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Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 07 of 07

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Chapter 7. (Conclusion) — Danny finds fulfillment.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu had landed and, as soon as the ‘Please Fasten Your Seat Belt’ sign had stopped flashing, 200 Sunshine Holidays passengers began vacating their seats, and retrieving their hand-luggage from the overhead storage cabinets.

At their having finally touched down at their holiday destination, there was a hubbub of anticipatory excitement from the newly-landed holiday-makers, as the holiday mode, feel-good factor kicked in.

Passengers who had been seated in the rear half of the aircraft now filed down the aisle towards the rear entrance door, where Chief Stewardess Julie Davies and air hostess Carol were stationed.

The two air hostesses smiled charmingly at their disembarking passengers, wishing them all a happy holiday, and solicitously advising them to be careful in descending the steps; air hostess Carol, quipping, “You don’t want to spend your two-week holiday in Corfu in a plaster cast, do you? Ha ha ha ha!”

The Sunshine Holidays ‘Flying Pencil’ jet-liner (so nicknamed by workers in the Air Line industry, due to its fuselage being of a particularly long and narrow design) quickly emptied of passengers and, as soon as it had, Chief Stewardess Julie Davies and air hostess Carol set about the task of removing the four panels that were situated behind the rearmost row of seats — 50 A, B, C, and D.

After spinning free the quick-release wing-nuts, and putting the four panels aside, the two air hostesses pulled forward the four poolside-recliner-like contraptions: Air Purification Technician Service Vehicles, A, B, C, and D.

Now, the two air hostesses removed the strips of mouth-sealing adhesive tape, and unstrapped the firmly secured ankles, wrists, and necks of the contraptions’ occupants. Thereby releasing from their leather restraints, the four Air Purification Technicians who were ‘operating’ on this, inaugural flight.


Danny Dawson, Alan Wallace, Eric Pierce and Kelvin Costello were all eighteen-year-old school leavers; former school pals, who had no job or training to go to upon their leaving education and, would-be ‘career claimants’.

Which was why their local Job Centre, acting on the standing instructions of the recently elected Authoritarian Female Party government, had sent each of these would-be idlers, a Letter of Notification.

And upon reading their letters, each of them found, to their abject dismay, that in order to receive their Unemployment Benefit payments, claimants would from now on be required to satisfy a new qualifying condition.

And so, in accordance with the regulations of the A.F.P. government’s new Work Motivation Programme, their local Job Centre was assigning the jobless four, to a ‘placement’.

The stunned and resentful Danny Dawson, and his three equally mightily disgruntled former school chums, found that they were to be based at nearby Manchester Airport — Terminal 2 Departures. Their placements would attach them to the popular budget Air Line, Sunshine Holidays. And the official title of their placement, was an ‘Air Purification Technician’.

None of the four former schoolmates had had the slightest idea, as to what their placement duties would entail. Only finding out, once they were actually aboard the Sunshine Holidays jet-liner …


Now, after their being released from their service vehicles, after being On Station for more than three and a half hours, Danny looked at the faces of his former school pals. And all of them, he thought, were looking very much the worse, for their highly disagreeable experiences. All three of them, visibly shaken.

Shaken, from the effects of their strapped-down, taped-over-mouthed, under-seat experiences in the cramped and claustrophobic confines of the ‘Flying Pencil’s dim and dismal fuselage.

Particularly Alan — Al, Danny’s former best school chum — who was ashen-faced. In fact, Al seemed to be actually traumatised, by his ordeals aboard Service Vehicle C.

Danny thought Al looked overwrought, distressed. Anguished. Al’s face, had that; can’t-take-much-more, look.

Al obviously hadn’t coped at all well, in fulfilling the obligations of his placement. Hadn’t coped at all well, in his discharging of the duties required of him, as an Air Purification Technician.

Al’s face looked haggard. Haunted, from his three hours and more of being automatically conveyed, via the S.A.P.S. (Supplementary Air Purification System) computer, to the foot spaces of the relentless succession of female passengers who had summoned him.

Summoned him, because they could … and because they wanted to.

Summoned him — many of them — to gleefully dominate him. To cruelly torment him. To sadistically subjugate him. To humiliate him.

Summoned him — many of them — to give, him; the sponging, workshy, idle lump, a helpful nudge in the right direction: Towards finding gainful employment.

Summoned him — all of them — to fulfill casino şirketleri his obligations, as an Air Purification Technician.

