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Friday Night Crush Pt. 02

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As seven o’clock drew nearer Dan glanced at the clock and immediately told himself to stop, as it wasn’t helping Tina’s nerves. She was hunched over by the sideboard, inspecting some plates, but her mind was clearly elsewhere. He walked over to her and took her arm. “How are you feeling?”

“Um, OK,” she said unconvincingly, brushing back a strand of hair. “I just thought I would have heard from her by now. She said she was going straight home and then she’d call to let me know.”

“She’s probably taking an age getting ready. You’ll have to get used to that when you start dating more women.” She smiled weakly at his joke.

“I just had this hunch today, you know, that she was starting to get cold feet. I can’t blame her, I would have too if it weren’t for you. Who does she have to support her? No-one.” Tina walked over to the sink, out of Dan’s sight, and rubbed her face with her bare arm. She gestured down at herself. “God, what am I doing dressed like this?”

She had chosen her favourite little black dress, which had become her favourite when she was slightly littler. Her curves showed clearly through the contours of the fabric, especially round her hips and stomach, and the neckline barely contained her sizeable cleavage. It was obvious she had squeezed into it, but that hardly mattered to Dan. In all the time he had known her she had never dressed down, never apologised for her figure, only accentuated it. That was what had caught his eye the first time he saw her, and when he spoke to her and realised that she had the confidence to match her dress sense, that sealed the deal.

She’d told him very clearly that she wanted to make an effort for Kelly, not throw on a T-shirt and jeans and open the door to her like they were going to have coffee together. This occasion deserved something special, and she had certainly delivered. Dan stood behind her and gently turned her round. “You look sensational,” he assured her.

“You do,” she replied childishly, fiddling with his shirt buttons. “You guys are so lucky. Twenty minutes and you look good enough to eat.”

“Well, like I said, maybe she wants to look good enough to eat too.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Tina sat down at the table, crossing her legs to one side and revealing a tempting expanse of thigh. Hoping that his theory was right, Dan sat down opposite her and pushed a wine glass across.

“Have a little. Just a little, mind you.” Tina took a long swig and breathed out sharply, rubbing her hand across her lips. She stared at the glass in her fingertips, clearly wanting more but erring on the side of caution.

“So what are you planning to do exactly, when she does get here?”

Tina shrugged. “Have some fun, I guess. If I can remember how to do that.” It was a strange passive-aggressive response, but it only served to underline how worried she was getting. That feeling started to rub off on Dan as the minutes dragged past with no word from Kelly. He looked over at his wife, at her eyes staring into the depths of her glass and her pinched little mouth, and felt sad: sad at the wasted effort from both of them, but more particularly sad for the courage she had shown, with no reward.

Finally at twenty past seven, he stood up and walked over to the kitchen window, staring out idly. “I’m sorry I gave you the wrong advice,” he said, looking back at Tina. “I really thought it would work out.”

She rested her head in one arm, staring down the length of the table. “No, don’t be sorry,” she said in a tired voice, as though all her nervous energy had suddenly drained out of her. “It was worth a try.”

He walked back to the table, and reached out to place a hand on her neck. The sudden buzz of the doorbell stopped him in his tracks.

Tina whipped round and stared up at him, her face alight with newfound hope and fear. Dan glanced through the kitchen door, down the hallway; but he wasn’t going to see anything from here, and he didn’t want to give their caller a chance to get away. “Come on,” he said firmly, taking Tina by the wrist. “Let’s go meet your new admirer, shall we?” She trembled as she stood up, a smile of joy and terror shooting across her face. She stood ramrod still, only moving when he eased her forwards by the elbow.

He reached the front door and she stood cautiously behind him, almost as though they were about to ambush an intruder. It was with that same sense of trepidation that he reached out and turned the door handle, praying that the view that greeted them was the right one.

Slowly the door opened, and there was the intimidating figure that had dominated their hopes and dreams for weeks. She was standing awkwardly on the doorstep, her long jet-black hair cascading down one side of her face, a bag hanging at her waist. She was clad in a flimsy white tank top and a short pink skirt, like she was going out to a barbecue. She looked as endearingly dainty as ever.

“Hi,” smiled Kelly, giving a shy little wave. She looked from one to the other, the pair of them staring at her like she was a dangerous weapon. “Is it safe to come in?”

“Um, casino şirketleri yeah. Of course. Sorry.” Dan gestured for her to come in, remembering that he was supposed to be the calm one. Kelly stepped over the threshold and immediately her eyes lit up as she took in Tina’s full appearance.

