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First Night Seduction Ch. 04

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Adrien, having chosen to stay with Theo, relaxed further as they sat with their drinks.

“Could you go for a few nibbles? Cheese, grapes, crackers type thing or would you prefer more of a tapas selection?”

“Tapas has its place when you’re sat outside a café or bar in parts foreign watching the world go by but otherwise I’m definitely in the cheese camp.”

“Anything else?”

“Yeah, well, no it’s ok, some other time, maybe.”

Nope, sorry, I didn’t really get the gist of that,” Theo smiled.

“Something an old girlfriend introduced me to but it’s not something most people just happen to have in.”

“Still in the dark over here.”

“Sorry, one of the nearest things to a desert I really enjoy, grapes with mascarpone.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Theo picked up a handset from its base on the table beside him,

“Hello, yes that’s right, ask chef to put a decent cheese platter together if you would please, with crackers, chutneys, grapes and such enough for two. Oh and ask if there’s any mascarpone to be had as well.”

Theo waited for whoever was on the other end to reply.

“Thank-you, twenty minutes will be fine.”

Adrien marvelled at Theo’s absolute expectation that the hotel’s room service would extend to the private apartments especially so late at night.

“How did you manage to wangle that?”

“I know the owner, gets me a few perks.”

“Huh, some perk.”

Right on time there was a knock on the door.

“Merrill! I didn’t expect you.”

“I’m about off home sir, thought I’d check if there was anything else you need or if you need me to pass a message on to the day-staff,” the man Theo had spoken to in the lobby wheeled in a trolley bearing a number of covered platters.

“Everything’s good but I’ll definitely need more towels tomorrow.”

“I’ll inform housekeeping, if there’s nothing else I’ll wish you both a good night,” the man gave the barest of nods to them both, seemingly unfazed by encountering two men dressed in only pyjama bottoms, turned on his heels and all but marched from the apartments.

Theo moved the trolley to the dining table which was set end-on to the windows and transferred the plates to it.

“Bring the drinks Ade,” he called quietly across the space turning to face the couch but Adrien was already only a couple of paces away.

“What brought things to a head for you?” he asked as they sat, Theo at the head of the table with Adrien to his left both able to look out across the city scape and to the rising hills beyond.

“I was away on business, alone, in a city I’d not visited before, one that takes a far more relaxed view of sex and sexuality. I tracked down where the gay bars were, took me the rest of the week to get my arse through the door of one though.”

Adrien huffed a short laugh,

“You did better than me.”

“How so?”

Adrien explained about the things he’d done trying to get himself into the bar where they’d met, the way he told the story had them both laughing like drains by the end.

“Even the bloody clothes?!” Theo exclaimed incredulously.

“Do I strike you as the baseball cap and Doc Martens type?”

“Knowing what I know about you now no I probably wouldn’t take that for your usual attire but back then how was I to know otherwise? Besides you still looked fucking sexy. Is that really any good?” he pointed at the grape Adrien was about to sweep through the mascarpone.

“Try it yourself,” without stopping to think he covered half the grape with the cheese and popped it into Theo’s mouth.

Theo had been so surprised by it he’d accepted the fruit without demur. Both men looked at each other in shock, each realising how intimate an act it was and also how easily done. Theo bit into the grape feeling the difference between the firm flesh of the fruit and yielding softness of the mascarpone, he savoured the contrasting tastes nodding in approval,

“Nice,” he looked at the grapes then at Adrien his brows raised in expectation.

Again Adrien passed a grape through the cheese and offered it to Theo although not to his lips, Theo gently wrapped his hand around Adrien’s wrist and brought them both forward, without looking away from Adrien’s face he took the grape between his teeth and held it there . As if mesmerised Adrien leaned forward and bit off half the plump fruit.

“Oi young man that was my grape!” Theo laughed.

“Ok old man here’s a chance to get your own back.”

This time it was Adrien who held a grape between his teeth.

“You are a temptation,” Theo smiled as he moved to repeat Adrien’s actions.

The men laughed at what they’d done, not out of embarrassment simply the silliness of it.

“Ade,” Theo began.

“Adrien, it’s Adrien.”

“Better,” Theo commented before carrying on, “Adrien if you feel you need it the offer of the guest room’s still there.”