Summoned him — a sealed-mouthed, fixed-in-place faced, Air Purification Technician to ‘oblige’ him to sniff; to sniff up and absorb into his lungs, their horrible, pungent, highly offensive stinky-feet fumes — that; if left to freely circulate, these foul, decidedly unpleasant odours, would disagreeably flavour the air inside the aircraft cabin — so that the Sunshine Holidays passengers wouldn’t have to.

After being automatically conveyed aboard his service vehicle — back and forth … back and forth … according to the in-sequence order of demand — along the under-seat space of seat line C, to the seat locations of summoning female passengers (between twelve and sixteen summonses, in total, according to Danny’s own estimations), and providing ‘service’ at each seat location, for a fixed period duration of ten minutes, Al already looked wiped out.

And he still had the return flight to Manchester to go through yet!

So did Eric and Kelvin, for that matter. And they were looking only slightly less distraught, only slightly less stressed out — only slightly less traumatised — than Alan.

Danny, on the other hand, was thrilled, overjoyed. Ecstatic. In fact, he was incredibly excited … And, he was having one hell of a struggle, in trying to hide the fact.

Firmly secured aboard Service Vehicle D, Danny had spent the more than three-hour-long flight to Corfu, in an advanced — almost unbearable — state of excitement.

One step away from heaven, Danny had been driven almost crazy, at being unable to take that last, all-important step. Driven almost to the point of delirium … at being denied. Driven absolutely nuts, at being so exquisitely ‘teased’, and being so wildly aroused — only to be so hideously frustrated.

For, Danny had become excited. Very excited. Over-excited. ‘Down there’ …

And, Danny had wanted to do ‘something’ about it — was desperate, to do ‘something’ about it.

Danny had wanted to touch himself. He had wanted to play with himself. He had wanted to pull his penis, in worship.

Danny had wanted to make his reverent ‘devotions’. He had wanted to make his solemn ‘sacrifice’. To his female summoners — his Goddesses.

And, Danny had wanted to pay his … respects, to his female summoners — to his Goddesses — there and then! In the moment! In real time! And not have to wait until later, when he got home, and replayed in his mind, the …

But, he couldn’t! Because Chief Stewardess Julie Davies had restrained his wrists to his service vehicle!

* * *

Addressing Danny and his three former school chums, Chief Stewardess Julie Davies said brusquely, “Right, you lot — toilet break. And be quick. You go first, Dawson. Have a small drink of water — not too much — you won’t be able to go to the loo again until we get back to Manchester.”

“Yes, Miss Julie,” replied Danny compliantly.

Before Danny entered the Flying Pencil’s rear toilet, he looked out through the left-open rear entrance, at the sun-drenched surroundings.

It was a beautiful day, in Corfu. Not that Danny could see much of it. He certainly couldn’t see any of the many charms, that brought countless visitors to the island every year.

The sights that Danny beheld, were the sights of the runway, the aircraft hangars, the airport’s service and emergency vehicles, and the Terminals and other airport buildings in the near-distance … which, Danny (mistakenly) thought, would be the extent of his ‘sight-seeing’, in Corfu.

Mistakenly … for, on the ground, on Corfu Airport’s apron, Danny saw air hostesses Ann and Diane smiling politely at the disembarked holiday-makers, and warmly wishing them a happy holiday as they directed them onto the airport buses that would take them to the Arrivals Terminal.

For a moment, Danny watched the two attractive, brunette, leggy and full-figured air hostesses, Ann and Diane, helpfully ushering the Sunshine Holidays passengers onto the waiting airport buses.

And then Danny was just turning away, to go to the toilet, when he heard a sound that stopped him in his tracks: the sound of the heel tips of air hostesses Ann and Diane’s uniform issue, two-inch heeled, dark-blue pumps, clicking and clacking upon the surface of the apron.

For, the two already footsore air hostesses were both easing free a heel and, as soon as they had done so, Danny then heard their blissfully sighed expressions of immeasurable gratitude and blessed relief as, luxuriating uninhibitedly, air hostesses Ann and Diane cooled, flexed, splayed, and scrunched their dark-hose covered toes.

Danny should be going to the loo, and the senior air hostess had told him to be quick — but he just couldn’t tear his eyes away, from the exciting, captivating ‘sighting’. One of those lucky, serendipitous, in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time, ‘sightings’.

For more than casino firmaları three hours, and for most of the flight to Corfu, all four air hostesses had been walking up and down the aisle of the Sunshine Holidays jet-liner in their uniform issue, two-inch heeled pumps, as they politely tended to the many and various needs and wants of their ever-demanding passengers.

And the four, already footsore air hostesses, still had the return flight to Manchester to work through yet!

