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Francesca’s Fanny

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My wife was amazing. We had been married for 17 years now, together for a few before that, and she still managed to surprise me. Every year for my birthday it was something different, and every year it was something amazing. A few years into marriage, we realized that we’d be able to pick our own gifts better than our spouse could if the gifts were simply items. (We weren’t exactly loaded, but I did make quite a bit in construction, mostly by knowing when to double down and when to pull capital out of my company. As a result, when many of my friends’ businesses were closing during the recent housing shortage, I was simply biding my time and playing the stocks, and I was able to jump back in when the market dropped and make quite a bit.) Some couples solve the gift problem with a wish-list, some simply decide to purchase their own presents; my friend Dan gave us a different suggestion over beers one night, and we adopted it immediately. Now instead of items, birthdays are exclusively reserved for sexual gifts.

Early on, it was a lot of what you would expect. I bought her some sex toys, some of which we used regularly and some of which were impractical but fun to explore. Lingerie made a regular appearance in the rotation. She gave me “sex coupons” for various acts, an erotic massage, a day of naked cooking…

As the years went on, it seemed like I struggled to get more creative while she thrived on the sexual challenge. A few years back, she tied me up and gave me the best (and longest) striptease I’ve ever had, with a pole and everything. Last year my birthday fell on a Sunday, and she invited a few of my friends over and then served as a topless waitress for the full day of football games (albeit with a strict “look but don’t touch” rule). My buddies haven’t stopped talking about it since, and trust me when I say that both Mary and I went to sleep EXTREMELY satisfied that night. The foreplay of teasing all day made for a great night, with many orgasms for both of us.

Suffice it to say, I was excited as I raced to get home from work on my birthday. I had enough self-control that my dick wasn’t exactly hard on the freeway… but it also wasn’t exactly soft. I pulled off and into our cul-de-sac to see a familiar car parked in front of our house. I had seen the little red sedan in our neighbor’s driveway for years, and although the Millers had moved away, Francesca had continued to babysit for us throughout the years whenever she came home from college. A night without kids was a good start, and I looked forward to what Mary had planned for us.

I pulled into the driveway and entered the house trying to appear calm and collected. I could see my wife and Francesca talking at the kitchen island as I entered the room, and the open bottle of red wine promised good things for me tonight. My wife always gets very horny when she drinks red wine. I took a moment to take in the sight before the girls noticed me.

My wife was tall and curvy, and her body never failed to turn me on. Tonight she was wearing a very sexy red dress, showing off some very sexy legs and more than a bit of cleavage. At 36D, her breasts were one of my favorite features, and although she’d say that her body was changed by childbirth, in my opinion it had changed for the better. She was sexy before kids, and now in her late 30s, the curves that had been a hint before were now a pronounced hourglass. She was wearing a pearl necklace I’d given her long ago, the dress, some black heels, and I thought I could make out the outline of a very sexy black bra underneath her neckline.

Francesca, by contrast, was trim and athletic. I hadn’t really seen her in years- typically when she babysat for us, my wife made the arrangements and I waved from the car. I had seen her grow up of course; after all, life in a modern cul-de-sac means that fences are more for show than for privacy. But when she went away to college, she seemed to grow up at twice the speed of other girls. Now at 21 (I learned later), she was cute as hell. Her blond hair, cut just above the shoulders, framed her perky little face beautifully, and the hint of freckles about her nose and cheeks just added to the beauty. Her body was tight and petite, tonight wrapped in yoga pants (an eternal thank you to whomever made yoga pants acceptable daily wear) and a skin-tight white top. She must have taken her workouts seriously after college too, because her ass looked fantastic perched on that barstool in front of me. Her breasts were perhaps as perky as her cute little butt, and I guessed them to be a nice B cup, although I sure didn’t see the outline of a bra tonight.

“Enough ogling,” I muttered, as I walked far enough into the room for my wife to notice me.

“Sweetheart, you’re home!” My wife greeted me the same way every day, just one of those endearing rituals that develop in a comfortable marriage.

“Hey, honey! Hi Francesca. Good to see you,” I responded, eager to get out the door to whatever sexy adventure my wife had planned tonight. Amazon prime izle “I’m just gonna head upstairs and say bye to the kiddos.”

