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Francy Ch. 2

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Fred stood outside the window of the clubhouse watching the show inside through the bent slat in the upper part of the blind. What he was watching was Francy kissing and licking Hector’s huge cock and trying to get her lips around its enormous head. His dick was glistening with her saliva as she worked on it. Hector was enjoying her ministrations. He probably ran into this situation often. There were probably a lot of women who could not get his cock into their mouths. Fred had to admit that he was enjoying watching her work on Hector’s cock so fervently.

When Fred had seen Francy come through the door into the room where Hector was waiting while stroking his cock, he was hurt that she had lied to him again. He turned to leave his watching place to return home to sulk but he could not go. There was some force that kept him there He would take a step or two away from the window and then return as if drawn by some type of magnet. Now he was standing there in rapt attention with his stiff cock in his hand. He did not understand what was going on. Even though he hated seeing Francy with another man, he was incredibly turned on.

In his peripheral vision, Fred saw the door to the room open and a waitress Fred knew to be Nancy walked in. She stood there watching Francy try to suck Hector’s cock for about a minute before she began to remove her uniform. Nancy was about five feet seven and had a bushel of red hair. Her breasts were full bodied with large nipples, matching the rest of her body. While not heavy, she would never have been accused of anorexia. The line of her stomach was slightly convex and she had a nice rounded ass. Fred would have guessed her to be about 36-28-37 had he not been so busy watching Francy. There was not an inch of Nancy’s body that was not covered with freckles.

Nancy knelt beside Francy and took Hector’s cock from her. The head and a couple of inched behind it disappeared into Nancy’s mouth. The look on Hector’s face was one of pure bliss as Nancy moved her head back and forth on his giant penis. Francy had kissed her way up his body and after kissing his acne covered face was kissing his mouth passionately, their tongues dueling. For a reason only Hector knew, he gently pushed Francy aside and reached down and placed his hands on both sides of Nancy’s head. After four or five strokes, he eased her mouth off his cock. He was talking to her but Fred could not hear what he was saying. He offered her his hands and pulled her to her feet and embraced her pulling her ripe body to press against his. After kissing him deeply, she stood to the side while Francy climbed up to sit on the edge of the table.

Hector stood between Francy’s knees and rubbed the head of his cock through her pussy lips before gently pushing into her love canal. He did not get very far. There was more of his cock outside her pussy than was in it. He was slowly fucking Francy. Nancy noticed that Francy’s clit was not getting any action and started to massage it with her finger. Francy was moaning and thrashing her head form side to side. Hector sped up and was bottoming out on every stroke. Nancy leaned forward and used her tongue to attack Francy’s clit. As soon as tongue met clit, Francy began trembling as her orgasm wracked her body. She was cuming hard and Fred joined her pumping his cum on the lower pane of the window.

As Francy came down, Hector withdrew and Nancy took her place. Hector buried his huge cock in Nancy’s red pussy. His cock almost disappeared into her hole as he started pumping. Francy tried to return the favor but there was not enough room between Nancy and Hector’s bodies for her head to fit. Besides, he was going in far enough for the top of his dick and his pubis to fully massage her clit. Francy looked for other ways to assist. She mouthed and licked Nancy’s nipples and grazed them with her teeth. Nancy pushed her away. Maybe it was because her nipples were so sensitive.

Not giving up, Francy moved around behind Hector and on her knees and started licking his balls. She moved lower and licked their union. Her tongue licked the lower part of Hector’s cock and that tender area between Nancy’s cunt and asshole. She used the copious juices flowing from Nancy to slick her index fingers. One she inserted into Nancy’s rosebud and the other, she slid into Hector’s ass. As their orgasms hit, their sphincters gripped Francy’s fingers so tight it was almost painful but she kept them inserted and pushed them in as far as they would go.