“Oh, my God!” Danny heard air hostess Diane groan, as he watched her slip her right foot back into her pump; transfer her standing weight to her right leg, and then gratefully ease free her left foot, so as to afford that foot some momentary relief. “My feet, are absolutely … killing me!” she informed air hostess Ann. “I can’t wait to get back on that plane, and massage my feet on Costello’s face — the workshy, sponging malingerer!”

Oh, my God! thought Danny, barely able to believe his own ears. Not only a ‘sighting’, but a running commentary as well! This was something special!

To which, fervently expressed intention, air hostess Ann empathised, “Oh! I know just exactly how you feel, Di! And I’ll be putting that young layabout, Pierce, to similar use. Don’t you worry yourself about that! Never mind, the female passengers’ feet — wait until he gets a load of these, stinky feet! Hostie feet — there’s nothing like ’em. Ha ha ha ha! He won’t know what’s hit him, when he gets a good whiff of these!” exulted air hostess Ann, showing the sole of her right, dark-hosed foot to her friend and colleague — showing her, what Eric Pierce had to look forward to.

Oh, my God! thought Danny. I can’t believe what I’m hearing! What I’m seeing! I wish I had a camcorder. I’d replay this, over, and over, and …

“In fact, Di,” added air hostess Ann, rather darkly, “I’ll make a prediction now: After I’m through with him, Pierce will be at the Job Centre, first thing tomorrow morning — waiting for them to open the doors!”

Danny was now clinging onto the aircraft’s rear door for support; air hostess Ann’s words and actions, turning his legs to a quivering jelly.

“Oh, just think, Ann!” enthused air hostess Diane. “We’ll have twenty minutes — twenty minutes! — with the techies. One each, Ann — all to ourselves! And I’ll be having Costello. Having Costello, as my own, personal … footman. Ha ha ha ha! Oh, I’ve been looking forward, to that! I’ve hardly thought about anything else, for the last three hours — ever since we left Manchester! Oh, Ann, I can hardly wait! Ha ha ha ha! Costello will be another one, who’ll be hightailing it to the Job Centre tomorrow!”

Listening to air hostesses Ann and Diane talking about what they intended to subject Eric and Kelvin to, was driving Danny nuts — but in the most excellent of ways! In fact, Danny wished the two air hostesses were talking about him!

“Me neither — can hardly wait, I mean, to enjoy our new perk of the job — ha ha ha ha!” laughed air hostess Ann girlishly. “Then we’ll do a quick tidy-up in our half of the plane, before the Manchester-bound passengers start boarding. Oh, Diane! Twenty minutes, with the … ‘Air Purification Technicians’! Ha ha ha ha! It gets me every time!” giggled air hostess Ann.

Air hostess Ann had still not got over the amazing idea of the Supplementary Air Purification System (S.A.P.S.), that had only just been installed and, as an air hostess operating on this, inaugural flight, she was actually playing a part in making aviation history.

Danny was rooted to the spot. He couldn’t move … But he could see. And he could listen.

Danny watched the awesome ‘sighting’, of air hostesses Ann and Diane clicking and clacking the heels of their uniform issue, two-inch heeled, dark-blue pumps against the Tarmac.

Clicking and clacking their heels, in such a way as enabled them to gratefully ease off one shoe and, so that; by frequently alternating their standing foot, they could keep on cooling, could keep on flexing and scrunching and splaying the toes of both, tired and achy feet, in turn … Could keep on, luxuriating uninhibitedly.

And, listening to their conversation! Oh, my God! thought Danny. That was every bit as exciting! Listening to — eavesdropping on! — air hostesses Ann and Diane’s excited, exultant, techie-related conversation.

Hearing them talk: “Oh, Diane! Twenty minutes, with the … ‘Air Purification Technicians’! Ha ha ha ha! It gets me every time,” air hostess Ann had giggled. Giggled, just at the very thought of the totally ridiculous title. Who dreams these things up? she wondered.

Hearing them talk: about their hot and sweaty, tired and achy, stinky feet! Air hostess Ann: “Hostie feet — there’s nothing like ’em. Ha ha ha ha!” And: “Never mind, the female passengers’ feet — wait until he gets a load of these, stinky feet!”

Hearing them talk: with gleeful anticipation, about what they were looking forward to doing to his friends, Eric and Kelvin, just as soon güvenilir casino as they got back on board the Sunshine Holidays jet-liner.