“Oh, wow. You look incredible!”

“Yep, it’s all in there.” Tina twisted to one side and ran a hand down the curve of her backside. “Just about.” She took hold of Kelly by both arms and stared straight into her eyes. “Thanks for coming.” Her voice caught in her throat. Kelly smiled, and Tina leaned forwards and gave her a brief kiss on the cheek, no more familiar than when they normally saw each other.

“You look really nice too,” Kelly said to Dan.

“Yeah, he made a real effort,” said Tina devilishly as she cast a look in his direction. “That was a hard fifteen minutes, wasn’t it?”

Dan put his hands in his pockets and glanced down at the floor. “If you want a hard fifteen minutes, that can be arranged…” he murmured, half to himself but still loud enough to be heard. He felt a jab in his ribs and looked up to see Tina giving him a reproving glare, even as her eyes sparkled in appreciation of his joke. Don’t blow this for me, she was telling him.

With one hand clasped round Kelly’s, she led her down the hall and into the living room, Dan following at a respectful distance. She may have showed up but neither of them could really tell what was going on in her mind. Tina guided her gently across the room to the smaller sofa and she was all smiles as she sat down, but her body language was still guarded. She leaned back against the cushions and folded her arms in her lap, watching Tina sprawl beside her. Dan took a seat right in the middle of the large sofa, a few feet away. He could feel the nerves creeping through his stomach, so he could hardly imagine what Tina was going through.

He took a good look at Kelly, the first time he had seen her since that party when it all came out, and he could certainly see why Tina had been drawn to her. Her hair glistened in the evening light seeping through the curtains, and she wiggled her toes in her sandals. She was only average height but her legs were so long and smooth, shining a light shade of brown. Tina had noticed them too, and ran a hand admiringly down her shin. “Wow, these are amazing. Did you…?”

“Yes, I shaved them,” Kelly replied wearily, and the two women exchanged a knowing smile. “I mean, if you were wondering why I was late…”

“You weren’t late, don’t be silly,” Tina scolded her, the panic she had been going through a few minutes earlier completely forgotten. She stroked Kelly’s skin for a little longer, gazing into her eyes. There was still a physical gap between them, but from his position Dan could see the curled-up tension in her body. She was ready, and eager, for this to happen.

“Do you want a glass of wine?” he asked, breaking the silence.

“Um, well…” Kelly gave a little shrug. “I mean, I’m not sure I should. If we’re going to be…”

“Honey, we’re not gonna liquor you up!” Tina exclaimed. “C’mon, one glass should be fine. We don’t have to rush anything. You know, Dan and me…” She gestured towards him. “We don’t have anything else in our diaries for tonight. Just you.”

A little smile crept gradually over Kelly’s face, and she seemed to relax. “OK,” she agreed. Dan got up and went into the kitchen to retrieve a couple of glasses of wine. For a moment he stood at the counter, wondering if he was going to see something interesting when he returned. Then he decided to get out of fantasy land and try and make something real happen.

When he entered the living room again, Tina and Kelly were both angled slightly towards each other, their legs spread a little further open. Tina had a hold of Kelly’s hand, flexing their fingers together against the wall behind the sofa. Smoothly, she took the first glass out of Dan’s hand and passed it to Kelly. “There you go.” Kelly took the wine and sipped it like a girl who had only just been given permission to drink. Well, she was twenty-one, Dan reminded himself.

He gave Tina the other glass and settled down again on his sofa, waiting for something to happen. There seemed no point in trying to make small talk, but equally they couldn’t have a heart-to-heart discussion about what they were all feeling. The two women had gone through all of that already. Taking the opposite approach to Kelly, Tina drained her glass far too quickly. She set it down on the table beside her, then patted her end of the sofa. “Why don’t you put your feet up here for a bit, hmm?”

“OK.” Kelly smiled nervously as she handed Tina her glass. She slid off her sandals and then turned sideways, swinging both legs over Tina’s lap, her smooth tapering legs exposed in all their glory. Tina ran her fingers down her shins again, making it seem the most natural movement in the world. When she got to Kelly’s feet she gave her toes a little squeeze, and Kelly squeezed back against her. She sipped her wine again, her knees pulled up in a neat V-shape, casino firmaları looking the picture of innocence.