As Hector’s climax subsided, he withdrew his cock. Francy saw that Nancy was still in the throes so she moved in between her spread thighs and began licking her pussy. She licked from her pussy up to her clit. Her ministrations kept Nancy’s orgasm strong and rewarded Francy with the sweet mixture of Nancy’s juices and Hector’s cum, which bahis firmaları she happily swallowed. When Nancy quieted down, Francy left her and went into the restroom adjacent to the room they were in to wash her face and hands. As she went through the open door, she saw Hector. He had his cock in the sink and was rinsing it. Even soft it was the biggest mantool that she had ever seen.

Fred was still standing outside the window holding his hard cock in his hands. He had been so busy watching the events unfold that he forgot to jack off. He thought that the best course of action was to take his hard cock home to finish. He left his perch at the window and made his way home by the back way. He was not in a hurry so he walked along casually thinking about what he had observed.

When she finished washing up, the other two had left so she quickly dressed and prepared to leave. Being the last to leave, she armed the alarm and checked to make sure that the door locked behind her. She took out her flashlight and headed to her car when a thought struck her. She turned and went around the corner of the building and shined her light on the ground outside the window of the room where the fuck session had just taken place. She saw Fred’s foot prints and then started to smile when she saw the cum stain on the lower part of the glass. She got into her car and drove to Fred’s house.

Taking the direct path, she arrived at his house before he did and pulled her car into his open garage. He did not notice her car until he was entering the garage. As he was walking toward the driver’s door, it opened. Before he could form a sentence, she reached out, unzipped his trousers, and freed his half-erect cock. She leaned forward taking almost all of his cock into her mouth. She began sliding her head back and forth giving him great sensations. Even though the lights were off in all his neighbor’s houses and they were in the shadows of his garage, Fred found the act of getting a blowjob outdoors exciting. It could have been the present sexual excitement or residual titillation from his earlier peeping but it only took about two minutes before he was spraying whatever cum that was in his balls over the back of Francy’s throat. She cleaned his cock with her mouth and tongue and they went into his house. Without words because none were needed, they went to his bedroom, undressed, and climbed under the covers. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they fell asleep.

When he awakened, he felt the warmth of her mouth on his penis and looked down to find her diligently working on him.

“What a great way to wake up,” he said.

“Don’t talk,” she replied. “I’m on a mission here.”

With that, she swung her right leg over him and aligned the tip of his cock with her pussy and eased herself down onto him, enveloping his manhood completely. He was surprised that she was as tight as she was after having been fucked by Hector’s huge cock just hours ago. She started off rocking back and forth on him but as she got into it, she was thrusting her hips forward slamming into his body. She was grunting at the end of each forward thrust and making a guttural moan on her return stroke. He tried to match her strokes but found that it was best just to push his hips upward and meet her. Her breasts were flying up and down with her body movements. He tried to hold them but her movements prevented that from happening.

Suddenly she stopped thrusting and was making only small back and forth movements on his cock. Mostly she was shaking from head to toe and making low guttural uh-uh-uh sounds in her throat. She was in obvious orgasm. Fred was so happy that she could be getting so much pleasure from him that it pushed him over the edge. He pumped his hot cum into her and it seemed to spawn another wave of pleasure in Francy. When she settled down, she leaned forward and lay her body on his chest.

The next sound heard was an, “Aww” from her when his deflating cock slipped out of her pussy. “It felt so good in there,” she said.

“After seeing you with Hector last night, I didn’t think that I’d ever be in there again,” he said. “And if, by some chance I ever was, I didn’t think that I could ever do you any good.”

“That’s a little hard to explain,” she said. “I think that just like it’s a man thing to dream about fucking a virgin, women dream about being with a guy that is really hung.”

“You seemed to really enjoy it,” he said.

“I did and from the cum stain you left on the window, you did too,” she replied. “He’s too big for me and although I came, I don’t want to do it again. I kind of like your cock. It’s a good fit for me.”

“Yeah, I like us together,” he said. “I think that I could get used to you sharing my bed.”

“Now don’t go getting mushy and falling in love,” she warned. “Are you about kaçak iddaa ready for some breakfast?”