Adrien looked out of the windows seeing nothing but the night sky. Then casino şirketleri tilted his head back ran his hands over his face to his hair and left them there as he had once before, Theo immediately recognised this as something Adrien did when confronting a difficult topic.

“I don’t know Theo, I can honestly say I can’t think my way through it. Jeez this is going to sound really fucked-up if I don’t get it right. Give me a minute to try and unscramble it in my head.”

Theo waited breaking off a piece of his favourite stilton to enjoy as he did.

“When I, whenever I’ve allowed myself to think of myself in terms of being bi or gay it was in the context of sex wondering if it really could or would be better than it’d been before. Taking that one step further to think in terms of a full-blown gay relationship never happened. I’ve obviously shared a bed with someone else but I was in a relationship with them. It has its own kind of intimacy, actually sleeping with someone. Then again leaving a nice warm bed occupied by a person you’ve been intimate with to sleep in a different one seems not only odd but bloody cold-hearted.”

“Not deciding things too far in advance has served us pretty well so far perhaps we should carry on in the same vein. First thing is, are you working tomorrow?”

“No, it’s the one reason I’d decided that tonight was my last chance to visit the bar. That way if I got home having not got through the door I could drown my sorrows at home without worrying about the consequences, I’m on leave all week.”

The pachyderm in the room was beginning to make itself known. They may have by-passed the post-sex embarrassment earlier but they were fast heading to the pre-sex awkwardness.

“What about you and your work?”

“Fortunately I can work from practically anywhere, I can drop a message to my P.A. to let her know I won’t be in.”

“Would you do that? Should this turn into an even later night than it already has.”

“Nothing would please me more than the need to.”

“I noticed some bottles of water in the chiller may I get one?”

“Help yourself or would you prefer tea or coffee? There should even be some hot chocolate, for when I have my nieces in tow.”

“Water’s fine.”

Adrien hunkered down in front of the glass-fronted chiller noting the broad selection of alcoholic beverages within as well as the water, mixers and juices. When he returned to the table he was carrying two bottles in one hand,

“One each,” he held up his cache as he stood beside his former seat.

“Are you expecting us to need one each?” Theo asked as he stood up, bringing him close to Adrien.

“Expecting, no,” he looked down sucking in a deep breath, “hoping yes.”

Theo’s cock twitched in response to Adrien’s actions as much as his words, he’d sometimes wandered into the realms of B.D.S.M. either to scratch his own itch or to satisfy that of a partner, for himself he wasn’t into much more than the simple dominance aspect of it and Adrien had just put himself right into the middle of that, unwittingly or otherwise.

“Adrien,” the younger man looked up at him and Theo smiled, “you tell me what you want, I have already had one hell of a night and if it carries on I’ll be bloody ecstatic.”

“This is sodding ridiculous, I’m a grown man for pity’s sake, not some virginal little girl, I mean I’ve had a sex life for crying out loud albeit the wrong one, so why do I feel so dumbstruck.”

“I’ve already asked you to trust me, I hope I didn’t abuse that, if I didn’t then I’d like you to do so again.”

“I can do that.”

“Thank-you. Come with me.”

“Sorry no can do unless you plan on taking all this with us.”

“I wasn’t planning on it no but if you want to carry on eating we can take it with us.”

“That’s not exactly what I meant, sorry but I’m a tad O.C.D. about mess, comes of being a surgeon I suppose.”

“You want to tidy up!” Theo guffawed, “Well that’s a new one, come on then many hands make light work they say.”

“Like I said sorry, books, magazines, newspapers, even clothes to a certain extent I can handle being left around but food or anything that attracts bacteria drives me nuts if it’s left out,” Adrien chortled as they finished.

“It’s ok, we all have our quirks.”

“Come on I shared, give me one of yours.”

Instead of speaking Theo took Adrien’s hand to lead him back to the master bedroom this time to the bed, a very large bed.

“Wait here,” Theo said heading to a dark wood tallboy, from its cupboard he began pulling cushions and pillows of various shapes and sizes, “catch,” he called tossing his haul one at a time across the room to Adrien.

“Not sure this qualifies as a quirk but I can’t abide having to shove all these off the bed just to get a night’s kip but apparently it’s en vogue to cover half the bed with the ruddy things according to my nieces,” he continued, “although I admit I find them useful when I want to sit reading or to watch a movie casino firmaları or,” he’d moved back to the bed.