“Oh, they’re at my mom’s tonight, sweetie,” my wife responded.

My confusion must have been visible, because Francesca giggled into her wine just a bit.

“Umm, okay…” I trailed off trying to think of a way to ask why Francesca was here that didn’t make me sound like an asshole. Luckily, my wife jumped in and saved me before I put my foot in my mouth.

“Why don’t you go change into jeans and a nice shirt, and then come down and we’ll talk.”

Confused, I followed her directions, and freshened up as I changed out of my work clothes and into an outfit appropriate for… maybe a nice dinner out? It certainly didn’t match her level, but then again, she tended to take the spotlight whenever we went out, which was just the way I liked it.

I bounced down the stairs to the sounds of both girls giggling again, and noticed that the bottle of wine was mostly empty. My dick stirred within my pants, as I remembered how sweet my wife’s pussy tasted when she drank red wine. To this day I don’t know if that’s psychosomatic, or if she actually tastes like fine wine down there, but the result for me is the same.

Francesca stood up as my wife came around the kitchen counter, and we sat on the sofa together. My wife took pity on my confused expression, and broke the ice. “So dear, you remember Francesca?”

Of course I did. I nodded, and she turned to me with a wink and said “I mostly go by Frannie now, but you can call me whatever’s comfortable for you Mr. Davison.”

I probably should have said something along the lines of “please call me Tim”, but I was still having trouble understanding why she was here if my kids were not.

My wife spoke up for me, “Frannie and I have just been talking about college and what a fine young woman it made her. Frannie went to a small Christian college, didn’t you, honey?” Now that she mentioned it, I do remember the Millers being slightly religious, but nothing more than nice clothes on Easter and a few Sundays at church.

Francesca was still holding back giggles, but apparently I wasn’t in on the joke. My wife continued.

“Well, apparently college has changed a bit in the time since we attended, love. Or at least, Christian colleges. See, Francesca here took a pact in one of her Bible classes, didn’t you?” She turned to our lithe guest with a wink.

“Sure did, Mrs. Davison. I’m going to stay a virgin until I’m married.” By now I was completely lost. Was my wife just stalling until our reservation or something?

“See, dear,” my wife turned back to me, “Francesca may have taken one of those silly promise ring vows in college, but she’s discovered a little something else as an ‘anything but’ girl.”

“An anything but…?” My confusion was palpable.

“Yes, Mr. Davison. See, I’m saving my virginity for my husband. But… I still have my mouth, my hands…” She did this cute little shimmy as she said this, and I swear I could see the faint outline of her areolas through her top.

My wife prompted her to continue, “And didn’t you pick up a nickname by the end of senior year?”

Frannie giggled again, and said “Yep. That’s kind of why I go by Frannie now- all the boys used to call me Little Miss Fanny. See, it turns out I really like anal.”

I swear, if I had been drinking wine with the two of them, I would have spit it out then and there. The girls collapsed into a giggling fit, and when the shock passed I joined in.

When we started to calm down, my wife stood to grab me a beer from the fridge, and I spoke up. “Okay, Little Miss Fanny,” I said with an exaggerated wink, “that’s pretty funny. And it seems you got quite a bit bolder too, hmm?”

My wife returned with an open beer, and a new bottle of red. She spoke as she refilled Francesca’s glass, and then her own. “Honey, do you remember those sex coupons from ages ago? And the only one that didn’t work out so well?” I certainly did. The deepthroat coupon had to be my favorite, but the anal coupon had backfired a little. It turned out my wife did NOT like having me back there, and although it wasn’t a hard limit for us, we never approached the subject again.

Maybe I was a bit slow on the uptake, but I was just starting to put two and two together when my wife leaned over (giving me a great view down her dress, by the way) and whispered sensually into my ear, “Frannie’s ass is your birthday present.”

Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck…

My brain was broken for a minute. Sure, we had brought a few people into our games before, but only to tease! This was an entirely different level. I’m sure I looked like an idiot with my jaw wide open while I processed. Looking down, I noticed that part of me had processed much faster.

