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Fourplay Ch. 01

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The trip to Monte Carlo had been talked about and planned for almost a year. Shae Rickett couldn’t believe it had been almost a year since she’d seen Garrett Shields face to face. Yes, they did talk almost every day, either on-line or over the phone. But, she had to admit, their one and only face to face meeting was unforgettable. It was one of her biggest pet peeves that she couldn’t have a real relationship with him. They were just too far apart. She lived in Arizona, and he lived in Western Canada. Neither of them was in any position to move. A minor indiscretion while she was in college kept her from being considered for citizenship anywhere other than the United States. And Garrett had a promising career where he was. Shae wasn’t about to ask him to give up fifteen years worth of work to move to Arizona to be with her.

As her plane taxied up to the gate Shae rubbed her clammy palms on the legs of her slacks. She was dressed in form fitting black slacks and a delicate pink blouse that plunged at the neckline and buttoned up the front. There were sandals on her feet, strappy slinky sandals that made a man think of sex. Shae was sex personified, she basically exuded pheromones and everyone around her took notice. Her body was packaged very nicely in a 5’7″ frame. She was rounded in all the right places, her breasts bountiful, her hips nicely rounded and swayed when she walked. Every man in the vicinity watched her walk toward him or away from him and was grateful for whatever view he got.

Shae was aware of her sexuality, but didn’t flaunt it. She figured her looks did that enough without adding ego into the mix. As she de-boarded the plane, she looked around for Garrett, for his flight was supposed to have landed an hour before hers did. They still had another two hours to wait for their flight to Monaco. It was going to be a long one, at least fourteen hours, or so the travel agent had told her when she booked the flight.

“Shae!” she heard someone call her name and looked around. There he was, standing by the row of utilitarian chairs found in all airport terminals. She swung the shoulder strap of her carry on bag over her shoulder and made her way through the crush of people towards him. As she came closer she could see the smile on his face as he opened his arms to her. She stepped into them, sighing as her body came into contact with his. His hands gripped her waist, holding her close to him while he lowered his mouth for a “hello” kiss. Her arms slid up, her hands sliding to the back of his neck as she tilted her head, her lips parting slightly in anticipation of his kiss.

One of his hands slid up to cup the nape of her neck, angling her better as his lips settled on hers, he moaned once and then devoured her. Garrett thrust his tongue deep, tracing the contours of the inside of her mouth, moaning at her taste. A small whimper escaped Shae as she sucked on his tongue, driving him crazy with her actions. He slowly pulled back and smiled down at her.

“Wow, you taste even better than I remembered baby. How was your flight?” he asked, his hand gently caressing her neck, not lightening his hold on her one bit, keeping her close and pressed against his body.

“It was ok. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I couldn’t wait to see you again. It’s been so long,” she said, her fingertip tracing his lips.

Nuzzling against the side of her neck, Garrett agreed with a moan as he nipped her earlobe. She shivered against him, laughing softly. They separated and Garrett wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her against his side as he bent down to sling his carry on bag over his shoulder and pick up his suitcase and garment bag. They made their way down to the baggage claim to pick up her luggage before they checked it for the next flight. She only had two bags as well, a large suitcase and her own garment bag. She hefted those, since he was carrying his own luggage. Fortunately her suitcase had wheels so all she had to do was drag it. As they made their way to the gate for their flight, they were told it was early and already boarding. If they wanted to sit on the plane for an hour they could, or they could sit in one of the many airport cafes until boarding was officially called.

They checked their luggage at the ticket counter and then entered the café. As they walked up to the counter Shae felt Garrett’s hand slide over her hip, she looked up at him and he smiled down at her, a little wickedly. He leaned closer and whispered in her ear.

“I bet we could find somewhere to entertain ourselves for an hour,” his voice deep and husky, strumming across her nerve endings like a physical touch. She shuddered against him and could feel her nipples peaking, pushing at the fabric of her bra and shirt. He looked down and moaned, lifting his hand and then remembering where they were, letting it drop to his side.

