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I was 19 when this went down. Had anyone found out about it there would have been a complete shit storm.

I was assigned to a unit in Germany that could hardly be considered standard military in most people’s minds. Our LTC was very laid back and his mentality was as long as everyone passed the PT test, the vehicles run properly, trained extensively, did our work, the landscaping is on point and no one got arrested we could pretty much do whenever we wanted.

This mentality unfortunately led to a series of fraternization issues that cause an absolute shit storm and it echoed through the military. Even the LTC went down. He got an Lt. pregnant.

I was new to the unit and got there at the back end of all of this going down. I was unaware of how serious this was, but you could feel the tension in the air.

I never fit in with the majority of other soldiers. They would gladly sit in the day room watching professional wrestling and drink cheap beer when there was a train station within walking distance. This was a gateway to Europe. Seriously. European beer, women and culture all just waiting to be explored.

It took me a while to find a cheap enough studio apartment downtown that I could afford and use to stay out of the barracks for privacy. It was a tiny apartment in the “ethnic” part of town. Not the safest area, but there was so much around me all within walking distance.

I started frequenting an Irish pub that was run by two Scottish brothers. It’s were I met my girlfriend and many of the women we played with together. There was a woman that caught my eye there. She was an older women. About two inches taller than me. She looked Latina and we would catch each other’s eyes a lot. I never made a move because she always had this beefy looking dude with her that I assumed was her boyfriend/husband.

Still many times I would be there and I would see here and we made eye contact. One night I was there having a cider and watching the Simpsons on the screen over in the corner. I felt like someone was trying to get the stool next to where I was sitting so I scooted over a bit to make room.

I heard a deeper woman’s voice say “gracias”. Omg a Spanish speaker! I turned to see who it was so I could have a conversation in Spanish since it’s been so long since I spoke with someone in Spanish. Basically outside of my family it had been since AIT. I turn and I see her, the latin woman I always make eye contact with.

Her skin is a dark tan and she’s got straight, jet-black shoulder length hair these full lips with a dark red lipstick. Dark eyes. Almost as dark as mine. She was wearing this white blouse that didn’t hide that she had a very fit body and stacked. She wore a knee length black skirt. I found out later they are called pencil skirts. They hugged her hips and ass beautifully.

She took her seat and I started to speak to her in Spanish and she smiled and asked me where I was from and I told her where my parents were from. She was from Mexico, but her father was Russian. What a mix, right? Her name was Vanessa, but I could call her Nessa.

We drank together and talked. I found out she was 42. And I’m not going to lie for a 42 year old woman she looked amazing. She would look amazing for a woman in her mid 20s to be honest. Other than some smile lines you wouldn’t be able to tell. She asks me how long I have lived in Germany and why I was there. I told her only two months and for work. I lied a bit and told her it was an administrative job. She said she worked as an interpreter. So we both told bahis firmaları half truths.

It was around 9 and I had a decent buzz when she asked me if I wanted to get out of there. Upon standing you can see that with her heels on she was significantly taller than me. Sometimes this is a problem for women, but she didn’t seem to mind. I paid for our drinks and as I was headed out I could see the Scot brothers giving me a thumbs up. I told her my apartment was only about a block away, but she said she would feel more comfortable at her own place. I wasn’t going to argue. We took a train headed to the same direction my unit was in so I thought to myself I’ll just catch a train in the morning to the barracks and crash there and get breakfast at the DFAC before enjoying the rest of my weekend.

We get off the train and we walk through a really quiet neighborhood. I know the neighborhood well. It’s less than 2 kilometers from my post so I could literally walk to the barracks. She leads me to a small house and as soon as we walk in she turns and pushes me up against the door and starts to kiss me forcefully. And we both fumbled to remove our clothes. She grabbed my hand and lead us to her room. She had a full sized bed and her room was immaculate. In the dark I could see that she had a lot of frames up on the walls, but that wasn’t my concern at the time. My buzz was wearing off and my cock was more than ready to do whatever she wanted it to do.

We flopped into the bed both naked now and her body was tight. Not bulky with muscles like body builders, but she had muscle tone and the way it accentuated her curves was perfect. Tits just more than a handful. At the time I was in great shape. Not as good as when I was 24. 24 was my peak physical specimen year. I was thin and cut, but not carrying a lot of mass. I was a runner so hard muscles, just not big.

Her pussy was trimmed. Not shaved and I craved to taste her. She apparently read my mind because she firmly, but gently pushed my head down to between her legs. I did not hold back. Finding and sucking her clit made both of us happy. I had been eating pussy for a long time and got a lot of training the summer between 8th and 9th grade with my friend’s older sister. We can talk about her later.

I grabbed hold of her legs and put all my effort into making her cum in my mouth. Her deep guttural moans encouraged and reassured me that I was doing a great job with my mouth. She had a foul mouth between her moans telling me to eat her pussy and to make her cum or she wouldn’t let me fuck her. I might have been insulted, but I have never let a woman down with my mouth.

Once I felt her starting to buck from my work I gripped her thighs more securely and really focused on her clit. She grabbed my head and started to grind my mouth. I wish I could have seen her face, but the combination of the darkness and my focus on her pussy kept that from happening.

She finally mellowed after she came and I moved up to place myself between her legs and I started to suck on her nipples and use my hand to tease her pussy with my cock. She was perfectly wet and I can feel her moving her hips to get my cock inside her, but I wasn’t wearing a condom.

I asked her if she had any and she told me to reach into the little plastic basket in the night stand. There were a few odds and ends until felt the condom wrapper. I got one and got it rolled on just as she grabbed my cock and aimed it for her entrance. I thrusted into her in one stroke. That shouldn’t be possible with my girth and wearing a condom, but she took me kaçak iddaa like a champ. Balls deep inside her and he grabbed my ass and guided my thrust rhythm and depth. I was loving this.