“Or to help seduce a willing but inexperienced partner,” Adrien laughed.

“Never thought about that, must add it to my repertoire,” Theo laughed with him.

“From personal experience I think your repertoire’s already wide enough.”

“For a beginner you’ve shown you have a variety of skills of your own.”

“Just did what you did really.”

“And that’s how it works, you think about what you like and pass it on or you do the things someone’s done for you to them. There’s no trick to this Adrien simply two adults enjoying what feels good between them.”

“In my head I know all this, the logical part’s all but screaming it at me so why am I in this state,” he held up a trembling hand, “why is my heart going like a jackhammer? If I saw a patient with a heart beating this fast,” he took hold of Theo’s right hand and placed it on his own chest over his heart, “they’d be having a pace-maker fitted within the hour. It’s not as if we haven’t done anything already.”

“There’s one thing you haven’t tried, in amongst all that anxiety is that what’s bothering you?”

Adrien gulped and nodded,

“I think we’re back to your opening gambit aren’t we?” he said quietly.

“Which I’ll amend to are you in the mood to fuck and or be fucked?”

“The latter for now I think.”

“Then I suggest we make ourselves comfortable , want to go for another first when we are?” Theo asked as he tucked a couple of pillows behind him as support where he was sitting propped against the headboard.”

“What’re you thinking?” Adrien took a slightly more supine position beside Theo as he spoke.

“Christ!” Theo thought, “he has absolutely no idea how many of my buttons he’s pushing.”

He was surprised to find how powerful his dominant tendencies were becoming, yes he used them frequently in his business life but not so very often in his private one; from what he’d seen a lot of the men who sought a dominant partner were too needy and clingy for his own taste but he doubted Adrien was one to fall into either category. If for now it helped him move forward then Theo was more than happy to provide whatever support Adrien needed.

Theo produced another remote from the bedside cabinet beside him, in short order the room lights dimmed and a projection screen lowered on the wall opposite the foot of the bed; a moment later a generic background image appeared on it covered in writing, Theo scrolled through it too fast for Adrien to take it all in.

For his part Theo knew exactly what he was looking for, it was one of his favourite porno films, coincidentally it was based around a young man experiencing gay sex if not for the first time then at most for the second or third. As an added bonus it actually had a pretty decent storyline.

“Smooth,” Adrien chuckled when he realised what Theo had chosen for them to watch.

Over the ninety minutes or so the film took to play Adrien had gradually slipped further down the bed his head was now close to Theo’s left thigh and almost without thinking Theo began stroking Adrien’s hair.

“Mmm,” he moaned in response.

Theo took a small cushion from beside him, placed it on his leg and tapped it, wondering if Adrien would follow his unspoken command; he did but not exactly.

“Do you mind?” Adrien had removed the cushion so he could rest his head directly on Theo’s leg.

Smiling, Theo shook his head, he now had not only a much better understanding of where Adrien’s psyche was but also that here was a man with whom he wanted more than a one night stand; he could only hope Adrien would want to remain the serial monogamist he’d described himself being in his straight life.

As the film approached its close Theo saw that Adrien was fighting sleep, before they’d laid on the bed Theo had thrown the duvet back so it lay across the foot of the bed; patience was one of Theo’s greatest personal assets so he didn’t move until he heard the deep, even, breathing only sleep can bring then with infinite care he hooked his right foot under the quilt and brought it slowly up the bed spread it out over Adrien and his own legs then eased himself down to his left curling himself around Adrien’s head and shoulders. The decision about where Adrien would be sleeping had been made it seemed.

At some point in the night, or rather early morning, they had moved instinctively around each other until they were front to front but not face to face; Adrien’s face was resting on Theo’s chest with his left arm draped around Theo’s torso whilst Theo had both his right arm and leg thrown almost possessively across Adrien which was how they were when Theo woke up.

Theo looked over his shoulder to his bedside clock – it was barely past seven but he needed to let his P.A. Lily know he would be absent for the foreseeable future; to that end he gradually eased his limbs from around his lover not wanting to disturb güvenilir casino him – Theo guessed he hadn’t been sleeping well of late.

He sent a brief, non-specific, email to Lily, made a swift detour to the bathroom and headed to the kitchen; Adrien was stirring when he returned to the bedroom.

