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Fluffy, Furry Angora CockTease Ch. 04

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Your busty blonde Barbie-doll girlfriend is continuing to tease you, putting on a nice visual show after giving you just a little taste of her feminine charms. I’ve been strutting back and forth in front of you, sweet-talking you and calling your attention to certain sexy little places on my body…but you already know where they are, don’t you!

And now I’m employing that technique I love to use so much, where I confront you about what I’m doing, and make you confess how much you love it…

“So tell me, sweetie, do you like the way I’m dressed tonight?” I say teasingly, with a knowing smile. As I speak, your eyes continue to give me the visual inspection you’ve already been wrapped up in, gazing all over me in my pink teasey-stripper outfit. The answer to my question is so obvious, you simply don’t say anything, and instead you’re letting the glazed-over look in your eyes speak volumes.

Your gaze moves over my fluffy pink dreamy-soft angora bolero and shiny pink bra barely covering my nice big titties. Then it goes down over my bare tummy and onto my matching tiny little micro-miniskirt with my pink lacy garter belt peeking out from underneath.

It continues down onto my sheer pink seamed stockings, and finally onto my hot pink spike-heeled stripper shoes – and it’s clear that each and every one of these items meets with your complete approval!

So does my golden-blonde hair with whitish highlights, teased up all wild and fluffy, cascading down my back in long silky waves. Sparkly gold jewelry dangling all over me – earrings, bracelets and necklaces, tantalize your senses as well…just like the sexy Chanel Coco perfume I’ve sprayed all over me…

As I continue to show off for you, prancing around right before your eyes, I purr, “My, my, it does seem like you are pleased with my attire, aren’t you! And what about the way I’m showing off for you, honey? Do you like that too??”

Your face goes totally blank as I star at you and smile like the cat that swallowed the canary, knowing full well what I’m doing to you. Meanwhile, your ability to speak seems to have disappeared for some reason…this cat has truly gotten your tongue.

Yes, indeed, all is most certainly going to plan…

I move toward you, reaching out with my long-nailed fingers to gently caress your bulging cock inside your underwear, and I continue suggestively, “Well then, why don’t you follow me around for a little while so I can show off for you some more, just the way you like, okay? Would you like that? You wanna do that for me??”

As I speak, I slide my long nailed-fingers underneath the elastic of your briefs, pulling it down a little, just enough so that your cock comes bouncing out. You inhale sharply at the sight of me doing this, taking in a deep breath at the feeling of your aching erection finally being released from its uncomfortable bent-over position in your shorts.

Then I let the elastic snap back in place right at the base of your dick, causing nice gentle pressure in that sensitive spot. And I take my hand away, stepping back a bit and looking down at my handiwork. Your cock is sticking straight up, poking out from under your briefs but captured by the snug elastic, and it is quite erect, to say the least.

I smile, licking my lips suggestively as I look at it hungrily, and I coo, “Ooo, did I do that? Did Kitty make your cock all big and hard?”

And then I laugh playfully, stepping back and turning away from you, looking back over my shoulder and beckoning you to follow me with one slender, long-nailed finger.

You are like a robot at this point, being so easily manipulated into doing my bidding, responding to me almost like I’m pushing a button on a remote control. And of course, as such, you follow me without hesitation! Your eyes are glued to me as I strut along in front of you, and they focus in on my ass as I wiggle it back and forth, up and down with each sexy step.

I look back at you and say sweetly, “Mmm, yes, now you be a good boy and follow me around, okay? And don’t forget, you must not take your eyes off me, even for a second!” One might think casino şirketleri that would be difficult, but considering how hot and bothered I have you at this point, it will be easy!

You follow me mindlessly, with your erection bouncing around, bobbing to and fro as you walk along behind me. You look at my ass as it squirms around with each wiggly step I take, protruding totally bare from under my shiny pink miniskirt. And you ogle my long smooth legs, drinking in every inch of them, my leg muscles flexing and tensing with each sexy prancing step I take.

And then you drool at my sexy feet, perched up all high and dainty-looking on my open-toed sky-high heels. Your eyes stay there for a while, fixated on my pretty feet strutting along in those slutty shoes, watching in fascination as I tantalize you visually. And you pay special attention to the shiny gold anklet wrapped around my pretty ankle, complete with a gold-bell charm dangling down and tinkling sweetly…

Soon, though, your eyes move back up my legs, following the length of the seam on my pretty pink stockings, before coming to rest on my plump ass again, each cheek wiggling up and down as I sashay along in front of you. And I glance back at you every few seconds, liking what I’m seeing, noticing how your eyes are simply fixated on my ass, my legs, or my high heels every time I look. It’s absolutely delightful!

