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Fourth Quarter

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She leaned against a tree, watching from a distance. Tyler didn’t even notice until the field had cleared. He felt a presence, someone watching him. And then in the shadows of the trees he spotted her. Who was she, what was she doing there? He finished packing his bag and started to walk in her direction. Glancing back, he noticed that no one was left in the parking lot except his cousin, his ride home. Last May when he turned 18 he had scraped together enough money to buy his first car, but it had crapped out on him and was in the shop. Again. He waved to his cousin. “One minute,” he called. He continued walking toward her.

As Tyler approached, she reached back placing her hands palm down on the tree trunk. Her full breasts were outlined by the cotton fabric of her tee shirt, the nipples erect and protruding. Her curves filled out the low-rise jeans that hugged her hips; her navel was just visible above the waistband. He felt a flush and slight hardening. Shifting his gaze up to her face, he saw her pretty features framed in cropped brown waves, a few blond streaks tucked behind her ears. She was older, definitely not a high school chick, probably not even still in college. She ducked her head and turned away slightly, a coy gesture. At first he thought it was an act, but she blushed genuinely. An arousing combination of womanly sexuality and girlish nervousness.

Tyler moved in closer, looking down at her. “Hi. Can I help you?”

“I’m sorry. I was just enjoying the game. I hope you don’t mind.” She straightened up from the tree, moving a little closer as well. “You play well.”

A small smile lingered on her lips. He watched them part slightly, her tongue tracing them gently. She looked up at him, biting her lower lip. Then she backed away abruptly, as if changing her mind.

“I’m sorry,” she repeated. She appeared flustered. “I’m sure you have to go now.” She started to turn away when he reached out and grabbed her arm.

“Wait. Who are you?”

“I’m just someone who kinda likes football. That’s all. I really don’t mean to keep you. I can see your ride waving to you.”

Tyler felt there was an opportunity here. The stirring in his loins was not just his imagination. He knew she was older than he was, but maybe that wouldn’t matter. He didn’t want to pass up on the possibility. The heat he felt pressing against his shorts was real. Her hardened nipples and slight flush were also real. He wondered if the attraction was mutual. He guessed it was.

“I, uh, would like to see you again. I mean, do you come watch the games often?” He leaned a little closer, hoping she wouldn’t back away. He was still holding her arm.

“Actually, no. But I could come again…” instead of backing away, she leaned in also, tilting her head up at him. Her breathing was shallow, uneven. Her lips looked full and her tongue darted out again, wetting them.

Boldly Tyler leaned in, pressing her back against the tree. He held both her arms against the rough bark. She rose up slightly on her toes and a soft moan escaped her lips. He took his chance and bent down to kiss her. Her mouth responded heatedly, their tongues came together, seeking and exploring. Her back arched, her chest pushed up toward him, but he held himself back from her, feeling himself throb. As he pulled away from the kiss, she opened her eyes and looked into his, a passion burning inside. Then she melted back against the tree, turning her head down and away. She seemed embarrassed by her response.

“Oh god. I’m sorry. I don’t even know you. You’re so much younger…”

“No, don’t apologize. You keep repeating yourself. Don’t. Please.” Now he didn’t know what to say, but he knew he wanted to see her again. “Can I see you again? Will you come to watch again?”

“I don’t know. If you want me to…”

“Yes, of course I do. Please. We’re playing again next Saturday. Will you be here?”

“I’ll try. I’d really like to.”

Behind him, he could hear his cousin calling him. “I have to go. My cousin’s my ride home while my car is in the shop. I hope I see you next week.” Tyler turned and ran across the field. At the edge of the parking lot he stopped and looked back, but she was gone.

On the ride home, his cousin hounded him about “the chick” he had kissed. Who was she, what grade was she in? He brushed it off, making it up on the spot and saying she was some girl from another town. Someone he’d met at the mall. He said she was moving away. You know, when the time is right, you just don’t pass up the chance to kiss a girl, even if you don’t think you’ll ever see her again. He did tell his cousin that she might be there next week. So, if he told him to go on home without him, he should just go. He didn’t know how he’d get home if that happened, but he didn’t really care. He’d figure something out.