“Coffee,” he announced as he slid a tray onto the nightstand closest to Adrien.

On it were two large mugs, a jug of milk and just about the largest of caffetiéres Adrien had ever seen.

“Help yourself or would you prefer tea.

“Coffee’s good,” Adrien moaned as he stretched out on the bed before he sat up.

“I’m throwing myself in the shower, won’t be long.”

Adrien’s curiosity was piqued when he heard the buzz of a mobile turning his head he saw Theo’s ‘phone on the other bedside cabinet he had no intention of answering it but couldn’t resist taking a look at the screen, curious to see who was calling Theo at seven-thirty on a Bank Holiday Monday morning; it wasn’t a call but an email the screen displaying that it was from Thepson H.Q.. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened he was glad he wasn’t holding his mug because otherwise he was damned sure he’d be wearing its contents.

Thepson Holdings was one of the world’s largest privately owned companies and Adrien was certain that he’d just spent the night being seduced and schooled by its owner, the phenomenally rich Theo Jepson.

Even the name of the bar “T.J.’s” and how easy it was for him to get what he wanted there and here at the apartment made sense now, he was also starting to suspect that Theo’s comment about knowing the owner of this building had referred Theo himself; Adrien looked again at his mug when he sniffed and tasted its contents his suspicions were confirmed – it was the same as they’d after their meal.

Although nothing had changed when Theo exited the bathroom, a towel secured round his waist and a smaller one in his hand with which he was drying his hair, everything had; his eyes were drawn by the flashing light on his mobile,

“Shit!” he thought whatever had happened had everything to do with that.

“So?” he asked simply as he sat on the edge of the bed beside Adrien to pour himself a coffee.

“You got an email,” Adrien inclined his head towards the other nightstand.


“And I didn’t read it.”


“But I read the screen,” Adrien admitted unable to look at Theo, “Sorry Mr. Jepson.”

“Ah, so you know.”

“Yes, the name’s Adrien Leadbeater, pleased to meet you,” he smiled holding out his hand.

“Theo Jepson the feeling’s mutual,” he chuckled shaking hand for the second time with Adrien, “does it make a difference?”

“No, I don’t think so, it’s easy to understand why you don’t give your name to all and sundry.”

“Like you I’ve had my moments of picking the wrong partner but for very different reasons I must add, bad experience is a harsh teacher.”

Adrien pondered his words, wondering how bad it could possibly have been for a man like Theo.

“Does me knowing make a difference to you?”

“Had we both decided that last night was a one-off then yes I would have preferred to keep my full name out of things but I find that’s not what I want; I’d like to spend more time with you Adrien if it appeals to you.”

“I told you I’m not the hit and run type but you’ve got to know I don’t mix in the same exalted company as your good self.”

“Thank fuck for that, you cannot begin to imagine what a set of wankers most of them are.”

Adrien smiled as he sipped more of his coffee,

“So what’s next?”

“Breakfast, I don’t know about you but I’m bloody starving! I’m a full English man, is the cardiac surgeon more of a muesli and fat-free yoghurt kind of guy?”

“Mum lived by the notion that you should breakfast like a king, take lunch like a lord and supper like a pauper, she always insisted on us having a decent breakfast.”

“Same with mine, mind you a day’s farming needs it.”

“Do you ever help on the farm?”

“Sometimes, it’s the best way of remembering where my roots are, what’s important.”

“Where is it or is that a red-light question?”

“Leicestershire, good red earth, Where are your roots?”

“Here in Cambridge, well just outside, both my parents worked at the university.”

“You mentioned your mum was an archaeologist but not what your father lectured in.”

“A bit like Tolkien he specialised in old European languages but mostly Old and Middle English.”

“I have enough trouble with English full stop never mind other versions.” Theo laughed, “Anyway about this breakfast, I’ll get on it anything you don’t like?”

“No black pudding after that it’s a bog-standard crispy bacon, sausage, beans, tinned tomatoes not cooked fresh ones, fried or scrambled egg, fried slice or good old white sliced bread or any permutation of that and builder’s tea type brekky for me please.”

“Throw yourself in the shower and I’ll see you downstairs, help yourself to some threads, there’s a collection of gym wear in the bottom two drawers, I’ll have the stuff you wore last night laundered while we eat.”

“Mr. Jepson are you trying to impress me?” Adrien laughed.

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