Hearing them talk, with unveiled relish—

Then it finally dawned, on Danny … If Kelvin, was going to be air hostess Diane’s (“own, personal … footman.”), and if Eric, was going to be air hostess Ann’s … That must mean, then, that he, was either—

“Dawson!” yelled Chief Stewardess Julie Davies, loud enough to draw the curious attention of air hostesses Ann and Diane, down on the apron — and loud enough to make Danny almost jump out of his skin — when she came to investigate Dawson’s taking so long to go to the loo. For Dawson was wasting time. Valuable time! And, what’s more, he was making a habit of it!

“Don’t tell me you haven’t been to the loo yet!” she said furiously. “Make no mistake, I will be making due note of this, Dawson, when I write your Satisfaction of Conduct report. Now, get yourself in there, Dawson — and you had better be quick!” warned the highly annoyed senior air hostess.

Danny now considered himself not to have just blotted, his copy book, but to have splashed ink all over it. For he had failed, and failed dismally, to keep Chief Stewardess Julie Davies sweet.

Danny wondered, if he would get a chance to make amends …

* * *

As soon as the last of their passengers were on their way to Arrivals aboard the airport buses, air hostess Diane said, in gleeful anticipation, “Come on then, Ann — let’s go! Let’s give Costello and Pierce a good seeing to!”

Air hostesses Ann and Diane eagerly ascended the aviation steps and, as soon as they had re-entered the Sunshine Holidays jet-liner through the front entrance, they could hear the muted sounds of Alan Wallace’s continuing anguish.

Upon hearing Wallace’s pathetic, muffled complaints, air hostesses Ann and Diane laughed delightedly; laughed, upon hearing his “Nnnnn! Nnnnnnnnn!!” of outraged protest and acute distress, coming from the rear of the aircraft cabin.

Chief Stewardess Julie Davies and air hostess Carol, apparently, were already availing themselves of the brand-new perk of their job: the ‘services’ of their techies.

During these passenger transfer interludes, it was now the perk of the job, for the Sunshine Holidays air hostesses, to be granted ‘access’ to the Air Purification Technicians. Or, ‘techies’, as they had been sarcastically nicknamed by the air crews.

As and when Danny and his three former school pals had returned from their toilet break, no sooner had they finished their quick-something-to-eat, than Chief Stewardess Julie Davies and air hostess Carol had put them back On Station.

Sealing shut their mouths, and restraining them with the five sturdy leather straps, by their ankles, wrists, and neck, the two air hostesses had once again secured their charges aboard the poolside-recliner-like contraptions — the Air Purification Technician Service Vehicles.

Upon seeing air hostesses Ann and Diane enter the aircraft through the front entrance, air hostess Carol called to them excitedly. “Ann! Diane! Here, at the back! We’ve got the techies back here, in row fifty!”

Giggling girlishly, air hostesses Ann and Diane hastened along the aisle to the rear of the aircraft … Hastened, to where techies Pierce and Costello awaited them.

Looking down into the foot spaces of seats 50 A, B, C, and D, air hostesses Ann and Diane saw the mouth-sealed, fixed-in-place faces of Eric Pierce, Kelvin Costello, Alan Wallace, and Danny Dawson, respectively.

Air hostesses Ann and Diane saw that Chief Stewardess Julie Davies, seated in seat 50 D (the starboard window-seat), was availing herself of passenger transfer interlude ‘access’, to Dawson.

While air hostess Carol, seated in seat 50 C (the starboard isle-seat), was availing herself of access to Wallace.

Air hostesses Ann and Diane now seated themselves in seats 50 A and 50 B, respectively … where, in the foot spaces, the protruding, mouth-sealed, fixed-in-place faces of techies Pierce and Costello, respectively, stared miserably up at them.

And, just as Chief Stewardess Julie Davies and air hostess Carol had done, air hostesses Ann and Diane gratefully pried free and kicked off their uniform issue, two-inch heeled, dark-blue pumps.

“Oh! This … this is just the best thing, ever. Ever! This … is what I call luxury,” exulted air hostess Carol, seated in seat 50 C. Exulted, as she gratefully relieved her hot and sweaty, tired and achy feet. Exulted, as she blissfully massaged her dark-hosed soles, upon the conveniently positioned, mouth-sealed, fixed-in-place face of the already overwrought, already distressed — already traumatised — Wallace.

Air hostess Carol could still hardly believe it. She could still hardly believe, that the … ha ha ha ha! — oh, it still gets her, every time … Supplementary Air Purification System, had actually been introduced. Ha ha ha ha! ‘S.A.P.S.’, was right!

But, how on Earth, this particular Authoritarian Female Party placement scheme had actually been legally introduced; how it had got through all of the many legislative processes and procedures; bills, white papers, green papers … was quite beyond her.

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