressive as I thought he would be, he kissed me fully but gently. I didn’t want to break away but we needed to catch our breath. There wasn’t anything else but us; the rest of the world ceased to exist for us. I gently touched his face and we kissed again this time with more passion. “Why don’t we take that shower,” he said when we parted again. I ran my fingers down his solid torso. It was as smooth and firm as I had always imagined it would feel. He took my hand, grabbed the soap with the other and we went to the shower.

We stood under the spray kissing each other on the lips, face, and neck while our hand explored each other’s bodies. I ran my hands down the ripples of his stomach and made around to his smooth butt. I squeezed it and he laughed. He was driving me wild with small kisses on my neck, I was hot, exremely hot. I wanted him so bad. I gently took hold of his member and started to stroke it. He stiffened then melted into my shoulder. It felt big and warm in my hand as I went back and forth. It felt so good to have his smooth strong body leaning on me. His breath was heavy in my ear I could have come right then, most of my fantasies were coming true right now, not to mention what was to come. He looked up at me and I could see passion in his eyes, he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him. Oh my god, he wanted me as bad as I wanted him, who would have known. He kissed me again and said that we should probably wash up.

He lathered me up first. Running his hands on every part of my front. As he soaped my chest he squeezed my nipples and then massaged them. I groaned with pleasure. He made his way down my stomach and down to my crotch. He spent extra time on my throbbing cock. I almost feel to my knees when he first touched it, the jolt of pleasure was so intense. I turned around and he washed my back and the back of my legs. He washed my butt, and massaged the cheeks which made me laugh. He then spread apart my cheeks and lather my crack. Just when I thought he was done he put a soapy finger in my hole and I had to hold on to the wall to keep from falling. It felt so good. His large digit going in and out of my tight hole was heaven. I started moving my hips in rhythm with his finger. To some small disappointment he took it out. And turned me around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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