I lead you round and round the room in circles now, giggling playfully as I go, enjoying every bit of my complete and total power over you. I am attracting your attention but denying you the satisfaction of having me or even touching me, and you are totally okay with that! Yes, it is quite the tease indeed!!

Suddenly I stop and spin around to face you. You approach me slowly, knowing that I may instruct you to stop at any moment. Instead I simply smile and look into your eyes as you approach, and as you get closer I reach down to touch your erection, jutting out at me like a flagpole.

It is clearly responding to my wonderful little showoff game, and it is fully aroused – and I mean completely erect! Of course, I simply must inspect it thoroughly, feeling it all over with my soft, feminine fingers, seeing if its condition meets with my approval.

Hmmm, let’s see…shiny purple cockhead? Check! Veins bulging out of the cockshaft, looking ready to explode? Check! Cock bobbing around and twitching as the blood pulses through it? Check! Oh yes, and nice big testicles, all swollen, aching, and totally full of hot, bubbling, boiling love juice, all for little me? Check!!

I smile sweetly at you, captivating you with my eyes, looking directly into your soul, and I reach out, very slowly, to softly touch your cockhead with one long-nailed finger. Slowly, I pull the elastic of your briefs down a little farther with my long-nailed fingers and tuck it under your balls. You inhale quickly again as the pressure of the strap squeezing you down there creates yummy pleasure all over…

I slide my fingertip slowly up the length of your erection, lifting it up gently, teasing the underside of your cockshaft and then using the tip of my sexy fingernail to tantalize the sensitive flesh all over.

“Mmmmm, yes, baby, this cock is behaving exactly the way I like! I do believe it is mine now, isn’t that right honey!” That was not a question, and you know it, so you don’t answer it. I lick my lips again as I revel in the absolute power I have over you!

Next, I position my thumb along the top of your cockshaft and one other finger underneath, and gently squeeze it, just once. I take my fingers away, noticing the way your eyes have rolled up into your brain, and then place my soft fingers on your dick again.

And I squeeze it a couple more times, softly, then more firmly, and I loosen my grip and softly stroke the shaft up and down with the soft skin on the tips of my two fingers. I pause again, looking back at your face and admiring the hypnotic effect my touch is having on you. It’s simply delicious!!

So then I put my fingers back on it and begin squeezing it again, over and over, very delicately, casino firmaları in yummy little places, like at the bottom of your shaft and then slowly moving up toward the cockhead. Mmmm, yes – it, and you, really are MINE now!

“Now, honey, I think your briefs are in the way of more of my fun and games. Take them off!” It takes you a second to snap out of your intense pleasure, but then you respond, pulling down your underwear and stepping out of them. I make you toss them out of the way, throwing them across the room.

The way you’re reacting to me, being so passive and obedient as I continue to assume complete control over you, is wonderfully empowering and intoxicating, and I intend on enjoying it to the fullest extent of the tease!

You are totally naked now, and your cock juts out at me, completely hard and desperately in need of my feminine affections. I reach out to tease it some more with my dainty fingers, enjoying how totally vulnerable and exposed it is for me now, letting it slide along my fingers and out of my grasp.

And then I turn around, throwing my hair to one side and looking back at you. This is the moment where I close my circle of teasing enticement around you, capturing you in my wicked web of seduction and taking the last remaining remnants of your will to resist me away from you, now and from this moment on…

You watch, hypnotized and transfixed as I slowly, almost magically, slip the fluffy pink angora sweater off my shoulders. I hold it for a second, making sure your eyes are focused on it, and then I let it slip out of my grasp so that it falls down, right onto your dick!

You are stunned for a moment, unable to process what has just happened. Suddenly, as the sensation of it sinks in, you take a long, deep breath, letting it out slowly as the heavenly soft fur envelopes your erection.

You look down and watch as the gorgeous furry item just dangles there on your love muscle, the weight of it putting perfectly sensual and delicious pressure on your sensitive cockhead and shaft. I reach out with a big smile on my face and cuddle the soft fur up from underneath, starting to slowly massage the angora on your hardon, capturing your cock between the pink fur and your stomach.

Round and round I rub, and your eyes roll over and upwards into your brain…again. You’ve never felt anything this sensual, so soft, so furry, so tantalizing…and you close your eyes and inhale again as the fluffy fur stimulates your aching cock. The feeling is simply wonderful!

“There now”, I say sweetly, “doesn’t that feel nice? You DO like that, don’t you??”

You manage to answer, your voice trembling with excitement, “Oh WOW! That feels so good, Kitty!! I…I…I’ve never felt anything like that before, it feels so yummy!”