Tina placed her other hand on Kelly’s shoulder, massaging it gently; and little by little, in the hot silence of the room, she drew her closer until suddenly their brows were almost touching. Taking the glass from Kelly’s hand, she moved it out of their way, and now there was nothing else between them, no reason to be there except each other. Tina reached out and took Kelly by her dark gossamer hair, almost afraid to touch her properly at last. The gentle elegance of their converging bodies suddenly disappeared as she pulled Kelly into the messiest, clumsiest kiss she’d ever bestowed on anyone. Her lips clamped tightly around Kelly’s, dragging her awkwardly to one side. Moments later she broke off and shook her head in embarrassment. “Oh God, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…”

Kelly looked at her for a moment, her eyes roving across Tina’s face. She could see her beginning to well up, her shoulders hunching like she wanted to curl inwards and disappear. She reached out, put both hands gently round Tina’s scalp, and planted a single kiss right on her forehead. “It’s OK,” she whispered, rubbing the tears from her cheeks. “I’m here.” She gazed directly into her eyes, drawing her into a protective embrace. “You’ve got me now.”

With a calmness and confidence that belied her age, she drew Tina to her lips and began their second kiss. This time there was no hint of force or panic. Their mouths glided together so softly that it looked like they were barely touching; but with every second that passed, all the affection they had built up and the sexual charge they had created poured straight out of Kelly’s mouth and into Tina’s shaking body. It had an immediate soothing effect on her, her breathing slowing right down. She locked her fingers into Kelly’s and together they made love with increasing confidence.

The kiss went on, and on, until it seemed to Dan that they could happily stay there all night. When Kelly withdrew at last she brushed her lips playfully up Tina’s nose, teasing her with the possibility of more to come. Whatever Tina may have said the first time she confessed all to Dan, he recognised the look on her face at once: she was smitten, utterly and hopelessly. Her eyes were wide, flitting from side to side, and she was blushing in recognition of how obvious her feelings were. Kelly smiled, and gave her another peck on the forehead.

“God,” Tina murmured, shaking her head. “You are so gorgeous!” She tried to cover up her bashful smile, and Kelly giggled and kissed her lightly on the mouth. They sat poised in each other’s arms for a moment before Tina launched herself at Kelly again, and now there was nothing clumsy about it. As their mouths slammed together, Kelly slid her legs off Tina’s lap and crouched on the sofa, her arms around Tina’s waist. Tina kicked off her heels and also drew herself into a sitting position, so that they were now joined together in a tight bundle of energy. They grabbed each other’s asses, pushing up the hemline of their dresses, and from his vantage point Dan felt the stirrings of excitement in his crotch solidify into a good, hard poke upwards. It was on now, for real.

He watched them paw at each other’s flesh, steadily losing their inhibitions. Kelly slipped back the strap of Tina’s dress and kissed her from her neck down to her shoulder. She inhaled the scent of her body, her eyes closed, as though she had suddenly discovered the full power of what she had in her hands. Tina returned the favour, delving under Kelly’s long hair and ravishing her neck and throat. Kelly arched back in ecstasy, and at that moment she looked to Dan every inch the goddess that Tina had built her up as. He wanted so badly to take her, right there and then, but he knew this was not his time.

With a grunt of determination, Tina took Kelly by the hips and swung her round until she was sitting right on her lap. While they exchanged feverish kisses, Tina yanked up Kelly’s skirt with as much force as Dan had ever done to her and squeezed huge handfuls of her ass between her fingers. She was wearing a tiny pair of white panties, and soon they were jammed halfway down her thighs while the skin around them glowed pink. Kelly ground herself against Tina’s crotch, holding her face and greedily devouring it. Dan saw her slip a hand underneath the hem of Tina’s dress. Unable to see any further, he grew more and more turned on, knowing that his wife was being fingered by her best friend.

Under the sounds of groping and sucking, he could hear something else; giggling and murmuring, little words whispered in each other’s ears. They were undoubtedly caught up in the throes of passion, but not so caught up that they had forgotten how to have fun. Kelly wriggled her hips from side to side as Tina tried gamely to undo the zip on her skirt, until finally she sighed in exasperation. “Jeez, will you keep still?” Kelly leaned in close enough that the heat from her body washed over Tina, her ass up in the air, and Tina managed to pull it down. She güvenilir casino tossed it onto the floor, then sat back in contentment and ran her hands all the way down Kelly’s torso. Her white tank top clung to her body in the heat, making it that little more tantalising. “This is gonna have to go too, you know…”

“Go on then,” Kelly purred in the cutest little voice. She leaned into Tina’s ear and kissed her softly as her top was tugged up and thrown away. Sat on Tina’s lap clad only in her underwear, the bottom half of which had already been dislodged, there was something so wonderfully delicate about her. Her hair fell into Tina’s face as she kissed her, and Tina’s legs twitched impatiently. Before she could strip her completely, however, Kelly’s hands glided down her back and unzipped her dress. “Your turn.”