“Sounds like a plan,” he replied.

One afternoon on Francy’s day off, Fred and Francy were hanging out at his house and the following exchange took place:

“What are you doing holed up in the den at the computer on such a beautiful day?” Fred asked as he came into the den and discovered Francy.

“Do you remember that story we read in Literotica that used our names?” she asked. “Well, I thought that I would take a crack at writing and decided to add to the story. Mine will never be published but I thought it would be fun. I’ve been writing about us and it’s harder than I thought especially writing in the third person when every thing happens to you in the first person. I’ve written a few pages but now but I’ve run into a wall. I can’t think of anything to write about.”

“Why don’t you write about my birthday,” he said. “That was a fun time.

“That was fun,” she said. “Well, here goes.”

Fred and Francy had been together several months and after a rocky start, their relationship had smoothed out. Even though they had agreed to keep their relationship open and have the option to see others, neither did. Of course, there had been little opportunity to do so if you don’t count the drunken Lotharios at the bar and the Hector’s fuck gang in the back room. The drunken invitations were only attractive to those giving them and she had lost interest in the back room. Fred was ambivalent concerning what her answer but asked her if she wanted to visit the back room again. He seemed pleased with her negative answer.

Fred’s birthday was coming up and Francy was at a loss as what to give him. Of course, there would be a little party at his house, which he would pay for but her gift had to come from her. This would be his sixty-fourth and she wanted it to be special but she did have one big constraint – money. She did have more money now that she spent so much time at Fred’s house but rent, lights, and water bills still continued. Her quandary continued to bug her until, all of a sudden, she had the answer. She was excited about her idea but she would have to have some help to pull it off.

The day of the party finally came and the guests were beginning to arrive. Francy had invited Fred’s neighbors, Carmen and Nancy from the club, and Sam and Hilda, a couple of friends they had met together. It was an eclectic group but they seemed to get along well. Carmen, ever the huntress, set about charming first one man and then another. She soon found out that every man at the party was either married or permanently attached. Armed with this information, she relaxed and enjoyed the party.

Francy noticed that Fred had noticed Nancy. Nancy was wearing a simple black dress that draped over her form. Francy was thinking that while a form-fitting black dress would have been sexy, this looser design that seemed to hang on her frame seemed to caress and accentuate every peak and valley. The dress moved with her and was very seductive. During the course of the evening, it seemed that Nancy was visible just enough to pique his interest. She brought him a diet soda. When he was opening his gifts, she handed him a couple of them, leaning forward just enough to give him an adequate view of her cleavage. She was unaware that he had seen much more than her cleavage through the window at the club while she was engaged in sucking and fucking Hector.

She managed two slow dances with him. Once during the course of the evening when he was dancing with every woman there who danced and again after all the guest had left except she and Carmen. They were on the pool deck dancing to “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge. The song was enveloping them in the way that only Percy could with his wrenching, convincing anguish and passion. Their bodies rubbed together sensually. She pushed her hips forward when she felt his engorged cock straining against his pants.

Francy came out of the house and was pleased that Fred was enjoying his dance with Nancy. She went over to Carmen who was sitting in a deck chair dreamily watching the dancing couple and whispered something. Carmen nodded her head and stood up and left. Francy went over and joined the dancers. She walked up behind Fred and pressed her body against his back, sandwiching him between herself and Nancy.

“Having a good birthday?” she asked him.

“I have so far,” he said.

“Well, my sweet man, it’s about to get better,” she said. “I tried and tried to think of an absolutely terrific gift for you and I think I did.”

“You’ve got my interest,” he said as he pulled her around him so that he was holding Nancy with his left arm and Francy with his right arm. “What did you get me?”

“You are holding your present kaçak bahis in your arms,” she said lovingly. “What do you think? Think that you can handle it?”

“Francy,” he said looking her directly in the eyes. “You’re all the woman I’ll ever need but tonight you did a great job seducing me with Nancy so if you’re serious and Nancy is willing, I’ll accept your gracious gift.”