“Yeah, I think we can, let’s go.” Shae said, clasping his hand in hers and leading him away from the counter of the café. She walked for a bit and then saw a sign on a ladies room door that said: Closed For Repair. güvenilir bahis Nibbling on her lower lip she poked her head in, saw that the coast was clear and yanked Garrett inside. As the door shut, she twisted the lock. They came together in a rush. Their lips were demanding, taking, and devouring each other, their hands everywhere at once. Their carry on bags both hit the floor with muted thuds. Garrett raised his hands, cupping her breasts through the material of her shirt, his thumbs rubbing over the hard nipples so clearly visible in the harsh fluorescent light.

Shae’s head tipped back, a strangled moan escaping her lips as Garrett teased and rubbed her hard little nipples. He started to unbutton her shirt, his fingers kept fumbling on the buttons and with a growl of frustration he gripped the two sides and ripped it apart, buttons popping off and hitting the ceramic tiles with little tinkling sounds. Shae gasped, looking down at her shirt, all the buttons gone, and his big tanned hands fisted in the fabric as he pulled it away from her body.

She was wearing a delicate pink lace demi-cup bra beneath the shirt and he moaned again, kneeling before her and leaning forward, taking a hard nipple into his mouth. Surrounded by wet lace and his hot mouth, Shae cried out softly in arousal, his tongue abrading her nipple against the wet lace of her bra. He reached up and yanked down the cups, exposing her breasts to the cold air of the bathroom. Her nipples peaked even more, making her back arch, thrusting her chest at him.

With a growl Garrett stood up and spun her around, with a hand to the small of her back he bent her over the sink area. His hands slid up and down her sides, moving around front to cup her breasts in his hands and tease the nipples more. Leaning forward, he whispered into her ear, “This first time is going to be fast and hard. I haven’t had you in a year, and I have to have you now, or die.”

A shiver worked it’s way down Shae’s spine, her hips arching automatically at his words making him groan and press his cock into the soft swells of her ass, nestling it in the cleft of her ass cheeks. Garrett slid one of his hands down her belly to the waistband of her slacks, swiftly unbuttoning them and drawing the zipper down. Unable to help himself he slid one of his hands into her slacks and beneath her thong. He moaned as he cupped his big hand around her hot flesh.

“God, you’re wet, I forgot how wet and aroused you can get, and so quickly. Before the day is out, I’ll have you in my mouth,” he said, his voice low and husky with arousal. Parting her lips with one of his big blunt fingers he stroked her, and she cried out with pleasure. “That’s it baby, I think I’m gonna make you cum before I take you.” Sliding his finger against her smooth swollen lips, he groaned, his other hand still cupping her breast, his fingers gently pinching and rolling her nipple back and forth.

Her moans and whimpers of pleasure echoed in the cavernous, empty room. Garrett pushed one of his fingers past her lips, stroking against her sensitive inner flesh, stroking her, petting her flesh. Shae writhed against him and the countertop, her hands gripping the edge as she pushed her hips against his hand. “That’s right baby, show me how hot you are.” Garrett encouraged. A long low groan escaped Shae’s throat as she pushed against his finger, gasping as it slid into her pussy slightly. He chuckled and pushed it a little farther in, then moaning as he felt the tight wet clasp of her around his finger, knowing that she’d be wrapped around his cock like that in short order.

Shae shoved her hips back, her body grasping at his finger, pulling it inside herself deeply. Garrett groaned, sliding it back out and then back in. He plumped her breast in his hand, moving his hand back and forth between her breasts. He lowered his mouth and caressed the nape of her neck with his lips. Hearing her moan of pleasure and feeling how much wetter she was getting against his hand told Garrett that she was close and getting closer to her climax. Moving his hand from her breasts to the waistband of her slacks and pushed them down over her ass. Shae’s pants dropped to the floor around her feet, leaving her in her ripped open pink blouse and pink lacy thong.

Garrett moaned at the sight of her ass cheeks, the lacy pink thong separating the pale globes of her ass. His free hand moved over her ass cheeks, plumping them, kneading them as he continued to slip his finger in and out of her pussy, her hips moving against his hand. Her whimpers and moans driving him to the edge, Garrett swiftly unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, barely dislodging them from his hips. Gripping his cock in his hand he stepped closer, rubbing the silky smooth head against her ass cheeks, making her moan and whimper in need, her hips pushing back insistently. Garrett pushed aside the thong, letting the strip of pink lace ride over her ass cheek.