My wife didn’t take her seat on the couch this time, but rather in my favorite easy chair, facing towards Francesca and me. I turned towards blutv izle the athletic girl, half my age, and tried to gauge her expression. She was all smiles, and the twinkle in her eyes convinced me that she was excited for this too (although maybe not as much as I was). Her bright voice broke the silence this time:

“And if you’re worried that it’s just because I’m drunk or something, don’t be. Mary and I set this up months ago.” Her legs were curled up under her, and as she spoke she got up to her knees and started pulling very slowly on her waistband. “Mrs. Davison, tell him the rules!”

My wife smiled. “First of all, as we’ve already said, her virginity is off limits. I suppose you may touch her pussy, but absolutely no penetration. Tonight is about her ass. Second, this is a one-time thing. If I catch you fooling around with her any other day of the year, I will literally cut your balls off.” Wow… that helped ease the bulge in my jeans a bit. “And last, if she says to stop, you better stop immediately mister.”

By now, Frannie’s waistband was down around her mid-thighs beside me, showing off a bright pink pair of panties. She turned and bent over towards the arm of the couch, exposing me to the first good look at her ass. And my goodness, what an ass.

The pink panties turned out to be a pink thong, and although they covered her pussy in the front, they covered almost nothing of her beautiful butt. Her ass was tight and smooth, and looked better than any pornstar’s ass I had ever seen. She eased her pants down to her knees, and gave her ass a little wiggle as she looked over her shoulder at me. “Like what you see, Mr. Davison?”

“Oh fuck yeah, Frannie. Are you sure about this?”

“Mmm hmm.” She wiggled her ass again. “Go ahead, Mr. Davison. You can touch me.”

I looked over at my wife, who simply raised her glass and then took a sip, apparently content to simply watch the fun. Reassured that everyone in the room was okay with this, I turned back to Francesca and tentatively reached out one hand as my brain tried to catch up.

My first touch was awkward, a sort of light graze as if Frannie was some gazelle I was going to scare off, and she giggled again and stuck her ass up higher. “It’s okay, Mr. Davison. I promise.” Maybe to reassure me, her other hand snuck down to the front of her panties and gently rubbed below her flat navel.

I reached forward again, and this time grabbed her butt a little more forcefully. She moaned slightly, and I was caught off guard at the speed of her reaction. “I told you I really like it.”

That was enough encouragement for me, and I turned on the couch to access her better with both hands. Her head dropped to the arm of the couch, and I groped her ass enthusiastically, though still gently. Her body was so different from my wife’s familiar shape. I loved my wife’s body- her tits may have been the star of the show, but her ass was round and curvaceous, and made my dick stir every time I saw her in a skirt. Francesca’s ass was completely different. Where I loved my wife’s softness, the taut muscle I was currently touching excited me in a completely different way. Where my wife filled out a dress amazingly, Francesca’s body seemed to scream out to be naked, and the tiny fabric currently covering her pussy and asshole begged to be removed.

I continued my gentle ministrations for a couple minutes, urged on by the quiet sounds of Francesca’s voice, telling me that it felt nice. There was only so much we could do like this though, and soon enough she stood up and positioned herself between me and Mary. She first removed her top, and gyrated her hips a little as she teasingly presented her breasts towards Mary. This meant, of course, that I couldn’t see them. Which I suspect was half the point.

She then bent at the waist, and pulled her yoga pants the rest of the way down, slipping both them and her sneakers off before kicking them aside. This athletic, graceful girl in front of me was now wearing only a pink thong, and she again bent at the waist and literally grabbed her own ankles.

“Spank me, Mr. Davison.”

No fucking way was this real. I think I was off of the couch before she finished the sentence, and the look on my wife’s face was definitely closer to a smirk than a smile. I noticed that her legs had parted a little, and while one hand held her wine glass, the other now rested in her lap, toying with the red hem of her skirt. I locked eyes with her as I gently caressed Francesca’s left cheek, then gave her a swat that filled the silent room.

Francesca gasped in a little breath, then simply said “again.” I obliged. “Mmm…” she moaned as she straightened up, turning into me as she did. Her lips caught me by surprise, as she stretched up on her toes to kiss me playfully. Her hand caught me by surprise too, groping the uncomfortable bulge in my jeans before unzipping me, kissing all the while. She stepped back to watch my dick spring free, and I was finally treated to the sight beIN CONNECT izle of her perky breasts, bouncing as she made a show of being excited to see ‘me’.