Several times during the next seven days, Tyler found himself thinking about her. He imagined his hands on her curves, bahis firmaları tracing her hips, caressing her breasts. He imagined her tongue tracing his own lips, her ripe body pressing against his. He had not been bold enough to let her feel his excitement. If he had the chance again, he would. He would pull her against him. He wanted her to know how much he wanted her. He realized that he didn’t even know her name. He didn’t even know if she would be there, but he certainly hoped she would.

During the game on Saturday, Tyler scanned the edges of the field, looking for her. He made sure it didn’t distract him, but he took advantage of every chance he got to search for her. He played well and hoped she was watching. He didn’t see her until after the field was cleared again. She was sitting under the same tree across the field. He waved to her as he picked up his bag, tucking the football under his arm.

His cousin noticed the gesture and looked in her direction. “Oh, ho, cuz! Maybe you’ll get lucky!” he joked. “You want me to take off?”

“Yeah, but if I need a ride, can I call you?” He was still pissed off about his car. Piece of shit clunker.

“No problem. Just tell me when and where to get ya.” He watched his cousin head back to the car. That’s when he noticed the silver-blue minivan parked under the trees at the far end of the lot.

He hated minivans. Fuckin’ gas guzzling mommy vans, full of screaming kids and fast food wrappers. Even so, he imagined it might be hers. His mind flashed on a hot and heavy make out scene in the back seat, and his cock stiffened immediately. Jesus, what if he was misreading this whole situation? He didn’t think he was, though. He took a few deep breaths to steady himself and then headed across the field toward her.

She stood up as he approached, brushing the grass clippings off her denim shorts. Her legs were shapely, lean, and finely muscled. She wore a fitted wrap shirt, and he couldn’t help but notice her cleavage. Her breasts were full and round, the curves visible in the v-neck of the blouse. He imagined slipping his hands up inside the shirt and cupping her breasts. Now he was rock hard and he wondered if his erection was visible through his shorts.

She reached for the football and swiped it out from his arm. He caught a close up of the cleft formed by her tits as she ducked away from him. God, he wanted to rip that shirt off of her. She ran out into the field, smiling. “C’mon,” she called.

“I’m tired,” he protested. “I just played a game.”

“I know. That’s the only way I have a chance! I like to play, but I suck at it.” She threw a pass to him. It spiraled decently, but it was a little off. He had to run a bit to catch it. She began running toward him.

“Come on, pass it,” she urged.

Tyler threw a gentle pass, and she caught it, tucking it against her body. She continued running toward him. “You want it?” she asked. “Come and get it!” She ran past him, twisting out of his way as he reached for it.

He understood that she wanted him to go after it. He sprinted slightly and reached for her arm, grabbing gently for the ball. She twisted again and clutched it tighter. Damn, he realized, she really wanted him to go for it. She slowed down and turned around, jogging backwards. He was tired; he was pissed. He didn’t want to play football with some woman. He wanted, well, he was horny and he wanted to fuck her. And here she was messing around on the field with his damn football. He looked at her. At least she wasn’t giggling and silly like the chicks at school. She was pretty serious. She was watching him closely. As soon as she realized he was going after her, she picked up the pace. Yeah, he was tired, but he could catch her.

He caught up with her pretty quickly, but each time he reached out for the ball, she sped up slightly or twisted just enough to elude him. Finally, he pushed into her, intending to wrestle the ball away while running, but she ducked and clutched it more tightly. Instinctively, he pushed into her harder, tackling her and taking her down. As they crashed and rolled on the ground, he realized she could get hurt. He tried to cushion the fall, holding her so she wouldn’t take the full force of his body on hers. When they stopped, he was surprised to hear low laughter.

“Damn, that was a good tackle.” She turned to look back at him. Her cheek was smudged with dirt. There were grass clippings in her hair. He was behind her, looking over her shoulder. Her shirt was twisted. From his vantage point, he could see part of a pink, satin-edged bra. Her breasts heaved as she caught her breath. Her ass was against his thigh. She sat up, bent one knee, and brushed off some dirt and grass. Tyler sat upright and stared at her.