Removing his finger from her pussy and spreading her thighs with his hand, Garrett stepped closer, bending his knees slightly, rubbing the head of türkçe bahis his cock against her slick exposed flesh. Letting out a husky groan of anticipation, Shae pushed back. He held himself back, although doing so almost drove him insane. He teased her with the head, sliding it all over her wet flesh, not touching her clit at all, and keeping her on the sharp edge of release. His free hand crept over her hip, spreading her lips open, keeping her open. With his cock in his other hand he slid forward against her flesh, letting the head of his cock bump against her clit. Rubbing insistently at it, he growled, “Yeah, baby, cum for me. Cum all over my cock.”

Shae whimpered, her eyes closed, her teeth sunk into her bottom lip. Her hips ground down against his cock, he could feel her muscles clutching, trying to draw him in. Her hips bucked against him, her ass quivering before him. Garrett moaned as he watched her start to peak. He pushed his hips forward and rubbed harder at her clit with his cock. She threw her head back and cried out loudly, her cry echoing along the walls, slithering down his spine with the effect of a lick. He could feel the wetness of her cum seep out and over the top of his cock. Garrett could feel the muscles of her pussy spasming and quivering against the flesh of his cock. He groaned, pulling his hips back and looking down. His cock was shiny with her cum, and he growled, fisting his hand around his cock he positioned the head at her opening.

“Brace yourself baby, like I said, this is gonna be fast and hard. You’re so wet, and so ready I’m not gonna be able to hold on long.” Garrett said, one hand settling on her hip. He pushed his hips forward, groaning as her flesh slid over his. Re-positioning her by pulling her hips back, making her stand farther away from the counter, he looked down between them watching as his cock slid out of her tight clasping body. Shae’s fingers gripped the edge of the sink tightly, her knuckles turning white. Her body trembled before him; she raised her head, looking at herself in the mirror.

Her shirt was in tatters, hanging down at her sides. Both of her breasts were exposed, the nipples hard and reddened from the attentions of his fingers. Her short spiky blond hair was mussed from his hands as well. His lips had eaten off her lipstick with his kisses. She could see his hands on her hips in the mirror, his dark skin contrasting nicely with her fair coloring. The sight of them in the mirror made her pant with pleasure. He raised his head, meeting her gaze in the mirror. This time, his groan echoed in the room as his fingers tightened, his hips snapping forward and impaling her in one thrust, the sound of their skin slapping together sounding loud in the quiet room.

Garrett thrust into her, fast and hard, to the hilt with each thrust. He leaned forward, his teeth grazing her shoulder as he gave her a love bite. His tongue slid over the bite, soothing the small hurt. She moaned again, watching him in the mirror. His hands slid off her hips and around, spreading her thighs wider, lifting her feet off the floor as he tilted her, his fingers stroking against her lips and clit as he pounded into her. Shae shuddered, her cries getting louder, her pussy starting to clench around him.

“Look at me!” he ordered, making her gaze snap to his in the mirror. He grinned wickedly at her and pinched her clit, rolling it between his fingers. She screamed loudly, her hips twitching and bucking in his hold, her pussy clamped around him hard. He grunted as he pushed against her clasping muscles, the flesh rippling around his cock, tearing a muted roar from his throat. His cock exploded, sending a wave of cum into her body. His hips jerked against her ass, making small slapping noises as he threw his head back, his fingers tightening on her clit. She cried out again, whimpering as her convulsions grew stronger again. He eased his hold on her clit, smiling at her in the mirror, her pose wanton, her body sheened in sweat and glistening beneath the harsh fluorescent lights.

As his cock slowly began to soften, he let her legs go. She stood on her own feet shakily as he pulled his hips back. She groaned loudly as he slipped from her body. He smiled patting her ass, stepping to the sink and wetting a paper towel. He slid the wet towel over his cock and then pulled his pants back up. As he was fastening them, he turned to her and picked up the wet towel. He moved behind her, for she hadn’t moved and motioned for her to part her legs.

“Hmmmm, I can’t wait to taste this later. You know, it is a fourteen-hour flight from here to Monaco. I’m sure you’d have to take a nap with a blanket sooner or later,” he teased, reaching between her thighs and rubbing the wet towel against her pussy, cleaning her of their combined cum. He pulled his hand away and slipped two fingers into her creamy pussy. She moaned and pushed her hips down, thrusting against his fingers. “God, I forgot how hot you get after you’ve cum. You’re gonna wear me out this trip.” Garrett said, shivering in anticipation. Getting an idea, he also said, “We güvenilir bahis siteleri might have to find someone to share in our fun. I’m not at all sure I can keep you satisfied for two weeks.”