I’m a bit bigger than average, mostly in the length department. One thing I’ll say about having a bigger dick- great for photographs, not always great in real life. That was part of the issue when Mary and I had tried anal, and I was concerned that my girth might be an issue tonight as well. Frannie looked down at my package, then up at my eyes as she overacted the innocent schoolgirl routine. Arms wiggling her breasts and all, she glanced at my wife and back to me, making it clear that this was a question for both of us. “Mr. Davison, may I please kiss it?”

I looked over at my wife for confirmation, and she nodded and opened her legs wide, now behind the girl’s back. While Francesca had opted for panties but no bra, it appeared my wife had done the opposite. I had glimpsed a hint of a black bra in my wife’s cleavage earlier, but her pussy was gloriously bare, and her unoccupied hand began to play with the small triangle of pubic hair she kept above her slit.

Francesca dropped to her knees and looked up at me, and I barely gasped out a “yes” before her lips were on the tip of my cock. I unbuttoned my shirt as she licked the underside of my head, and took me agonizingly slowly into her warm young mouth. This girl had certainly learned a thing or two- she knew how to suck a dick almost as good as my wife did, and my wife had over a decade of experience on her. Her lips ran up and down my shaft, and when she released my cock head with an audible pop, it was only to suck on my balls while her hand continued stroking.

My cock was glistening wet and hard as an I-beam when she slowly stood, dragging her breasts across my cock on the way up. She grabbed me by the dick, and pulled me back in front of the couch. Before releasing her grip (not quite hard enough to be painful, but close), she sweetly asked me to get her bag.

It was funny; one minute I thought that I was in control of the situation, or maybe my wife was. A minute later this coed had me by the dick, ordering me to fetch her things. I quickly grabbed her purse, which was empty except for three items: her keys, a bottle of lube, and a jeweled buttplug. I guess this was more pre-planned than I thought!

I brought her bag to her, and she dropped it gently on the couch before bending over it. This time there was a mirror in view, and I discovered I could see both my wife AND Francesca. I don’t think my wife necessarily planned it that way, but I wouldn’t put it past her. By now my wife had her legs open wide, and her skirt hiked fully up- no pretense anymore that she wasn’t masturbating. I watched her finger lightly dip into her beautiful pussy, then start small circles around her clit.

Francesca wiggled her ass in front of me, and I decided it was time to take a bit more command. I groped her ass forcefully this time, and was rewarded a louder moan. I could see her cute freckled face in the mirror, and she was biting her lip in the most sensual way I’ve ever seen, clearly wanting more.

I ran my hands down the back of her thighs, and before I could return to her ass, she reached back and pulled the pink thong to one side. There, in all its beauty, was her perfect little asshole. I could see a hint of her pussy too, but her tiny pink hole had more of my attention. Rosy and perfect, it begged for my cock, although I knew better than to jump straight to that.

As I watched and caressed the spot where Frannie’s thighs met her ass (eliciting shivers of mixed ticklishness and pleasure), her index finger, not needed to pull her panties aside, pressed against her puckered anus. It was my turn to gasp, and I kicked off the remainder of my clothes as my cock reached its full length and girth, straining to be inside this gorgeous young body in front of me.

I gently spread her thighs from behind, and reached my palm through her legs to cup her pussy. My middle finger brushed her clit, and I began to play with her labia and her thighs. I felt no tickle of hair, and surmised that she must be completely shaven.

Her own finger was rubbing circles around her asshole now, and I watched enrapt as she pressed her fingertip against the rosebud, then popped inside with a moan. That was it, I had to have her. I pulled her panties down roughly, and grabbed the lube.

It seemed that she knew exactly what was coming, because she spread her legs wider, now fully naked, popped her ass up into the air a bit, and braced herself with both hands against the back of the couch.

I knelt down and licked her asshole first, fingers teasing her clit again. Before long, however, I put a small drop of lube onto my middle finger, and traced the crack in her tight young ass. She shivered as I did, and when my finger passed below her asshole she sighed, maybe even disappointed. This girl was something else!

My finger retraced its path, and when I got to her asshole this time, I dipped my finger in to the first knuckle. Surprised to feel almost no resistance, I pulled out and thrust in again, almost to my second knuckle. Frannie moaned in front of me, and I began to slip out and in, pushing ever so slightly more each time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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