What kind of chick was this, anyway? Or woman. As he noticed the fine lines around her eyes, he realized she must be in her thirties. But damn, she was in good shape. He admired her body openly kaçak iddaa as she stood and brushed herself off, dropping the football on the ground. She stood right near him and he could see the curve of her ass inside her shorts. She bent over and picked up the ball, tossing it at him.

“I’m sorry. I know you’re tired. I just didn’t want to miss my chance to play. That’s really about all I can handle. I don’t even know the rules of the damn game…”

“It’s no problem. And stop fucking apologizing for everything. If I didn’t want to run after you, I wouldn’t have. I make my own choices.” He stood up and tossed the ball back to her. She caught it and turned it in her hands, shifting it back and forth from the right to the left. Then she turned and headed back over to the tree. She picked up a small backpack and waited for him. He really didn’t know what the fuck he was doing here with her, but again he sensed an opportunity. And he didn’t want to miss it.

“Would you like to go somewhere?” She looked at him expectantly.

“I don’t know. Sure…” he replied.

She hesitated and shifted on her feet, lifting the bag to her right shoulder.

“Yeah…” He continued. There was an awkward silence. God, why didn’t he ever know what to say to girls? He felt a little better that she seemed just as unsure.

She reached into her bag and took out some keys. She glanced up at him and then began walking toward the parking lot. Tyler grabbed his things and followed her. Yeah, she was headed for the minivan. He envisioned the make out scene again, pressing her against the back seat, sliding his hands up inside her shirt. He caught up with her just as the sliding door opened. She bent over and reached inside, putting her bag on the floor. God, he wanted to grab her hips and pull her ass against him. He stood close behind her, imagining himself taking her from behind.

She hadn’t noticed him come up behind her and as she straightened up, she backed right into him. He stood his ground, waiting for her to giggle or quickly move away like all the girls he knew. Instead she froze in place, her butt pressed against his crotch. He was certain she could feel his stiff cock pressed against her. He could feel her take a deep breath, and then she leaned back into him further. Her hair was lightly scented, the skin on her neck was flushed. He dropped his bag and reached around, wrapping her in his arms. He brushed his palms on her breasts, making circles over her nipples. The response was immediate; he could feel them hardening and swelling in his hands. She tilted her head back against his chest. He brought his mouth down on her neck, eliciting a low moan from her throat. He kissed, then gently bit the nape of her neck. He felt her tense up. She moaned again as he ground himself against her, gently but firmly pulling her hips back toward him. He felt her knees go weak as she struggled to stay upright.

Tyler turned her to face him. He ran his fingers down her jaw and tilted her chin up to look into her eyes. They were deep brown, and again, he could see the passion there. It wasn’t like other girls he’d kissed. Their eyes had looked excited, but nervous, worried even. This look was hungry, willing, ready. Her hands reached up and she ran her fingers through his hair, entwining them on the back of his neck. The sensation of that simple touch gave him goose bumps. She pulled him down to kiss her, and her tongue sought his. The kiss was deep and sensuous. She held nothing back.

As they began to pull apart, she took his lower lip into her mouth, giving it a firm and painful nip. His reaction was swift and hard. He reached up, grabbed her hands, and pressed them behind her back. With his mouth, he pushed her head back, kissing her deeply, biting her back. It was difficult to restrain himself. He was pissed that she had bit him, but incredibly turned on. God, he wanted her right now.

Tyler backed her up to the car, still pinning her hands behind her back. He maneuvered her into the back seat, finally releasing her hands and pushing her shoulders down. As he pushed her down into the seat, she surprised him with a strength he didn’t know she had. She had seemed so compliant, weak with desire, and yet she now pushed back against him, forcing him upright. Pressing her palms against his chest and shoulders, she turned the tables and moved him back into the seat instead. Then she slid to the floor, gliding her hands down his chest and his thighs. Her fingers danced behind his knees, then she pressed her palms up his thighs. She slipped one hand up inside his shorts. Her other hand moved to his waistband. She hooked two fingers inside. He moaned as her other hand found his penis, caressing it through his boxers. She pushed the leg of his shorts higher, tracing the path her hand made with her mouth. Her tongue lapped at his thigh and she worked her way right up to the crease where his leg joined his torso. She dragged her tongue kaçak bahis along that crease to the top of his leg and back again toward his package. He began to relax despite the anticipation he felt. He had had a few clumsy blowjobs from other girls his age, but he sensed this would be different. He wanted to enjoy it completely.