Tina was only too happy to co-operate. She rose off the couch, almost ripping the fabric of her dress as she somehow squeezed it up over her hips. She gave a sigh of relief as she finally removed it, her stomach bulging outwards. “Yeah, that’s what I get for trying to cram this gut into something sexy.”

“Don’t be silly,” Kelly laughed. She reached forward to Tina’s huge breasts, her hands brushing round the rim of her lacy bra as though she were afraid to really touch them. She gave a little smile of disbelief, then bent down and kissed her on the chest, right at the nape of her cleavage. “You looked fantastic. You look better now, though,” she added slyly.

With a chuckle Tina grabbed her and flung her down on the sofa beside her. They sprawled in a messy tangle of arms and legs, pulling at each other’s underwear. Soon their panties were sitting on top of the pile of clothes at their feet. Her tongue jammed down Tina’s throat, Kelly reached round her back and tried to unhook her bra. After an awful lot of fumbling, and an audible giggle between their clenched lips, she managed to free it and Tina’s breasts were finally exposed in all their glory.

Kelly hardly knew which part to hold first, they were so round and firm beneath her tiny fingertips. She began to play with Tina’s nipples, smiling and shaking her head. Tina quickly undid Kelly’s bra, equally impressed at what she saw. Now they were both naked at last, their movements suddenly slowed to a standstill. Tina got up on her knees and pushed her chest against Kelly’s. They stayed there for a few seconds, admiring each other’s bodies. “You ever had your tits against another girl’s, huh Kell?” Tina murmured, rubbing gently down the side of her breast.

Kelly glanced down and shook her head again. “I don’t have any tits next to yours!” she laughed.

“They’re perfect. Just like the rest of you.” Tina took her underneath the chin and kissed her, drawing her down into the comfort of the sofa. They made love for several minutes, their limbs languidly entwined. Dan sat and watched, saying and doing nothing. He was just starting to get used to his role as a spectator, the view was so good; but he had not been entirely forgotten. Once she had finally prised herself away from Tina’s lips, Kelly cast an appealing look in his direction.

“Isn’t it about time we let him join in?”

Tina whirled round as though suddenly remembering that he was there, and her eyes rolled in their sockets. “Oh come on, have you still not got it out yet? It’s not like we’ve been doing our make-up over here!”

Dan held his hands up in defence. “Hey, I didn’t want to be a distraction. You were both doing just fine without me. But, you know, it’s interested.” He gave a nod down at his crotch. “It’s definitely interested.”

“I’m so glad we got your attention!” Tina turned to Kelly. “Do you wanna make him a little more interested?”

Kelly hesitated, her face betraying the first hint of nerves she’d shown for a long time. Her eyes darted back and forth, as though she wasn’t sure whether she really had Tina’s permission to do this. But as she realised the freedom she had been given, that she was able to do just as she pleased, a smile gradually spread over her face. “Sure.”

Gently detaching herself from Tina’s grasp, she moved forwards to the edge of the sofa. Both Tina and Dan were amazed when, instead of standing up, she dropped straight onto all fours instead. Tina’s mouth opened wide and she glanced over at Dan, giving him a look that said simply, ‘You’d better appreciate this.’ He stared at Kelly as she crawled slowly across the room towards him, her long hair brushing the carpet, her wide brown eyes focused on his and her ass poised temptingly upwards. She was working it, but only a little; the sexiest thing about her was not her feline movement but the look of total sincerity on her face.

Dan was already straining at the seams by the time she reached him. She could hardly miss it as she paused between his legs and gazed up his body. She gave him a warm smile, to reassure him that everything was OK; then she got up and sat on the couch, straddling him. Dan’s vision was suddenly filled with the curves of her body, soft and beautifully tanned. He gazed up her stomach and chest, lingering on her small sculpted breasts. Kelly placed a hand on his hair and brought his face up to hers. “Hi,” she said with a wry smile. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before she leaned in and kissed him.

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