Shae jerked her head up, her body quivering at the promise in his words. Their gazes met in the mirror again and he had a wicked gleam in his eye as he said, “Good thing I brought my DVD-recorder. What an amazing vacation memento, you getting thoroughly debauched, and catching it all on film. What do you think?” he asked as he pumped his fingers in and out of her slick pussy, making her moan again.

Swallowing hard, knowing he knew he was offering her one of her favorite fantasies, she said, “You know what I think. I would love it. We could both have a copy and watch it. I would want you to be in it as well though.” Her lips curved in a sinful and wicked smile. He shuddered at that invitation, knowing that sharing each other had been talked about a lot in the last year. Watching each other with another person had been high in their fantasies with each other for the past year. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy, and holding her gaze in the mirror, brought them to his lips, licking and sucking their combined juices off his fingers. She moaned and quivered before him. He smiled and laughed, reaching forward and pulling her pants back up, and re-fastening them.

Gripping her shoulders he turned her around and slipped the cups of her bra back up over her breasts. He groaned and closed his fingers around her nipples, rubbing the lace back and forth over the sensitive buds, making her moan again. He pulled his hands away and pulled the sides of her shirt together. “Sorry bout that. I couldn’t help myself,” he said, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. “Do you have another shirt?” he asked, covering her breasts with her shirt before he got side tracked again. He loved her breasts; they were full, firm and 100% natural. He especially loved her nipples. They were so responsive and got so hard so fast for him. She loved it when he played with them, made them tender and red and ripe as berries.

“Yes, I have a white tank top I can wear beneath this shirt,” she said as she bent and reached for her carry on bag. Setting it on the counter, she reached in and pulled out said tank top. Turning to face him, she stripped off her shirt, her breasts jiggling as she shrugged out of the shirt. The sight of her flesh almost spilling out of her bra set him on edge again, he felt his cock stirring in his pants, and was amazed at his recuperative powers. He forced himself not to touch and to calm down. If he didn’t they were going to miss their flight.

She pulled the tank top over her head and then the shirt on over it, knotting it at her waist. Pulling out a brush she put her hair back into place and reapplied her lipstick and powder. Turning she said, “Ok, all set. Are we ready to board our plane? Maybe we can become members of the Mile High Club on this trip? What do you think?” Stepping around him, she cupped his semi-hard cock in her hand, giving it a suggestive squeeze. He moaned and gripped the counter. Hearing her throaty chuckle, he checked his appearance in the mirror; finger combed his hair and picked up his own carry on bag.

He met her at the door, gave her a hard kiss and then unlocked it and peeked outside. Seeing that the coast was clear he motioned her out first, then crept out second. As they left the bathroom, they heard the first boarding call for their flight. The looked at each other and smiled. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, she an arm around his waist. As they made their way to their appropriate gate, they made small talk. Reaching the gate, they put their bags through the metal detector and then stepped through the walk through. They went through the security checkpoint with no problem. As they got in line for their boarding passes, Shae pulled out her passport and two forms of id. Garrett did the same.

After getting their boarding passes, they heard their numbers called. They had booked first class seats on the plane. Neither one of them had wanted to spare any expenses on this vacation. As they boarded the plane, a flight attendant escorted them to their seats. They stowed their carry on luggage and sat back to wait for the rest of the plane to board. They made more small talk, about their jobs, their families, and friends. They settled back to watch the in-flight movie as the plane taxied out onto the runway. As they lifted off, Garrett squeezed Shae’s hand, anxious and excited about their vacation together.

Shae drifted off to sleep halfway through the movie. Garrett looked over at her and smiled. He loved getting to spend time with her. It was unfortunate that she couldn’t move to Canada to be closer to him. But, that was impossible. It was also unfortunate that he was so entrenched in his company or he’d move to the States in a heartbeat to be with her. Her face was a study in beauty. She kept her hair short so she didn’t have to deal with it. It fit her facial structure very well; it gave her an exotic air with her high cheekbones and foxy features. She’d always kept it spiky short, but in the four years they had been talking it had been every color of the rainbow almost. She always went back to platinum blonde though; it seemed to be her favorite.

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