Damn it, she had just nipped his inner thigh. He buried his hand in her hair, and firmly, but gently, pulled her back. She looked up at him. Again, he saw that hunger in her eyes. This time both her hands sought his waistband. She slipped his shorts down, running one hand over his ass as he lifted it from the seat. His shorts were still tangled around one foot when she rose up on her knees, her tongue flicking out to tease his cock. He was erect in front of her, and she put one hand around the base, gently applying pressure. She followed with her tongue, moistening the ring her fingers made around him. She began twisting the ring, moving it up and down while she lowered her mouth over his head, snaking her tongue down the underside. He watched with fascination as she began to work him, twisting and moving her left hand up and down, while coordinating her mouth on his head. She would take half of him in her mouth, sliding her fingers right up underneath her lips. The gentle squeezing combined with the attention on the head was quickly bringing him toward a climax. God, he could feel it coming.

Tyler leaned his head back against the seat, closing his eyes. He felt himself tense up as she increased her tempo, twisting, rising, and falling. He vaguely felt her mouth come off his cock, but then felt her tongue flicking his head, swirling around the tip. Her left hand continued its twisting up and down motion. He worked hard at holding himself back now, trying to prolong the pleasure. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could take it. Her pace slowed slightly as she increased the pressure with her mouth. He felt her right hand slide up his thigh, caressing the crease her tongue had traced earlier. She cupped his balls, fondling them gently, and then she gently pressed her knuckles into the patch of skin just behind them as she continued to pump him with her mouth. The pressure was too much. He just couldn’t stop himself, and he exploded inside her mouth, throbbing and ejaculating in quick successive spurts. God, it had never felt that good before.

His load must have been huge or he must have pushed back into her throat, because he felt her gag slightly once – no twice – toward the end of his orgasm. Concerned, he opened his eyes, lifted his head, and looked down at her. She was looking up at him, her mouth was still over his cock, her left hand still formed a ring just below her lips. He could see some of his cum escaping her lips, dripping over her fingers. She returned her attention to his cock, and he watched her gently lick him clean. She kept her fingers around him, pressing them back down around the base and still applying a gentle pressure. This kept him erect while she continued to clean him up. Finally, she released him and sat back on her knees.

She reached toward the front of the car and handed him a water bottle. It was like she had read his mind. He drank deeply, quenching his thirst, and then handed it back. Her left hand swirled lazily on his hip and thigh as she drank from the bottle and he felt goosebumps rise on his skin. He noticed a sheen of perspiration on her face, neck, and chest. She finished drinking and looked up at him. She wiped her mouth. A small smile played on her lips. The silence was not awkward; rather, it was comfortable.

She set the water bottle down and reached back toward the front of the car again. This time, she brought out a pack of breath mints. She opened the package and popped one into her mouth. He wanted to ask her for one, but she put the package away again. He sat upright and leaned toward her. She looked at him expectantly. He took her face in his hands and kissed her, taking the mint from her mouth. She backed up and watched him suck on the mint for a moment. Then she leaned forward and kissed him, reclaiming the slippery circle. Before pulling away, however, she returned it. Then she turned and clambered into the front seat, leaving him to pull his shorts back on.

She had started the engine by the time he had dressed. He couldn’t climb into the front seat like she had, so she waited as he exited the rear of the car and then re-entered, settling into the front passenger seat. She pulled out of the lot as he buckled up. He didn’t know where they were going, and he didn’t really care. He took the opportunity to relax, easing his head back and closing his eyes. He enjoyed reliving moments from her blowjob in the backseat. God, she could work him over well. He felt that familiar stirring in his loins again and hoped they were going somewhere to continue what they had started.

His eyes flew open and he sat up when he felt the car turn off onto an unpaved road. For a moment, he panicked. He did not even know this woman, and now he didn’t even know where they were.

He cleared his throat. “Um, where are we going?” She glanced over at him, sensing his unease.

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