Francy kissed him and Nancy massaged his hard cock through his pants.

“We had better get into the bedroom or I’m going to lose it right here,” he said excitedly.

They made their way into the bedroom and soon were nude. The women were trying to make his birthday memorable by doing to him anything they thought he might like. Nancy knelt in front of him and engulfed his cock with her hungry mouth. Francy knelt behind him and took first one of his balls and then the other into her mouth. She sucked on them, then when she felt him tense, she licked behind his balls right up to his asshole. Her tongue touched his sphincter just as Nancy swallowed his cock into her throat. He could hold back no longer and shot several ropes of pearly white cum deep into her willing throat.

Fred staggered backward and fell onto the bed. Francy scurried out from under his feet but joined him on the bed. Nancy went with him to the bed. Fred was spent but as he came back to reality, he thought about the fact that he had just had a fantastic climax and he had done nothing for either of the women.

“Let me return the favor,” he said enthusiastically. “Who wants to be first?”

“The way I understand this arrangement tonight,” Nancy said as she tried to stroke his mostly flaccid cock. “We’ve got to get this thing hard enough to fuck me.”

“I don’t know about that,” he said. “You two zapped me pretty good.”

“You mentioned awhile back that you would like to try anal sex and I told you that I was too small for it with you,” Francy said. “Well, I mentioned it to Nancy and she told me that she loves it. So if you would like to try it, she would like for you to do so.”

Nancy felt an immediate increase in the size of his cock in her hand. “Francy, I think that I’m going to get this nice cock up my ass after all,” she said as she continued to slide her hand up and down the length of his stick. “This is going to feel soo goood sliding in and out of my butt.”

Francy placed her hand on his dick and feeling that it was back to life, she reached for a tube of K-Y jelly and rubbed a generous amount onto it. She stroked it back and forth making sure that it was well coated. She took another dab and placed it on Nancy’s asshole. She rubbed some of it inside pushing it in with her forefinger.

“God, that feels good,” Nancy said as Francy added her index finger into her butt. “Fred, please fuck me in the ass now.”

Nancy lay on her back and raised her legs so that her asshole was presented to Fred. He placed the head of his dick at the entrance to her butt and pushed gently. He was surprised at how easily the helmet of his cock popped through her sphincter. He was inside and he was on a mission. He sunk his cock in to the hilt and start moving in and out. He was fucking his first ass and it was fantastic. Her anal canal was hot, tight, and slick.

“Oh God Fred, you feel so good in my ass,” Nancy almost screamed. “Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

Encouraged by her plea, he was slamming into her body. He looked at this freckled woman who lay under him and was in awe of her beauty. Her breasts would fly up toward her chin with each of his thrusts and then bounce back in place just as another thrust landed. Francy was on his left and had slid her left hand between their bodies. She sank two fingers into Nancy’s pussy as the heel of her hand just above her thumb was rubbing on Nancy’s clit. Nancy was moaning as a climax was building in her groin, sending sensations of pleasure through her body. Francy had dipped the forefinger of her right hand into the K-Y and slipped it into Fred’s ass. About the time that her finger found its mark. Fred felt Nancy’s orgasmic spasms in the walls of her colon and it was all that he could take. He shot whatever cum that was left in his balls deep into her asshole as he experienced one of the best orgasms he had ever had..

He collapsed and rolled over to his right landing with his back on the bed. He was going in and out of consciousness. He felt alone at one moment of reason and on another he felt his cock and balls being cleaned with a warm washcloth. Later, he was not sure if it was a dream or reality but he thought he saw Nancy eating Francy’s pussy. Another time they were in the sixty-nine position, eating one another. Francy was on to and was holding on to his mostly soft cock. When he awakened to the morning light, Francy was sleeping on his right shoulder where she normally slept when she was staying over. Nancy was sleeping on his other shoulder. He thought back over the events of the night as he remembered them and hoped that they were all real and that no part of it was a dream.

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