Kissing her or sucking on her nipples when I could and enjoying the sounds of her moans. She told me she wanted to ride me and I obliged. I got on my back and she got in top of me sliding me right in I could see how she was positioning herself to squat rather than to use her knees to control the rhythm. My god this woman was in amazing shape. She rode me with such energy and precision he hands on my chest occasionally pinching my nipples. I wasn’t going to last very long I could feel my orgasm starting to build.

I told her I was going to cum soon and rather than keep riding she got off me and removed my condom in one quick motion. By the way that doesn’t feel great when they do that, but in the heat of the moment it was okay.

She used both her hands and her mouth too finish me and it was a fountain of cum that landed all over her face and my stomach. She scooped the cum off her face and sucked it off her fingers and then started to lick the cum off my stomach. She did not let go of my cock. She kept playing with my cock and then going back down to lick and suck my head. I was whimpering with how she was handling me. I was over sensitive, but still loving it.

She told me she loved that I was still hard and swung her leg back over and slid me back into her bareback. The feel is so different and I didn’t want her to stop. She ground down on my cock and leaned forward her face just a little above mine and told me she was loving my cock and needed me to keep fucking her until she came again and she would give me a special treat. I didn’t even know what that was supposed to mean.

I pushed her off of me and I forced her on to her belly and got behind her spreading her legs. I lowered my mouth and began to eat her out from behind and use my thumb to play with her ass. I didn’t have much experience with anal in high school. I had two girlfriends that did it a lot because the vagina was off limits, but there wasn’t much in the way of anal foreplay for them. It was almost always just some lube before fucking them.

So here I am focusing on her pussy again and playing with her asshole. Her moans were even more intense than when I was only eating her out earlier. She reaches back and grabs my head and directs my mouth to her ass. I didn’t even know how to react to that, but I’d she wanted this then I would give it to her. I started to circle her asshole with my tongue and redirected my fingers to play with her clit and eventually use them inside of her to find her g-spot all the wile rimming and tonguing her ass.

I could feel her starting to contract as the first waves of her orgasm hit. She screamed into her pillow and she ground her hips. I tried my best to keep my mouth on her ass, but it was a futile attempt in this position. She breathing was deep and rapid. And told me I earned my special treat. I’m not going to lie I was a little scared. She reached into her nightstand which I assumed was for another condom, but instead she had a small bottle of astroglide.

I was familiar with astroglide and I knew what was next, but unexpectedly she told me to get on my back. I did as I was told and she dropped a generous amount of lube on my rock hard cock and spread it out then she put more on her hand and I could see she was putting it on her ass. She straddled me and used her hands to guide my cock into her right ass.

It was so tight, but I slid into kaçak bahis her ass as she put her weight into it. She grunted and exhaled. As she slammed me into her balls deep. She put her feet on either side of my chest and she started to ground down with my cock in her ass. One of her hands balanced behind her and the other one paying with her pussy vigorously. I was in heaven and based on her sounds so was she. She rode me with her ass do what only felt like 5 minutes and her orgasm hit her hard.

She practically screamed and collapsed backwards. And her contractions put me over the top. I came so hard and so much. Just when I thought I was done cumming the cycle started again. We lay there intertwined for a few minutes catching our breaths. When she finally moved and my cock popped out still hard she told me to go wash off. I exited her room clumsily and found the washroom door. I showered up and grabbed a tower from the towel rack. As I left the bathroom she was coming in. We kissed and she spanked my ass telling me I did a good job.

It was slightly demeaning, but oddly I appreciated it.

I lay back on the bed and avoided the wet spot. She came back in and lay next to me. I asked her to set the alarm for me so I can leave in the morning. She said she did. She did not. I woke up to her sucking me off and I came again. She swallowed every drop. We both got dressed and we walked to a cafe in her village. We talked for a bit and out of the blue my friend Maria walks in and hugs me then she gets really serious when she sees the woman I was with. There was that moment when it feels like everything is standing still.

Maria says, “Good morning, sergeant.”

Nessa responds with a very terse, “Good morning, private”

My heart sank into my stomach. What the fuck was happening. Who exactly did I just fuck last night!?

Well, she was a platoon sergeant for delta company in the battalion I was assigned too. Because of the work that my team and I did we rarely interacted with anyone outside of the comms dept. and motor pool. The three of us looked at each other. Maria got the hint and left without her coffee.

Nessa and I spoke and we realized that she would go down hard if anyone found out we were fraternizing. Outside of her professional life if her fiancé found out she picked up a younger guy her personal life would crash and burn.

We decided this wouldn’t be brought up again. I swore I wouldn’t tell anyone and I didn’t until now. Her fiancé was actually in a unit three train stops further down from the village she lived in, but he was in Graf for training and she decided to get young dick since apparently he was somewhat impotent. This was back in the days before viagra.

Although we never brought it back up she would occasionally reach out or come to my apartment when she needed to cum. My German girlfriend and her got along, but Nessa wasn’t into women at all so what would happen was I would fuck Nessa while my girl watched and masturbated. If I was fucking Nessa’s pussy my girl would clean me up with a blow job immediately afterwards. If I was fucking her ass she would come into the shower with me to help me clean off before sucking me off.

She eventually did marry that beefy dude and the both retired in Arizona. I had run into her years later when I was in Ft. Huachuca for training and we exchanged numbers and met up in Bisbee for one last night together. Her ass still as accommodating as ever. She cried a bit as we finished fucking one last time. She told me it was because even though now Joe, her husband had pills so they could fuck more often he wasn’t good at fucking her ass the way she loves it to be fucked.

I don’t know what happened to her and I have no clue if she’s on Facebook or anything. She was pretty bad ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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