I giggle, knowing that I have you right where I want you now, and I gently pull the furry sweater off your cock, letting the fluffy fabric slowly rub up your shaft and over the top of your shiny purple cockhead. The sensation absolutely washes over you, completely overwhelming your inferior male sexuality and enslaving you instantly to it.

Holding the fluffy fur away from you, I say innocently, “Mmm, I’m so glad! So…do you want some more?” This is one of those questions that has a completely obvious answer, but I love asking it anyway, and you are simply in no position to respond with anything but an enthusiastic and somewhat frantic nod of your head…

So now I teasnigly dangle the sweater in front of your hardon, letting it sway back and forth and baiting you with it, encouraging you to come and get it. You thrust your throbbing erection forward without thinking, immediately desperate for more of the fabulous sensation you just experienced.

You’ve had a taste, but I’ve taken it away, and the sensation of neediness this causes inside you is simply unbearable. You can’t speak, but I know by your actions that you are completely mine now, mine to use for my wickedly erotic prick teasing fun!!

I let your cock rub against the sweater for only a second, swishing it over the tip of your cockhead, but then I güvenilir casino simply pull the fluffy fur away from it again. You immediately poke your cock farther out toward it, and I giggle at your attempt, dangling the furry sweater mere inches away from it.

“Come, on, baby, you can do better than that”, I say teasingly, and I allow you to stick your cock out and rub it on the sweater for another second before pulling it away.

I move away from you, beckoning you to follow, showing you the sweater, offering it to you seductively. I say in a challenging and assertive tone, “Ooo, let the games begin, honey! Come on, teaseboy, come and get it!!”

You follow me, your face flush with desire and your mind completely obsessed with the idea of getting more of the delicious sensation of that furry angora on your cock. Your aroused erection is leading the way now, with no involvement from your mind at all…just the way I like it!

And then the teasing games really do begin!

I proceed to toy with you now, teasing and denying you mercilessly…offering the furry sweater to you, inches away from your cock, letting you come oh-so-close to rubbing up against it, only to pull it away. Over and over and over this happens, and you simply cannot help yourself. I smile broadly as I watch you fall into the same trap repeatedly, even after it should be obvious I’m not going to let you have any more.

I lead you around the room this way, teasing you cruelly again and again. I burst out laughing at your frustration, so proud of how effortless it is to seduce you into my cruel little cock tease, your futile attempts at satisfaction amusing me to no end.

“Awww, what’s that you’re trying to do?” I say with a totally patronizing tone, “Does my naughty boy want to rub his dirty cock all over my soft, pretty sweater?” I hold the luscious fur up to my face, rubbing it along my cheek and adding, “No, it’s just too sexy for you, I think! No, no, no, you bad little boy, this sweater is mine, and you can’t just take it and have it and USE it to pleasure yourself!”

The look of hopelessness and complete surrender on your face is priceless, and it’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to see! You are the perfect picture of desperation, with your fully erect prick sticking out in front of you, twitching and bobbing all over the place, simply so close, and yet so far away!

Finally, when your frustration has you going simply out of your mind, I have mercy on you and come toward you, enclosing both hands inside the fluffy fur sweater, and I grab your erection, cuddling and massaging it very gently and affectionately.

“Aww, pooooor baaaaby,” I say with sticky-sweet disdain, “there now, there you go, let Kitty give you just a little more angora teasing, you naughty naughty boy!”

You are completely paralyzed by the pleasure, since the sensations are so enhanced by the wicked little tease and denial game we just played. The feeling of the soft fur on your erection washes over you again, and it immediately becomes obvious that the slow and casual way I am caressing your cock serves only to stimulate your arousal, but will not bring you over the edge and make you cum.

And I proceed to keep you right there, in complete control of your sexual arousal, as I continue to lazily fondle your cock, prolonging the deliciously sensual agony, just like that. Predictably, you begin going completely insane with lust as I expertly prick tease you with the soft, furry angora, and you just stand there, panting like a dog with your mouth hanging open and your tongue sticking out.

But you don’t know what else to do…there is simply nothing else you can do! I have asserted myself over you sexually, and you have no choice but to surrender to me and let me have my wicked way with you.

Yes, you really are mine now – your body, your mind, your cock and your soul are all MINE to toy with, to tease and tantalize, and to use any way I want. I can indulge you in kinky, erotic pleasures, or I can simply deny any and all satisfaction…or a little of both.

So where shall I take you next? To the moon? The stars?? To heaven (or hell) in the form of an even more prolonged, exquisitely elaborate prick teasing activity? Gee, I don’t know, let me think…decisions, decisions, decisions!

Until next time, my pet, we’ll just leave you right there.

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